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Review #1, by HPFAN The One We Face Together

21st July 2015:
NOPE! nope nope nope. This cannot be over. I refuse to believe that it is. I will continue to believe that another fantastic chapter to another perfect story will be coming out in the future. Maybe breaking the British Quidditch Team?
In all seriousness this was an absolutely fantastic story from beginning to end. I consider this serious one of the true classics on this website. I have, on multiple occasions used this story to introduce people to HPFF. Not only the website but FanFiction in its entirety. The way you crafted the characters personalities tied in perfectly with flow of the story. It never seemed to lag or seem tedious in the least. Most importantly, you made characters of a fictional world seem relatable and imperfectly perfect.
I admit I did not follow this story through its entirety. I actually just found this website about a year ago but since then I have spent hours upon hours binge reading stories. I can honestly say that this story was the most enjoyable thing I laid my eyes on.
I know that you have IRL things and other stories you are working on but I, like many other people on this site, would like to say that if you ever decide to continue this series/story you will have dedicated readers and fans waiting. Thank you so much for this amazing story and I wish all the best in your future endeavors. Yours is truly a gift

P.S. my cousin totally used "grades" after reading this.

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Review #2, by Ms V The One We Face Together

12th July 2015:
I cried. Thank you thank you thank you.

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Review #3, by AlexFan The One with the Green Light

2nd July 2015:
THIS WAS THE GREATEST THING IVE READ ALL DAY OH MY GOD. But I am forced to keep my excitement within 12+ boundaries because the words I want to use would get me in trouble but anyway.

My favourite thing is hearing about Ginny roundhouse kicking someone in the face, I was beginning to wonder when she would start kicking butt this was Ginny after all. I only wish that there had been a detailed account of exactly what had gone on and exactly how Ginny kicked the poop out of that guards face. God bless for Ginny. Also as a side note Mason is an actual creep someone please lock this man up and keep him away from children like Paloma is a child what are you even doing Mason SHE IS A CHILD.

And then seeing the toughness that is Harry Potter and James realizing just how truly kick butt his father is. I'm telling you the minute Harry busted in I was like YISSS KICK SOME BOOTY! I don't know how exactly you manage to weave in humor in serious situations I really don't like James got the poop beaten out of him and he's still cracking jokes. I don't think I've laughed this much at a life or death situation in any story to be honest.

And oh my God Avery, oh my God I was just like I never really pinned her to be one of those damsel in distress types I was thinking she hasn't caused some damage at all? And then James finds her fixing up her shoes with everyone else taken out and I was like yeah this makes more sense, this is more Avery.

So many feels I just can't at the moment I have to take a few minutes to really absorb this chapter.

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Review #4, by AlexFan The One with the Burnt Pie

30th June 2015:
It's been so long since I caught up on this story and I'm only getting to it now but oh my gosh oh my gosh things are picking up so fast! And really come on, James is going to hold his own family hostage for a captaincy? Who even believes that it makes no sense! Like if you're going for some sort of leverage for captaincy there has to be a better way than holding your family hostage. This is the best rumor that they could've come up with on such short notice? AND AVERY WILL CHOOSE WHO SHE WANTS TO BE WITH THANK YOU VERY MUCH. David Flynn can just go and *insert rude hand gesture* honestly I can't believe him. And could you even get anymore petty, so James landed you in prison, you got out early what's the big problem?

I'm glad James finally got to the conclusion of Apparating, I was wondering why they were all running when they could've just disappeared into thin air. I hope nothing bad has happened to the rest of the family though, I like to think that nothing had will happen because them someone is going to end up in prison for a very long time but at the same time people want revenge on James so bad that I don't know the lengths they'd be willing to go to.

Also, I don't know how old August Wells is but I'm pretty sure James could have him arrested on account of a whole bunch of things which I probably can't mention here since not all of the words are 12+ on account of having an affair with a minor (Nia is technically an adult under Wizarding law but I'm fairly certain that under muggle law she's not so there's that). August Wells could very well land himself quite a few years in prison if news of his private affairs got out to the public I'm just saying, it could ruin him I mean I'd use the information against him.

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Review #5, by MalfoyMannor The One We Face Together

16th June 2015:
I always hate the end of something cause you get sad about it, but I'm also happy cause it's the end. :)

I was able to read your amazing story about James Sirius Potter :) and I absolutely loved it.

