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Review #1, by Kira The One with the Green Light

28th January 2015:
Well, I know that James isnít dead. How do I know? Because you like me. Well, I think you like me. And if thatís true, you would never do that to me. You would never build all this drama, have them almost escape triumphant from that drama, just to have him die. You just wouldnít. Right? RIGHT?!

Iím going to pretend you answered favorably, and try and calmly go on with my workday. I am also going to pretend that you wrote this chapter just for me. Though Iím sure thatís not true, and Iím likely coming off as a little creepy, I am going to accept this chapter as mine. Itís one of my favorites. Ever. Iíve gone on and on in reviews how James/Harry parts are my favorite things in the world. They are. And this chapter was just chock full of them. (Did you know that for the longest time I thought it was ďchalk fullĒ? I also thought that it was ďwheel barrelĒ instead of ďbarrowĒ. Anyway, I love James and Harry parts because there is just so much heart there. It radiates off the page. It warms me. Which is perfect as itís freezing here and my heat doesnít work. I love that James finally said all the things that needed to be. I think too often we just assume our parents know we care and, while thatís likely true to an extent, I do think they need to be reminded how much influence theyíve had on our lives. I LITCH-rally (Iím super into Parks and Rec right now; hopefully that means something to you) called my father after reading this chapter and told him that I loved him. He answered by asking me what Iíd done and if I needed bail money. I do love that man. I could go on and on about your writing in the aspects of humor and story-telling. That talent has always been evident. But, what astounds me the most and, really, what I admire the most is the tremendous heart that your stories have. They feel real, and they generate real feelings in your readers. Your writing brings me a lot of joy, and I really owe you for that.


Are you dead? If you arenít, Iíd like to shake your hand and also ask you a bunch of questions about blowtorches. They sound neat. If you are dead, I have a mission for you. A ghost mission. There is this jerk-face at my office who is super condescending, berates everything I write, and basically makes me feel bad. I need you to haunt his office. Not all the time, just during the work hours of the week. Make creepy noises, make things move across the desk (both when heís looking and not looking), take and hide important documents so he gets in trouble, that kind of thing. Then maybe heíll move on account of not wanting to work in a haunted office. Then, you can follow him wherever he goes. Sounds fun, right?


PS: Please donít be dead.

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Review #2, by Aftaminas The One with the Green Light

19th January 2015:
So last week around Tuesday I discovered the one shot of Ron proposing to Hermione.

Then I read 30 Days of You and Me.

Then I started reading BTQC last Thursday or Friday.

Yesterday, I started DTTT. And now I'm feeling anxious. And feverish. And unable to concentrate on studying chemistry for my college exam x) please, do continue.

PS: What is the queue? Sounds like something that stands between readers and new chapters. I'm about to have kittens, here --'

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Review #3, by DancingMooncalf The One with the Green Light

11th January 2015:
Oh my god! I was so happy to find that everything was okay and than it ends like this. Please make James not be dead. That would be a horrible ending. He has to marry Avery properly and live happily ever after. Please!
What a spectacular chspter this turned out to be!! Waiting desperately for thr next one!

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Review #4, by rose The One with the Green Light

5th January 2015:
These cliff hangers are going to be the end of me...otherwise amazing job!

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Review #5, by ohnobeans The One with the Green Light

3rd January 2015:
a few minutes into reading I realized Green Light could mean Avada Kedavra and if that's true then I AM JUST SO DONE.



i don't know how i feel about this cliffhanger. capslock didn't feel appropriate and neither proper capitalization. meh.

BUT WHAT A CHAPTER! my goodness James and Harry and Avery and everyone's alive I hope and the green light and James appreciating Harry and Harry scolding James for language even while rescuing him from a psychopath.

