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Review #1, by dinthemidwest The art of crying

28th April 2016:
I think anyone who's experienced a close loss when they're young would relate to this-just beautiful...

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Review #2, by rich_blonde marauder23 The art of crying

9th March 2014:
Mary died 37 years ago today. Xxx

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Review #3, by sry The art of crying

18th April 2013:
Hey pls do continue 'A Gathering of arts'..
Its an absolutely briliiant plot and i want to know how ud end it

Author's Response: There will be more soon! Sorry about the long wait :)

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Review #4, by HERMIONECBEAR The art of crying

13th April 2013:

Author's Response: THANK YOU! You are lovely! I'm so glad that my story touched you :)

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Review #5, by tragicYETmagic The art of crying

4th March 2013:
I Miss Mary too..

I cry about it sometimes...

I love TAOB so much and when i found this, I nearly died inside.

You created a wonderful character and I was so upset that she died.

Thank you for your amazing stories I've read most of them and I will continue to read everything you write because you story telling is additive and so are your characters.

Thank you so much.

Love Tragic.

Author's Response: TRAGIC! I've missed you! I've really missed you!!! Hi :D

Thank you for being so lovely and I'm really glad you liked this too! Hopefully see you around soon :D

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Review #6, by Kelsey The art of crying

23rd February 2013:
I honestly love your "Art" series. It is beautiful, with amazingly fleshed-out versions of the characters that JKR only gave us glimpses of. I hope you continue with this and TAOS.

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I have every intention of continuing both to completely. Thank you for your support :)

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Review #7, by Anna The art of crying

21st February 2013:
I feel like I'm going to love this because I'm such a sucker for Sirius angst. Amazing writing as always

Author's Response: I hope so! I really enjoyed writing this :)

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Review #8, by patronus_charm The art of crying

19th February 2013:
How did I only just find this??? I'm so annoyed at myself for scrolling down your AP page sooner, as I've found so much great stuff on there including this! It was just brilliant really!

I'm so glad that you wrote this as we never really get to see how Sirius came to terms with Mary's death from his own perspective. It showed you just how much he really loved and missed her, and made me miss her too! I mean I don't know anyone brave enough to get purple hair.

I just loved this oneshot as it made me realise how much I loved Taob in the first place, and why I love taos now! It wad so nice to revisit Sirius's memories of their relationship again. I think the most touching scene of all of this, is when Mary's dad asked Sirius to look out for Johnny. That brought me to tears, well the whole oneshot did.

I would carry on going on about its awesomeness except it's harder than I thought it would be to write a review on my phone. I just love this series and I can't wait to read more, as this was just amazing!

-Kiana :D

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Review #9, by rez The art of crying

19th January 2013:
this is gorgeous, I've always loved taob and this brings everything back.. I'm considering read taos again but maybe after a little update? *hint hint* jokes but I hondstly love this, do keep going with it, can't wait to see where uou take this!

Author's Response: Hey there Rez! The TAOS update has taken a lot longer than I thought it would do (whoops) but I'm about half way through it now and I'm about to go on a total writing spree this weekend. Thank you for this lovely review! Glad you liked it :)

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Review #10, by LuvLife9 The art of crying

11th January 2013:
This was great, as all of your writing is. I really love it from Sirius's as I'm sure everyone does since he's the character we want to see the reactions from because he's the guy. I thought you captured him wonderfully and the emotion was pure and utterly perfect. I really hope you continue with this and this series, its probably the best thing I've read on this site and for any fanfiction in general.

~Lots of Love,


Author's Response: Thank you very much Alaina! It felt so good to be writing from Sirius's POV for this and hopefully they'll be another chapter soon. It was loely to explore his grief and come at the story from a different angle, so I'm very glad you enjoyed it :)


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Review #11, by Cirque Du Freak The art of crying

29th December 2012:
Aw yeah, because I desparately need to review this and this is fabulous and just this little part of Mary that lives on in Sirius, because they were supposed to be this everlasting pair and now that there's one without the other it just goes to show that anyone can go without warning. Even if there's some sort of reason behind like Mary was sick and we knew that for ages, but for someone like Sirius and Lily and the others - it was so tragic and sudden and you think of nothing but how that person was young and how it was tragic and nothing else.

