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Review #1, by enterprise29 XXIII

7th February 2015:
Hope you update soon both here and AO3

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Review #2, by SwiftPotterhead XXIII

1st January 2015:
This story is crazy well written. I'm obsessed- it's definitely one of my absolute favourite stories.

This chapter crushed my heart, I can't believe they lost the baby; everything was finally looking up for these people!

So excited for the final few chapters, although it will be bittersweet to say goodbye I look forward to re-reading this story tons of times.

- Adi xx

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Review #3, by red8silver XXIII

19th September 2014:
Oh no! I thought we were heading towards a happy-ending/everyone-loves-each-other and now this happened to Faye. Once again, you managed to surprise me.
I feel doubly sad here: because of what happened to Faye and because the story is going to end soon (just 3 chapters left? no)

My Internet is sporadic today so I won't be able to leave a long review but I want to thank you for these quick updates as well as all the time and effort you put to give us a great story.

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Review #4, by alexandria. XXIII

18th September 2014:
Hello again!

I am so emotionally broken. I don't know how I feel. I'm so upset. Like my heart hurts. Faye was so like-... Andrius was so like-...I don't know. This chapter is written so well. I hope Faye is going to go back to Hogwarts. What's Lily going to say to her? Is she going to convince her to go back? Maybe vouche for Andrius?I don't know what to say, I'm kinda speechless. Again, thank you for another wonderful chapter.

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Review #5, by red8silver XXI

11th September 2014:
I couldn't review again for chapter 22. If readers happen to come by here and haven't read chapter 22 (or any chapters between chapter 16 and 22 for that matter), I have to warn that this contains major SPOILERS.

I made my best to shorten this review but I totally failed. It is still very long and I'm too lazy to go back to each chapter to comment correctly.

I'll start with the things I saw coming - totally or partially:
_The Pollux/Louis storyline: with your hints, you made pretty clear from the start that something was fishy between them. Yet, since I read their answers to that question in tumblr I thought that maybe I was wrong (they both said they weren't into each other). I understand now that their replies were what the 2 characters would have answered at the time (and anyway, you wouldn't really have given away key aspects of your plot, right?)
_Andrius/Faye: I knew Andrius would redeem himself somehow
_the Malfoys being welcoming to Faye
_Scorpius knowing Rose's secret: I guessed that one but I kept on doubting it. You really had me questioning myself here with your hints and counter-hints (I made up that word lol)
_Rose/Will: I have to admit that in the very first chapters, I thought sure if he was into Lily or Rose but it quickly became clear he liked Rose. I'm glad she didn't respond to him or try to date him just because he was "nice". That was noble on Rose's part. I also liked how Will took her rejection so well. He already knew how it would be anyway. Will is such an honest character. I wish Rose could be with him but…there's Scorpius. Sorry, Will!

What I didn't see coming:
_Rose/Molly: I'm getting used to them being best friends again. Their friendship is one of the cutest (I still prefer Rose/Dom though). You caught me off guard a little at first: I knew that at some points, they would reconcile but I didn't realize it would be so soon and that they would be so close again. I've started reading your depth profiles for the characters and I feel I understand more now where Molly is coming from
_Lily/Montague: this was a clever move. I was a little disappointed in Rose for accepting the job after THAT other kiss with Scorpius but then it couldn't be helped. She can't change overnight and that job helped her realize how kissing Scorpius was so different
_Dom's pregnancy: too bad you couldn't linger more on her storyline. I understand it is not the point of the story: it would be too much indeed if you focused on each and every character. At first, I didn't like Dom being pregnant and the drama it was causing (not after Faye). Yet, the Rose/Dom moment that occurred when Rose found out was SO powerful; it made me love their friendship even more. It's also interesting to see how the dynamic of their relationship has changed, even reversed, with Rose being the wise and reliable one now
_how Rose's secret came out: just like Rose, when I read this scene, I thought: "I should have seen it coming". Somehow, I didn't at all! I knew the secret would be out one day and from the start you introduced Rose's "job" with the Lucy/Dave arch so it was bound to become important later. However, I was so involved in the story that I let myself be surprised (good point for you!)
_Scorpius/Hugo: that is the beginning of a cute bromance!
_James/Rose: I'm glad James and Rose reconciled. In some way, it was more touching than the Molly/Rose reconciliation… maybe because she was closest to James before? Here again, I wish we could have seen more of that before Evanna was introduced. But yeah, the plot needs to go forward. I'm happy you went more in details with their friendship in their depth profiles.
_Georgiana/Scorpius: another twist. I did hope they were related and that Rose misunderstood. I'm glad it's true
_end of chapter 22: O.O it happened so quickly. Even after reading that part again, I can't understand what happened. I can't even be glad that Scorpius and Rose reconciled because...because...Faye? *still in shock*

