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Review #1, by kayleefrank The wild one

18th August 2014:
I think Danny is hilarious. Great job! Can't wait for more.

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Review #2, by AlexFan The wild one

1st December 2013:
Meant to leave this a while ago but I got busy so this is a couple of weeks late.

But anyway, wow, spontaneity seems to run in a lot of relatives in the Potter-Weasley family. I wonder how Albus is going to put up with two female relatives living with him. I feel like any support that he may have to give in the future will end badly because Albus doesn't seem to be someone who knows how to comfort people.

And I actually quite like Danny, she's got spunk to her. Before I shipped Albus with Asis and if this were any other story I would be demanding that Danny stop blowing holes in my ship but oddly enough I'm not. That's a first time for me so just keep that in mind. I kept waiting for the moment where I would start to go "No Albus, get away from her, go to Asis," but it never came and I actually want Albus to go out with Danny.

So basically, I like Danny and this entire chapter.

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Review #3, by EarthsTrueGreen The wild one

23rd November 2013:
When it comes to spacing you have to hit preview and then go in and fix the spacing yourself by backspacing between the lines. Atleast thats what i have been doing for about two years. They used to reject chapters because of spacing saying that it makes it too hard to read, and i have to agree, i think you have an interesting idea but it really is hard to follow the plot and everything that is going on. I think the issue might have to do with the coding of your writing program. I wpuld try my tip, which really doesnt take that long only about ten minutes and I usually leave about one space between them, the only thing is that you have to hit save chapter after that, if you hit preview then it will space it out again. Another option is to try switching to simple editor that may help. Regardless the spacing is really holding your story back from what it could become and I personally found myself more focused on the spacing then your actual writing skills. If you go back and fix the other chapters I think I would actually really enjoy this story but right now I'm having trouble following the plot. Anyways I hope that I could help and I hope that you can figure out the spacing because it would really be nice to go reread the first there chapters.

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Review #4, by toomanycurls The break up

17th November 2013:

I quite like your narrative voice in this story. It's very distinct and easy to read. I really love how you unfold his character in the first few paragraphs. Bits of it stood out as quite funny - the pluto incident got me chuckling.

Ooh, his love life isn't quite right. :D That could lead to a lot of interesting plot. Ooh, ending a relationship. That is hard to do but, I agree that it's a bit cowardly not to end things.

I like that Molly is urging Albus out of his relationship. Their dialogue is easy and well done.

ha, it's highly ironic that Nyssa is there cheating on him. It's even more ironic that she was feeling the same relationship aloofness that Al felt.

His plan to find the radio DJ is quite funny. You've set up a great story foundation.

Author's Response: Hi! :)
Al is... an interesting guy, isn't he? I love how he enjoys the slow pacing of his life, but then suddenly everything speeds up and he needs to catch up. I'm the same in the way that I like to take things slowly and when they get hectic, I'm all.. out of it, lol. That's a trait I've been itching to potray in a character, so I've finally done it with Al. :)
I hope you like the rest of the story.

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Review #5, by scrolling by The visitor

17th November 2013:
The contrast between Scorpius and Albus is so funny but it works. Scorpius is so chill and laidback and Albud . . . Well not as much. And I am fairly cerrtain that this is one of the most spontaneous things that Albus has done. But I want to see where he goes with this and the whole Lucy/Scorpius deal.

Author's Response: Isn't it, though? :D I love when two people who are just so different become friends. It promises hilarious situations. My mate and I are like that. Sometimes I wonder... how do we get along at all. But we love each other to bits, anyway. :)

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Review #6, by scrolling by The call

17th November 2013:
Eeek, the plot is moving forward and this is exciting. Albus' s new friend sounds really cool by the sounds of it. There are lots of ways to make friends and anonymous phone calls seem to be one of those ways.

Awesomesauce chapter and on to the next one!

Author's Response: Awesomesauce. That term reminds me of Darren Criss, haha. :D

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Review #7, by just scrolling by The break up

17th November 2013:
I stumbled across this while stalking the favourite's list of one of my favourite authors and this caught my eye. I can see why she likes this though.

I love the Albus that you've created and the family relationships that he has going on. On to the next chapter!

Author's Response: Wow, that's an honour. :)
Thank you, I hope you like the rest. :)

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Review #8, by Sharvi The visitor

5th November 2013:
Woah, Albus moving out? I like how's he's taking initiative to do things he wants to. I can imagine Scorpius and Albus' friendship to be an interesting one with Scorpius being rash and Albus being the voice of reason. They'll be good for each other! So Rose gets divorced and Scorpius starts pursuing Molly at around the same time? Now I ship ScoRose with my heart and soul, but I don't know if they would be together in this story. Let's see though because I'm extremely curious to see how Molly and Scorpius interact.

