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Review #1, by candens Tell It To The Judge!

13th April 2014:
A ludicrous story, based on a ludicrous concept, but really rather excellent. Well written apart from needing some minor polish, and somehow believable, for something so absurd.

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Review #2, by CherryBoom The Hallows Café

4th March 2013:
I love the way Audrey uses accessories. Another wig, witch's hat and a self-made garlic necklace were lovely touches.

I'm starting to feel sorry for poor Percy. =P He tries to be so chivalrious, and is so anxious about date going well, and Audrey just keeps grilling him about potential undead pets, bats and running water. The confession about running over a muggle policeman was so cute. And Audrey checking his pulse was just hilarious. I gotta hand it to her, she's very thorough with her potential vampire inspection. Although hopefully she decides not to behead him, it would be the most unfortunate happenstance. =P

The reason why I return to this story again and again is that its simply put so funny. I love Percy and Audrey and their odder than odd relationship. They're both off their rockers, but it definitely adds to the funny factor. Thank you for making me smile every time I read more of this story. =)

A review for Gryffies vs. Snakes review battle

Author's Response: Audrey is pretty out there. XD

Poor Percy, indeed! Here he is thinking that he's on a genuine date, trying his best to be appealing, and Audrey keeps going out of her way to alarm him. He must be desperate for romance at this point if he considered that situation to be a successful date!

It would be quite a shame if she beheaded him. lol.

I'm glad you liked this! I'm always happy to hear that this made someone smile.

Thank you for reading and reviewing. :)

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Review #3, by TenthWeasley Tell It To The Judge!

6th January 2013:
I should have known to expect such twist endings from stories of yours! I'm sitting here cackling to myself right now, because we got two surprises and it was an unexpected delight. And fair warning, I am focusing mostly on these two things in my brain right now so that's probably going to be what a lot of this review is about. Expect nothing less!

First off: I am so sold on the idea of Edmund the owl as the Yew Street Burglar that I honestly cannot even imagining ever thinking it was anyone else (though, admittedly, I didn't give it quite as much thought as that sentence makes it sound). Because not only does it actually kind of make sense, because birds really do steal things, and especially shiny things, but the way you characterized that bird IN THIS ONE CHAPTER. Why was he not the main event?! I demand more about Edmund. A short, crack-type one shot in which he gets his due and is required to poop on Mundungus Fletcher because Kingsley is getting annoyed with him, and he ends up pooping on something really valuable that Mundungus is trying to hock on the black market, because Edmund is nothing if not vindictive and he seeks his revenge for being caught.

I have spent enough time talking about this owl, but you should know just how excited I got, typing up that paragraph.

AND THEN. I sort of had it in the back of my mind through this entire story that Percy actually would turn out to be a vampire, just because it was deliciously ludicrous, and then he spazzed out in the interrogation room and that put my hopes to rest. But you revived them! ♥ I wonder how long he's going to be able to keep that from Audrey. She is going to absolutely go mad when she discovers she was right, and then Edmund will return from probation and eat her hair (so sorry, I swear I'm done with him now). After all, there are certain problems about being a vampire that people discuss in relation to the Twilight ones that would hinder their... relations.

Wow. It's not even that late but it feels like it's four in the morning and I just don't know what's happened to me anymore. I feel like I shouldn't be allowed to read this story when it's not daylight outside or I'll just go loopy.

FANTASTIC ENDING, YO. I'm a bit sad now that there are no updates to look forward to. This story could always put me in a good mood after a bad day. Well, I can look forward to Edmund's story. (SORRY. I SWEAR I'M DONE NOW.) You can write anything. Fact.

Author's Response: I had no idea I still had unanswered Peasley reviews. SORREH.

I knew you would probably suspect I would make Percy turn out to be a vampire. You're too familiar with my writing to not expect twists by now, and I am a pretty big fan of ending everything with a twist of some degree. I WILL NEVER BE ABLE TO SURPRISE YOU AGAIN.

P.S. Edmund pooping on Mundungus is an image I will never be able to get out of my head.

Vampire relations, lololol. Um. Maybe when you're a vampire wizard you can um, I DON'T EVEN KNOW, DUDE. THIS WHOLE STORY JUST DESCENDED INTO CRACK I AM NOT EVEN GOING TO TRY TO JUSTIFY. Maybe he will bite Audrey and turn her into a vampire, too. According to Twilight, when one turns into one of the undead, relations are ~to die for~ Okay that was a bad pun.