Random thoughts:
_Dave is definitely a "d*ck" (so right on that Bethan!) and Lucy is a "cow" (oh yes, you nailed it Faye!) but I blame Dave more and now that I read the latest chapter, oh how I dislike him! Did he really have to have a go at Scorpius? Fine, Scorpius attacked first but still. I don't even understand how he became a Gryffindor. He ruined everything. His explanation (though needed for Rose to go on with her life) was not nearly enough. It excused nothing. I like Rose as she is now but how would she have been if Dave hadn't "broken" her? Losing her naivety so suddenly was very damaging. Even if I think she's better off now (without that much naivety, that is to say), I still dislike Dave tremendously for his behavior
_Alec is hot. Glad he is with Dom.
_Rose has really become a kind of confident/helper with her close circle of friends/family. First, it was Faye then Andrius, Hugo, Dom, Alec, Logan, Lily and finally James. It's so nice to see how much she grew. Even though I hate what Dave did to her, I'm glad it enabled her to become stronger and more mature
_Bethan! I don't know if I like her so much because of her face claim or just because from the start, one could feel there was something more with her. I'm glad she knew about Rose. Hope they become close friends again. Anna Popplewell is such a perfect face claim for Bethan. She is beautiful in an unusual way and she has this wit in her stare. For me, the character and the face claim just go so well together. I feel the same about your Rose, Molly, Lily (even though most people use Karen Gillian for Rose), Albus, Scorpius, Dom. . . pretty much most of the characters really.

I really tried my best shortening this and proof-reading it but if I try more, I'll never post the review so here it is! Also, I need to add: this very long comment just show how much I love your story. I hope you won't find it offensive in any way.

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Review #6, by red8silver XXII

11th September 2014:
First, I need to say: WOW!!

I have a 2-page review on World (way too long I agree) since I was writing my impressions while reading.

I've began proof-reading it and adding things to it but honestly, after 1 hour, I realized my comment seemed more like an essay than a review so I'll read it again and select some parts of it tomorrow (after sleeping off my all-nighter!) and post it afterward.

For now, I just wanted to say "wow!"

See you very soon!

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Review #7, by red8silver XVI

10th September 2014:
I think I've already read this one. I knew what was going to happen in most of the chapter and I'm sure I'm not that good at predicting what will happen... or am I?

So, just because I already wanted to say those things a few months ago, I'm reviewing quickly then I'll go on with my TOW marathon.

_I'm so proud of Rose: she DID apology to the couple she broke and help them get back together (good girl!)
_Oblivious Rose is back! Or is it just me? Don't we have a jealous Scorpius here?
_I knew it: Pollux and Louis! But the two are two big liars then (I'm thinking about their replies on the tumblr)
_W-WHAAT? Rose had a crush on Castor? Ok, that one is something. I love Dom! (fine, I won't say it again)
_I don't know what to think about the last scene. Molly and Rose are friends again. I guess that's good. I just am already fond of Rose/Dom and Rose/Lily so hard to think about Rose/Molly as very close friends now even though they used to be.

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Review #8, by red8silver XV

10th September 2014:
I can't believe I've been away from this story (and the fanfiction world) for more than four months now! O.O

Between studies and trips abroad, I've been quite busy but still I'M SO SORRY for missing on so many chapters!

I had already written a review a few months ago about chapter 15 (which I had already read on ff. net at the time). I'm going to post this here first (even though it may not be very relevant since you probably have answered most of my questions in the following chapters).