Asis is such a beautiful name! Cannot wait until they meet!! Great chapter :)

Author's Response: Thank you. :) I think that Al and Scorp are good for each other, too. :)
Yup, there's a lot going on concerning Molly, Scorp, Rose and Lucy. They're an interesting bunch and things will get even more mixed up along the way. :D
Aww, thanks. I like the name Asis very much, too. I picked it out with care. :)
I'm posting again soon, just so you know. :)

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Review #9, by Sharvi The call

4th November 2013:
That was a brilliant chapter. There was once this tv show about two people who fell in love while talking over the phone because of an actual wrong number and this reminds me of that. I love how you've written Lucy and Albus. Great chapter!!

Author's Response: Thank you once again for reading and reviewing. It means a lot. :)

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Review #10, by Sharvi The break up

4th November 2013:
That was a wonderful start and I really want to continue! Albus's character is so layered and it makes me want to know more about him. You've written him very differently than he usually is, with Rose being his best friend and him having a perfectly normal life. I'm just a little confused as to who is older, Molly or Albus? Maybe I didn't read closely enough... But great chapter!

Author's Response: In my universe, Al is older than Molly. I didn't specify that, you're right, just that there is a two-years difference between them.
Thank you for the lovely comment. I shall write more soon. :)

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Review #11, by AlexFan The visitor

3rd November 2013:
Ah yay! I got so excited when I saw that there was a new chapter for this story because I got to read about a version of Albus that I could really relate to.

But seriously, halfway through this, I realised that Albus and I very similar people and that the reason why I probably like him so much and why he's become one of my favourite people is because I can relate to him:

He's just so calm and rational but at th same time, he's weird. He's weird in a quiet way I guess is what I'm saying.

Scorpius is so different from Albus but at the same time I can see the two of them being good friends. Their personalities just seem like they would fit together really well.

There were a few grammar mistakes here and there but nothing major or anything. But anyway, I'm so glad that you're back with another chapter for this story!

Author's Response: Oh, yes, calm and weird. That's me, as well. Maybe a little less weird than Al, but we're similar. I think I put myself into all of my main characters, more or less. So that means you and I are similar, too. :D
Scorpius is just so fun to write! I love his type of personality and wish I was a bit more like him, but alas... I do have friends that remind me of him, so yeah, Scorpius and Al should get along just fine. :)
I know I have some grammar mistakes and I promise I'll fix it some time soon. I have an examine coming up, but after that I'll have more time to fix everything. :)
I may post another chapter even before that, though. So stay tuned for more of the story. ;)

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Review #12, by raberbar The visitor

2nd November 2013:
Great story so far! I'm not quite sure where you are going to go with it.

Author's Response: Thanks. Oh, it's a silly story that I enjoy to write without that big of a plan. I surprise myself with it as well. So, while I do know how some things will go, I'm not sure about everything and it's a fun change from most of my stories. To me, at least. :)

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Review #13, by AlexFan The call

21st June 2013:
Oh my gosh that is brilliant! How are people not reviewing this story! I've fallen in love with it! I love Lucy and the depth that you've added to her. She's one of those people who doesn't wear their emotions on their sleeves.

It's impossible to not love Albus. Hell, I wouldn't mind hanging around him and listen to him talk about space! It's interesting and I'd probably learn something new!

Anyway, I hope you decide to keep writing the story!

Author's Response: Who knows, it is a very different, odd style of writing, even to myself, since I was trying something new. Maybe that's putting people off. But it doesn't matter. As long as at least one person thinks it's good, I'm happy. :)

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Review #14, by AlexFan The break up

21st June 2013:
I've finally gotten around to reading this and reviewing it! I've been wanting to look at this forever but other stuff has been getting in my way and such.

Anyway, I really enjoyed reading this. It had a kind of slow, sad yet contented tone to it which made it pleasant to read and I adore the characters that you've introduced so far. Especially Albus.

I like the way that you're writing the story. It isn't often that stories are written this way and this style of writing isn't always pulled off but I think you did good on it.

Anyway, besides a few grammar errors throughout the chapter this was interesting and great start to the story. I hope you decide to continue writing this (I would definitely read and review).

Author's Response: Thank you for everything. It's you that inspired me to post more about this story. The A/N of the third chapter is meant for you. Even if you don't come back to this story or if I don't finish it for who knows which reasons, I thank you, once again. :)

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Review #15, by pinkpanther16 The call

17th March 2013:
Oh my gosh! This story is so cute! I feel bad that Nyssa cheated on Al, but I REALLY want to see how this Al/Asis thing goes. I'm so excited for this story! Update soon?

Author's Response: Thanks! :D Yeah, it's a little story I just couldn't resist writing. I should update soon, yes. :)

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