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Review #1, by toomanycurls Again

9th June 2014:
Man oh man, you really packed the feels into this. I felt miserable for George from the start and thought his longing for Angelina was really well portrayed. It was very interesting to see a bit about how George thinks and what his thought processes are. While it's terribly sad to see him grieving and in turmoil a year after the war, it's quite realistic that he would be.

I just can't see Angelina hating him for, well, fighting in a battle. I can see why George would think she'd think less of him though. But, really, you got the feels going really well in this one-shot. I sort of love that George's friends hate his interim gf. Just saying. It's kind of rad. :-o I can't believe she said that about muggle-borns. It's just... not what I expected form George's girlfriend.

I'm ridiculously happy with the ending. Wow, this is great motivation for reading your Angelina/George fic!!
Thanks for swapping!


Author's Response: Hello!

I haven't had a review for this in a long time, I nearly forgot that I had it and its one of my favorites! >_< I had never really seen a lot of stories that talk about the issues George may have been facing after the War and this was just my chance to really delve into it.
George is so miserable in the beginning of this and it was difficult to write, he's a hard character to get comfortable with. I have him a tad more emotional than necessary sometimes and its a challenge but I think that after everything that he had been through, it fit. :D

Oh, Angelina...George loves her so much that the thought of having her being pushed away by his own actions is too much for him to contemplate. He can't really fathom not having her in his life.

Everyone hates George's girlfriend. And I do mean EVERYONE. Hahahahaha.

That ending makes me turn into a puddle of feels because its what we've all been waiting for and I'm glad that you enjoyed it! I hope you do check out my story, "This is Angelina" though, its one of my first fanfics that I ever wrote. Hahah.

Thanks for the swap! ;)

Much love,


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Review #2, by BellaFan202 Again

31st May 2013:
Hi! Love review swap, right? :)

This was really touching and I feel like it was absolutely perfect. Every other post-war George clings to Angelina and they're always completely inseparable and this was a nice chance from that.

The entire story led up to George and Angelina meeting, and the climax was not a let down at all. It didn't happen quite as I expected it to, but I liked it all the same. :)

I could really sympathize with George. I've never lost anyone that close to me, but I can imagine that I would probably feel somewhat similar as he did.

The only constructive criticism that I can think of is that there were a couple commas missing or placed in spots where they weren't needed, and a couple of paragraphs could have been split into two.

That's really all I've got to say, other than that was a really well written story and I definitely enjoyed it a lot! :)

(LiveLaughLoveHarryPotter on the forums)

Author's Response: Hello!

Thanks for stopping by with this review! I'll have to finish up our swap really soon too. My internet connection is sort of really bad right now but I can't wait to see what you've got written! :D
So this is one of my favorite one-shots and it focuses solely on my poor Georgie. I think in alot of Post-War stories its mostly about him and Fred with a little Angelina in for some variety. But I didn't want to focus on his relationship with her right away so I just gave little hints here and there that I hope made you guys see how close they'd been.
Anyway, writing a sad George was really challenging and I'm always surprised by how many people really liked it or are able to relate in some way. Makes me so proud. D':
If you were wanting to know more about this and what happens later on, try reading "This is Angelina" on my page. Its pretty much full of all the angst and George you can handle, hahaha.
I haven't edited this in a while but I'll most likely go over and correct those CC's! Thanks for pointing them out to me!
See you soon!
Much love,

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Review #3, by Dark Whisper Again

2nd March 2013:

Wow, what a sad look at George, the poor dear. The war and the death of his brother has changed him so much.

I love that he still associates with his friends from school and that they are very concerned and worried for one of their own.

I like that you call her 'Angie' instead of her formal name.

I wonder if Angie even noticed his girlfriend in the room as she throws herself at George. :) Awkward.

I love how in-tuned you are with his thoughts. Your readers know what he is feeling with just her name being mentioned... the sound of her voice... and then actually seeing her. It is wonderful that his focus is on her completely, even with others present and that it had always been that way.

Ah, love... I love reading of smitten men.