And Sirius understood that it was more than that because death is something he could understand even though he couldn't deal with it.

And there's nothing significant about the ceremony or the people or anyone, because that's life and it moves on and there's no grounding point and there never was when he found out that Mary was dying and he was living on. There wasn't anything to keep him afloat so he just lets it happen, because what else is there to do? He goes through the motions as much as he can possibly give and then escapes when things just overboil in his head and he can't take it anymore and he can't breathe let alone go through the motions. And then there's nothing to keep him from doing things properly so he doesn't do them and now he's just here and he's just living and there's nothing he can do.

Blah this was just all sorts of love and feels and ajshfasjfhasjfas.

I just really can't even with this and ugh this just reminds of March of the Penguins because that was sad ok and that has just as much feels as this does and just I can't right now and I have to go and cry, k? k.


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Review #12, by Mutt N Feathers The art of crying

5th December 2012:
My friend,
I attempted to read this, got maybe 20 paragraphs in and was weeping and chose not to rip the hole in my heart open by facing the rest of the chapter. You could tell me that a page later there was a pink elephant tooting out chocolate covered strawberries and I doubt I'd rip the plastic off at particular scar.

I love your writing and will support you in any way I can, but you're well aware how all this touches me. Living a life where death can come and snatch you without warning and there will be nothing to stop it, even magic just hits too close to home. I struggle to ignore what it will do to the love of my life.

You're brilliant.


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Review #13, by hpf14 The art of crying

18th November 2012:
OMGOD! I loved TAOS and the sequel with Lily too and now this!! It's so exciting! I'm actually balling my eyes out now like a baby. You are a really good writer. You should write non-HP stuff (but still write it for us fans!!) So you can get published and make a lot of money, which I know you would. Seriously, this chapter is fantastic. You tap into such deep, raw emotions to the point where the reader relates but it seems so unrealistic that it's completely real, and how life is. Yet sooo interesting.
Keep it up :) And power through any writers blocks!

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Review #14, by NaidatheRavenclaw The art of crying

27th October 2012:


Anyways, I'm so so glad you wrote this. Firstly because anything involving TAOB world makes me so happy and secondly because it adds so much depth to Sirius's character to get his point of view. I feel slightly less angry towards him in TAOS now. Slightly. This took me right back to how horrible I felt for him when Mary died in TAOB and I can sort of forgive him for all the stupid things he's done in TAOS :P

James at the end there was so precious though. Ack. He's adorable. Best friend ever. I love the way you write the Marauder's bromance. It's adorable. And it made me smile through my tears, so YAY.

But everything else was just "lets see how many times we can rip Naida's heart out". Ackkk, it was so amazing and sad and real. It wasn't sappy and overdone, it felt like a teenage angsty boy who's been put through much which just made it that much better.

Incredible as always.


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Review #15, by Paige_Weasley The art of crying

26th October 2012:
Dear AC,
guess what? My life is a black abyss. I finished TAOB, thought it was brilliant, and was depressed.
Then, I saw the sequel, and started reading it. Only to find out that it was INCOMPLETE.
Now, I know that a lot of people update it every month/week with a new chapter.
PLEASE tell me that is what you are doing? Now, If you abandoned it, I will PERSONALLY track you down, and threaten to feed you to a thestral until you finish the novel.

Now, I understand that it takes a lot of time and effort to write these, but do whatever. It. Takes. Even if you have to quit your dayjob, I will pay you double your normal salary. (at least I would if I had a single knut . . .)

I did read TAOC, but it was just so short. Though, it did help me to understand Sirius better.

Lots and lots of love from,

(if there is a way to reply, YOU WOULD MAKE MY DAY. Except my account is like, "shut down" or something until November, so yeah.)

Author's Response: Hey there Paige_Weasley!

Don't worry, I've been updating regularly and have every intention of continuing to update regularly until its finished. At the minute for TAOS I think I'm working on monthly updates, but I have a lot of stories I'm working on at the same time (ten, with this one included). Next month is a bit of a strain because I'm competing in NaNo as well as being a busy student and having a life.

But thanks so much for reviewing so many chapters of my stories! It's been really lovely watching you read and review your way through my work, so cheers!