Writers like you are so amazing :) you've spent six years or more writing about James and that is so extraordinary and I'm so happy that I read this one :)

So yeah to conclude my rambling about this fanfic, I just absolutely loved it if I haven't said absolutely enough :)

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Review #6, by MalfoyMannor The One with the Green Light

16th June 2015:
aww :) all of them working together to get out of there :) I just imagined the setting after I read it and it was hilarious. Plus he kidnapped Harry Potter's family and friends, it bloody Harry Potter nothing can stop him :) he defeated the Dark Lord so ha to those who try to kill him :)

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Review #7, by MalfoyMannor The One with the Burnt Pie

16th June 2015:
I love your amazing mind and what you can come up with in your writing :)

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Review #8, by MalfoyMannor The One with the Breaking News

16th June 2015:
you really had be there when Amy had died for a couple of seconds, the way James had seen Fred go down and how he truly does love Amy. I'm so happy that you didn't kill her :)

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Review #9, by MalfoyMannor The One with the Fundraiser

16th June 2015:
aww this chapter was so sweet :)

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Review #10, by MalfoyMannor The One with the Stolen Car

15th June 2015:
love that they didn't apparate but stole Emerson's car :)

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Review #11, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap The One We Face Together

11th June 2015:
Best lines:

Today I was the captain of the Tutshill Tornados.

Henrik replaced my robes and told me to keep the ones from my first game. ďYouíll need them in a few years,Ē he said.

He slid a box across the kitchen island and I opened it.

ďYouíll need this in a few years,Ē he said and his eyes were glassy.


Iím crying.

I canít believe itís over after all these years. Granted I just came back to HPFF and have been reading on and off but wow. This story was amazing. The way you were able to connect everything and everyone in the end. There were no loose ends but yeah, okay, Iím selfish and totally wanted to see James propose for real this time but Iím not unhappy with the ending.

It was such a nice surprise. He got to be Captain again for one more day, finally let loose and let go of all the terrible things he had been experiencing, the stress, the worry. Everything worked out in the end. For everyone we cared about.

Wonderful job, really. Man! I canít wait to buy your book in Barnes and Nobles when you become a published author and wave it around and say, ďI READ HER FANFICTION.Ē

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Review #12, by Dee The One We Face Together

8th May 2015:
honestly this is very sad for me so i can only imagine what it must be like for you! i've been reading your stories for so long (literally they are some of the first fics i ever read) and bttq is the reason why i'm so into next gen. your james will always be my favourite james - he's cute, sassy, good at quidditch and loves his family, and this will always be one of my favourite fics! thank you for it and keep writing, you're fantastic :)

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Review #13, by Coolerthanyou The One We Face Together

7th May 2015:
Holy shit I started reading fanfiction about 3 years ago and breaking the quidditch code is a classic and you're a brilliant author. Also Ames for life

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Review #14, by Rabia Amir The One We Face Together

7th May 2015:

Can I just say I'm A HUGE HUGE HUGE fan? I've read and followed your stories for years. And it was only when I DTTT finished that I realized I should have reviewed. EVERY chapter of KA, BTQC, DTTT, TKD, Hormones. Every single one of them. Because you did a brilliant job. You made me laugh. And wait impatiently for the next chapters. And more than anything you made me love these characters.
I'm sorry I didn't review when I first read everything. But I just wanted you to know that you're really talented. And that you've made this HP fan girl very happy.
And most of all, that you're not the only one who's sad James is gone. After six years.
Thank you. For everything!
Best wish,
Rabia Amir

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Review #15, by Gaia The One We Face Together

3rd May 2015:
My babies are all happy. All is well.

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Review #16, by HarryGinnyLove88 The One We Face Together

1st May 2015:
The end??
aww but I wanted to be more :)

But it was so good story, thank you for writing this :)

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Review #17, by rose The One We Face Together

30th April 2015:
sad to see it end, it was an amazing journey and one of the best stories Ive read on here.

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Review #18, by ohnobeans The One We Face Together

30th April 2015:


"I have a poster of you on my wall" hahahah oh James ilu




but really James is my favorite

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Review #19, by Jaded94 The One We Face Together

30th April 2015:
What an amazing way to end this! I absolutely loved it. I will continue to reread this every time I fancy a good read. Secretly hoping you'll do a one shot of James and Avery's proper wedding because that would be adorable but honestly so happy with how you've ended James's story!

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Review #20, by Haley The One We Face Together

30th April 2015:
You have brought me to tears, Janice. What can I say? Reading about James all these years has been so very special to my heart. At the time where it felt like there was no light in my life, James (with all your amazing help) gave me something beautiful. I lost my best friend, felt there was no more laughter or a life worth living anymore and James, with his silly boyness and friendship and lessons and all his growing up to do, etc. well, he became one of my best friends. They all did. Avery was this strong and broken young girl that I felt I could relate to but could also look up to. Fred and his addled brains and his romantic antics. Bink being...well, a teenage boy with a strong loyal heart. And all the others who are so real, so raw, and so funny. I just want to say thank you to them all, especially James. But most importantly, you. Thank you, Mistress.

xx Haley

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Review #21, by Kira The One We Face Together

30th April 2015:

I can do this.

