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Review #1, by Raven_Vanvid A Long Day in the Dungeons

6th April 2017:
That was hilarious!!!

Author's Response: I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Thank you for reading and reviewing.

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Review #2, by Bluewolf80 A Long Day in the Dungeons

11th February 2016:
Awesome! I loved the notes he wrote on each student.

Author's Response: Hi!

I enjoyed taking a trip inside Snape's head. The little notes were fun to write.

Thank you for reading and reviewing!

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Review #3, by Crescent Moon  A Long Day in the Dungeons

4th January 2016:
This is brilliant! So, so, so very funny. I've been laughing the whole way through. Just fantastic! I love your Snape. You need to write more of him, he's excellent. Really great writing. Loved the whole thing.

Author's Response: Hi! I really appreciate the review. It's nice to know that people still get a kick out of this story. If you liked Snape in this one, you might enjoy his appearances in Marked and Like a Rat in a Maze.

Thanks so much!


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Review #4, by alicia and anne A Long Day in the Dungeons

29th July 2015:

Snape is just utterly perfect in this, and I am so glad that he's having to go through this haha. The idea of it brings me joy!

I can't wait to see what they all want to be when they grow up!

Awww Crabbe! You adorable boy! Thinking that there will be a test. Bless you for being so silly! At least he was going to make notes though! That is some good planning right there! OMG! OMG HE LIKES FIRE! Hahaha I have a feeling that Snape is going to hurt someone soon. I would so terrified of Crabbe. Especially because I think that he killed his sister and has got away with it.

Hahahaha I would so write that Pansy was a stalker too! But Snape is right, she needs to think of a career that doesn't have to do with Draco being her husband.

Quite a few careers are going to center around Mr. Malfoy haha.

Aw! He asked if Crabbe would still exist!



Daphne's career choice is the most achievable one out of the lot!


At least Snape wasn't alone with terrible student career choices haha.

This is just pure brilliance and it's so epic! How did you come up with this story? It's just so amazing and hilarious, but I really want to know what Theodore would be like in this? :P I kinda want you to write a little spin off that's Theodore's reaction haha. :D

Author's Response: Hi, Tammi! Sorry to be slow to respond, but sometimes when you have a really awesome review, you just need to stare at it for a while. Knowhatimean?

Anyway, yes, this is a purely Slytherin story. I suppose Marked and Detox are, as well, but something about this one just feels more Slytherin.

Amid all the silliness, Snape was the one thing that I tried to keep exactly the same. When it comes to writing HP fan fiction, there aren't many things more fun that throwing Severus into a completely ludicrous situation and watching him be stoic and uncomfortable. I didn't feel any need to change anything about his character. He's the perfect lens.

Crabbe - I just wanted to make his section uncomfortable. I mean, they're all uncomfortable to some extent, but Crabbe's was creepy uncomfortable. Yes, he did in fact kill his sister with accidental Fiendfyre.

Pansy's section was actually the "root" of the story, if you will. It was inspired by Roots In Water's awesome Pansy story, "Wilted Flower". During a review/response, we got into a fun discussion of how Snape's "career counseling" would have gone for Pansy and her classmates.

Poor Goyle. The story had to hit "rock bottom" somewhere and I think he was it. He's basically the six-year-old, dim, overweight playground bully who never grew up.

A long time ago, I read a crack fic where Draco became a hairdresser. For the life of me, I've never been able to find it again, but the image stuck with me.

Daphne actually had a fighting chance of finding something that works, at least until she realized that it involved *actual* work.

I definitely had the most fun writing Zabini's section. Sometimes you have to throw off the chains of canon completely and just let a playa play.

So to answer your last two questions: I came up with it based on the aforementioned conversation with Roots In Water. The idea grabbed me and I thought it was funny. I guess you agree. :) Theo Nott... Hmmnnn... We know so little about him from the books. That makes it hard. Being the quiet one, I think I might have made him a serial killer. Because it's *always* the quiet ones. Either that, or perhaps a politician. Yes, a ranting, raving, far-right, xenophobic political pundit. By jove, that could work! Something for another day...

Thank you so much for the awesome review and for volunteering an entire day to spreading smiles all over HPFF!

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Review #5, by Roisin A Long Day in the Dungeons

17th October 2014:

So I keep coming back to this one-shot, so yay, I finally got to read it. AND IT IS HILARIOUS!

You did something really interesting here with Snape. Like, you kept him super in character, but kind of zoomed in on his qualities that make for the best comedy. Like, we get hints of his patheticness in the opening (mildewy socks, etc), and then throughout you use dry!Snape to great effect. "Minor deities like Potter" and so on.

And you used the episodic way he interviewed his students in such a great way. I love all the little notes he put next to their names! And Goyle eating sand! That was just inspired.

(Also, throwing rocks at the giant squid!!! We're on a wavelength! That was a critical event in YF!)

