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Review #1, by James Meet the Folks

19th April 2013:
Hey great story I've read them all cmom dont be like rowling and leave all these loose ends.once agaian this is the way I imagined harrys life but I need an ending.i know its hard work but please one more chapter to tie up loose ends.

Author's Response: Thanks for writing. Maybe I'll give it another try in a few months.

I thought I tried to give all the plot threads a 'tie-off'. I did leave off doing anything more for Neville and Luna. Hopefully, they will always be the same. And some things should be left to the imagination.

It is a miracle this didn't all just end in a wimpy bang, as it is. Not so easy creating a world ending crisis and having the heros solve the problem, believeably. If people who slog through this manage not to hate the whole contraption, I think I escaped in the nick of time.

I think I've dragged this out, as it is. I am hoping to read some other peoples' stories for a change.

Potter forever!

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Review #2, by james Changes, They Will Be Exciting

22nd March 2013:
Great stories all of them please dont stop just how i would be iimagine it

Author's Response: Thank you. But I'm close to finishing. All good things must end, etc.

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Review #3, by Fred Whispers and Mutters

12th January 2013:
Did Ron die? Because no one, including Hermione has mentioned him for what seems like years.

Author's Response: No, he doesn't. You don't really find out what happens or doesn't happen to the people outside Hogwarts. The story was getting too long - as it is - without having to follow 'everyones' activities.

Plus, if these two groups are sent/flung/lost into alternate realities, the others outside or out of sight never really exist. Long and short of it, I just didn't bother writing that part.

Ron makes it back, at the very end. He was my favorite from my older 'Wolf' story, so I couldn't eliminate him, entirely.

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Review #4, by gonekrazy3000 Bonfire of the Twins

5th January 2013:
Oh my god. I have ALWAYS wanted a post-dh story
Where harry was an independantly contracted private eye.
And lo and behold i suddenly find an entire series of said private eye. I have no clue how you havent recieved that many reviews yet but i am going to go and read your earlier stories. I will do my best to make sure you atleast get a few reviews as a result :)

Author's Response: Thanks. I appreciate your note. No, not many reviews. Just assumed it wasn't what people liked to read.

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Review #5, by FriendofMolly Bonfire of the Twins

25th November 2012:
Obviously I missed your first 4 stories, but there was something about the forword that caught my eye. So I will continue and quite possibly read the others. In fact seeing as though there was so much before it would probably be better if I did. So for the first chapter I am flabbergasted. It truly makes me want to read more. Your level of magic rivals most I've read. So I must go on.

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Review #6, by saloho Bonfire of the Twins

22nd November 2012:
Glad you're back writing more potter files :) like the way you take flaws from the canon and use them as plot devices.

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Review #7, by Jenny Bonfire of the Twins

2nd October 2012:
Loving this. More please

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