And hopefully it won't be too long :)


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Review #16, by classicblack The art of crying

26th October 2012:
The feels Helen. I can't get over all these intense emotions and sympathy (yes, I know he hates sympathy) for Sirius! It's honestly ridiculous. I just want to give him a big bear hug, which shows you're far too good a writer because I rarely get so emotional over stories. And now I feel bad for having dyed the bottom of my hair purple (I actually didn't even think about TAOB/S when I did it) because it would remind Sirius of Mary...

This chapter actually makes me despise Lily a little bit for being so rude and non-understanding towards Sirius in TAOS. However, I do remember that she did have a good reason for leaving after Mary died, so Sirius is a little unfair when it comes to that. He was hurting so badly and all he wants to do is feel something again and taking care of Lily helps with that. I actually really enjoyed Sirius's numbness at the beginning of the chapter much better than if you had made Sirius all sad right away. It fit very well in your characterization of Sirius in previous stories.

This chapter was actually just sort of beautiful. I really loved it all around because it made me have so many feelings and made me love Sirius just a little bit more. Also, I feel like Sirius was actually following the 5 stages a little bit, just James didn't know because Sirius retracts inside himself when he's upset.

"who spoke fluent sarcasm" I don't know why, but this honestly made me laugh and choke up at the same time. It was perfect for Mary but also so incredibly sad because Sirius lost the love of his life that he knew so well and loved for all her faults.

"deliberately ignoring my half empty glass" I like this line. I don't know if you meant it, but I think it really shows how pessimistic about everything Sirius is at this time. He's looking at the "glass half empty" instead of half full.

This was just so amazingly heartbreaking and wonderful. Thank you for not getting tired of the TAOB universe and writing this and TAOS. I just can't get enough! Looking forward to the next chapter :)

Happy writing,

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Review #17, by Shay_Gryff The art of crying

24th October 2012:
MORE MARIUS!!! I love you. I honest to God love you! I had been wondering how Sirius handled his greif for a while and then I see THIS! And it's SO GOOD! :D

I really can't express myself through words at the moment. It's not physicaly possible to tell you how much I love this!


Author's Response: MARIUs. there will be more coming on this soon, I' just running behind on just about everything. baah.

Thank you :) :)

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Review #18, by MissMdsty The art of crying

24th October 2012:
Funny enough, as I was reading the last update of TAOS and Sirius was saying that he didn't want to attend the memorial feast, it crossed my mind that we never really learned where Sirius really stood in all this story. We have glimpses of course but nothing really personal.
And then this came along and for me, as a reader, it was the pain of losing Mary all over again and having to deal with the mess that made.
I'm looking forward to more. Good job!

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Review #19, by house elf The art of crying

24th October 2012:
I adore it ♥ it makes me happy and sad at the same time (mostly sad) and your writing is beeeautiful and I'm really looking forward to the rest *_*

Author's Response: Thank you so much house elf! This is how I felt writing this soo e, so glad you like it thank you very much you're lovely :)

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Review #20, by sour_grapes_snape The art of crying

23rd October 2012:
I was simultaneously delighted and terrified when I saw that you posted this. I love your stories and I think you're a brilliant author and I thoroughly enjoy reading everything you write. TAOB is one of my all-time favorite stories. But I was a bit apprehensive to read this because... well... I knew it would make me sad.

And it did. In a good way (kind of). I think I told you once before that TAOB was one of the few stories/books that can make me cry? Well, you went and did it again, darn you. Everything about this was heartbreakingly beautiful and scarily accurate.

I think the part that stood out the most to me was this line. "I cry because when I think of Mary I want to smile." That part is so true, so unbelievably true. It is exactly how I feel when I think of people I have lost.

This is truly some beautiful, beautiful art (no pun intended) that you have here. And I look forward to each and every update.

In closing, the only thing I can say that can truly sum up my feelings in general about this chapter and TAOB itself is: thank you.


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Review #21, by Manga_girl The art of crying

23rd October 2012:

Gosh, Sirius has to be a favourite character of mine! I'm so glad you wrote this! I love this chapter though. Your description is amazing, I'm jealous. :P Anyway, love this so much! 10/10

Emma xx


Thank you Emma! You are beyond lovely as always :D

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