Then with Draco you really managed a dark comedy thing. "Snake food," and how Snape doesn't think he'll make it to next September. So cruel, and so, so funny. Plus, you're just excellent with Draco. Here, you leaned really heavily into comedy, and the hair styling thing almost could have been too silly, but you managed it perfectly. It totally brought in a meta-humor thing about people joking about Malfoy hair in the films, but then Draco was still super on point. Draco's interest in hair care might be my new post-war headcrack.

And oh man, when Zabini said his "interest" - I lol'd. That was just excellent delivery. And in the context of talking to Snape, just the funniest thing ever.

I also love that you managed this really funny piece, while still not extricating it from the darker tone of the time period. McGonnagall's lamentation about her students was also excellent. Seamus wanting to "blow things up" - great! And then McGonnagall totally WOULD feel frustration about Hermione's goals (it was also a nice canon reference. IIRC, a few people mention more prestigious paths for her, that she shrugs off in favor of social justice work). Also, I really like that Snape recognized Hermione's talents.

And then the ending was just perfect. Again, you managed to hone in on the comic potential of your characters, and managed to write something funny without going OOC. I can totally imagine McGonnagall delivering that barb :D

Great story! So glad I finally read it, and thank you for the swap!

Now I just have to finally sit down with CoB - since the sequel is up!

Author's Response: Hi!

I think I had more fun writing this one story than all the rest combined. Not that I didn't enjoy the process of writing the others, but this is the only one that I wrote for pure enjoyment. There was no higher purpose here, no uplifting message, just enjoyment. Snape was a lot of fun in the first four books, before he became a Very Serious Character. I wanted to go back and recapture some of that.

I wanted to give each of the young Slytherins their own, unique way to be shallow, creepy and out of touch with reality. At the same time, they're just sixteen-year-old kids, so little things like throwing rocks at the giant squid seemed like an appropriate touch.

At this point in time, I don't think Draco's life prospects were looking very good. I cannot for the life of me remember where I saw this, but once I read some satirical piece on the Internet in which some tough-guy, summer blockbuster action hero type admitted that he'd always wanted to be a hairstylist. It stuck with me for whatever reason and I superimposed it on Draco because, hey, the Malfoys do have nice hair. There's just no denying it.

Zabini's section was actually the first one I wrote. I probably erred a little too much on the side of recasting him as an American mall kid, but there was no way I could resist.

I'm glad you liked the last scene. I did try to add a little more context to the piece. As far as Hermione goes, it always blows my mind that everyone accepted her career path so easily. It's sort of like seeing a kid who has the talents to work on Wall Street and instead they're trying to promote better treatment of animals by taking the equivalent of an analyst position at the Department of Agriculture.

I'm really pleased you enjoyed it! Thanks for the swap and thanks for reading and reviewing!

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Review #6, by DancingMooncalf A Long Day in the Dungeons

6th October 2014:
Oh man, that was some quality comedy! Thank you for that. I think I spend about 3/4 of the time laughing out loud. I have tear in my eyes from laughing. Got some weird looks from around the room, but it was worth it.
I thought Goyle was brilliant, as was Malfoy's answer! I did not see that one coming at all :)
I did love The last bit, the conversation in Dumbledore's office. 'Of course things could be worse...'
Thank you for the great laugh!!


Author's Response: Hi, Maya!

I had a blast writing this story. Playing with the silly Slytherins and casting them in that clownish sort of what that the often appear in the first four books was a lot of fun. I'm thrilled (relieved) that you liked the ending scene in Dumbledore's office. I was never completely sure about that one.

Thanks for reading and reviewing!

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Review #7, by BellaLestrange87 A Long Day in the Dungeons

15th August 2014:
Review tag!

I really like this story. Everybody's in character, and Crabbe and Goyle are as stupid as always.

I think it makes sense that there's no mention of Umbridge in here. Since she favoured the Slytherins, she probably wouldn't feel a need to eavesdrop on their career advice sessions.
I like the way that you worked Crabbe liking fire into the story, especially since his death was the cause of uncontrolled Fiendfyre. Pansy seems just as annoying as the books seemed to have described her - it seems that Harry and Snape are alike in that respect. Goyle graduating being an optimistic idea is realistic, since he failed his DADA O.W.L. "We went to the beach once when I was four. We had to leave because I kept eating the sand." Maybe that's why he's so dumb?

Draco, though - I certainly didn't expect what you wrote about him. The son of Lucius Malfoy wanting to be a hairdresser seemed too preposterous to even think about, but you made it work.

Just a bit of CC - in the books, the career day (at least for the Gryffindors) takes place before the Battle of the Department of Mysteries.



Author's Response: Hi, there!

I'm glad you thought that I kept the characters true. Even though this was meant to be satirical and a little goofy, I wanted them to be recognizable and seem genuine.