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Review #4, by The Tired Magician Tell It To The Judge!

3rd January 2013:
WHAT? Oh my goodness. WERE THERE HINTS AT ALL? I didn't see it coming! WHAT?

Author's Response: There were no hints! lol, it was supposed to be a surprise. Percy makes a good vampire who looks like he's not a vampire but also looks like a vampire who is covering it up - and I've just confused myself. XD

Thank you for reading and reviewing!

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Review #5, by Rumbleroar goes roar Tell It To The Judge!

2nd January 2013:
So Percy WAS a vampire? : O Dun dun dun!
Oh this chapter made me laugh. Wood is HILARIOUS! I am completely in love with these crazy, crazy characters and so sad to see this story end! But I enjoyed it so much! Thanks for writing such a great story :D

Author's Response: PERCY IS A VAMPIRE INDEED. :3

These characters were so over the top but I LOVED writing them, and I'm so glad you liked them. :) Thank you for consistently reading and for your wonderful reviews!

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Review #6, by WitnesstoitAll Miss Peabody's Peril Purger

26th December 2012:
ohmygoodness. I'm dying.

okay, melissa, stop giggling long enough to breathe.

Right, then.

This was hysterical. I seriously couldn't stop laughing and everytime I though you reached a new point of ridiculousness that I didn't think you'd exceed again with in the chapter, you did. Seeing Percy and all of his fears -- I really respect why he detests the subway. Germs and slimey kids -shudders-. His fear of sealions made me lol -- they actually carry a disease that can transmit to pigs that causes a lot of problems in the swine industry. (thought you'd appreciate that Percy's fear isn't totally unfounded if he were a swine farmer living on the coast of california). His letter as he thought he wrote it ... I nearly died. He was so matter of fact, and that he thought it was a well worded letter. ahaha. And then seeing what he actually wrote. Too funny. I'm so glad that the letter more closely resmembled something found in eloquence by erica than the letter he thought he'd written. AND NOW AUDREY THINKS HE'S FUNNAY AND IS SHOWING HIM MICE WULNUT HELMETS. that's the makings of true love, don't even lie.

gah. This was a fantastic chapter!! Can't wait to read the next (and last?) one!

Author's Response: MEL. ♥

The ridiculousness abounds. ~

I'm biased against all children who aren't my own, and avoid touching them. I know where those fingers have been - in their noses and other people's noses and in their mouths and ew.

Eloquence by Erica would have been proud of the letter he actually wrote. MICE WALNUT HELMETS. SURELY THIS IS DESTINY.

♥ The last chapter is officially up, just for yooouuu. ♥

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Review #7, by WitnesstoitAll Desirable Number One

26th December 2012:
Ohhaygurl, hay.

So I'm snowed in, and thought I'll catch up on some reading and boy am I glad I did!! I seriously forgot how light and silly and absolutely hilarious this story is. Like, I wish I could quote all of it here because each and every line of it is gold. Or platinum. maybe diamond. Every line rolls off the screen with such a tongue in cheek seriousness that I found myself taking a beat after each one before combusting into a cacophony of giggles when I realized how ridiculous it was. Love it -- it reads with such an ease that I'm here in my igloo writhing with jealousy.

The scene with Percy and George was my favorite (I bet you're suprised, right?) It was so silly and whimsical. Percy is in lurveee. He couldn't fool anybody even if they were blind and deaf. George's advice about wearing a fancy jacket to catch a bird. -snort- All I can picture is him in his neon green dragonhide coat over his magenta WWW robes. Gah. Weasleys. There is always something special about their banter that leaves me remembering why it is I read fanfiction.

With as much as I loved the first scene, I also enjoyed Audrey's scene. That girl -- she's cray cray fo sho, but somehow makes it so endearing and entertaining. I loved seeing how normal Wood was compared to her, and all the descriptions of what she wears -- the tree fingersss. lololol. She's perfect. I don't think anybody else could come close to pulling off such an off the wall character and make her so likable. You, my dear, have so much talent and I'm so so glad you write fanfiction and share it with all of us.