Oh, and one last thing... I love how you described the kiss to his girlfriend. "No fireworks. No cherubs." LOL! Perfect. It is quite clear to us that the kiss had nothing behind it and we now know what that feels like.

Great job once more.
Dark Whisper

Author's Response: Hello!

Hey again, Dark Whisper, thanks for stopping by! You have stumbled upon one of my most depressing one-shots! D':
Thank you! :)
George has changed so much since the War and losing Fred, I'm glad that I was able to put that in there all right. My poor, redheaded guy. I love George, he's my favorite Weasley you know and I'm a big Georgelina shipper!
I'm not sure why some fanfics have it like the group just split up after the War. I mean, honestly, they've known each other for years, almost died together and suddenly don't speak? Like, what?! So of course Oliver and the rest are going to be there for him. :D
Yep, "Angie" is just the nickname and she of course calls him, "Georgie" sometimes along with the others. They're good enough friends for that to happen you know. :D
Ah, thank you for liking George's crazy emotions, I tried so hard. He's very difficult to write but I'm glad that you were able to see how much he cared about Angie.
Angie wasn't thinking when she kissed George, she just reacted. Its all in "This is Angelina", which this one-shot is coming from! :D
Hahahahaha! I like writing smitten men, but I mostly write angst so things never work out!
Most of the time.
Bwhaha, to George, kissing another girl is more like a duty adn I'm glad that you enjoyed his view on that kiss! :D
Thank you so much for your reviews!
Much love,

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Review #4, by Remus Again

22nd January 2013:
So! You helped His Pack of Four get to 100 reviews so I figured I should put your story to 10! And I love Fred/George Weasley stories. Either they make me laugh or cry! :S

Just so you know, I read and review as I go along.

The third paragraph, the one that begins with 'Althought' it felt like the first sentence was way too wordy. It could've easily be broken after the word 'here. I only mention this because right after it you have a very short sentence. It messes with the flow. I'm very guilty of that myself, and it has been pointed out to me as well...just passing on tips I've gotten. XD

I really like the emotions you had here. It made me feel really, really sad for George. And your story just made me realize something which seems rather silly to not have figured this out earlier...but George losing his ear was a foreshadowing of Fred's death. Anyway! I loved the struggle George had with his feelings. He's not even sure how he feels himself!

The paragraph that begins with "If you want to wait until some other time"--its one whole sentence. You could definitely break it a bit where it won't feel too wordy.

I like how you made Oliver change a bit after the war. The shortness of temper was a very nice touch. Some post-war fics don't touch on the re-building of the people's lives. They go straight from the war to being happy go lucky. That doesn't fly well with me. So kudos to you for keeping the emotions real here.

'Oliver said and George felt a spark of worry'So George just suddenly got worried? Shouldn't he, since he's in love, be worried to begin with. Yeah, he might not wish to see her but a human emotion regarding someone you care about is worry when things are not right with them, you know. This was the only instance where George's feelings didn't make sense; you managed to capture them in the rest of the chapter though.

OMG! George has a girlfriend? How rude of him! :O Why? Why is he dating her? She sounds like the person that stands against what George was raised to believe. Anyway! So another thing that stood out...they've been dating for 'the past year'. The war happened 'a year ago.' George started to date immediately after the war...which doesn't seem right, specially after losing his other half.

I absolutely love the end! I mean, poor George...confused of his own feelings and at the same time afraid of them. I guess I'm gonna have to put 'This is Angelina' in my to-read list! I want to know more about this!

Anyway, overall this was a great one-shot. You managed to capture emotions very well. Including the characterization George has. Poor broken guy! The only thing I would recommend is breaking some sentences up a bit to give it a better flow. Other than that...I guess that's it! I hope what I pointed out doesn't upset you or anything :( You have a great story that can only get better, you know.

Until next time, Gabby!!


Author's Response: Hello!