So, thereís a colossal lump in my throat right now.

Itís no big deal.

Deep breaths, everyone.

I was vacantly reading through the dedication at the beginning of the chapter and came across ďKiraĒ and thought stupidly to myself, ďHey, thatís just like my name.Ē Luckily, it clicked moments later, ďShe means you, you nitwit.Ē The nitwit feels honored. I wish I had something to dedicate to you. Though, I did use your first name for a character in the new novel Iím writing. I doubt it will ever see the light of day, but it was definitely an outright tribute to you.

This is hard for me. Normally, I donít have any trouble rambling out some fifty line review, but right now Iím having trouble finding the words. Because, Iím not sure I can accurately express what these two novels have meant to me. A lot, everything, really, has changed for me over these 5-6 years. I had all these big, grand plans for myself and, as life often does, it didnít work out that way in the slightest. I never thought Iíd be sitting where I am at this moment, writing these words. There have, no doubt, been a lot of good times, and I have met people that I wouldnít trade for anything in the world. But, there have been a lot of down times too. (Not like the downtime you spend in sweatpants) And I hate it, because I always feel super weak about being sad. Difficult career changes, failing, heartbreak, and doubt will weigh pretty heavy, I guess.

As Jamesí game was all about him, this review is going to be all about you. These books, your novels, helped me so much. If you get nothing else out of this ramble (ha, I knew Iíd start rambling eventually) please know that your writing improved my life. My life is actually better because of your writing. It made the good times better and the bad times sting a little less. One time that I will always remember is last year when a certain guy that I may or may not have (alleged) feelings for got married. He invited me to the wedding and I, of course, had to go and pretend like I was fine with it. I wasnít, and it turned out to be a lot harder than I thought it would be. About halfway through the night, I was found sitting on a bench outside laughing myself silly from reading something on my phone. It was this. I always say you can tell if something is really funny if youíre all alone and it still makes you laugh. I wish I had kept a solo laugh tally throughout this whole journey because I bet itís easily in the hundreds. (Iím not sure I can count that high anyway.)

James is like my friend. No, you know what, heís not ďlikeĒ my friend. He is my friend. Heís there when I need him. You always know when youíve been profoundly affected by something when it pops into your mind when youíre just experiencing everyday life. Like how I always crack a smile when I see salmon burgers on a menu, or how I was caught glaring at my friendís new television, not because of what was on the screen, but because the brand was ďEmersonĒ. The only conclusion that I can draw is that itís part of me now. Itís in me. Itís in what I think, itís in what I say. Like all the things I really love.

I tried really hard not to cry, but for some reason found myself losing it when ďblanket fortĒ was mentioned at the end. I guess that was just the moment I felt the crash of memories hit me. So, I cried quite a bit prompting quite a few co-workers to ask me if I was alright. One ended up bringing me a doughnut, so it really worked out in my favor. (Just add it to the long list of things I owe you for.)

This has all meant the world to me. Thank you. Just thank you so much.



Thank you.


PS: Live it up.

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Review #22, by merlins beard The One We Face Together

30th April 2015:
Have you got ANY IDEA how long i've been waiting for this chapter? I checked the story for updates almost every day. I was wondering if something happened to you (nah, I knew you were probably fine, but it sounded so dramatic :D )

This chapter made me so happy. Finally everyting is turning out ok... after all they've been through. I LOVE that Jes and Avery get to be on the same team again. This was just sooo perfect!

I'll have to read everything again, now that the masterpiece is complete.


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Review #23, by blackzero The One We Face Together

30th April 2015:
It has been truly a wonderful journey.
Thank for all time you put in for such amazing words. Thank you very much again.

Good Luck and Good Bless you

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Review #24, by roonilwazlib13 The One We Face Together

29th April 2015:
So I should be studying right nowÖ oh well, finals can wait. I can't believe it's over! Please write more James- like missing moments one-shot type deals or short stories or literally anything. I love everything you've written (that I've read, which I think is most everything), and I love this story so much. Thank you for writing it, and distracting me from my euro final!

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Review #25, by Celeste The One We Face Together

29th April 2015:
I really love both of your James stories. I hope one day you continue. Cause I would love to have a story about his life as captain and being married to Avery. That would be a great story idea.

At least I have your other stories to entertain me.

Such an awesome last chapter I think it was quite possibly my face aswell.

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