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Review #1, by UnluckyStar57 It's April Again

8th October 2013:
And here's number three! (Several weeks later, of course!)

I LOVED this. You're REALLY good at examining George's life after Fred's death, it seems, and the language you used in this was marvelous. Of course, I thought it was interesting that you used a quote from a Regina Spektor song, but it was absolutely perfect for this story! I've never heard of "Jessica." I'll have to look it up!

Some lines that I really loved:

"Christmas had passed like a trudging giant, shattering barely healed hearts."

"February had no colour; it was simply a passing shadow, something that must be gotten over with."

"“Fred, wake up now, we must get older, oh please wake up” And he couldn’t stop the flow of the tears, they fell down his face like a release of the loneliness that had infected his bones."

You are fabulous at simile and metaphor. The ones that I saw were different and intriguing. Great comparisons!!!

'Til next time!


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Review #2, by Trundlebug It's April Again

21st July 2013:
This is very good, and I like the raw and unfinished style. If it was intentional, it is a stroke of genius.

Anyone who has ever lost an important someone could echo this story's message, as it's so overwhelming. And you have some beautiful lines that better emphasize those sentiments "The world is so unkind, when there is no friendly face to heal you", "...and without the other half of his heart, it wasn’t nearly so fun" That's powerful stuff and it makes it so real for the reader.

Thanks for sharing it, because it's a story that should be told, a scene that needs to be seen. It worked for me, but I love sad stories.



Author's Response: Hello! Thank you so much for the lovely random review! It was such a nice surprise to wake up to :) I thought a lot about all the lines, and I tried to take it from the little experience of losing people I have, so I'm glad it made it real for the reader!

I'm so glad you enjoyed my story,

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Review #3, by S. clausius, aka santa claws It's April Again

28th December 2012:

Here I am, late as per usual, for the second round of the Ravenclaw SS exchange!! I figured I'd review the one shots on your page. I was thrilled when I saw this story. I love George Weasley stories. It doesn't matter how many I read, I still get emotional reading snippets of his grief over Fred's death. JKR is so cruel to us. wahh.

This was a fresh take on this type of story. I thought the quote you chose to work with suited it all so, so well and made what may have been just another georger-grief fic really memorable. The idea of george not being able to face his birthday, the idea of growing older without Fred, all alone, is heart breaking. It's like... he's not handling life well to begin with, but the thing he can handle the least is the idea of growing old without his twin. omg. I am getting choked up writing this and thinking about it.

I thought that your descriptions and emotion that you packed into your words were well executed and really added a level of depth to the story.

Great work!

Author's Response: It's fine about being late- I was pretty late with my gifts, too.
JKR was very cruel with Fred's death, particularly! (probably why I can't resist writing george :o)
I always cry when I think about Fred and George like that :( :( It's so sad! Losing your twin- I mean I couldn't imagine losing my sister, but he was George's best friend too. Gosh.
Thank you so much for the fantastic review!

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Review #4, by Faith100z It's April Again

25th October 2012:
Hi there!

This was beautifully written. I loved the similes you included, I found them really creative.

Your portrayal of George's feelings was really good. I've read alot of fics about Fred's death where it's hard to find it believable. And your description is amazing!

I loved the line about the girl in the village, that was heartbreaking. Also, the line about the graveyard and the corpses was really eerie but helped with the dark tone.

It was really well done, good job!

- F

Author's Response: Wow, thank you so much! I am terribly fond of similes, it's a habit of mine. I'm so glad you thought my portrayal of George was good. Thank you so much again for the review, you've literally made my day!

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