Great chapter!! ~onto the next~

Author's Response: HAY THERE MEL OVER THERE IN YOUR IGLOO. ~waves with tree branch fingers~

I love Weasleys, and George is the best kind of Weasley, I think (well they all are but he's a front-runner). I'm happy with his background presence in this story, popping in every now and again just to embarrass poor Percy and make him feel more nervous than he already was.

Audrey is fifty flavors of weird. The girl is not all there. But I've had so much fun writing her and hope that her future is filled with loads of drama and mystery to keep her happily satisfied.

Thank you endlessly for your lovely support of this story, Molosso. You are the sprinkles to my frosting.

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Review #8, by TenthWeasley Miss Peabody's Peril Purger

13th December 2012:
I think one of my favorite things about this story as a whole is just how completely opposite the pages Percy and Audrey are on, are. (I hate syntax. That was the world's most awkward sentence.) On Audrey's end, of course, Percy's a vampire, and on his end she's a woman who's hopelessly attracted to him -- although you know, Percy's side may not even be that wrong. I sense repressive coping in Audrey's state of affairs.

I do hope that you know I was in stitches the entire time Percy was writing his letter. ♥ The snippet of it from a couple of weeks ago made me anxious to read more of it, and I was so depressed when I discovered that chapter 4 had no letter-writing in it. And his reaction to remembering what he'd done the next morning! :D I am shaking with silent giggles right now, which are only silent because my roommate is napping, which I should be doing because we both had a final at eight this morning, BUT I COULD NOT RESIST THE PULL OF PERCY.

And then George gets thrown in for just a few paragraphs, and he totally steals the show! The continuation of the "spilling my guts" metaphor was brill. And THE REAL LETTER, SOMEHOW I DID NOT FORESEE THAT. Lulzzz. ♥ Percy is drunk on your lovings, Audrey.

This review sucks, I have no illusions. But your chapter got me through a tough week, and you should be proud. :) And I thoroughly enjoyed it, as always! I do not want this story to end. Why does it only have one more chapter. This is lovely crack.


Author's Response: You may be onto something with the repressive coping. :3 It's a miserable affair, denying one's hots for a blood-sucking creature of the night. ~ She should go ask Bella Swan for some tips.

Heee, since these are spaced out every two weeks instead of every week, I wondered if you might think that snippet was for chapter 4 instead of 5. I think writing that letter was one of my favorite parts of this story. Fun stuffs. XD

George is definitely a scene-stealer. Could not resist adding him in here after reading WAT; I own that I originally did not intend to have him crop up so much in this story. But I like writing George. He's a good egg.

Hearing that this chapter got you through a tough week is seriously the best compliment you could ever give me. I'm so happy to oblige. :)


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Review #9, by CherryBoom Pasty Patsy Percy

11th December 2012:
Well, as luck would have it, it turns out they're both completely barmy. =P I laughed so hard at this chapter. The end with the date proposition was the best, it was simply put spectacular! The fact that he said that he likes boyfriends. *snort* And then that he and her boyfriend could go and have a tea, while she watches over his trolley. That was in a whole new sphere of embarrassment. =P

The imaginary Weasleys were so much fun. George constantly ribbing poor Percy, Arthur nudging him in right direction, Charlie's unsolicited chick advice and Ron was... well, just Ron. Especially the comment about getting glowing skin by swallowing Patronus, that one was ingenious line.

I'm actually starting to pity Percy. Fishy sweat stains, whole stammer thing, cruel co-workers and now he has this nutter with blue wig following him. Oh, how mighty have fallen.

The goblin who doesn't believe in birthdays was amazing. I bet he doesn't believe in Christmas either. =P

If such thing is even possible, you outdid yourself and this chapter was even better than the first one. It was phenomenal! I had so much fun. =)

Author's Response: Have you ever had one of those moments where you just couldn't shut up and every thing you said made you sound even stupider? It's a condition and Percy suffers chronically from it. XD

Percy is definitely not living the life he was when he was playing in the Minister's pocket. I feel bad for him, but he does need this sort of lifestyle. Anything else is too tempting and he'll turn back into that smarmy little git no one liked.

Thank you so much for your fantastic review!