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Review #6, by dee The One with the Green Light

31st December 2014:
I've been reading this story for ages and let me
just say thank you for writing something so
amazing! James is one of my favourite next gen
characters and what you've done in terms of
character development and plot with him is just
awesome :)

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Review #7, by GreenEyedHarry The One with the Green Light

29th December 2014:
Hey Guys, if you are having trouble getting to the newest chapter, just press the printer friendly version button on the chapter page and then scroll down. It should work while HPFF is fixing the original page

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Review #8, by Dobby101 The One with the Green Light

28th December 2014:
I can't get onto the chapter!! Wah! It's saying there is a file error on every chapter in your story...I'm going to try to contact HPFF to see if we can get it fixed (:

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Review #9, by Celeste The One with the Green Light

26th December 2014:
Just as I was ready to do a happy dance David Flynn strikes again. So I'll sit back and wait for the next chapter and for James to figure out if he's alive or not. So if James isn't dead then I'm sure everyone will realise he was set up cause why would his dad and wife lie and say that he took them. Why they even thought that in the first place is beyond me.

As always really love your story think I'll read the first one again while I wait for the update and to find out what happens to James and his family.

Can't wait for the next chapter :)

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Review #10, by GallopingGargoyles The One with the Green Light

25th December 2014:
Can I just say that HARRY IS AWESOME :))

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Review #11, by Awsomonium The One with the Green Light

25th December 2014:
Easily one of the best stories i've read. It reads so well and the action and the comedy. Loved the bit where James smashed Mason's vase.

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Review #12, by ohmymerlin The One with the Cage

7th December 2014:
[angry hissing]




I honestly hope Flynn falls into a vat of acid and just disappears forever and James and Avery can live happily ever after without that psychopath being near them ever

And omg I hope to god that the Potters (and probably Wesley and Paloma) are safe don't hurt them omg

Although I love that even though James is tied up to a chair, getting beaten, fearing for his loved one's lives -- he still manages to be snarky and sarcastic. Where would we be without his snark and sarcasm? :P

Great chapter! Can't wait to read the next one :)

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Review #13, by ohmymerlin The One with the Negotiations

7th December 2014:
David Flynn is evil. Supremely evil. So evil. Even Satan would look at David Flynn and say, "bruh u too evil m8 tone it down u kidnapped ur own daughter bruh"

(okay I may have watched like six episodes of breaking bad and my brain is a bit like fibkbfdkbkd)

I really don't like David Flynn and I think he's an overdramatic baby who needs to grow up (if this wasn't a 12+ site you'd be seeing a lot more terrible words that not even the super cool 15+ forums would allow atm) before I strangle him



And naw, Rose finally admitted her feelings for Bink. If only he was there to hear that absolutely romantic statement that I can't repeat.

Great chapter! NEXT CHAPTER 4 KAYLA

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Review #14, by dracodarlingxx The One with the Cage

30th November 2014:
oh dear god. Things just got super bad, super fast. Not that it was going well at the end of the last chapter, but now James knows he's going to die .(?)

Though your 'up next' at the end of your author's note does give me hope. James gets to team up with an unlikely person? I hope to god he gets out of the hell he's in, though I don't know how he's going to be able to carry on playing Quidditch and doing what he loves with his reputation in ruins.

On the other hand, I'm glad James kept his smart mouth, because without his jokes this chapter would have been terrifying. It's still pretty scary though.

The end made me sad. It made me realise how awesome James really is, you know? He has to get out of there, pronto.

Great chapter, as usual :) Please update soon xx

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Review #15, by Dobby101 The One with the Cage

26th November 2014:
This chapter was updated on my birthday...what a wonderful surprise. (:

I'm nervous to see what happens next. I don't want any of the characters (except the bad ones) to die!

Thanks so much for another amazing chapter! I'm sorry my review isn't longer...typing on my iPad is rough.

Have a good Thanksgiving (that is, if you're American)!


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Review #16, by rose The One with the Cage

26th November 2014:
Im speechless and a little nervous to read more

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Review #17, by Kira The One with the Cage

26th November 2014:

I don't really have anything snarky to say at this moment. I don't even have a life story to share with you that eerily relates to this chapter. I don't even have a lot to say.