I LOVE Dom! I don't know if I ever wrote it before but I really like her character. She's such a tease. It seems that her personality balances Rose's. I don't remember if the two have always been friends or if they became closer after Rose started to "withdraw from the world"/stopped interacting with others; at any rate, the Rose/Dom friendship is definitely one of my fav.

Little shout-out for the use of French: génial!

Another thing that I really liked here: Rose's reaction to THE kiss. I was as surprised as she was by the way she reacted. I didn't see that coming. Somehow, her reaction was both funny and touching. Yet, I can't help being slightly scared: if Scorpius starts to have so much hold on her, won't she try to avoid it? And if she doesn't, how will he react?

Scorpius is such an enigma! I wish I could read a chapter on his POV but at the same time, I like the mystery around him and what he feels. All in all, I'm looking forward to more interactions between these two... as usual you're going to tell me... It seems I'm an old lady now: I keep on repeating the same things in my reviews -.-'

I also have to note how Bethan and Martha were really funny here. This funny segment relieved a little the ongoing tension of the story. That felt good. And gosh, Rose! When are you going to open you eyes? Argh!

I'm not that surprised about Hugo: I didn't guess he had panic attacks exactly but I was almost certain he was the "gay cousin" Louis was referring to on the story's tumblr. Yes, I read and remember most of the answers by your characters on the tumblr. For me, it's as much part of the story as the actual story.


Okay, I have so many more chapters to read now and I can't promise I will comment on every new chapter (I'm way too impatient for that LOL)

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Review #9, by alexandria. XXII

9th September 2014:
WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE LEAVING THE CHAPTER LIKE THAT?! THE AUTHOR?! Well, minus that I really really enjoy this story. I'm so damn picky when I read a story I only have very few I read and this is on of them! I'm so anxious for the next chapter I don't know how to feel! What's going to happen to Faye?! What's going to happen to Rose, Scorpius,Andrius?! Will Lily figure it out? WHATS GOING ON. All these things. Please continue making this wonderful story. I eagarly await the next chapter.

Author's Response: Hello alexandria,

I'M SO SORRY! I CAN'T HELP BEING THE AUTHOR! Haha, thank you, wow I'm so glad you picked my story then! The next chapter is in the queue so should be up in a couple of days, I didn't want to leave you guys waiting too long after that particular cliffhanger! You'll just have to read it to find out... Thank you so much for your lovely review and I hope you enjoy what is to come,

Irish Myth.

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Review #10, by DessieWeasley XXI

5th September 2014:
I really do love this story so I keep coming back to check if U have Added another chapter so please hurry up and update!

Btw I love the scorp&rose moments

Author's Response: Hello DessieWeasley,

Thank you so much! The next chapter is actually in the queue at the moment waiting to be validated so it should only be a couple of days hopefully! And the one after that is already written so the wait for that shouldn't be too long either!

Thanks for the review,

Irish Myth.

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Review #11, by AriesGirl40 XXI

5th August 2014:
I liked that James is such an idiot lol I am kind of sad what Rose saw though. Always a hard time for Rose. Good chapter though. Some day you'll get bored and edit the choppy Im sure :)

Author's Response: Hello again AriesGirl40,

James is a complete idiot. I'm glad you like him. Rose just can't catch a break, I'm sorry. We get to meet Georgiana next chapter, sort of. Thank you and some day I'm sure I will. Thanks for the review,

Irish Myth.

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Review #12, by Disgruntled XXI

24th July 2014:
No why seriously I binge read your entire story and this is what you leave me with? Bo

I hate you

Author's Response: Hello Disgruntled,

I am very sorry to see you are disgruntled. And I am very sorry to have been the cause of your disgruntlment. If it makes it any better the next chapter is in the queue. I hope I can redeem myself.

Although I doubt it.


Irish Myth.

