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Reading Reviews for Keep Calm and Carry On
518 Reviews Found

Review #1, by BBHP And What a Mess It's Been

25th August 2017:
I'm so glad you included the part with Edie's whole family barging in on them. It was so good. SO GOOD.

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Review #2, by BBHP Makeshift

25th August 2017:
Aside from the heartwarming fluff between everyone that's making me squeal like a teenaged girl, I just have to say how much I love Seamus and Dean! They are both just so perfect. You've put so much personality into their characters that we didn't get to see in the books and I. Just. Loved. It.

I'm also dying to know why Justin was Oliver's lawyer, and why Dean is sulky (although I have a few theories about that). And adding in poor, blubbering Peter-the-champ - perfection. I died.

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Review #3, by BBHP The Opposite of Dreadful

25th August 2017:
You're totally right. The idea of a barely-adult Oliver having to step up and raise his baby sister is absolutely adorable. I'm binge-reading this story, and laughing the whole time. It's so good.

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Review #4, by BBHP Clink

25th August 2017:
I actually really like Edie. She seems to have that chip on her she shoulder, trying to make the best out of her situation sort of attitude which combined with her snarky, witty personality is excellent to read. I might have missed it, but which house was she in? Gryffindor I'm assuming, since she's friends with Dean and Seamus, but right now, Edie almost seems like such a Slytherin!

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Review #5, by BBHP Lessons in Chemistry

25th August 2017:
I'm still laughing. This is amazing.

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Review #6, by BBHP An Interview with Mister Wood

25th August 2017:
Okay, this is HILARIOUS. I about choked on my drink multiple times.

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Review #7, by krazyboutharryginny Take Two and Call Me in the Morning

20th April 2017:

Ah, this was honestly so much fun! Setting your first chapter at a party (well, not a party, but at a bar where everyone's celebrating) was a very smart move. It gives you space to sort of naturally reveal quite a fair amount of backstory and information about your characters while also keeping the story upbeat and moving.

I really like your OC, Edie. She's relatable, what with being in her 20s and working a dead-end job while also interning, but I also feel like I definitely wouldn't confuse her with any of the other OCs from other stories I've read for CTF who're in their 20s working dead-end jobs. (Which is not to say that your character or story is unoriginal, but rather that it is!) I also feel like I'd like to know more about her.

Dean and Seamus were also great here. I particularly enjoyed Dean's commentary as he and Edie watched Seamus hitting on that girl. It was totally believable that this was a group of longtime close friends. And we saw less of Lisa but she was likeable too. It sucks that she and Edie seem to be growing apart. I've been there, as I'm sure a lot of us have, and it's honestly the worst.

This was a thoroughly entertaining first chapter, great work!


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Review #8, by melian Take Two and Call Me in the Morning

20th April 2017:
Well, that was a fun read!

Nice use of backstory. I know enough about all our main characters, without ridiculously long and boring paragraphs explaining it all, or making me feel like you've regurgitated your entire notebook. It's surprisingly difficult to achieve that (I know I rarely manage) so kudos for that.

I'm finding myself liking Edie. She's a solid and believable character - 26 years old, entry level job, boozy nights out, love of sports, losing her best friend to a relationship, the works, which all make her very relateable. After all, magical world aside, most people would be able to relate to at least one of those points. Me, more than one. But I'm not saying which ones!! Lol.

I loved the charmed mirror too. I have thought more than once about following sports from afar when you don't have televisions and wondered how the magical folk did it, as surely just hearing about it after the fact wouldn't be enough for most people. Especially when they learn Muggles have had television for decades. Not much point in priding yourself on magical abilities if you can't manage this one thing, is there? And yes, they have the wireless, which I assume broadcasts sporting events when they're on, but visuals are everything. So, charmed mirror? Nice. And even nicer to have Seamus and Dean make friends with her so they can use it!

While I'm on those two, I really liked your characterisation of them. You've obviously put a lot of thought into how their adult selves would behave and it shows. Each with enough of the kids we knew in the canon, extrapolated enough to give them believable characteristics eight years later.