Other than that I feel sad. And genuinely shook up. We already discussed this chapter a little bit, but I'd like to restate the fact that I cried. Flat out cried. Like hard. So hard that it took a half hour on the phone with my dad to convince him that I was alright.

I tried to tell myself that this was just a story. But, when it comes down to it, James is my friend. He is. And maybe that makes me really weird, but I don't care. He's my friend. And that was brutal. My brain was begging David Flynn to stop, but he didn't listen.

Once again, I am too emotionally involved for my own good. Which is, of course, the fault of your outrageous talent.

I'd send James a letter, but I don't know where he is.

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Review #18, by Kira The One with the Negotiations

26th November 2014:
I am very impressed with Nia. This is not something I ever planned on saying. I never hated her before or anything. I didn't even dislike her. I just never thought her to be much in the brain department. Which is terrible, because nothing was written to suggest otherwise. Anyway, the point is that I'm impressed. I'm impressed with how right she was about James and Avery. How she sees clearly now their feelings for each other, and how long those feelings have been present. This is particularly impressive considering they are still working their feelings out. I just like how someone else can see things about ourselves that we remain blind to. I also liked that it was her idea to keep their shoes on when they slept. "In case we have to run." Yeah, exactly. That's great. I always think like this.

I have two cellphones in my purse. One is my real phone, the other is my decoy terrorist phone. That way, when we get held up somewhere and they demand our phones, I can give them the decoy phone and attempt to use the real one when the opportunity arises. It's nice to know that other people think like that. She's smart, insightful, and actually becoming quite the rounded out character. Which is impressive considering she isn't around all that often. You just have the talent to do it that quickly.

Who is believing this story? Who would believe that James kidnapped his family? His entire family? And friends? How? They are a group of some of the smartest, most powerful wizards and witches ever. And he singlehandedly kidnapped them? For why? Money? They flipping have that. He already has his dream career and dream girl so he's set as that does too. I want names of people believing this story. So, I can go up to them and tell them how idiotic they are. And who let Scorpius Malfoy on the phone. Is he even old enough to use a phone?

As you can see, I have a bit of rage when it comes to this situation. James is a good guy, and I know he'll do whatever it takes to make sure his whole family is safe, but that's going to mean bad things. Many, many bad things for him. And it's tough when you know someone is walking into a disaster. But, that doesn't make me any less proud of him. In fact, it makesme more proud. Which has been my feelings for him throughout this whole story really. He's doing the right thing, even though it's hard.


I think you're doing the right thing. I really do. It's brave and it's selfless, and I'm just actually really sorry that you have to do it at all. Flynn is a wacko. That much is true. That much will always be true. He'll get his. That's how karma works. And kidnapping the Potters is just about as bad as you can do. He's sitting nicely at -3923 karma points right now. That's quite the hole.

Seriously, put a weapon in your sock. Did you get the Swiss Army knife I sent? Would you like to borrow my decoy phone? And my real phone? (The decoy phone is kind of worthless without the real one.) Or how bout a gun? They might not even know what it is. Or, oh! Hire a sniper.

I'm sorry this is happening. I know you have to do it on your own, but let me know if I can help.


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Review #19, by Kira The One with the Burnt Pie

26th November 2014:
Dear Minister,

My apologies, but are you freaking insane, sir? You decided to pardon David Flynn? PARDON DAVID FLYNN? The guy is off the reservation nuts. How much money did he pay you? Probably loads. But, seriously, sir, don't you have money already? Do you really need more money? Is it really worth letting a vindictive, well connected, psychopath out of prison? Ugh.

Of course he's out. I suppose it was only a matter of time. I mean, David Flynn is pretty scummy, but he's also probably the greatest conflict generator/ fictional enemy of all time. I'm not a violent person. I'm really bad at it, and my coordination just blows. But, I would deck this guy in the face. Right in the face. I know he had to get out. And what his release is doing for your story is fantastic. What i's doing for characters (I'll just call them people) I care about is not good.

