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Review #1, by theblacksisters Regrets- Too Little, Too Late

10th October 2013:
I would like to lodge a complaint: You seem to be one of those people who thinks Lucius cares nothing for his family. My apologies if you aren't.

Author's Response: Thank you for the critique!! :)

I can see how you might get that impression, and allow me to assure that I don't believe Lucius completely stone-hearted. I do believe that he cares deeply for his family, although I think he has an odd way of expressing it at times. He wants to toughen Draco up, to bring him to an impossible standard, and Lucius makes bad choices because, due to his cowardice and thirst for power, he made bad choices in the past that he must still pay the consequences for.

But remember--this is about how Draco perceives him. I think that he more than anything wants to please his father, but he has a healthy respect and fear of his father--as well he should, for Lucius certainly is capable of some horrific things. I think it's possible that at times Lucius could have, if not been outright cruel, at the very least outstepped the boundaries that he should as a parent follow, in the hopes of improving Draco. Draco, however, would probably not completely understand the true motives behind his father's actions.

Again, I apologize for any ambiguities on the subject and hope that clarified some things. Lucius will not play a major role in this story, and I hope you'll continue reading. I plan to update with the next chapter very soon--I've been pretty negligent to this story the last couple of months since I've been very busy, but I have a little more down-time now and hope to give the story the attention it deserves!

Thank you again for your feedback.


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Review #2, by MadiMalfoy Words Carefully Spoken and Carelessly Said

9th July 2013:
Okay, can Draco PLEASE be in that compartment, and feeling all sad and lonely too?? PLEASE?!?! No, but seriously, phenomenal chapter!! I'm glad you finally got around to updating this, it deserves more reviews/reads than it has! Unfortunately, I can't give you any more :P Ron is such an insufferable git sometimes when I'm writing him too I just have to make him a tool for that one scene or two because he's just irking me so much! I'm almost tempted to write something AU where Hermione/Harry are siblings, because you captured their friendship perfectly! So great chapter, update/write more of this again soon and that Rose/Scorpius thing too please! :D

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Review #3, by MadiMalfoy A Moment of Weakness

26th January 2013:
Ahh Monica!!! You wrap chapters up so well--I envy your talent -_- The third person POV works in this story and it's way different from some of the stuff I read (some of which really sucks sometimes but I leave them a review and give them suggestions (: ) which is a nice break. I really hope you make this rather long, since the whole Dramione thing isn't really apparent yet but it's still fantastic anyway! Write quickly! :D xx

Author's Response: Thanks!!! I really like how this chapter ends as well. I also prefer third person in general when I write, but especially for this story it seemed a better idea.
I do plan to make this pretty long, as they are not the sort to fall in love quickly. It will begin, as all great love stories should, with friendship, and become about true love.
Next chapter takes place on the Hogwarts Express! :)

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Review #4, by MadiMalfoy A Chance Encounter

7th January 2013:
Hey Monica! I just realized I never left you a review for this chapter, so here it is! You wrote their argument fantastically, and it sounds just about exactly like they do in the books/movies. The range of emotions they experience proves they don't have the emotional range of a teaspoon ;) Love it! You should update this again soon!! xD

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Review #5, by MissMoneypenny Prologue: A Last Farewell

30th November 2012:
Wow...amazing! Chilling and thrilling (that rhymes, haha) and it gives you an insight straight away into how he (Draco) feels. Love it!!! Going to stop reviewing now so I can read some more!

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Review #6, by natajess A Chance Encounter

21st November 2012:
Very good start, you were able to convince me that Malfoy regrets his actions. However it seems a little rushed for him to confess his feelings of guilt to Granger.

Keep writing.

Author's Response: Thanks for the critique! :)

My thought process here was that Draco is, at this moment, so overwhelmed by all of the emotions he's tried to keep under wraps that he's not even fully responsible for his actions. It's his emotions and not his logic that is in control. And then comes along a girl who completely hates him, right at his weakest moment, saying the very things he's been condemning himself for. When he tries to explain things to her, he's attempting to justify his own actions to himself as much as- or more than- he is to her. He doesn't really think through the consequences. And Hermione is so compassionate (not to mention also emotionally distraught) that she couldn't help but feel a little sympathy for him. But don't worry, they're both going to realize what they've done and regret their confessions to each other. :)

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Review #7, by desi house A Chance Encounter

21st November 2012:
Moral peril. That reminds me of Miss.Weasley's clock.

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Review #8, by MadiMalfoy Regrets- Too Little, Too Late

14th November 2012:
I love it! You really got into his psyche and how he works (supposedly :P ) and it's really good! Since you're such a good author friend, you aren't telling me what's going on, so I want to know what exactly happens next ;)

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Review #9, by dramione 4 ever Prologue: A Last Farewell

6th November 2012:
Hi, you have have a great start. But as you said the prologue is incredibly short ...looking forward to more from you and if you want a banner for your story you can PM me

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Review #10, by Slytherin_Seeker_Forever Prologue: A Last Farewell

6th November 2012:
Ohh... I wonder who died. Anyway this fan-fic is raising my
hopes of reading a awesome story and it's one of the bests
I've read yet so excited to continue!

Author's Response: Who died? Ah, my dear Slytherin, all will be revealed in good time. :)

Thank you so much for your incredible words of praise! I can't believe that you think this is one of the best fan-fictions you've read; there are some truly amazing writers on this site and, while I don't think I live up to them, that praise makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. That is seriously a huge compliment, so thank you very, very much.

I'm glad you're excited to continue it; hopefully it will continue to meet your expectations! I'm excited about where this story is going (but no spoilers!), so hopefully you will be too.


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Review #11, by MadiMalfoy Prologue: A Last Farewell

5th November 2012:
Monica hello! Thanks for mentioning me ;) Obviously I don't really need to actually review this since I did edit it :P But remember, longer chapters and up faster! I want to see where you end up going with this in the middle since you have bits and pieces already. :) I'm in the middle of my next chapter right now anyway so that'll be up soon too!

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