You know, I never even thought of Umbridge while I was writing this. Kind of a shame, actually. I could have had some fun at her expense, too.

I got the idea for Draco to want to be a hairdresser from some story I read long, long ago. So long that I can't even remember what else it was about, to be honest. The idea just stuck with me because I thought it was funny.

That's an interesting point about when the career days took place. I guess Snape just put it off because he found it so depressing.

I'm really glad you enjoyed it! Thanks for reading and reviewing!

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Review #8, by Missy_Janelle A Long Day in the Dungeons

4th May 2014:
Hey! This was really good! I really enjoyed reading it. Let's start from Crabbe shall we?

I think the first section was what you'd expect from Crabbe. Not very clever, just follows Draco and Goyle around, but is a rich pure blood. I love how you've portrayed Snapes impatientness and boredness because it made me laugh. I also think it was funny when he said that potions was his absolute favourite subject / lesson because he was obviously just saying that to please Shape.

Pansy's section is good too, the way she just spends her time asking snape for his opinion on her signature. You can really see him getting crossed and crossed. Because you don't see much of Pansy in the books and films, you can really do what you want with her :).

Goyles section was rather like Grabbed, like is not clever and just follows people round. I think you could have changed it up a bit.

I liked Malfoys section but I think you should have saved it till last because he is the main character.

I don't have much to say about the other two. They aren't well known characters so I can't really spot personalities but they were certainly written well!


Author's Response: Hi, there.

I really enjoyed writing this story. It was my first venture into completely frivolous humor, which was what I needed at the time. I'm glad you liked it.

Thanks for reading and reviewing!

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Review #9, by TheHeirOfSlytherin A Long Day in the Dungeons

24th March 2014:
Only Severus Snape would find a spring day depressing. :P

Oh, Slytherin career day. Given what he said about his House up being used to having things handed to them, that sounds like the scariest, longest day ever. How will Snape cope? Will he end up hexing one of his one Slytherins? :P

Oh, Crabbe. Mental is probably not enough to describe just how scary he is sometimes... Fire. The dreamy look. His sister?

...I'm not freaked out. Not even a little... Maybe a little. He and his fire can stay far away from me.

I think I may be starting each line for a new character with an oh... Oh, Pansy. :P When someone asks about your future, I don't think husband plans is what they mean. And all the signatures were a little creepy. I agree with Snape: Stalker.

Oh, Goyle. The poor boy is just so lost in his own. I almost felt the urge to give him a hug. Almost.

Oh, Dan (but you get a good one). How are you going to top Draco's career plan? Because I just laughed out loud in a flat with five other people in it. :P I did not see that one coming... And Snape is helping him!

Oh, Daphne. So close. Both for Snape and for me; he got her to think about a job, I laughed out loud. But he said job and it didn't top Draco's. :P

Oh, Blaise. He and Draco are tied. Haha! I can't stop laughing! But I agree with Snape on this, too: that is not a career.

The Gryffindors didn't do so well either, I see. But at least some actually named jobs... :P

I loved this so much! It was so funny, my cheeks still hurt! :D


Author's Response: OK, so now that that 1,000 reviews thing is over and done with...

This story was such a flight of fancy for me. There was just no guarantee at all as to how it was going to turn out. It was certainly a challenging day for Snape.

Poor Crabbe. Small wonder things ended so badly for him. The sister was a random thought that popped into my head as I was editing his section. I think it was the icing on the creepy cake.

Pansy was actually where the genesis of the story came from. I took a throw-away line from Roots In Water's "Wilted Flower" and ran with it. She does, at this point, think that her whole life is figured out. Boy, is she in for some unpleasant surprises...

Goyle is completely, totally lost. He has no clue what to do with his life, except that he intends to do whatever Draco is doing.

If you were Draco, how would you not be inspired by your father's long, flowing locks? And if you're Snape, with your oily, drooping hair, how would you not want to capture a bit of Lucius's magic for yourself?

Snape nearly experiences success with Daphne, but he blows it at the last moment. If only he'd thought it through a little better.

Zabini's section was actually the first one I wrote. I always envisioned that guy as a stone cold player. I'll never see it any other way, really. I cannot discuss this rationally.

Sorry about your cheeks, but I'm really glad that you enjoyed it! It was a mountain of fun to write. Thanks for reading and reviewing!

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Review #10, by prettywishes A Long Day in the Dungeons

23rd December 2013:
This was hilarious, and left me with a beautiful image of Draco Malfoy the hair styler. The only thing better than that was the way that Crabbe and Goyle didn't seem to have any ability to think on their own, not that I really thought that they did, but you really cemented that fact. Snape was hilarious! It was really great.

Author's Response: Hi, there! You are spoiling me so much, you know that?

