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Review #1, by blackthoughtsredwriting The Rhythm of love

2nd January 2013:
It was a sweet little one-shot. I found some grammatical errors but other than that it was a really good story. Good job =]

Author's Response: Thank you! =D And thanks for mentioning that! Could you point them out, please? =)

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Review #2, by LunaLuver The Rhythm of love

31st October 2012:
That was amazing!!! Truly, outstanding job! Are you going to have more chapters, or is this just going to be a one-shot? Either way it was wonderful, you do Harry and Ginny very well. :)


Author's Response: You know what... I don't know... I mean, I plan on writing more on this two but if I do add more chapters I think would be song-like and at least not too soon xD Thank you! Wow "outstanding" Thanks a LOT!!! =D

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Review #3, by The Claw of Raven The Rhythm of love

29th October 2012:
Pretty cute and nice. I like the way in which you incorporated the song.

Why did you choose to italicize all of the quotes? It's a little off-putting ... And I don't quite get the dashes (sometimes they're used and sometimes they're not).

Good job, though. Will you continue with this story type? I'd say you have a knack for it.

Author's Response: Thank you! Ah the dashes are a little mania of mine... I thought as I was mixing talk with descriptions so much that would keep any confusions away =) Add to that, the Italic style. To separate them =) But yeah you're probably right... I do take it to an extreme hehe! I believe I will yeah =D I love music and getting stories from it and from the ooother type... Yeah that might go on too hehe ;) Thanks again! xx

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