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Review #13, by Crescent Moon  XXI

21st July 2014:
I am a dreadful reviewer, I don't review your last (incredibly amazing and brilliant) chapter and this is also really late considering I read the chapter on the day it came out. I'm really sorry, I don't deserve to read your amazing work. ;)
Anyway, I just wanted to say that I loved this chapter. The bit with Hugo was brilliant and Will's moving on which is great.
But most importantly James. I love him! He is so funny, I can't wait to read more of him (please say there's more of him!).
I can't wait to see what's going to happen next and I promise I'll try and review sooner this time.
(I also need to use a wider variety of adjectives next time, I've just realised how repetitive I sound but it's all completely true!)

Author's Response: Hello again Crescent_Moon,

That's okay, I love hearing from you whenever you have the time! You totally do, you've been reviewing for ages! Thank you! Got to love a bit of sibling bonding and yes, Will is moving on which is definitely good.

James. I am SO happy you love him! Thank you so, so, so much! There is more of him (not as much as I want unfortunately) but he's definitely in a least one more chapter and the Epilogue. But seriously, thank you.

Next chapter's in the queue! And review whenever you feel like! Thank you so much (and I talk about repetitive but honestly thank you) for your review!

Irish Myth.

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Review #14, by happyanon XXI

19th July 2014:
Aww just when Rose gets her family back one by one she looses Scorp. It's kinda heartbreaking. I love this character, this rose who was broken and is slowly getting the pieces back. I love that she's a fighter. A rose that makes me root for her. Damn Georgiana needs to rot in hell or something more damning.. great chapter, great writing. Hope you update soon!! Xoxo

Author's Response: Hello happyanon,

I'm so glad you're a happy anon and not a sad anon. Well, you can't have everything, they always say. I'm sorry. We learn more about Georgiana in the next chapter. Thank you so much! It's been fun breaking her walls down and putting her back together again so I'm glad you liked it too. She really is. Awh, poor Georgiana, you haven't even met her yet!

Thank you for the lovely review, next chapter is in the queue!

Irish Myth.

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Review #15, by Rosie_Posie XXI

16th July 2014:
I am so glad that Rose and James are reunited! Even though we never got to see them as friends before we all know how lonely she was!

I really enjoyed this chapter although.. Scorpios! Just as we thing everything will end happily ever after...

Looking forward to your next update,
Sarah xx

Author's Response: Hello again Sarah!

So am I! Finally! I really wish I could have more James in this fic but there just isn't enough room without going on a complete tangent. I might write a one-shot of 'before' but no promises.

Oh the happy ever after is still a little ways away. There's still four chapters and an Epilogue to go. Next chapter's in the queue, thank so much for the review,

Irish Myth.

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Review #16, by LisaK XXI

16th July 2014:
I am so not a fan of the cliff-hanger. Guess that means you are doing great at keeping readers interested! Somehow I'm thinking that Rose has nothing to worry about what she saw, but did you really have to create more drama for her? :-) I know, that's what makes a story good! Can't wait for more.

Oh, and I loved the interaction between James and his parents - and their reactions.

Author's Response: Hello again LisaK,

I'm sorry? I have an addiction to cliff hangers, it's awful. They make me so mad when I read other peoples' stories and yet I can't help but up them in my own. I'm so sorry. It's resolved in the next chapter, which is in the queue so I hope that makes it better...?

Thank you! Wasn't planning on Harry and Ginny making an appearance but I just couldn't help myself. I can't imagine Ginny would have been very impressed.

Thanks for your review and I hope you enjoy the next chapter but I will warn you in advance... there's another cliff hanger. I'm really sorry, I promise that XXIII won't have one!

Irish Myth.

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Review #17, by Rosie_Posie XX

16th July 2014:
Hey! I was a few chapters behind and I just caught up and I'm so happy I did! This is so good!! I really hope rose and Scorp get together soon!

Update soon please!
Sarah xx

Author's Response: Hello again Sarah,

I'm happy you did too! I'm glad you like it and I totally agree, those two just need to get a move on already. Thanks for the review, next chapter is up and the following one in the queue!

Irish Myth.

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Review #18, by Xoxo XX

26th June 2014:
Awesome story, can't wait for next chapter! :)

Author's Response: Hello Xoxo,

Thank you! XXI is up and XXII is in the queue!

Irish Myth.

