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Review #1, by georgie_greenie Close To You

13th December 2007:
Great Story! love the plot.

The thing up the top says that its abandoned and it has no words. Should I be worried?

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Review #2, by singing Close To You

25th October 2004:
How cute. :-)

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Review #3, by loz luvs steven 4 eva Close To You

18th August 2003:
no offence but it waz kinda BORING!!!!!!! still keep up the good work LAUREN

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Review #4, by EnglishMuffin Close To You

7th August 2003:
That was really cute, but how could u split them up! That was so mean! (But I love the story tho!)

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Review #5, by Professor McGonagall Close To You

1st July 2003:
Childish. I have read a similar story. Bad grammar,too many typos, and spelling mistakes.

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Review #6, by Jenni Close To You

18th April 2003:
That was a really good story, but it was sooo sad. Seamus is my favorite character, and its so hard to find fan fics about him.

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Review #7, by Anon Close To You

7th February 2003:
this was really good but soooooooooooooo sad. i cried.

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Review #8, by ~*sHaDoW*~ Close To You

12th January 2003:
WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it's sooo sad! WHAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! read my stories. WHAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!

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Review #9, by LeeWeasley Close To You

8th January 2003:
Awww!! The last note was soo sweet!! Thank you!! Oh! Too bad!! I'm already gone O.F.F on you!! muahahahahah .... *LeeWeasley*

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Review #10, by LeeWeasley Close To You

5th January 2003:
Awww!! THat put me in tears!! That was seriously sooooooooooo sad!! OMG!! So sad ... I can't get over it!! Soo sad!! Sooo good!

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Review #11, by chica Close To You

3rd January 2003:
um........ well it was good but then ot got so SICK

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Review #12, by LeeWeasley Close To You

30th December 2002:
Awww Angie!! That is soooo sweet! When are you going to send me the rest?!?! I want to read more! Awww

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Review #13, by vixen Close To You

29th December 2002:
pretty good , so far keep it comin, u should read my series, Unannounced Love it's pretty good, I think

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Review #14, by Stacie Close To You

28th December 2002:
I like it so far.

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Review #15, by hpgurl Close To You

28th December 2002:
that is sooo romantic

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Review #16, by LTDan Close To You

28th December 2002:
Well, hurry up! I want to read it! LOL. This sounds unique just from the description. A story about Seamus Finnigan...that's definitely unique! Can't wait to read!

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