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Review #10, by slytherinchica08 Pasty Patsy Percy

11th December 2012:
Oh that was so sweet and yet funny at the same time! Poor Percy, basically a nobody and made fun of all the time in a place where he used to have power of sorts. The bit with his family talking to him in his head and trying to give him advice on how to ask Audrey out was rather funny. I'm continuing to like your Audrey and how funny and different she is! And from what I've seen of Percy in this, I like him as well! I'm so excited for their little lunch date and I can't wait to see how that actually turns out for them, what with Audrey thinking that Percy is a vampire, I can guess that it might get a little interesting! I loved how Percy's family while being only in his head were still very much like themselves, it really added to the story. I really felt bad for Percy during this chapter though, what with everyone making fun of him, tipping over his trolly, and just plain old being rude to him. I think I would have even said yes to him after witnessing all that stuff just for the sake of not giving everyone else another reason to make fun of him! It was a very enjoyable read and I look forward to reading more! Great Job!


Author's Response: I really love the Weasleys and how they interact, and couldn't resist the opportunity to get them all together and ask for their two cents, even if they weren't /actually/ there. :P Percy's really grown on me since starting this story. He used to be my least-favorite Weasley.

Thank you so much for reading and for the lovely review!

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Review #11, by AC_rules A New Lead

11th December 2012:
Oh dear, I've been wanting to read this every time I saw it appear on your page because it just looked so delectably good that I couldn't resist the pull of it: I mean, who could say no so a possibly slightly nutty and a bit of Percy? Percy/Audrey actually has to be one of my favourite pairings ever, just because they gleam of something marvelous because well... it's got to be a hell of a woman to pull back a really quite damaged Percy Weasley and want to marry him. Ack, I just love it.

So this was a wonderful quote Stable! Ha! Stable was for horses. as was the majority of it all. Oh Audrey, with her tendency to break the statute of secrecy (easily done, I'm sure) and get banned from work for an 'enforced holiday.' Ha. I actually kind of hope that Percy is a vampire, because that would be such a great lot twist baahh.

But this chapter was every bit as good as I thought it was going to be and I genuinely don't think I can wait to read on. Six chapters? But that's so short. I just want lots of Percy!Vampire and Audrey!nutter but wel... I'm sure you'll make it perfect.

Loved it :D


Author's Response: I've pretty disappointed with the portrayal of Audrey/Percy on the archive overall, since Audrey tends to be an even bigger stick in the mud than Percy and they are made out to be the least-fun couple of all time existing only to make George, Ginny, and Ron look like the fun adults of next gen in comparison. That was a long sentence. Anyway I just got an itch to write an Audrey who marched to the beat of her own crazy drum, dragging Percy along after her, and I'm happy with what's come out of it. Sometimes it's nice to write something totally non-serious.

Thank you for reading!

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Review #12, by Rumbleroar goes roar Miss Peabody's Peril Purger

10th December 2012:
Bahahahaa! Oh that letter! :P
Loving the story! Can't wait to read more! Thanks for always updating so quickly!

Author's Response: Thank you! There is one more chapter left. I'm going to post it this coming Friday, so that the story will be posted in its entirety before the Christmas queue closure. :)

Thanks for reading and reviewing!

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Review #13, by momotwins A New Lead

9th December 2012:
I may or may not have been haunting my reviews to see when you'd left me one so I could run over here and read this story XD I can't resist this title, and I always enjoy a good Percy/Audrey.

AHAHAHA she has Spectrespecs! Oh my God. The idea of a person who would admire Luna getting together with Percy is making me super happy. And she made her own badge haha. I'm dying. "A wild Weasley appeared" XD Do you watch Mythbusters? That reminded me of Adam making fun of Jamie like he's a walrus in a documentary. "The wild Hyneman in its natural habitat..." She's going to get thrown out of this shop when they catch her. lol

Aww Percy does the snack trolley? He probably thinks of it as penance. That's so sad and sweet. Or maybe nobody wants him now since he was so heavily involved in the old regime. Hmm.

"The voice smelled like freckles." hahahaha. I just died again. This story is so cute and hilarious. I love it. Audrey's a nut. She's almost like Luna but more actively crazy where I always think of Luna as being passively crazy. If that makes sense.

Super fun story, I can't wait to read more!

Author's Response: Audrey is an absurd play on the 'quirky girl' fanfic trope. She is more or less every self-professed nutter rolled up into one giant mess, which was extremely fun to write. I like to think she and Percy even each other out.