Yikes, things must really be going down if Lindt is compromised. I'm glad I wasn't there in his office with James because I have this bad habit of yelling, "YOU CAN'T HANDLE THE TRUTH" whenever someone tells me that they want the truth. In fact, I might have said it while reading. Even though I was alone in my room. I'm not tactful either.

Nothing like a good espionage mission. I know I'm once again in danger of crossing the creepy fence, but I love eavesdropping on people. Even when it's not something particularly important. I just like what's going on. Also, dressing up in black like a ninja would make it even better. In short, I would have loved to be part of this sting operation. I love how even when things are so intense it makes my stomach hurt, that I'm still laughing reading this.

Allergies have always been my greatest downfall too. And running. I never would have made it as far as they did. I would have tripped on my shoelace right away and would have to be left there to die. (I never tie my shoes.) Once year for Christmas my mom bought me adult tennis shoes with Velcro instead of laces. We all had a good laugh. I forgot about apparating too, so I'm glad someone remembered. I was actually telling them to keep running. I liked when Bink nailed Mason with that hex. He could take him, no problem.

Whoa, whoa. They kidnapped the Potters? Kidnapped? KIDNAPPED? That's like hijacking Air Force One. And I think Harrison Ford taught us what happens if you do that. How do you even come back from that? I don't know if you can. Which means nothing good for them. Seriously, Harry killed Voldemort. Freaking owned him. And Ginny has rage. Lily has rage. Albus has brains. And sweater vests. These people are going down. Maybe not today. Maybe not tomorrow. But soon. You do not kidnap the Potters. So there.


I have a friend. His name is Jack Bauer. He's saved the world at least five times, and once I saw him break some guys' fingers in a file cabinet. If you want, I'll call him and send him out to save your family.

God, I know you're going to try and save them yourself, so be careful. They'll probably take your wand, so be sure to pack some other weapon. Hide it in your sock or something.

PS: By severely overcooked, do you mean no part of that pie is salvageable? What flavor is it? Can we pick around the burnt parts?


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Review #20, by Kira The One with the Breaking News

26th November 2014:
You know, it really is the little things with your writing. The little things that mean so much. Stuff like when Harry's jaw tenses when he thinks about someone hurting his son. God, it just says the world without saying anything at all. I don't know why things like that hit me right in the heart, but they do. I just love how you say everything with little actions, little looks...everything. If you want to start writing classes to teach less talented people *cough* me how to be better, I'll gladly sign up. I'll probably have to pay you in mini Reese's Peanut Butter Cups (which are way better than the big ones), so I hope that's satisfactory.

But, you know, it's also the big things. Now, I can't say that I am emotionally attached to Amy. Maybe that's because my heart is two sizes too small, but I just don't feel like I know her well enough yet. I know she makes Freddo happy. But, to see the anguish that her being ill places on Fred, and seeing how that anguish effects everyone else is almost too much to stand. I am so terrible in situations like this. Sad ones I mean. And the fact that it made me feel uncomfortable just speaks to the real, raw emotions you can generate from your writing. It's almost life. It's almost that real. I thought it was my heart stopping when I thought Amy's had. For some reason, it was the mention of "grand-dogs" that forced me to actually locate a tissue box.

And, then, thankfully Avery was right. I'm always telling people that things are going to be okay, I just hope I learn to one day say it with the confidence that Avery does. I'm going to practice on James.

Also, I love Bink. I think it's just because we have very similar reactions to things. I am the queen of self-denial and I tend to temper snap at people when I feel vulnerable. Point and point. I think we would definitely get along. These characters are living, breathing people. Truly.

I feel lost for words, because I no longer no how to express my continuing admiration for you. (Hopefully that's not creepy. I feel like it's on the creepy fence.)


Everything is going to be okay.

On a scale of 1-10 how much confidence did that give you? Please don't report your answer using fractions. I hate those things.