Oh, and back to the mirror. The dodgy reception??? That was GOLD.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this one. Great job!

cheers Mel

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Review #9, by ANightingaleInAGoldenCage Take Two and Call Me in the Morning

8th April 2017:
Hiya! Here for CTF #5!

I must say that I am very intrigued about Edie, because aside from the little snippets you mentioned about her, such as her working as a sort of trainee like person at Charms but doesn't get to do what she wants to do, we don't really know much about her. It kind of distracted me a bit though, because I felt like I knew a bit too less about her at times. That being said, i felt more attuned to both Dean and Seamus, because we know so much more about them and I love the fact that he's all decked up in green, also because he's Irish (are the Kestrels Irish? I can't remember), and how Dean and Edie are so surprised he manages to score anyway. I also adore the fact that you brought in numerous chars which are known but not that much at all, like Lisa and Justin. I also didn't know Seamus was a person who flirted so mcuh, so it's a nice addendum to his character as it is. It gives them all more depth and you also showed how it all worked between them and how some things only came to happen after the war ended. Which is also logical in a way, but in terms of relationships it's especially a nice touch because war brings up so many feelings you didn't know you had. So all in all very nice chapter! Well done!

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Review #10, by Dirigible_Plums Take Two and Call Me in the Morning

8th April 2017:

I'm here to see whether you've managed to sneak a flag into your midst for CTF event. I should be working at the moment but life's too short and I'm taking a break I'll probably end up regretting.

I absolutely loved this chapter. Lennox seems like a right riot albeit one who seems to believe she's still in her early twenties. Not that there's anything necessarily wrong with spending all night getting drunk (or as many night as possible anyway) but it doesn't seem very healthy to keep up, does it? Her liver must be crying for help :P

But no, I adored Lennox. Her internal commentary had me bursting out laughing more than once. Her dislike for Justin (the reference to that argument cracked me up!) and the fact that she actually said "Their loins first started burning at Hogwarts" was just gold. It reminds me of a crack!fic I once wrote. Loins bursting into flames, indeed.

I really liked the sense of camaraderie in this chapter. I'm not a huge sports fan but I've always admired the sense of fraternity between fans, especially when their team has won, so reading about the Kestrel fans (what would one call them? Is there a name for these lot?) bellowing the team's song and generally going wild was a lovely conclusion to the chapter.

Plums xo

Author's Response: Hi there!

I love seeing people start my older fics for the first time. And you're right, Edie is definitely stuck in the limbo between early twenties behavior and the time when she should settle down and get a job--but WiTh ThE eCoNoMy in 2006, that reality has changed! At least in my experience. So our favorite characters are navigating through this new idea of adulthood ,and when it's appropriate to grow up, and also the difficulties of attaining that "perfect life" and how it affects their decision-making. Granted, Edie is not one for good decision-making ;)

LOINS! lol I'm intrigued about this crackfic now... and also nervous... unless this is a cooking fic.

You and me both, sister. I know absolutely nothing about sports and generally couldn't care less about them. So writing a character who actually gives two cents about people hurling their bodies at one another for an industry that spends and receives WAY TOO MUCH MONEy was a challenge. But it's a Quidditch fic, so I had to try, I reckon. (I'm with you though. I don't get it.) Ahh, I really like the idea of having a nickname for Kestrels fans! I'll have to play around with that. Thank you for the suggestion :)

And thanks for reading! ♥

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Review #11, by greenbirds Morning

30th March 2017:
i love this story, i /love/ this story and i really, truly don't know where to begin in this (long overdue) review of it. like- i've been floating about hpff since i was fourteen and whilst it's position within my favourites on the site hasn't changed, the meaning behind it's sentimental attachment does. you know, like when you're fourteen, and all you care about is the smashing one liners and the exciting romance? but now i'm eighteen and i am- god, i really, really am- appreciating edie as such a great, sensational, layered heroine: the kind of character i would applaud and gush over in regular fiction, let alone online fanfiction?