You're spot on about the snack trolley being a penance, which is sad. :( He's intentionally keeping away from jobs of power he thinks might lead him back into his old ways, and it's important that his family continues to like him and he doesn't want to turn back into that prat. Poor Percy.

That is a fab way of looking at it - Luna's crazy but doesn't really know it, and she's kind of softened around the edges. Audrey's just a large ball of energy spinning out of control.

Thank you for reading and reviewing!

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Review #14, by The Tired Magician Miss Peabody's Peril Purger

8th December 2012:
Oh my goodness! That was hysterical. I couldn't stop giggling throughout the whole thing.

Where do you think Percy's fear of sea lions originated?

And lordy his original letter. He would do something like that.

Author's Response: Thrilled that you liked it! Who knows where his fear of sea lions came from. Maybe he got attacked by one at a zoo once. :P

Thank you for reading and reviewing!

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Review #15, by Courtney Dark A New Lead

6th December 2012:
Hi there!
I think the idea of this story is a very interesting concept-and very unusual, too.
I have never seen Audrey portrayed this way-she seems slightly scatter brained, a bit manic and very...odd, for lack of a better word, and her personality really amused me!
I also like the idea of her line on work, and am interested to see what is going to happen when Audrey and Percy interact.
Nice first chapter!

Author's Response: Audrey is extremely odd, yes. This story has a lot of crack humor in it, especially where Audrey is concerned. Sometimes she does things that throws rationality and realism right out the window, but that's what makes her fun for me to write. XD

Thank you for reading and reviewing!

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Review #16, by CherryBoom A New Lead

6th December 2012:
First of all, it's been a while since I've been so thoroughly entertained by a fanfic. =) This chapter was fresh and fun, and more imporantly it has a very amusing and interesting plot.

Miss Audrey Bellpepper, just wow. What a wonderful and slightly manic character! I bet the Ministry of Magic hasn't seen such a destructive force since Bertha Jorkins. It's going to be fun to read more about her and Percy, since they are so opposite of each other. I love her conspiracy theories and quite unorthodox ways of catching perps. =P

I enjoyed how you staged the chapter to Diagon Alley. I think that the Ministry was supposed to be in Whitehall, but maybe they have made some changes after the war? Oliver Wood trying to hold back Audrey? I'd love to see how he despairs over that impossibility. I love how you included him in this fic.

It's a great beginning for a fic, and this story goes to my favorites. I'm definitely planning to read rest of it tonight. Love it! =)

Author's Response: Haa, the Ministry being located in Diagon Alley was an accident - I completely forgot it was supposed to be in Whitehall. I'm so glad you mentioned that; I went back and corrected it immediately. :)

Bertha Jorkins draws a good comparison. Audrey is half-parody, I'll admit. She's sort of a caricature of the 'quirky girl' trope in fanfic. But I really do enjoy writing her and how she and Percy play off of each other. It's so much fun to write Oliver in this sort of line of work, too, since he's usually (and rightly so) associated just with Quidditch.

Thank you for reading and reviewing!

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Review #17, by slytherinchica08 A New Lead

6th December 2012:
How do you manage to do it? Write such amazing and original stories that is! Every time I read something of yours I just get sucked into this world that you paint for us and fall in love with your characters. I love Audrey in this! She is so funny and different and original that its just so fun to read. She seems a bit airy in my opinion but not too horribly that she can't seem to focus on the real but does want to make up her own version of things. I love how Percy is involved in this as well, him possibly being a vampire with some motives, it really just adds to this story. Your first chapter just makes me want to continue reading and find out what is going to happen now. Is she going to get caught lurking around the Ministry, is she actually going to catch Percy and find out he is a werewolf? I dont know but I want to! If you couldn't tell already, I think that this is a wonderful beginning to your story and it has me pulled in and wanting to read more! Great Job!


Author's Response: Aww, thank you!! I'm so happy you like this set of characters. :) Audrey is a ball of energy, which amuses me to have as a love interest for Percy - who is anything but a ball of energy. I hope you do return and read on! Thank you for reviewing.

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Review #18, by TenthWeasley Desirable Number One

4th December 2012:
True fact: Everybody needs a man like Percy in their life. He's so adorable! I can't even describe how adorable it was, how flustered he got when George caught him spying on Audrey (for Ministry business, of course). And while I'm at it, your George was marvelously funny, but we already knew that you can write the twins basically better than anyone else I've yet read. I loved the way you explained away Penelope, too, although her being Obliviated is a bit sad. But you know, I always did wonder what happened to her. If Percy felt the need to shield her in the books from his family, she probably meant a lot to him, considering his opinions of his family in his adolescence.

