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Review #1, by Siriusly89 Endings

25th January 2013:
Hi there!

And that should be an official thing! October should really be Jily month! :D

This was so cute! I loved all of Lilys memories, the slapping James, the turning him down, and the love she has for her son really shines through. We were always told in the books that Lily loved Harry, more than her own life when it came down to it! But to see it, put like this was just. . . . . . .wow, just wow!

My favourite line has to be
'Then James waltzes into the picture in all his bravado.
Because in the end, James was always a bit of a showman, smiling for all the cameras, but behind it all he was just a person, like everyone else!

So, I go review your next story! (Can't wait :D)

Author's Response: Hello!

I'm SO glad you liked it, all your comments have really made my day! :D

I feel like James was such a show-off (but in a good way of course) and I'm glad it came across in the story. ;)

Thank you for the review and the first place! :D

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Review #2, by RosieQueen Endings

4th November 2012:
It's Rosie with your prize review! :)

So quick yet so touching! All that tragedy and memories fit perfectly into such a wonderful one-shot! It really makes you realize how terrible the whole thing was, such an innocent family being torn apart. :'( James/Lily forever.

The ending was so sad yet so well done! "She wants to tell him that she loves him one last time, that she'll always watch over him but before she can, she falls to the floor with a dull thud." Oh my was absolutely perfect! Poor, poor Lily. :(

I loved this one-shot so much! Very well-done. :D


Author's Response: Hi there! Thank you so much for giving me first place, it really made my day! :D

James/Lily for the win. I've never read a couple that I've shipped so hard. :p

I'm glad that you liked this one-shot! It was just a little experiment and I was in a Jily-feel mood. :p

Thanks for reviewing! :D Oh and by the way, I don't mind what chapter/stories you review except for 'Unplanned'. I don't mind not getting reviews on that, it was my first novel and it's so cliche, so I really don't want feedback on that. :p I mean, if you really want you can review it but I'm not too fond of it. :p

But it's your choice! Feel free to ignore me!

Thanks again for creating that challenge! It's really fun to write! :D

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Review #3, by PhoenixPulse Endings

29th October 2012:
YES! First to review! *punches the air like a pro* That is, unless someone beats me to it...

Anywho, I first want to thank you for dedicating this lovely piece to me. It brought the hugest smile to my face, and honestly, right now, I'm just so...floored and flattered! So thank you, thank you so much! *gives you the biggest hug EVER* I'll keep in mind that once my creative juices start flowing overtime, that I'll dedicate a story to you too. You deserve one! :D

And with the actual story itself, I couldn't find anything wrong with it. It was a lovely piece, and it didn't seem very cliched at all. I like how you assembled Lily's death scene, slowing it down so you can add in flashbacks to make the story more meaningful.

I adore Lily's relationship with James in this. It's very bittersweet. And baby Harry! I want to snuggle him, because he's so adorable and I feel bad that we know what's going to happen, but he doesn't.

I also like how you incorported the whole "Smashing Petunia's vase" deal. That was very thoughtful of you, considering that it had such small importance in canon, yet in here, it brings in much meaning and effect into the story.

And the ending. That honestly shattered me, how it ended just like that. With Lily falling to the floor and not being able to say what she wanted to say to her son.

Altogether, this was a beautiful piece and you did such a great job with Lily's death scene. And I apologise for my lack of constructive critisism. I just can't ever find anything bad in your works worth pointing out. Your writing is always lovely. And thank you again for the dedication.

With much love,

Pearl :)

Author's Response: YES! FIRST REVIEWER! *also punches air but not like a pro, just an amateur* :p

I'm glad you liked this little fic, it was for you. ♥ I've been so awful with reading your stories, I felt the need to make it up to you! I actually have it open on my phone, so there is an incentive to read it. :D

You don't have to dedicate a story to me, you've been so wonderful leaving me all these reviews! ♥

I'm glad you liked it, hun! And I'm also glad that you haven't found anything wrong with it! :p

Ahh, James/Lily, the mothership. It's number one on my OTP list, I just had to add it in. :p

I know, I feel so bad because Harry's so innocent and in a few moments his life is going to change FOREVER! /sobs.

I get far too emotional about fictional characters.

I'm glad you liked the reference to the vase, it wasn't important, but it was in canon, and everyone loves canon so I put it in there. :p

I'm sorry for shattering you! I didn't mean to do that! D: *gives you glue*

I'm so happy that you liked it. I was so worried that you wouldn't like it and you would have been, "Ew what is this. This is horrible, Kayla, am I that bad of a person that deserves such a bad story?"

Okay, I never believed you were going to say something like that. I was just worried if you were going to like it or not. :p

Thank you so much for leaving me ANOTHER review! You're the best, really! ♥

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