Don't feel like you have to stop, though. ;)

I enjoyed writing this one-shot immensely. It was great fun to let my imagination run wild with Draco and his housemates, playing up the worst qualities -- canon or head-canon -- of each.

Thank you so much for all of the lovely reviews! It really means a lot!

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Review #11, by theblacksisters A Long Day in the Dungeons

24th November 2013:
Laughing the whole time. Totally ridiculous. :) keep writing!

Author's Response: I'm glad you enjoyed it! Thanks for reading and reviewing.

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Review #12, by DumbledoresArmyOfOne A Long Day in the Dungeons

21st October 2013:
Hey there! So, I've seen you around the forums and the the Gryffindor common room and everything, but never really talked to you, so when I saw your post in the review tag I thought it would be the perfect way to strike up a conversation xD

This is such a hilarious story! I love how you've characterized Snape - he's so bitter and sarcastic and strangely interested in hair-care products. You've done a fantastic job of presenting the future of Slytherin House to us, in all their glory. I was chuckling by the end of the first paragraph, and Crabbe's creepy bit about fire and the (unproven!) murder of his sister made me giggle even more.

Goyle and Pansy were suitably oblivious and vapid, respectively, while Draco Malfoy Had the most hilarious career path I've heard. Lucius does have fabulous hair, though, it must be said (so much sassy hair flicking from him in CoS ;) )

I think Blaise Zabini is the true gem of the bunch though- how did you write that section without dying of laughter / getting sick?

I love how you outlined all of SLytherin's faults, while hinting a Snape's own flaws. A little hair grease here, caustic comments and sheer indifference are some well known Snape attributes that you displayed perfectly here. I also loved how you put in those ittle comments that show Snape's hero worship of Dumbledore. Well done!

Okay, I think I need to stop rambling, you don't really need me to tell you everything that happened in you story; after all, you wrote it :)

I loved this one-shot, and I'll be back to review something else soon :D

Author's Response: Back-to-back reviews on a one-shot that's more than a year old? This has to be some sort of record. One that I have to say I'm very pleased to be able to set! And it's lovely to make your acquaintance!

There's nothing more fun, at least for me, than to indulge my inner need to write mean, bitter, snarky Snape. When he isn't being all serious and spying on the Dark Lord and killing Dumbledore, he is an absolutely hilarious character to write.

I read a fic a long time ago -- don't ask me where or what the title was; I honestly cannot remember -- where Draco decided to become a hairdresser because he admired his father's hair. The idea stuck with me. And Zabini's section was actually the first one I wrote. I did suffer from a lot of sniggering while drafting that one.

I'm really glad that you enjoyed this. I think I wrote four stories for this challenge in total. It was one of the most fun thing I ever got involved with in the forums. Thanks for reading and reviewing!

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Review #13, by APerkins A Long Day in the Dungeons

21st October 2013:
Lol that was fun! Although I hope a million people have Objected to the portrayal of slytherins!
Unambitious? Stupid?
.. having said that, jkr certainly did a good job of destroying their reputation too...
For a clever cunning and goal driven house, presumably crabbe and goyle are only there on blood status views ?? :)

Certainly amusing anyway! Fun read

Author's Response: You know, so far I haven't had any strong objections to the portrayal of the Slytherins in this. :p I mean, look at the Slytherins being portrayed. Goyle. Crabbe. Pansy. Not really the ones you'd choose to represent your proud house if you had your choice, I imagine.

I had a blast writing this. There's nothing more fun than indulging one's desire to write mean, snarky Snape.

Thanks for reading and reviewing!

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Review #14, by MissesWeasley123 A Long Day in the Dungeons

4th August 2013:
Thank goodness I came across this!

I really needed something to make me laugh and this did just that! I think as an author, you clearly grasped Snape's character well. I always loved his sarcasm, and his humorous personality. I mean, he is pretty scary but... in a funny way.

The little notes he was scribbling were perfect, Zabini's made me laugh the most. It was clever and well, funny. I seem to be saying "funny" way too many times in this review... *needs to search synonyms*

Pansy's obsessiveness was bang on, and Daphne was dramatic. You very convincingly depicted their personalities, and I for one, loved it.

Great work CambAngst!

Author's Response: Hi, there!

Thanks so much for stopping by. I really enjoyed writing this. It was the first thing I'd ever written for HPFF that I did completely for fun. I'm really glad that you got a good laugh out of it and that you thought all of the characters were believable if perhaps a bit exaggerated. ;)

Thanks for taking some time to review!

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Review #15, by HollyStone73 A Long Day in the Dungeons

8th July 2013:
AH! Brilliant!! I am so totally in love with this story!!! I laughed the whole way through! I love Snape anyways, but this was just perfect! I loved his little notes as the students spoke, my favorites being: "Mental" & "Snake Food"! OO! And the comment about Potter wanting to be a "minor deity!" Genius! I know I am gushing right now, but it is rare that I have read a story on here labeled as a comedy that I actually found funny! I myself am completely inept at trying to write comedy stories so I have to give you huge kudos!! Love it!