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Review #21, by Kira The One with St. Mungos

26th November 2014:
Good. I'm glad he's talking to his parents. That's where the trouble train always ends up, isn't it. At least it does when I have issues. I usually try to deal with it myself first. Then I make it worse than it was. Then, I usually consult some friends. I make it worse again. Then, finally, I end up calling my parents which is what I should have done in the first place. They are just so good at parenting, it's ridiculous. My dad is always so calm, which I need because I'll be freaking out. My mom can get a little hysteric, but I also need that to let me know that I'm not crazy for freaking out. It's a stellar balance, but I need it so bad. It's great that James is talking to them. If there is going to be a solution, they'll find it together. I mean, it is Harry freaking Potter. It also takes a lot of maturity to go to your parents for help once you're deemed "an adult." That sounds backwards because you'd think running to your parents makes you immature, but admitting a problem is too big for you on your own is really hard but really important. You capture the spirit of all of this beautifully.

Speaking of big problems. Gah, this whole Freddie thing hurts so bad. Which is such a compliment to you because making readers emotionally involved is not an easy task. But, you do it. And you do it so well every time. I'm so very jealous of that. I really do wish that I worked for a publisher so I could bring you in. But, I don't. You don't want to work where I work, trust me. I don't even want to be here.

It is amazing how something tragically sad can bring out who people truly are. It shows you how much support and love you actually have in your life. It also reminds me to be grateful for the times where things are good and everyone is healthy.


I'm sorry that I have to keep saying this. You don't think I want to just talk about how in the Jurassic World trailer Chris Pratt rides a motorcycle amongst running velociraptors (spelling?) But, I can't just talk about that. You're forcing me to write about my being proud of you. Again.

I've always known you're a good friend. But, the fact that you bailed on practice to be with Fred is amazing. Especially under threat of being banned from another game. I know it's the right thing, and when something is that right, it actually is an easy choice, but still. I'm proud. Very, very proud.

Keep up the good work,


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Review #22, by Kira The One with the Distractions

26th November 2014:
Gah, so many things are happening! My tiny, little brain isn't up for this. (Well, what is it really up for anyway?) So, let's dive in.

Freaking TomCat. There was a cat on my porch this summer. It just showed up and started meowing. It didn't seem like a normal cat either, some big, grey monster cat. It looked like a cat that had eaten twelve other cats. And I lived on the second floor. No idea how this thing got onto my balcony. I think we've discussed my aversion to cats. Alright, yes, it's a deep rooted hatred. I can't help it. They make it hard to breathe. My roommate at the time wanted to let the cat in. Seriously. Let it in? It's probably filled with cat diseases. Nope. I closed both glass doors and locked them for good measure. Also pulled the blinds. I kept checking on the hour if it was still there and it was. ALL NIGHT! I couldn't sleep because I knew it was watching the apartment. My roommate said we should take it in because it might starve. I said that it would probably take months for a cat that size to starve and also it's ultimate need for food would probably be the only reason it would ever leave. At one point I wondered if we should call the cops. Like the pet cops. Thankfully, it left the next day while I was away at work. Good. Because things were going to get real otherwise. The point is, I know about cat invasions and, like James, I am not amused.

I think you've taken a very healthy approach to James and Avery's, let's say, physical relationship. So many people rush it. (I'll spare stories this time.) So many people do it when they're not ready. So many people regret their first times. It's also refreshing to see it being the guy who's not ready. It shows how honest they can be with one another. There's no shame in not being ready, and I feel like most people, especially guys, forget this fact. It's a really personal, intimate thing and really a way to connect with another person. I hope their first time, when it comes, is great. But, I'm sure you'll let us know. Though I would probably miss seeing the next Jurassic Park movie than try on lingerie in a store with other people around. But, I'll save my insecurities for my eventual therapy sessions.

Oh, no. There's nothing quite like that is there? Getting the call (or letter in this case) that someone is in the hospital. It always makes me feel so petty for not enjoying how good and normal things had beena moment before. The best thing about your writing is not only it's ability to be funny, but also it's ability to be heartbreaking. This is going to be rough.