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Review #19, by LilyFire XX

2nd June 2014:
I downloaded this and read it when I didn't have internet access and I couldn't put it down like.i was thinking it was one of the complete ones I got but it wasn't, and that is very upsetting. Well, in that I couldn't finish it. Its a really good story.

your characters are fabulous. Even the ones who only have a few lines are can tell they have their own personality. All of your characters are well rounded and all their own and there are so many of them so that is really an accomplishment. I really LOVE Rose. And all the different Malfoys you made is brilliant. I was so upset when Scorpius had his brother pinned to the wall, when I didn't realize it was his brother.

then the plot and side plots...i think you may be a genius. I don't think I could blend and have so many plots flowing so realistically and naturally as you do. You've really given me something to aspire to.

so, I can't wait for the next update, even if it takes a year for it to come. This is brilliant.

sorry for any mistakes, I wrote this on my phone.

Author's Response: Hello Lily,

Oh my goodness that is so annoying when that happens! I know exactly how you feel and I'm so sorry my story fooled you into think it was finished. There's twenty-six chapters in all incase you were curious.

Thank you so, so, so much! I love my characters and I love it when other people love them too. Haha, I couldn't just have ONE Malfoy. That would be boring. Yeah, Scorpius can get pretty mad sometimes - not often though, so when he does, he kind of loses it a bit. That may or may not feature in XXII.

Oh wow! I have about a hundred different Word Documents to keep up with all the plots in this and I really hope that I remember all of them but thank you so much! The next chapter is up and the following one is in the queue!

Irish Myth.

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Review #20, by LisaK XX

13th May 2014:
This story is turning out to be nothing like the type of story I thought it was going to be - and that's not a bad thing! It's still a great story and I'm very much looking forward to reading more. You do a great job with putting personalities into each individual character. I think part of the reason I enjoy this story is because I see some of myself in Rose, though I don't think I could pull off her "jobs". I sure would be perfectly content with a guy like either of Will or Scorpius, and seems like Rose could have either!

Author's Response: Hello LisaK,

If I'm being entire honest, this story isn't really turning out how I expected either. But I kind of like it better like this. So thanks. It always makes me happy when people love my character's personalities so thank you so much, I try to make them a little different from their usual characterization so thanks. I see a little of myself in Rose as well (not half as drastic though) but that means a lot that my character is actually relatable! She really good, I'm a little jealous to be honest.

Thank you so much for your lovely review and I hope you enjoy the rest of the story!

Irish Myth.

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Review #21, by stardusts XX

11th May 2014:
Loved this chapter! It's nice to see that not everyone was super oblivious to what Rose what really was doing. Those Rose's surprise to their knowledge was rather funny. How could she not realize that she wasn't very subtle about what she was doing?
I /loved/ seeing Scorp in this chapter! And I'm glad that, like I guessed, he already knew about her little "business". And his confession - asdfghjkl :3 he is just too cute for words! Though he needs to finally make a proper move on Rose ;)
I'm curious to see how the relationships between Rose and others will develop further now that everyone knows.
p.s. I'm soo glad Will isn't mad at her! Though he does seem like the very sensible and loyal guy. Just the friend that Rose needs.

Looking forward to the next update and hope you are doing well :)

Author's Response: Hello stardusts,

Thank you! Hogwarts really isn't big enough to keep something like that hidden - Rose should have known better! I loved writing him in this chapter, aren't you a clever one! I think he would have been pretty stupid not to have guessed to be honest. And yes, they really need to just get a move on. But there's still a few chapters left.

You'll just have to keep reading... And yes, Will is such a good friend! Thank you for your lovely review, XXI is already up and XXII is in the queue so enjoy! Thank again,

Irish Myth.

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Review #22, by cara XX

10th May 2014:
Just read straight through your lovely story and can I just say that I don't understand why you don't have more reviews on this story - it's now one of my favorites on this site! Everything is so detailed, your next-gen characterization is great and you write so eloquently. Normally I'm a pretty indifferent Rose/Scorpius fan but I'm really rooting for them in this story. Like that "but they just weren't y-" just killed me! :) This was one of my favorite chapters just because Rose is starting to see that people actually care about her and breaking out of her shell; hopefully she'll get to talk to James soon, but I think she may need a bit longer.