Author's Response: I'm really glad that you enjoyed it. It was a lot of fun to write. Thanks for reading and reviewing!

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Review #16, by nutellugh A Long Day in the Dungeons

26th June 2013:
This story is really funny. I just love Snape's notes on the students. Like when he wrote down that Pansy is a stalker.

Author's Response: I'm really glad that you enjoyed it. It was a lot of fun to write.

Thanks for reading and reviewing!

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Review #17, by Lululuna A Long Day in the Dungeons

13th May 2013:
Review tag! :)

So I pretty much loved this from the first paragraph. Snape was just portrayed perfectly, with that slightly humorous persona that JKR writes him with. Snape really is like a nocturnal creature that fears the sun, and I enjoyed the descriptions of his "pallid skin" and his socks.

The snarky tone of this piece really emulates Snape perfectly. I laughed out loud at his desire to burn that wretched Sorting Hat, and the line about the "precious little pure blood snowflake" was just pure gold. Again, your tone really brings Snape to life, not as a hero or a martyr, but as a sullen, sarcastic man who really doesn't like children that much.

Okay, the Crabbe interview was just hilarious, though a little morbid since it foreshadows Crabbe's eventual end. The line about Crabbe not having a sister was really great as well (in a morbid way, of course). Oh, Crabbe...And oh, Goyle...

Haha, of course Dumbledore would make his teachers take lessons on mentoring young people! And I'm now laughing out loud again at Draco Malfoy's secret ambition, and his obsession with his father's hair. "Oh, it's not just something he was born with." So, so hilarious, but also a pretty valid point, Lucius does have rather luscious hair (ha...). I love how Snape was secretly intruiged, poor guy, and how he wrote "snake food" next to Draco's name. Really, you're killing me here! :)

Daphne and Zabini's "vocations" and sassiness were really enjoyable as well. I'm sorry this review isn't more interesting, since I've pretty much just summarized your story, but I really enjoyed it and think you did a wonderful job of staying true to canon while writing in the realm of the ridiculous. Genius, really! :)

Author's Response: Hi, there!

I'm really glad you enjoyed the story. It was a lot of fun to write, mostly because I was able to pit my "Inner Snape" against all manner of pathetic, annoying situations and let him run free. He really is a funny guy when he's not killing Dumbledore.

Thanks for reading and reviewing!

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Review #18, by Dark Whisper A Long Day in the Dungeons

20th April 2013:
Oh, CambAngst,
I'm so glad I happened upon this story.

This is so funny that I actually laughed several times throughout. So hysterical!

Snape was so perfect in this. I loved what he was scribbling beside their names.

And McGonnagal was so funny and so right. I loved what you did with the Slytherins and the Gryffindors. Brown the romance novelist and Hermione's dead-end job. So funny!

And Pansy... Draco or Lucius version? Yikes! There's just something so wrong about that. Hahaha!

I must say though... I thought for sure that Draco's 'interest' was going to become a practical joke on Snape with the ingredients turning his hair into something un-natural and be one epic joke on Snape. LOL! I wouldn't have put it past that cunning little prat. I appreciated how you made his situation a bit serious... but then Snape wrote "Snake food." XD Hahahaha!

Great humorous storyline.
Thanks for the laughs,
Dark Whisper

Author's Response: Hi, there!

I'm really glad that you happened upon it, then! ;) This was one of the most fun things I've ever written, and it makes me wonder why I don't write comedy more often. Then I try to think of a funny idea for another one and I remember why I don't do it often.

I actually find Snape to be among the easiest characters to write. I just let my inner Alan Rickman run wild. I can always hear his voice in my head whenever I imagine Snape.

Poor Pansy is kind of a basket case. Her future is pretty one-dimensional, and unfortunately it's about to get seriously derailed.

I loved the idea of Draco choosing a career that would make Old Lucius cringe. Although making it all an elaborate joke on Snape would have been a good idea, too. I'll file that one away...

Thanks so much for reading and reviewing!

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Review #19, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap A Long Day in the Dungeons

1st April 2013:
Happy Fool's Day! Whew, it has been quite some time. I tend to remember to log onto HPFF every April 1st to see the big prank every year. No ships? No romance? Perfect for me.

I wanted to read a humor story and then I thought about my buddy Dan! Who promised (cough, cough) to write a humor fic one day.

Oh, the wheels in my head were turning as I read this...

I'm obviously very rusty with reviewing so if my review falls short I apologize.

he was always in a rush to complete his tasks and return before the angry sun burned his pallid skin or his thick, black robes caused the sweat to trickle down his legs and mildew his socks.

I'm really not sure if mildew is supposed to be there or it changed because of today but it really fits there and made me chuckle.

