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Review #1, by Katie Caught

21st September 2014:
I really, really, really love this story. I never would have thought it, but I'm a huge fan of Dramione and this story is just what I need to fill my Dramione quota. I've been following this story for a long time now, I've read every chapter right when it has come out, and I'm sorry to bother you, but please, please, please, please, please, please, I need to know what happens next, please, please, please continue this story to the end! It has such huge potential and I really, really, really hope you take me seriously. And also--you left of at a huge cliffhanger. Don't do that to me:)

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Review #2, by blackdiamond Caught

10th July 2014:
This is a fun story. I've had it on my favorites for a long time. I'm going through my favorites and rereading stories. Chapters 12 + 13 I hadn't read till now but it appears you may have quit on story as is a year this month since any new chapters. Too bad as H and D are in real tough spot-wonder how they will prevail. If you have abandoned this story please let me know and I will remove from my favorites, otherwise please update soon. Good story and writing -Thank you.

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Review #3, by DracosSexxiSlytherins Run

27th October 2013:
Pretty pretty pretty please update!!! u haven't updated since July and its killing me!! This story is AAMMAAZZIINNGG!!

Author's Response: 'hides' im sorry! :( a levels suck, ill try and have the next one up asap :) haha! im glad you like the story! :D

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Review #4, by DracosSexxiSlytherins Caught

12th October 2013:
I love it! Please please please write more chapters, this story is amazing, and I want to be able to read more of it!

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Review #5, by Rebecca Caught

6th August 2013:
I LOVE this story! their was never a boring part in it. I just kept wondering what would happen next!! I hope you put more chapters up really soon!;)

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Review #6, by jmv555 Caught

21st July 2013:
Holy shit. I mean, wow. You're are one of the best writers I've come across. I'm in love with this story. Update soon! x

Author's Response: Oh my gosh thank you so much that actually means a lot to me :D Thank you!!! haha no pressure now to keep it up huh? ;D hope you like the rest of the story too and I will I'm gonna start writing the next chapter asap

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Review #7, by suria Nightingales

20th July 2013:
Hey! I like this chapter! I just discovered your story today :-)

Author's Response: Hiya :) im glad you like it! Hope you like the rest of the story too :D haha

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Review #8, by Lily.LoveHP. Caught

20th July 2013:
I love it, there's never a boring spot in the story. Good writing, can't wait for another chapter :D

Author's Response: Haha oh my gosh thank you! I'm really glad you like it hope you like the rest of the story too! :)

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Review #9, by ACharm Nightmares

20th July 2013:
I don't tend to review, which is a bad habit, and I can't tell you why I am actually, because it's something I do rarely ^^ I guess I just wanted to say, "Good first chapter. Continue please!" :D

Author's Response: Thank you I'm glad you left a review! Haha :D hope you like the rest of the story too!

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Review #10, by avidpotterreader Caught

20th July 2013:
Is this the end??? I really hope it's not the end!! Oh gosh, I need more of this story! Please write more,muon have kept me captivated from the first chapter!!

Author's Response: No its not the end yet :') haha I've got way more stay tuned! Glad you like it!!

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Review #11, by Chaserholly Run

3rd July 2013:
I cant believe i missed your story so far! Great plot and you are realy good in building the intensity between them! Keep up the good work and update please! Cant wait for the next chapter!! :)

Author's Response: Haha thanks! :) I'm just writing the next chapter so it should be up soon glad you like the story! :D

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Review #12, by CrimsonCharmRose Run

1st July 2013:
So I this story random popped up and I read it... it is now one of my favorites. You must write more as soon as you can :)

Author's Response: Haha thank you so much :D I'm glad you like it and I'll update asap :)

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Review #13, by jmv555 Run

1st July 2013:

Author's Response: ARGH OH MY GOD THANK YOU SO MUCH ILY TOO! haha! Really glad you like it! :D

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Review #14, by Manisha Passion

22nd June 2013:
They had better done it this chapter. I was desperate :D
Update soon

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Review #15, by Stunned Passion

22nd June 2013:
OH WOW. I wasn't following this story until you updated this last chapter and I've just read the whole story in about 25 minutes flat IT'S SO GOOD. You write really well, and in a style that's really easy to follow and read. I think you wrote about Draco and Hermione in just the right way, nothing too soon but boy, FINALLY! WOAH! AMAZING! Please update really soon!
Stunned x

Author's Response: I think you just made my day :D THANK YOU SO MUCH! That means a lot actually I was really worried I hadn't done this chapter justice sort of thing so I'm really glad you like it :) x

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Review #16, by noel Pain

24th May 2013:
omg please upate soon love love love

Author's Response: I've sent the chapter off for validating now! Hope you like it!

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Review #17, by This_cat_can_Fly Pain

12th April 2013:
Please continue! This is wonderful and I want to see where you're going with it!

Author's Response: Continuing! Haha thank you! I'm really glad you like it and hope you like the next chapter too!

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Review #18, by jmv555 Pain

2nd April 2013:
WHERE IZ YOOOU? pLs update sooon

Author's Response: Guess who's back? ;D Chapter has been sent off for validating hope you like it!

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Review #19, by Hermione Granger Draco lover Pain

28th March 2013:
That was really good I loved it! The only thing is they need
to have a full Kiss love moment soon!

Author's Response: Thanks! I'm really glad you like it! ;) Stay tuned for the love moment.

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Review #20, by Luna Pain

9th February 2013:
Amazing.Can't wait for next chapter.

Author's Response: I'm glad you like it :) thank you I'll try to have the next chapter up asap :)

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Review #21, by Luna Pain

3rd February 2013:
Amazing.Can't wait next chapter.

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Review #22, by jmv555 Pain

27th January 2013:
I need another chapter more than I need oxygen.

Author's Response: Haha sorry its taking so long schools been horrible lately I'll try to get the next chapter done soon :) glad you like the story! :D

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Review #23, by resurrectionstone22 Pain

24th January 2013:
Flawless as always!!! Keep up the great work!

Author's Response: Thank you! :D I'm glad you like it!

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Review #24, by Ivana Pain

22nd January 2013:
Well done!I love this.Keep on doing.It feels like I'm reading J.K.Rowling.You are really brilliant.Can't wait for next chapter.

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I'm really glad you like it so far :D

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Review #25, by RandomReviewer Doubt

12th January 2013:
NO ! MORE MORE MORE MORE ! This is SO DAMN GOOD. I just asdfghjkl. I really really like the playfulness going on with Hermione and Draco. Btw, this is a Dramione ! If you make her end up with Ron, I will send you hate mail. HAHA jokes! I'm getting a bit carried away here but that's because want to, no wait, I have to, no, I NEED to read more ! Have mercy on the innocent. Please please please update asap. 943690768072 to be continued/10

- Your fan, Alyssa :)

Author's Response: Haha loving reading your reviews! Don't worry its definitely a Dramione fic and the next chapter should be up soon I'll send it in for validating now, no spoiling though ;) REALLY glad you're liking the story and hope you like the rest of it!

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