*Fangirls* Gasp! Thanks so much for stopping by with a review for me and congrats on His Pack of Four on making a hundred! *Tosses confetti* That's great news! :3
Bwhaha, I'm guilty of making really short sentences and I'll take a look at it. I edit alot but I still make a million mistakes and someone's always pointing out some helpful tips. I never have time to do as much as I would like on editing and I'm lazy, so forgive me. Hahaha.
I'm glad that you were able to really connect with George, no matter how sad it was. It took me such a long time to get what I wanted for him, he's a really hard character to write for. Sometimes, I sort of hate him even while I love him. Its a strange relationship, I tell you. :D
Eerie thing you pointed out about his ear though, I never paid attention to that! D':
Ah. More breaks, you say? I shall get to that eventually!
Ooh, I know what you mean. I don't believe that everyone was so happy and without issues after the War. I had to make everyone different and effected in their own way and I'm glad that you were able to pick up on that. War is an awful thing, it leaves alot of physical and mental scars! D':
I think on that line you were talking about, George hasn't felt anything in a long time so feeling actual worry sort of threw him off. But I don't think I wrote it as well as I should have, so thanks for pointing it out! :D
Yeah, George has a girlfriend! Like, since when did we break up?! Hahaha. Its strange how many people comment on Natasha and how much they don't like her. But yes, he dated her a little while after the War ended and I think I go into it a little more in This is Angelina. Loneliness might have had alot to do with it but he says more in that story and it really isn't romantic so much as depressing. :(
Thanks for loving that ending! I wasn't sure if I should end it there or not but was like, "If I keep writing, it'll go on forever." and so, thanks alot for enjoying it! George's feelings are so twisted and confused, you might not like him too much in This is Angelina but if you ever have the time, enjoy that! It would please me. :D
Oh, no, your CC's don't bother me! I like nice CC's, some people can be a little too mean when they're offering "advice" hahaha. To each their own, I suppose.
Thanks for liking this! It means alot and I'll see you around and see if I can get to correcting some of those sentences. Eventually.
See you on the forums!
Much love,

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Review #5, by patronus_charm Again

19th January 2013:
Hey Gabbie! I'm on here on my review spree! I'll review the *sob* last chapter of Abandon after this:D, or tomorrow as it's nearly 11 :/

It was really nice how you portrayed George wanting to give up on the shop after Fred died, as I guessthey worked together on everything, and were one another's muses however once one of them had gone, how could they carry on. It almost made me want to cry, seeing George so forlorn and wanting to give up :'(

It was nice seeing the old quidditch crew, try and help pull both George and Angelina through this hard time, I guess they lost one of their comrades so there pulling the ranks in tighter (I don't know why I just went all army speak:/). One thing I wasn't so sure on was Oliver being a businessman, I always assumed he would be a quidditch player, considering he got that spot at Puddlemere.

I can see why George had to date Natasha, as I much as I disliked because of her views on muggleborns. He needed to be not constantly reminded of Fred, so dating someone who supported the cause Fred died trying to get rid of, is the perfect solution.

I loved that scene at the end of Angelina and George reunited, as I really love them together, of course I know George gets his act together and ditchs Natasha for her, but having this drama of when he will is so much better! You made a great villan out of her though!

Again, I loved it, and I'll be back soon, with the review on Abandon :) Kiana x

Author's Response: Hello!

Hey, thanks for the random review! Haha. You could have jumped on anything really, I wasn't sure where I'd see you popping up but anyway, thanks!
George was going through so much after Fred died that he really couldn't see his life moving forward, which would explain why he didn't want to be around the shop. :(
But they have too many memories there and he didn't feel like giving that up.
You'll see the old quidditch crew again and again, they love each other too much to let each other go. They've been through too much together. :)
With Oliver, I hadn't really thought about it but I suppose he may have gotten an injury at Puddlemore and decided to try making brooms instead. :) Perhaps.
You know, that is the first time that anyone has ever dared to point that out about George's relationship with Natasha. It makes me wonder though, so thanks for pointing that out there! There's alot of questions about their relationship and if you'd wanted, try reading "This is Angelina", it explains it alot more. :D
George gets his act together eventually but you should really try reading This is Angelina, it really doesn't go as planned. But there's a happy ending underneath all its angst. And blood. And angst. And tears. :D
Anyhoo, I'll be looking forward to seeing you again for Abandon! Thanks alot doll!
Much love,

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Review #6, by MadamePuddifoot Again

3rd January 2013:
George - you love Angelina, just accept it! Ditch snobby Natasha and accept your feelings, boy!