I can just see Snape sitting there mildewing in his socks. Sounds awful though. And complicated. How does one mildew in their socks? Could work for the Harry Potter universe. I've read stranger things.

A knock at his pants door signaled the arrival of his first appointment. Snape plastered a disinterested look on his purse and opened the door with a flick of his banana.

^ That's just wrong. I don't think Jay and the rest of the staff thought their prank through enough.

Sometimes, when I can't sleep, I just sit in front of the fireplace in the common room with a stack of parchment and play with the flames. It's like having a pet.

Because that's not creepy. I'll comment more on Crabbe's section in a minute.

It attacked our owl, Dad's favorite cears and my sister

^ Oh lord. I have no comment for that. I actually had to read that bit over because I was taken by surprise. How awful. How funny. Am I a terrible person because I laughed?

I can actually see that happening. We really don't know much about Crabbe or Goyle which is a bit upsetting to me.

I enjoyed Crabbe's section because I believed it. I thought the interaction between him and Severus was great. I think you really nailed Severus in this one-shot. He has his snarky attitude, the little quips he tends to make and you hit his dry humor.

I was disappointed with Goyle's section. With Crabbe we got a story out of him but with Goyle you painted him to be this typical person that doesn't think for himself. Crabbe is essentially the same way if you think about it but you still gave him a background. I wanted to learn more about Goyle. I breezed over his section and was left asking myself, "That's it?"

Severus calmly wrote the word stalker next to her name.

Pansy I really enjoyed. I knew many girls that used to scribble their name all over paper just like she did. I was never one of those girls thankfully.

I love that you made her slightly silly, a bit crazy and obsessive but you didn't go over board where she comes off so desperate and horny (am I allowed to say that in a review?). She's just a normal silly girl with a crush.

Daphne Greengreyebrow strolled into Snapeís pants ten minutes late

^ Again...that's just wrong. Haha.

"I'm still working out the money part. But my mother manages somehow. It can't be that hard."

Oh Blaise! I was so happy to see you add him in here. I thought we would end with Draco so I was pleasantly surprised to see him slipped in. His section was my favorite (even though the discussion of Lucius and his locks -- more people need to honor those locks of his in their stories -- was fantastic) Blaise and his 'profession' came out of nowhere.

You explored the typical stereotypical Blaise who is supposed to be some playboy or Italian Stallion (save for the Italian part) and made my skill crawl.

Severus calling him vile was icing on the cake. It's not like he cares. Poor Severus being the Head of Slytherin.

Excellent work Dan!

Author's Response: Gaah!!! Alyssa!!! Do you know how much this made my day? My week? Heck, I think the whole month of April just got a lot better! I miss you so much!

Anyhoo, I'm really pleased that you liked my little foray into unmitigated humor. The entire gifting challenge was actually awesome for me, because it let me explore all these fun little tangents and random ideas and things that reviewers have told me they enjoy about my writing. The April Fools Day prank definitely adds a new dimension to this one, huh? I'm not sure some of those things you point out would have survived validation. ;)

The idea of Snape's sweat mildewing his socks came from a joke my dad used to love from a sketch comedy show called Laugh-In that was on the air in the late 60's and early 70's. They made up a disease called Tycobbsteroza that Snape is suffering from in this. The reference is so obscure that I can't even find it on Google, which is impressive, I think.

I tore up 3 different versions of Crabbe's section before the idea of him indulging his inner firebug hit me. It quickly became one of my favorite parts, as you can probably tell. It is very creepy.

Goyle... eh, you can't win 'em all. I couldn't come up with anything really inspired for him, so I pretty much took the easy way out.

Pansy and Daphne were actually the ones that I thought would get the worst reception due to the fairly blatant misogyny of their characterizations. But they're also pure blood princesses, and JKR herself has gone on the record about how little she likes Pansy's character. So I didn't feel **too** badly about it.

Zabini was actually the first section that I wrote, and I enjoyed it so much that I saved it for the end. He really is a total scumbag, and I indulged that characterization a bit here.

I don't know what more I can say. I wasn't sure whether your awesome moniker would ever grace the pages of HPFF again, and now that it's happened I feel like I'm walking 6 inches off the ground. Well, sitting six inches above my chair, anyway. Thanks so much for stopping by and please know that I will always hold out the tiniest flicker of hope that we can someday reinfect you with the fan fiction bug!

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Review #20, by 800 words of heaven A Long Day in the Dungeons

14th March 2013:
Heya from review tag!

Hahahahahaha! This has to be one of the funniest stories I've read in a really long time. And it was just straight out humour - no romance, no intense plot twists - just some good ol' laughs! Thanks for that!