But now I'm rambling.

Audrey, as always, is cracking me up -- you have such a natural gift for writing things that would just seem absurd elsewhere, and you slip them in so casually. ♥ I will always be forever in admiration of the way you write humor. I was grinning like mad at the complexity of her disguise when she went into Oliver's office (trees for hands, lulz). Oh, Audrey, what have you done? I sincerely hope that the Ministry storms into Percy's house without warning. Poor boy. ALL HE WANTS IS A DATE, AUDREY, PLEASE STOP TRYING TO STAKE HIM.

Oliver! Best Oliver. That is all. Love, love, love the fact that he had a small sun installed in his office. :D You need to write more crack!Oliver. I smell a spin off.

Aaand now I'm reading over this review and revealing to myself that it's kind of poor quality. Why does this always happen to me, in reviews to you? ♥ I'm loving this story, of course! These chapters never seem as long as they should; they end much too quickly.


Author's Response: I got the urge to write George here because I had just read With All Things and was feeling particular George-y. Percy is so deficient of humor himself that I have to pad the story with people who have more colorful personalities. But in his own way, I do think Percy is kind of funny. Maybe I'm biased. Yolo.

And now you've made me sad about Penelope. :( I feel really bad about Percy, and the lengths he went to to hide something good in his life from his family because he knew he would just be endlessly teased about it. I wonder how long he was with Penelope. For all we know, they had a long term relationship that lasted through the war. Maybe Penelope even died in the war. Now there's a sobering thought.

Audrey likes to jump across the board from normal to absurd. In the last chapter, she does things that is just complete crack that I cannot even justify, just because that's what came out while I was writing. She kind of goes to the point of no return. Sometimes I wonder at myself.


♥ u da beez of da kneez. kneezy bees. bees kneez. beezneez. Okay I'm done now.

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Review #19, by Rumbleroar goes roar Desirable Number One

3rd December 2012:
"You once tried to eat a ghost to absorb its powers because I told you my favorite flavor of tart was cranberry."
Just one of the many lines that made me laugh out loud. This story really is a joy to read and it's the story I most look forward to updating on this site! I'm still absolutely in love with your characterization! I can't wait to read more :)
"Audrey wondered how it had inexplicably become sunset when it had just been afternoon thirty minutes ago." Oh - and I love Oliver Wood :)

Author's Response: Heee. XD Audrey eating ghosts to absorb powers. Natch. Wonder what would happen if someone ate a Horcrux? Kind of unrelated, but now I'm curious...

We're getting close to the end. There's only six chapters total, and I'll be posting the last one before the queue closes for Christmas. I hope you like the rest of it!

Thank you for reading and reviewing. :)

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Review #20, by The Tired Magician Pasty Patsy Percy

2nd December 2012:
I liked this chapter so much that this is my second time reading. I didn't stop to leave a review because I wanted to read more! Percy's inner Weasley dialogue made me laugh.

The kind of laugh that is loud, lasts an awkwardly long time and earns you looks, but makes you feel awesome after. My sentence just ran on and on and on.

So thanks for that. I think it is my favourite part of this story.

Author's Response: I don't know what to say! Thank you! I'm so happy that this made you laugh out loud. That means a lot to me, since for me personally it takes a very funny story for me to laugh out loud.

Thank you for reading and reviewing. :)

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Review #21, by The Tired Magician Desirable Number One

1st December 2012:
I have to say that this is my favourite version of Percy to date.

Author's Response: Hooray! That is wonderful to hear. :D Percy is usually so stuck-up in fanfic that I felt he deserved to be portrayed a little better.

Love your penname, by the way!