Overall, I'm loving your story and can't wait for the next chapter! (And to see what happens with Logan and Hugo

Author's Response: Hello Cara,

Wow, thank you! You're making me blush! That killed me a little to write as well - they just need to sort themselves out already. Thank you so much, I enjoyed writing it and having her interact with some many different people. Haha... have you read the next chapter yet?

Thank you so much for your lovely review, I hope you enjoy the rest of the story as well,

Irish Myth.

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Review #23, by Crescent Moon  XIX

30th April 2014:
Sorry I didn't review the last chapter but you're updating too fast for me! (Not that I'm complaining!)
Her secret is out! I really, really can't wait to see what's going to happen next.
I'm loving Dom and Alec, they're so sweet together! And it was great to have a bit more of Logan and get to know further the Hugo/Logan story.
Anyway if I haven't said this enough your story is amazing, I'm really gripped and I'm so excited to see how everyone finding out the truth plays out (and the more Scorpius you mentioned!).

Author's Response: Hello again Crescent Moon!

Haha, that's fine. The next update isn't as quick I'm afraid but it's in the queue now so it's not half as bad as some of my previous ones!

Yes it is. The next chapter covers a lot of peoples reactions and triggers something that happens in Chapter Twenty-One (which I'm pretty excited about). I really hope you like it!

Dominique and Alec are one of my favourite couples, they're just so completely perfect for each other. We'll be seeing a bit more of both, don't you worry. Logan's great and he really cares about Hugo which earns him big points in Rose's book.

Thank you so, so much! I really hope you like where it's going (even if it's not all happy sailing from here on out). I'm not sure you'll be OVERLY surprised by the Scorpius bit but I hope you enjoy it anyway. You get to see him twice in the next chapter! Thanks again for your lovely reviews,

Irish Myth.

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Review #24, by aquabluez17 XIX

28th April 2014:
So Rose's secret is out! Shocker! I wonder what people will do- like Albus and Scorp(though i thnk he kinda already knew that;s what she did)

Well im sure you will take this down the perfect road so i'll get let you do that!

update soon! thank you for the udpate the double update!

Author's Response: Hello again aquabluez17!

The silent reader leaving two reviews! Thank you so much! Haha, it had to come out in the end, even though she's only got a month left of school. The next chapter really covers people's reactions so you'll be able to see there. Although Albus doesn't feature in that one, we'll see him later on again.

Wow, thanks, I will certainly endeavour to do my best! Thanks for another lovely review,

Irish Myth.

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Review #25, by aquabluez17 XVIII

28th April 2014:
hey! sorry i hav always been a silent reader. i know how awful, truly sorry!!
wow! this was a great chapter! i really liked what you did there in the end. I wonder why Lily was dating Montague and I wonder why the Slytherin girl set Rose up! That's a bit strange. Maybe she's just being Slytherin lol
I liked the ScoRose moment you had in there. Obviously he's like jealous and protective about Rose and she just doesn't see it haha
The Dommie thing was very cute since I kinda wanted to see a happy Dommie and she is getting there now so whoot!

overall great update! keep it up!

Author's Response: Hello aquabluez17,

That's perfectly fine, you can read my story any which way you like! I'm just happy you felt like reviewing this time, so thank you!

Thanks, Rose really did not see that one coming. Lily's reasons for dating Montague are mentioned in Chapter Twenty (which is in the queue at the moment) and as for Jada Chang, her reasons aren't really relevant to the story, I might mention them at some point but basically Montague was her ex and she really hates the Potters.

Oh poor Scorpius, he was coming over to talk to her only for her to leave with one of his team mates. It was pretty funny to write, just imagining his face. Rose doesn't see much when it comes to that particular Malfoy.

I want to see happy Dominique too. She's had a string of bad relationships but tries not to let them get to her. And Alec Nott is just one of my favourites. I'll definitely throw a bit more of him in at some point.

Thank you! Like I said, the next chapter is in the queue so I hope you like it!

Irish Myth.

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