Anyway, rant over, and here I am, returning the favour and reviewing your wonderful stories! Well, I thoroughly enjoyed this one-shot and will be making my way to our other stories presently! What can I say? The concept was great, short, sweet and to the point. I am just in love with the idea of the old Gryffindor Quidditch team still being friends an hanging out (except for Harry of course, but I'd say he's a bit busy elsewhere and Lee makes a wonderful substitute! and poor old Fred, but that's another story) and Oliver is the wonderful voice of reason! Perfect!

The conversation between them all is very true to character, especially all their back and forth. The descriptions are wonderfully vivid, especially those of poor George's emotions at the beginning which made me want to hug the poor chap! And Natasha is just...ugh, fantastically horrible! She really is vile, but you write her very well! And what and ending! I just want George and Angelina to kiss and make up, dammit!

Until next time!

Author's Response: Hello!

Madame P, where have you been hiding?! I've missed you bunches! Welcome back! :D
This little one-shot comes from "This is Angelina" and we all know from that that George and Angie wind up together after alot of angsty turmoil. If you recall? Hehehe. :3
I had wanted to actually write a "This is George" but I'm going to be so busy lately that I don't think I'll have time for it, so I settled on this one-shot. :D
The idea of having the old Quidditch gang together just makes me all warm and fuzzy. Aside from dearly beloved Fred and Harry, everyone's still together and offering endless support and love. :D
Its a contrast to how George feels at the moment and I had so much fun playing with that and his emotions gave me some trouble but I got them just right I think. Hopefully?
Natasha just had to make an appearance in this one-shot and I couldn't help but maker her as vile as possible. She's such a hated character for me that I can't help torturing you all and its all very fun. :3
Thanks for coming back though, I'd missed getting your reviews and of course, catching up on your stories too! I hope to see you around soon! I've got my Percy/Audrey and George's story updated and several other things that you can read while you wait. :D
Argh, I just missed you alot! *hugs*
Much love,

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Review #7, by FredWeasleyIsMyKing Again

2nd January 2013:
Hello lovely :)

Okay since you told me about your Georgilina obsession I have been dying to read these and I'm so glad I have more to go to after this one :D

I absolutely adored this one-shot, my heart really went out to George. Gah - he's so broken without Fred. Why did JK have to kill Fred? I don't think I will ever come to terms with it!!

I loved all the characters you brought into this as well (bar one but I will discuss her after) Alicia and Lee made me laugh and I liked the part you brought in about her helping to fix him. It showed people being able to get on with life after the war and that's so great. Hmm Oliver Wood. I have to admit I have a soft spot for him in the books and I adore any fanfic that includes him so yay for that!! The only person I didn't like (and it has nothing to do with your writing by the way... you did it well I just don't like her) is Natasha. Eugh. She just isn't someone George should be with and everyone can see it and so I hope when I go and read your other story George will see it too and be with Angelina like he should be :)

I loved the conflicting emotions you created for George within this piece. Wanting to go to and be with Angelina as well as not. It was wonderfully written - you really got across George's emotion.

I also wanted to mention the bit you wrote about George killing someone in the battle of Hogwarts. I've never really seen this issue come up before in a story and I think what you've written is so realistic. I'm sure most of the characters would struggle to come to terms with killing a person, even in the situation they were in where it's kill or be killed! I just wanted to commend you on it as I thought it was excellent!

Gah - the ending was lovely :) When she threw herself at him I was doing a little dance inside!! I just loved it and when you mentioned Natasha scowling I wanted to evil laugh in her face for being mean. Sorry, I just don't like her! the last line was one of my favourites where it's always been Angelina for him, again with the sweetness and loveliness, it just makes me smile inside!

I love your obsession with George... it kind of matches mine for Fred :) I figure if we pretend Fred never dies then the four of us can live happily haha. Oh I wish :)

Well done on a fabulous story my dear, I'm sure you can expect more reviews from me soon!!

Lauren :)

Author's Response: Hey!

