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Review #1, by Jess the Enthusiast (I love you) -- it begins

26th October 2012:
Hi there! This is Jess from the forums with your John Green Quote Challenge review! First off, I'm so sorry for how long it has taken for me to review this; I've been so busy/lazy the past few weeks.

I was really excited when I saw that this was Next Generation and James/OC because I love that era and I have quite the soft spot for James II (and James I for that matter). I really liked how you had it take place after James' Hogwarts days when he was married and a father; we don't see that as much in fanfiction and I think it's always nice to see.

I think you did a really good job with the quote I gave you - and it was one of the harder ones, I think. You were able to fit it well with the context of the situation and its proceeding and following dialogue.

I felt very sad for James; from what I saw, he had a lot of love in him and to offer and yet he had such a hard hand in life what with his depressed wife. My one criticism with this story is that I wish I could have had more; as I was reading, I found myself wishing for more information and more of a background story. It was a bit difficult to be thrust into this recount of a past event without more on James and Sarah and Keturah. I was also a bit unsure of why James kept repeating that he loved his daughter; I didn't see anything in the story that would indicate that he wouldn't. I mean, was it because of the fact that she could end up like her mother? And because Sarah had turned her against him? I found myself really enjoying what you had here and wishing that I could have had more :)

So this is a really great oneshot - thank you so much for entering my challenge!


~Jess :D

Author's Response: Hello!

That's okay; sorry it's taken me so long to respond.

Your challenge was amazing, I'm glad that I could enter it.

Thank you for the review. It was short, I know, but I have this problem with not wanting to put back stories in (I think it's because I have them in my head and think that everyone else who reads my stories knows their backstories as well :P Something I need to work on I know).

Thank you!
Jasmine, x

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