because this isn't a romance, or a oliver/oc. like, okay yeah, it is, but it's so much more than that: it's edie's story, it's a story of gradual growing up and reluctant acceptance of responsibility and adult life, and the way you present it is so funny and relatable and- god, how cliche- magical, once i've started re-reading it, i can't let go. i keep and keep on finding new things within it i just adore.

because, first of all: edie. edie is SO GREAT. i just love her. she's me, she's my best friends, she's the girls in the year above and the girls in the year below; she's flattered by thirteen year old boy attention and she is undeniably vain and stubborn and occasionally selfish but she is possibly the best reflection on young woman-hood i've read on hpff; and to extend it to real fiction, she ranks in with bridget jones in her unapologetic, first person confessional glory. i don't want to be like, "oh she's so much better than other HPFF female protagonists, so much more realistic"- because as an author myself i kind of don't like being pitted up against other writers like competition- but... something along those lines? that sentiment? she's just the girl the hpff universe needs and deserves.

and outside edie and her brilliant nature that /so/ has twenty-first century feminism entwined with the clumsiness and the wit; oliver, too, is so fabulously layered and exciting and flawed i'd almost argue it's as much his story as it is hers. like you know how in movies they'd have the main character in the forefront of the poster, and the supporting actors behind? i'd almost argue they'd both share the poster space. if that makes sense. not really?

i really do not know what to say. i feel like i've reviewed this before- i definitely have- but i know how much reviews mean to an author and it felt almost immoral to continue enjoying and loving this piece of work without any sort of acknowledgement towards its writer. i could go on for ages- seamus, dean, ada, rose, even that it's KATE NASH portraying edie, like come on! KATE NASH!! so perfect! god on you for picking the writer behind foundations- which i now listen to as the musical embodiment of edie- as edie! even jsut the fact that she's so nice looking, not some victoria's secret model nor a-list celebrity, but just a pretty girl with a lot more spunk behind the eyes. so edie. so clever. i JUST LOVE IT.

so yeah- sorry for that rambling, and sorry for not going into any specific detail. it's 3am and i was hit with a sudden urge to review KC&CO as i was reflecting on how much i liked it, and i'm too tired to go into any productive detail. i'm the worst. you're the best. thank you ENDLESSLY. GOD, i LOVE this story!

Author's Response: I don't even know how to give this the proper response. I am so so so appreciative and humbled by this! (And I sent you a much less eloquent tumblr message months ago, but am not sure if you saw it in all of its caps-locked glory.)


It means so much to see that not only did you stick with the story from the beginning--and it took me FOREVER to finish--but that you returned to it! And that you relate to Edie in different ways as you've aged! I cannot say enough that I wanted to write this story so that young people wouldn't feel lost or like disappointments. I was frustrated with my dead-end relationship, my unpaid art museum internship, my awful and WAY below living wage restaurant job, and I diverted my anger into this story! Way back in 2011 the Struggling Adult thing wasn't quite as prevalent in film, TV shows, etc. as it is now. At least not for women.

I'm glad you mentioned Bridget Jones! Truthfully I only just saw that movie, like, last year, so going into this story I didn't realize that there were certain similarities. But even with Bridget Jones, her character was often reduced to her "dumb blonde" moments, or the "Oh gosh does this make me a tart?" moments, or the punchline that she was just a "little bit fat," and it didn't feel like it was truly speaking to the actual, real problems of twenty-somethings. It didn't feel like other comedic or dramatic characters today who just happen to be women and are facing the same life situations, trials and tribulations as men. I was frustrated that nobody was talking about this. So Edie was born!

And I'm so glad you mentioned her being "flattered by 13 year-old boy attention," because I honestly couldn't think of a better last line for her in this story. ;)

Oh god, I don't know if it's a mark of being really ingrained in my character writing or what, but I feel like I genuinely have, like, THE BIGGEST crush on Oliver Wood as he is in this fic. I love that you said it's as much his story as hers. His pitfalls and character flaws were so important (like leaving young and mourning Ada home alone to go off drinking) but they don't make him unredeemable. And I know exactly what you mean about the poster space--because I spent the majority of the last four years daydreaming and doodling what these posters would look like ;)

You are so right about the importance of reviews, and this is one of the stand-outs amid hundreds, and I cannot thank you enough for taking the time to read this, let alone return to leave such a thoughtful review. Especially that Foundations makes you think of Edie now?! There are real people in the world, going on about their days, who casually remember this story because of a song? You have no idea what this means to me!