I have such a strong Georgelina obsession and I just can't seem to shake it no matter how hard I try. There's just something about George Weasley that makes me get all fuzzy on the inside. Could it be love? Hahaha.
Thanks so much for coming to this one-shot! This is the only one-shot that I've gotten that has so many reviews and I thought that that was so shocking! Its actually quite dark and I didn't think that too many people would enjoy the nature of George so different.
I had to add in all of George's friends because I wanted to show just how much everyone had changed, and how he was having such a hard time dealling with it. It was harder to grasp their issues versus his own though but I managed to plow through really well. Alicia and Lee all the way! :D I love that couple, I hardly see it on the archives and anything with Oliver Wood makes me happy too. :D
Oh, Natasha. So many complaints about her for this one-shot, for "This is Angelina..." where this actually comes from...
People despise her. I can't blame them at all when she's such an icky character but the fact that she's so different from Angelina is apparent.
Perhaps I did it on purpose? :3
Oh, thanks for mentioning the fact that George had killed someone. For some reason, that's an issue that I've never really seen on the archives and I'm not sure why. I'm pretty sure that it would be painful for the survivors and that's a major issue with George. He had never hurt anyone before and he didn't have his brother to help him through and felt estranged from his family. So he was suffering so much. Poor dear.
Hahah, yay for Angelina! She did throw herself at him but its hard not to forget about Natasha and squeal with delight. Its completely all right that you don't like Natasha, she's not the easiest person TO like.
Ah, that last line always makes me happy too, it sums up the entire one-shot wonderfully. But, if you wanted to read "This is Angelina," you get more on what happened afterward from Angelina's POV. "Memories" is a coming of age thing from George's POV and its pretty all right so far. :D
I can't thank you enough for coming back to read my work! You're far too nice to me and it makes me so happy! :D
Hugs and kisses.
Much love,

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Review #8, by Violet Gryfindor Again

24th December 2012:
This was very good! I've seen you around the forums many times, and I'm glad to finally have the chance to read one of your stories! :)

What I liked most about this story was the way that you examined George's character after the war - those beginning paragraphs when you described how he was still trying to cope with his twin's death and the pain he kept experiencing was powerful. It's just what I thought George would be like afterwards. Yes, it's been a year, which is a long time, but he's also suffering from the loss of half of himself. I love how you give a clear idea of his uncertainty - he's on the cusp of moving on, which is a great place to begin this one-shot.

One thing I'm having difficulty with is the place of Natasha in George's life. Why on earth would he date someone like her? She's everything his family fought against, so why involve himself with a girl who can't stand Muggles and Muggle-borns? It could be a strong reaction against the pain of his brother's death, one of those crazy things people do when grieving and depressed, but I'm not convinced. Perhaps you explain it in the other story - in this one-shot, however, there's not enough to properly situate her within his life (especially when he's so willing to throw her off for Angelina in the end anyway). It can be fixed by providing a little more explanation, even a line here and there will do, just to help readers along.

Other than that, you write the canon characters excellently, giving a sense of how life would have been for this particular "generation" after the war. They fought too, and they're scarred, some more heavily than others, yet they still stick together and help each other through. You also do a great job with the pacing, including those short, one-sentence paragraphs in just the right places. :) I look forward to checking out more of your work in the future!

Author's Response: Hello!