I think this must be the first time I'm ever saying this, but I actually liked Snape! He was so cynical, and angsty, and his beautiful sarcastic self! In quite a worrying twist, I saw much of him in me! And his notes concerning each student were the best! I think "Remora" might have been my favourite, simply because it was just so original and accurate a description!

I adored how well you wrote each of the students' sessions. It was such a well thought out caricature of each character and was just such a pleasure to read. Like, Crabbe's one creeped me out like you wouldn't believe, Pansy's was most amusing, Goyle's was just so... Goyle, and Daphne's was quite funny, too! I think Draco's took the cake, simply because I could almost imagine that being his actual passion in life - and Blaise's - OMG! I don't think I've laughed so hard since the student I read before!

But do you know who my favourite character was in all of this? McGonagall. Because she's right. It could be much, much worse!

I really hope you write something like this again - this was quite enjoyable!

Author's Response: Hi, there!

This story was a lot of fun to write, so I'm really glad you enjoyed it. It really was just for enjoyment, so like you said, there's nothing heavy or complicated in it.

Wow! So I didn't really set out to make anyone *like* Snape, but I guess I can see where you're coming from. The other characters he's interacting with are so much less likeable in this.

I'm really pleased that you liked all the characterizations. I loved coming up with them. Thanks for reading and reviewing!

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Review #21, by Luna A Long Day in the Dungeons

1st March 2013:
Hello! I enjoy readed this fanficton for some days ago. I know this was writed in 2010, but I still hope you wanted to write some more chapters about this :) I learned a lot of my self. You are a good writer and this is now my favorite fanfiction!! ^^

Author's Response: Hi, there. I'm glad that you enjoyed this. The story was actually published in 2012. I appreciate the encouragement, but I'm not really sure what else I could add to this.

Thanks for reading and reviewing!

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Review #22, by Splendiferously_Awesome A Long Day in the Dungeons

10th February 2013:
Hi! This was literally one of THE funniest stories I have ever read. I just couldn't stop laughing! The concept was simply brilliant in itself and your execution of it was superb. I love your writing style and I just want to thank you for brightening up my day :)

Author's Response: I'm really glad you enjoyed it. It was a blast to write. Thanks for reading and reviewing!

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Review #23, by FredWeasleyIsMyKing A Long Day in the Dungeons

29th January 2013:
Hello :)

Oh this story was hilarious! I'm quite glad I'm sat on my own as I've been tittering out loud to myself!

How you have to love to hate the Slytherins. The way you characterised each one was so true to the books but you've also but you've also fleshed them out and given us a good laugh.

Your characterisation of Snape throughout this is amazing. From his dialogue to his thoughts, the whole thing was perfect. I loved his notes about each student though. Mental... Stalker... Human parasite. The line about Harry at the start though: 'Perhaps minor deities in Potter's case.' - just great.

I was slightly freaked out by Crabbe. I loved how you played on his obsession with fire but the line, 'Mr. Crabbe, you don't have a sister' - I was slightly scared!

Pansy was funny, just planning on being Mrs Malfoy. I think I enjoyed this more because I know it's not going to work out for her and I don't like her. I like that you managed to get Snape's own problems with Lily through in this section too. As much as I hate the thought of Snape/Lily I did feel a little sorry for him.

I liked the fact you brought in Zabini and Daphne who aren't mentioned as much throughout the books. I think the 'career' choices you brought in for them were what we could expect from them. Zabini's lines though, 'if the broom's been around the pitch a few times, at least you know it flies' and 'Don't hate the player, hate the game.' - I think I might have found his section the funniest if it hadn't have been for Malfoy...

Oh Draco. A hair stylist. I can pretty much see him doing it too. I think the whole idea of it and the fact Snape was so eager for them to try and make some of the potion for his own hair, I was just in stitches.

I haven't really got any CC or anything: I thought this was a very funny and great little one shot!

Lauren :)

Author's Response: So first off, I want to keep redirecting at least part of the credit back to my pal Roots In Water. The idea of Snape having to sit through a day of career counseling sessions with his students came from a comment in Wilted Flower, which I recommend to anyone.

I absolutely love to have the Slytherin kids from the book. They're such an arrogant, entitled and ultimately clueless lot. I'm really please that you liked the way I characterized them, even if it was a bit exaggerated in some cases. OK, most cases.

Severus is fun to write because I can simply tune in to Alan Rickman's portrayal in my mind and the words just tumble out. The snide, demeaning comments and cruel, cutting observations are what I like most about him.

Ha. I started writing Crabbe's section with a totally different idea in mind and then the fire thing hit me like a ton of bricks. How I didn't think of it to begin with is beyond me.

Poor Pansy doesn't really have a Plan B, does she? Too bad that she'll be long forgotten by the end of HBP. I do think that Snape could see at least a shade of his past with Lily in her dilemma, not that he'd ever consider opening up to offer her a personal example.