Thank you for reading and reviewing. :)

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Review #22, by WitnesstoitAll The Hallows Café

21st November 2012:
Omg. Sarah... the adorable-ness of this chapter, I swear I'm the grinch and my heart just grew three sizes that day (this day?... st00pid quote). Your Percy is precious!! I seriously love him -- avoiding positions of power for the sake of avoiding the obsession that comes along with it, for the sake of maintaining the all-important relationship with his family. The image of him preparing dozens of sandwiches each morning is both adorable and hilarious. He's such a particular fellow that I can easily imagine him assuring that the ratio of meat to cheese is just so, making sure the angle of the mustard strip is just right --heck, he may even use a protracter. lol. Only percy -- this percy in particular -- would seriously think that this date was a good one and deserving of a second. Poor Percy, lol. I did particularly like the bit where he asked Audrey if he could write her to get to know her the old fashioned way -- that he was more eloquent on paper than in person. he's such a babe. If percy/audrey wasn't cannon and wonderfully lovely, I'd protest and ship myself with him. :P

Audrey continued to be her infinitely amusing, slightly off-beat self. I love her subtlety or lack there of -- the garlic, the silver, the ever so casual mentions of blood. I want to see this Audrey in the future motherin over little molly and lucy... I'm sure they have amazing times at home playing together and listening to stories and such. I literally cringed when she noticed somebody else's lipstick on the straw -- dakfjwoieja eurgh.

Oh! and this was such a small bit of the chapter, but I really enjoyed it as it brought a layer of culture and realism to the world of harry potter. When Audrey asks Percy if he is religious and he responds with his astrological sign. I don't know why, but that tiny little detail really made an impact on me and got my wheels turning about the Weasley family and their experience with religion in general.

This was such a great chapter! I can't wait for the next one!! they never fail to amuse me greatly.

Oh, one tiny typo I found, in case you want to fix it: "when the sunlight him them" I think him should be hit. :)

Again, great chapter!! Keep up the good work.



Percy using a protractor to arrange his sandwiches - LULZ. I can definitely see him doing that. He loves to micromanage the small stuff, in the areas he does have control over. And then he goes to work and is at the mercy of other peoples' appetites. Poor Percy. He obviously belongs in a top ministry position but he suppresses the temptation.

I would ship Percy/Mel, jsyk.

Oooh that little astrological detail. I know that the magical world acknowledges Easter and Christmas; on the whole I think that they do practice religion but keep it out of Hogwarts for practical reasons, because they contain all walks of life. But Ron doesn't appear to have been raised in any particular religion and I think the Weasley children wouldn't know very much about religion at all, judging from what we know of them. So Percy took his best stab at it and missed. XD

Thank you for pointing out my typo! It slipped under the radar during my proofread, the sneaky little thing.

♥ Thank you for being so awesome and supportive, Mel. U da best~

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Review #23, by TenthWeasley The Hallows Café

19th November 2012:
I'm pretty sure I said this in an earlier review somewhere (and if not, then pretend I did, so I don't have to backspace that sentence), but I absolutely need to stop reading your chapters in the middle of classes. I am going to laugh aloud someday soon, and then the game will be up. That girl reads fan fiction when she should be listening to her professors! The scandal! The horror!

But are we really surprised. Nope.

There are so many good lines in this chapter -- I'll tell you again, you've got an unprecedented gift for humor and crack. :D I think one of the best things is all the little things you've managed to write in that Audrey's somehow connected to Percy being a vampire. The garlic food, when he was really just sick with nerves and greasy chips; the sunlight on his head. I caught myself externally grinning when she leaned across to check his pulse. ♥ Lulz. Audrey is just so funny; I don't even know how to begin coming up with a character like hers, because you've just made her so vivacious and lovable despite the fact that, well, she's just a bit batty. Only a little bit. It's easy, I think, to make characters in stories like this just absolutely ludicrous and over the top, but I just want to squish Audrey, and that is something I never expected to experience.

AND PERCY. ♥ ALL THE LOVE FOR PERCY. I adore him in this story. Absolutely love him. He's so awkward, and just a little bit nerdy, but for all that he's actually really sound and just so Weasley-ish. You've got a really great balance in his character, too; he can be silly and adorable, but he's so honest in his initial attraction to Audrey. And it really just makes me pull for them and want them to get together (poor Molly and Lucy, though, I will say here). I loved his thoughts on the Ministry, too, because that's actually probably a very realistic look at what did happen to him, after the Second Wizarding War. I can imagine a lot of higher-up would have been suspicious of him, keeping a close eye on him. Poor Percy. He gets no lovings.

I demand to know what happens next. Also, I really, really hope that Audrey actually tries to physically take Percy down at some point in the future, because I can already envision how hysterical that would be.