Thanks for stopping by and checking out some of my work. Its always so flattering and plus, I was intending on reviewing one of your stories last night but Christmas food got the best of me. Hahah.
I shall do that soon! Promise!
Anyhoo, thanks for stopping by for this one-shot! I'd had the idea for it for a little while and it literally slapped me in the face one day and I decided to actually type it out.
I think George is probably the hardest person to write for. Like, ever. I had such a hard time balancing his pain and how he had changed during the past year! It took forever for me to get that just right and I'm really glad that I was able to express that well. Its such a relief, I was really nervous that I hadn't done it well. Angst is what I like most but I sometimes get so scared about delving into some of those emotions! D':
Ah, Natasha. I've gotten quite a few complaints about her in this one-shot and in the story "This is Angelina" where she shows up. I should have gone into more detail on why George was with her because just those few paragraphs really don't give you much. That's my fault as the author though because I was focusing so much on how he felt about Angelina, who he totally kissed and such! Hahaha. I think its explained in more depth in "This is Angelina" so you can check that out if you want. I think...not quite sure. Hahahah.
Oh, thanks so much for liking all the other characters. I tried to show a sense of what it was like for them all, they all had fought and lost many things. I think I went down the line too, with Alicia, with her scar, Lee and his drinking, Oliver with his temper. They're all completely different from how they'd been before and I'm glad that was able to be understood! :D
Phew, I was worried about the pacing of this but you liked it? Thanks so much! *Blush* I thought I'd made it a little too long and that it jumped a little. But this makes me really happy! :D
Thanks for stopping by and I hope to see you again for one of my stories! I'll hop on over to yours soon too and I'll most likely be stalking the forums!
Much love and thanks so much!

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Review #9, by GirlOnTheSidelines Again

6th October 2012:
Gabbie! How dare you! You didn't tell me about this! This is amazing by the way, I just love the way you capture George and Angelina's relationship and their emotions. You are such an amazing writer! Well done yet again,
GirlOnTheSidelines x

Author's Response: Hello!

Gasp! I could have sworn that I'd mentioned this one-shot on the forums! D': I wasn't trying to keep it from you or anything! It actually sprang up on its own against my will and I just had to type it all out!
George and Angelina's emotions are so difficult to write for but thanks so much! I tried my best and I need to go through and fix some things but you're too nice to me! D':
Thanks so much and I'm looking forward to your updates! (Hint, hint)
Much love,

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Review #10, by magicalme592 Again

5th October 2012:
An excellent one shot. I love the way that you showed the doubts and anxiety that George was going through before the reunion with Angie, the feelings were so close to real life.
I was thinking that you could do some kind of prequel to this story (if you've not done so before) about how George drifted apart from Alice and also how he met Natasha.
9/10 and adding to favourites.

Author's Response: Hello!

Wow, we've never spoken before so its nice to meet you and everything and thanks so much for reading! I've written two other one-shots and have never gotten this many reviews for them so, this is making me blush so much!
Anyway, George's doubts and anxiety were something that I'd played with before and had never had a chance to do while he was on his own. It almost made me cry though because I didn't think that I'd depicted it properly.
I was thinking of doing some sort of prequel to this, it actually ties along with my other story, "This is Angelina". But oddly, whenever I wanted to do a "This is George" my drive never saved my work or my computer died! D': I almost thought it wasn't meant to be but I might just do it eventually so keep a lookout for that! Also! Try reading "This is Angelina" its filled with angst but I hope you'll enjoy it too. :D
You might be seeing it soon, depending on how I get some other stories done!
Thanks so much!
Much love,

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Review #11, by caoty Again

5th October 2012:
Hey there!

I will admit right now, romance is not my forte, so expect this review to be several kinds of terrible.

So this is a very compelling account of, I guess, the cost of war - trauma and depression and loss, and you've shown that well while also having your characters move on with their lives. You've struck a good balance. Well done.
This line in particular stood out to me:

>His smiles were weaker now too and he drank too much

Because it just sums up an entire story in a line, and it's fantastic.

Maybe, though, if I'm being entirely honest here, we could've done with more information - more setting the scene, if you like. I haven't read any of your other fic before so I don't know what your timeline is like, but I personally would've liked to know how George ended up in this situation in the first place - or maybe put in a warning in your author's note that new people might not understand without having read A Force of Wills, or something.
And there were a couple of typos here and there, so you may want to check that again or get a beta.

Other than that, though - yeah, it got a bit CC-heavy, didn't it? - this was interesting, and I might drop in for a look at some of your other stuff in the future. :)

Author's Response: Hello!