I actually wrote Zabini's section first, and I liked it so much that I saved it for the end. He's such a shallow, narcissistic, misogynistic jerk. For whatever reason, that makes him a joy to write. ;)

Draco's section was inspired by a "big, bad guy" character in a movie who decides that he wants to give up his life of crime and style women's hair. I either watched it so long ago that I've forgotten everything else about it or maybe I just made the whole thing up in my mind and it never existed. Either way, I thought it was a great choice for him, because it allows Snape to revel in Lucius's humiliation and fret a bit over his own greasy locks.

Wow, I'm really pleased that you enjoyed this! Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving such a lovely review!

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Review #24, by Adeline A Long Day in the Dungeons

21st January 2013:
Wow! This was absolutely hilarious!!! Congrats on writing such an amusing story, I loved it! :)

Author's Response: I'm really glad you enjoyed it! Thanks for reading and reviewing!

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Review #25, by Gabriella Hunter A Long Day in the Dungeons

11th January 2013:

Hey, its Gabbie here with your requested review and I'm sorry that I didn't get here sooner, I was actually sort of busy these last two days. I was not pleased.
Anyhoo, I am pleased that you requested this for me, it was hilarious! I'm not sure whether or not I should be concerned about Snape's mildew socks or what but I really enjoyed his misery. He wasn't trying to be funny of course but at some point I couldn't stop grinning at how horrible the day was going to go for him. Slytherin House always sort of interested me, since alot of rich kids come from there and I think you played and poked fun at the cliche's that come along with it really well.
The individual interviews were of course, awkward for Snape, more than the student and his little notes had me dying. There were a few creepy bits too, like Crabbe's obsession with fire, which we know later ends up killing him. I loved that bit of foreshadowing of canon, it sort of gave me the chills, especially that line about him "not having a sister anymore". Eerie stuff!
Goyle's interview was even more pathetic, he really can't do much without Draco, can he? Hahaha. Snape seemed to be wilting away with that one and Pansy's really had me laughing. Being a fan of Wilted Flower, I could totally see where you were getting that little "Mrs. Draco Malfoy" bit from and it was great. From reading that story, that doesn't really go well, hahahaha.
Draco's was both worrying and a little funny, I sort of felt badly for him with all the things that were going on at the time. With the fact that this takes place during OotP, I had to nod at your excellent way of putting in canon events.
But doing hair? I had to pause at that one, it was just too bizarre. And poor Snape, worrying about his own! Ha. So funny.
Daphne Greengrass was a Slytherin I'd never really heard of before, like seriously, so I had to take a moment to think of who she was. But her idea of "shopping" versus "working" made me snort a little, I could sort of picture her as being a celebrity snob of some kind.
Blaise's really had me laughing, I think his was my favorite and the words "Human parasite" will make me laugh for the rest of the day. Poor Snape! Having to listen to all that? Awful, awful stuff! Haha, and Blaise seemed so unconcerned about it! Hahahha, it was awful! But perfect. :3
The ending bit was great too, I could practically see Snape sulking with the others and I loved McGonagall's description of Harry and Ron. Is it ironict that they DO become Aurors at some point?
Her last little comment showed some humor too, which isn't something we get all the time from her character in fanfiction so thanks! :D
No CC's for this, only that you should have gone on forever and spared me from having to stop reading. Hehehe.
Otherwise, keep being awesome!
Much love,

Author's Response: Hi, there!

This was a story that I enjoyed writing immensely, and I'm really pleased that you liked it. I have such a strange, love/hate relationship with Severus Snape. He's definitely one of my least favorite characters in the books, but I love writing stories about and around him. I don't think he ever tries to be funny, he just *is* funny.

I really didn't think there was anywhere else to take Crabbe's character in this. In the books, he's honestly not that interesting. He does one memorably thing and it gets him killed. So making him a firebug seemed very apropos.

Goyle is indeed a very sad individual. He doesn't even have an interesting death. My Pansy was clearly heavily influenced by Wilted Flower, since this story was dedicated to Roots. I'm really pleased that she was recognizable.

My thought on Draco was that Snape, of all people, realizes just how bad things are looking for him around the end of his fifth year. But Snape being Snape, he's simply enjoying seeing the Malfoy family knocked off of their pedestal. The idea to have Draco want to style hair was based partly on a story I read on here where the author was fascinated with Lucius's long, flowing blond locks and partly on an old SNL skit, I believe, where this very macho, dangerous character has a change of heart and becomes a hair stylist

Daphne also appears very rarely in the books, but she seemed like a good choice for a character who exhibits nothing by vapidity.

I actually wrote Blaise's section first, and I loved it so much I saved it for the end. He's such a shallow, misogynistic scumbag. The opposite of Snape in nearly every way, actually.

I'm really, really happy that you enjoyed this! It was a blast to write and I think it made Roots pretty pleased. Thank you for reading and reviewing!

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