But, I have to say, I love the emotional ride. That's the point of reading, right?


The birthday present is a dinosaur mug. I can't remember if you drink coffee, or anything hot for that matter, but this mug is epic. It's got a T-Rex and a bunch of other dinosaurs on it, but the best part is that when you put something hot in it the dinosaurs change and you can see their skeletons! Obviously, they go back to normal when it gets cold again. If you haven't gotten the toaster yet, I'm feeling my owl might no longer be doing the whole alive thing.

So, I'll send this by regular post.

I'm proud of you for being honest with Avery. More people should be honest more of the time. It would help.

So, I saw the next Jurassic World trailer and a water dinosaur jumps out of the water to eat a shark. I know, WHHHATTT?


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Review #23, by Kira The One with Fern

26th November 2014:
God, Avery makes me wish that I was cool. And fierce. Actually, I'd settle for either. Her walking in at the end with the St. Mungo's bracelet is just about the coolest thing that has ever happened. It was so cool it could probably cure global warming. Or, excuse me, climate change. It's really not fair that she gets to be really attractive and so cool at the same time. I have Hermione hair and today I accidentally slammed my snow scraper in my car door (rental car) and shattered it. This was, of course, before I actually got to scraping any ice off. Now, it's just a plastic stick with a jagged, pointy end. At least I'll have a weapon if I ever get attacked. Wait, what was the point of this? The point is that Avery is cool and someday I'd like to grow up to be like her.

Oh, David Flynn. You, like your little lackeys, have this unfortunate inability to let things go. Granted, you have more of a right to be angry considering you actually ended up being a disgrace in prison, but how much is really James' fault. We can attribute most of what happened to you, sir. You are responsible for your own misery. Maybe if you stopped manipulating everyone and tried to actually be a decent human being, maybe things would improve for you. You have an awesome daughter. Your only goal in life should be getting to a point where she can stand in the same room as you and not want to deck you in the face. Though, I don't know why I'm wasting my breath. I think we both know you're incapable of being talked out of this.

My favorite line was this:

You werenít playing.

Which has what to do with you?


David Flynn really is a (insert appropriate 12+ adjective here. Though if your imagination would like to generate another word, I won't stop you). How can he keep doing this to his own kid? She deserves to play! She has to play. I won't rest until she plays. But, I know James won't either so I'll take it.

I also loved when James said he was Flynn's son-in-law. That just gave me the giggles. I forgot life worked that way, but enjoyed it greatly.


Watch out for Flynn. Dude has screws loose.


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Review #24, by ScarletRoses The One with the Cage

25th November 2014:
You are amazing. I'm sure everyone tells you that but... you're amazing. I love the way you write James and the way he still has humor in every single moment of his life. I love that you make him cheeky in every single paragraph. I just love this story.

Purely amazing.


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Review #25, by Celeste The One with the Cage

25th November 2014:
First off: thank you for dedicating this amazing and emotion fueled chapter to me made me smile!

Second: ohmylord, I'm slowly losing hope that James will get out off this predicament and be reunited with his family, Avery and his team. I just can't see how he will get out of it and make everyone realise he didn't do any of this. Unless something really unlikely happens like Edwards realizing killing James is way too extreme and does something to help out. Or maybe even ol Malfoy cause that kid seriously can't be that thick that he would think James would do this right?

I'm pretty stubborn so I'm not entirely hopeless but I'm also impaitent and just want to know now.

Dear ol James I love his cheak even in the face of death he just doesn't know when to shut his cheaky mouth maybe that's a good thing. Oh man if anyone normal even saw his reaction to gaurds being killed like hello proves he's not capable. Where's Malfoy when ya need him. He should be hiding around a corner or something seriously how does no one see James getting taken away seriously.

Okay amazing work as always and I'm looking forward to the next chapter. Thank you yet again for the dedication :)

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