Write moar. ♥

Author's Response: Baww, thank you. Crack humor sometimes requires as much brainpower as angst, just because you have to be very deep in a certain mindset.

Audrey's characterization is a direct result of reading her as this stick-in-the-mud in every story I've ever read about her. It seems like an unfair punishment to Percy to pair him up with some snob, and that's exactly what it is. It's authors punishing Percy's lapse in judgement in the books by forcing him to coexist with a rude, uppity Mary Sue. Percy manned up in the end; he said he was sorry, and he did what was right. And with all of his own rigidness, he needs some spice in his life! Hence Audrey Bellpepper.

She's a bit of a parody sometimes, playing on the quirky girl thing. In the next chapter especially there are some things she does that is just outright crack for the sake of poking fun at quirky girl characters, but I had a lot of fun writing it. :3 I love not having to take Percy seriously. Percy takes himself seriously enough for all of us.

This turned into a ramble. Sorreh ~

Thank you endlessly for your support and for always reading my theengz and giving lovely feedback and being my number one reader. I think you make up a quarter of my overall reviews.

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Review #24, by Rumbleroar goes roar The Hallows Café

19th November 2012:
Hahaha oh this chapter was hilarious again! I laughed out loud when she checked his pulse. I love how casual and crafty she thinks she's being when really it's the direct opposite :P And oh, poor Percy, thinking it was an excellent date XD
I LOVE this story, I really do! The characters make it - I love them so much! Keep it up! Can't wait to read more :)

Author's Response: Audrey thinks she's all sorts of smooth when she is actually all sorts of fail. That's why I love writing her. XD Poor Percy, indeed. His standards of what qualifies as a good date are pretty sad.

I'm so thrilled you like this story so much! Thank you for continuing to read and review. I love hearing your feedback. :)

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Review #25, by TenthWeasley Pasty Patsy Percy

17th November 2012:
YOUR PERCY IS ADORABLE. ♥ I hope you know just how hard I was laughing when I was reading the conversation in his head between all the members of his family, because that is brilliant, and it's almost absurd enough to be real, that Percy would carry little mental versions of them with him. You tell me I need to keep writing Weasleys, but then you write So, Listen..., and then Fred in Run, and now this, and you should just know that you need to take your own advice. Because seriously. There is just something about the way you write the Weasley family that isn't like anyone else writing about them, and it's something that needs to keep happening.

I think one of the best things about this story for me, right now -- and it was present in the last chapter too, but I don't think I really mentioned it -- is just how readable it is. That's something a lot of your stories have, mind, but for some reason it's really prevalent in this one. I have not yet, in either chapter, felt like I've read enough. THE WORD COUNT IS LYING TO ME, THAT WAS A SHORT CHAPTER.

I did feel really bad for Percy, though, because basically... he kind of sucks in this story. And this time, it's not even his fault that he sucks! Why don't people just buy his sandwiches and cupcakes? They don't need to throw things at him. So rude. (I would buy cupcakes from Percy any day of the week. Just throwing that out there.)

A date! With Audrey! And tea! And no boyfriends! This is so fun, Sarah. I am so, so glad that you're writing this. You said in your last response that I don't have to read things of yours... but I do. I don't know where I'd be as a writer without your writing. ♥ Already looking forward to the next chapter!

Author's Response: I think that just about everyone wants to be a Weasley. They are by far my favorite fictional family, and they're so warm and tight-knit even when they're all arguing. I JUST LURVE THEM. I would seriously just like to write about them sitting around at dinner, and the things they might talk about and how they would interact, with no actual plot. Just dialogue. You would probably be the only person interested in reading that.

I think that readability is directly related to how easy it was to write. If it's easier to write, it'll be easier to read, somehow. With the three chapters of this I've written, it came out very fast. Derno why that is.

Poor Percy. :( He is paying his debts to society by trudging along with sandwiches no one wants. People are r00d. (I would buy his cupcakes, too.)

This whole story takes place in like a span of three days. Lulz. I NEED TO WRITE CHAPTER FOUR. And I am suddenly having the epiphany that the reason why I have not written anything in weeks is because we have not raced.

Ermegherd, that is seriously sad.


I must summon your participation so that mojo levels elevate.

♥ Thank you for reading and reviewing. U iz da marshmallows 2 mah hot chocolate cupcakes, which I am presently eating. They iz delish.

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