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Review #1, by Rumpelstiltskin To be a Gryffindor

17th March 2014:
I'm here for Blackout Bingo!

Plot/plot arch: This was fantastic. I love the concept that Katie has "lost" her capability to be brave in the aftermath of the war. I assume many people would have suffered various amounts of different mental and emotional ailments post-war, so I really like this quick peak into one aspect of that. What I love the most is the ending, where she kisses Oliver, symbolizing the bravery that she had thought she had lost.

Characterization: I think you did a great job. Obviously, Katie is suffering, and you nailed that aspect. I also love the side of Oliver that you portrayed here, as he drags Katie from her home to, if anything, attempt to make her feel better. He's a true friend.

Detail: You have some amazing bits of imagery in here! I wouldn't change a thing.

Emotion: I definitely felt sorry for Katie, that war was tragic, and so many people lost so many things. The ending, once I got past a few Fred feels, was very sweet and I loved it.

Other/Notes: Fantastic job!


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Review #2, by Lululuna To be a Gryffindor

14th March 2014:
Hello! :)

Aw, this was such a beautiful little story. I thought it was so touching, and did a good job of showing how Katie in particular fits into Gryffindor. She has to be extremely brave to let herself be lead back out into the light, and to rediscover her faith and love in herself.

I think the most likely is that she was captured and tortured. Something which I found quite interesting in the story were lines like this one, where the narrator almost seemed to be talking straight to the reader about Katie. It really connected me with the story and gave this omniscient perspective into her struggles.

It was so interesting how she was afraid of heights and of pictures, and how after her experience with the necklace the idea of being in the air was changed for her. And then at the end, how they were looking up at the sky... it brought the story full circle in a really lovely way.

Oliver was so sweet in his ordinariness, and I like how Katie fancied him at school as well! :) I loved the photograph and how that brought back the happy memories - and Fred! :( That caught me by surprise, but Katie's empathy showed what a wonderful person she is, and that she can be again. And I was glad to hear that in the end, George knew that Fred would want him to be happy.

The ending was so promising, and I loved it. This was a really lovely story, and I'm so glad I read it. :)

Blackout Round 3

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Review #3, by MissesWeasley123 To be a Gryffindor

24th September 2013:
Gilly! Wow. So when I opened up your page I scrolled up and down and up and down trying to pick which one to read. They all seemed so interesting! I ended u picking a number between 1 and 10 and picked 4 lol so here I am :D

Katie/Oliver for me were always a pairing I had considered but never really thought about. You really make me love them, and now I truly do ship them, so thank you for that.

Your descriptions are beautiful and you capture Katie's emotions - her pain, jealousy and fear so well.

My heart leaps at Olvier's name, you make him out to be so dreamy and just so different from the over obsessed Quidditch lover. I loved this new side of him, I think you pulled him off wonderfully.

The mention of George, Angelina and Alicia were all subtle nods to canon and just made everything seem so much more alive and real.

Her friendship with Oliver is so satisfying and heartwarming to read about and yeah.

Katie and Oliver babies? :)

Anyway, I'm off to read more of your work, so, yeah. You write beautifully. But I must ask, where do you get your internet from if you live up in an igloo?

:P Great work!

Author's Response: Haha! Thanks so much Nadia!

My internet comes from the polar bear next door- I just asked him super politely ;)

Thanks for the awesome review! Katie/Oliver are one of my favourite pairings, and one that I think was probably happening in canon. That's why I tried to keep all my characters canon in this piece.

Soo glad to have converted you!

Their babies would be ridiculously good Quidditch players and also super attractive. That is all.

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Review #4, by Flavia To be a Gryffindor

4th April 2013:

how does this not have more reviews? Gosh, I was crying by the end, that was just so beautiful and tragic and moving. This story is so real, so honest about what people must have gone through after the war. I just loved it.

Beautifully written, well done :)

Author's Response: Awwe :')
Thank you so much for taking the time to review!
I really appreciate it and I'm glad you liked the story :D

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Review #5, by ScarletEye158 To be a Gryffindor

15th March 2013:
Hey there!

I really liked the way you wrote this :) The POV was really interesting!

I also really liked your plot. I feel like a lot of people ignore this part of the aftermath of the War and I hate that. It's something that happens to a lot of people after and I'm really glad you touched on that in this story. The way you wrote it seemed very realistic to me :)

I liked the way you portrayed Katie. I haven't read many stories about her (I usually read Next Gen) but the way you portrayed her and added in parts of HBP made her seem very cannon to me.

Oliver was so sweet! I'm glad he was able to help her see that life wasn't so bad and that it was okay to move forward. :)

I know this was only a one-shot and that it needed to move by fast but one thing I think if you ever edited this would be to maybe drag it out a bit. People don't move on from things they're that afraid of that fast, so maybe if you could add in something like "It took a few weeks but Oliver started getting through to Katie. He showed up at her door one day and Katie finally allowed him to lead her out of her house." I think it'd be a bit more believable if you did something like that :)

Really really good, I'm glad I read this!


Author's Response: Hey back!

I just realized that I never replied to this awesome review! I'm so sorry :(

Thank you a million times for all the feedback, it's really helpful and made my day!

I always look at next gen stories and wonder how everyone turned out so well. I mean, they must have all been through unbearable trauma in the battle, so when i saw the Phobia challenge I knew I needed to write some aftermath.

I'm really glad that you liked it and that it turned out so well.

You're totally right about people not getting over things that quickly, so thank you for the feedback and I will certainly take it into account if I edit this anytime soon.

Thank you again and again for reading and reviewing.
You're the best.

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Review #6, by megthechef43 To be a Gryffindor

4th March 2013:

I agree with you. I think the war had to affect some people a little harder than others. I have a story where Hermione took it pretty hard. I like this story a lot and I'm so glad it had a good ending and she was able to heal. I think the first part when you are showing Katie's problems she is dealing with was hard to read. Be careful with present and past tense.

I liked your story line!

Megthechef43 aka Meg

Author's Response: Thanks for the feedback Meg! I'll definitely give that spot another look :D

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Review #7, by Jchrissy To be a Gryffindor

13th February 2013:
This was so heartbreakingly beautiful. It made me want to cry because you described a shell of the girl we used to know so well.

Now that I think about it.. I've never thought about how things would have affected her. But everything you talked about, her fear of heights, her fear of pictures because she can't imagine being trapped in some of the most terrible moments of her life... It's all so well thought out and just achingly beautiful.

The way Oliver sort of broke her... How he wasn't gentle and didn't try and pretend she looked okay when she was dying from the inside, was my absolute favorite part. I loved when he said that George was doing well, like he was challenging her almost. If he (George) can survivor after losing half of his heart, Katie can survive. That was such an amazing sentiment. Then when it's a picture that starts saving her, I nearly stated crying.

Thank you for writing this. It's gorgeous.

Author's Response: Oh my goodness! This review took me so off guard! Thank you so much:D. When I first wrote this story I was actually really unhappy with it, so I pretty much rewrote it. I think I like this version a lot better so thank you for the confirmation!
I found it really tough to get into Katie's skin, because i've never gone through something like that, so I'm glad you found it moving all the same.
Thank you so much again for taking the time to write this beautiful review. It made my day.

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Review #8, by AHarryTale To be a Gryffindor

26th January 2013:
I love this fanfic so much! Nice work, hope you update soon! :)

Author's Response: Thank you! It's actually a one shot, so that's it, but thanks so much for reviewing :D

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