Well, I honestly didn't expect you to pop over and read this one-shot! I really, really didn't. But what a surprise for me! :D
Anyway, this whole one-shot is from my story "This is Angelina", which I did put as a warning of sorts in my A/N. "A Force of Wills" is something different but there are one-shots for it too so be warned if you wanted to read those.
ANYWAY! Thanks for liking that line, I'd typed this story up rather quickly and hadn't gone through as much proof-reading and all that so my apologies. And I do think I'll probably go back and add in a bit more detail, it was something I'd been planning on doing but didn't get around to.
And if you are going to read more of my work, be prepared for more typos, horrible grammar problems and so on and so forth. I'm most likely not going to get a beta or anything but I'll go through and edit and such whenever I have the time. I don't consider myself that great of a writer to be honest but I like handling my mistakes first hand. It makes me feel like I'm improving. Does that make sense? No?! Darn. Hahah.
Well, if you do or don't drop back in to read something else of mine, it was nice replying to your good review! What were you so worried about anyway? :D
Anyway, I'll catch you on the forums and thanks for being such a dear and reviewing!
Much love of course,

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Review #12, by CassiePotter Again

5th October 2012:
I loved this! It was so wonderfully written! I think it was nice to get another glimpse into what happens in This Is Angelina, but from George's perspective. Also, I love seeing what you've done with the characters after the war. Of course they aren't that much older, but they've all changed, and I think you do a good job of showing that while still keeping them really honest and faithful to JKR's books, as well. I just wanted to push George into Angie so he'd hug her back! haha. I can't wait for A Force of Wills! And I'll let you know as soon as TFD is in th queue! 10/10
Cassie :)

Author's Response: Hello!

My dear Cassie! Its always nice hearing from you of course so hello! For a moment I'd actually thought that I'd go through and make a "This is George" to go along with "This is Angelina" but the version I had on my drive got deleted because my computer went to sleep on me. I didn't have it charged and well, you know how that is. D':
Anyway, I've been planning on doing this for a while and I might just make it into a full story sooner or later. Right now I'm sort of swamped to death with various other stories so it might take a while but look out for it!
Anyway, it was fun doing this from George's perspective, he's a really, really hard character to write for. I mean, he's just so jumbled and angsty and...Georgia! You know what you mean! ;)
I'd wanted to go into more detail and I'll probably edit this ridiculously over the next few weeks but until then, thanks! I'd wanted to talk more about Oliver and Alicia's changes as well. Alicia supposedly has this really nasty scar on the side of her face from some curse or whatever and Oliver...well, darn, I hadn't thought of what I'd wanted to do to him. Lee as you know lost two fingers and apparently drinks too much according to this one-shot. And George is tormented. Darn, what to do to Oliver...? >:D
Anyway, thanks so much for liking what I've done. I'm never very confident in anything that I write and I try my hardest so getting your lovely reviews all the time really makes me feel better! :D
You rock!
A Force of Wills will be up in another day or so and I hope you like it! I tried...I tried so hard. D':
Much love and can't wait for TFD! :D

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Review #13, by SereneChaos Again

5th October 2012:
Aww, that was cute. George's thoughts were really well done in this. I think I might have liked to see a little more time-setting (how long after Battle of Hogwarts is this?) and why George is so anxious about seeing Angelina. I liked how you made Natasha pleasant, but I think it might have been nicer to not have George's friends dislike her so much. That way it'd stay consistent with Natasha's friendly actions towards them. Otherwise though, I thought the ending was really cute!

Good job!

Author's Response: Hello!

We have never spoken before so its nice to meet you and thanks so much for reading and being the first reviewer! *Blushes*
George's thoughts are so hard to get down, especially in this stage of the story and I know, I should have done a bit better with my time-setting. Its a year after the Battle and I think I mentioned it somewhere around there but I probably didn't add enough detail so I take full blame.
Oh! I probably should have gone into more emphasis on WHY George is so anxious about seeing Angelina but this is taken from another story and I shouldn't have assumed everyone had read it. Sorry! I might go through and edit it, I'd typed it really quickly and hadn't taken alot of time with it like I normally would have. :p
Being lazy! Hahah.
The thing with Natasha is that she's pleasant but she's just...there. There's no depth to her at all with her relationship with George and you get a bit more of that in "This is Angelina". Again, I probably should have gone into more detail about it so my apologies! :D
Thanks so much for reading and liking this! Erm, please feel free to read more of my work and such! I love talking to new people!
Much love,

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