And please don't apologize about anything from this review! You are not the worst, you are a rock star.

♥ THANK YOU SO MUCH, you have no idea ♥

Oh, PS: KC&CO has almost 90k reads right now, and I've got a little something in the works for when it hits 100k (which could very well be a year and, with my writing pace, would work better tbh.)

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Review #12, by Frances The Proposition

10th October 2016:
I read this ages ago and totally forgot to review but I've decided to re-read and oh I'd forgotten how much I like this story. Edie is fab and I'm probably too excited to go on and read more of this if I'm honest.
On a side note, all the barkeeps and bar backers I know (and I live in England) recieve tips from where they work, so it made sense to me

Author's Response: That's so interesting! And actually I hate hearing that because when I was in England this past September we rarely tipped because we thought we weren't supposed to, WHY DID THIS HAPPEN, I FEEL AWFUL NOW.

But I'm glad it makes sense for the story?

Oh man.

I love hearing that people are rereading. There are some huge (YUGE) edits in the works for this fic, so I appreciate you wading through the not-so-hot writing that is these first chapters. Thank you for sticking with Edie! ♥

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Review #13, by onestop_hpfan18 Morning

21st August 2016:
Thank Merlin for annoying little sisters like Ada! If it weren't for Ada, then those two wouldn't have gotten back together. And I loved how Oliver came after her with Edie accidentally slamming his fingers into the compartment's sliding door, completely catching each other off their guards. Loved this ending so much! And they lived happily ever after! I'd read a sequel about them if you'd right it... that's how much I enjoyed reading Edie and Oliver and their whirlwind romance. Excellent writing and story telling!

Author's Response: Yes! Honestly I was really struggling with this last chapter, because I knew that they were *supposed* to be together, but it wasn't working. I tried writing endings where they didn't end up together and that also just felt wrong. Maybe I'm biased but I think these two are made for each other--at least for now. Maybe they'll try to have a normal relationship and it won't hold up, but like Oliver said, they were going to *try* it.

Anyway, it just didn't feel right until it struck me that duh, of course, Ada had to be there. She is Oliver's world, and the reason that he and Edie had their rift in the first place. She's also so blunt and logical that she needed to be his voice of reason. Ada would never sit him down and have a heart to heart and give him her blessing, and talk about love--but she totally would yell at him to stop being dramatic. And really, weren't these two being SO dramatic?

I know the train was cheesy, and I'll consider moving it to another location in the many, many edits this story is due for. But I really wanted Edie to break his fingers, haha, so wherever it may move to, that needs to stay ;)

Thank you so much for sticking with this story. I honestly am so amazed and humbled by all of you readers. You're the best ♥

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Review #14, by onestop_hpfan18 You Can Never Really Go Home

21st August 2016:
The tension between them in this chapter is unbearable... yet when she pulls that photo from the tabloid out of his pocket, well I actually felt a twinge of hope for them. But then it got real at the end of this chapter and I'm not sure how it'll all end. Whether they'll get back together or say goodbye. But I don't want them to say goodbye. So many mixed feelings and what-if scenarios dancing in my mind.

Author's Response: I haven't read this chapter in so long, reading your review made me glance over it again. The tabloid photo! Yes! Especially after Edie has gone on thinking that Oliver didn't even care about his press. Then suddenly it's there in his pocket. In my mind he tore it out ages ago and forgot about it. Maybe I should add in some dialogue about how it's an old cloak and he hasn't been staring at it every night. The photo wasn't supposed to be her realizing that he's still carrying a torch, so much as spurring the conversation that leads to their final breakup.

But that's for another day.

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Review #15, by onestop_hpfan18 Just Edie

21st August 2016:
The build up after six months of no communication in this chapter was torture. I have no idea what to expect once she's faced with Oliver. I hope he's forgiven her and hears her out this time. They so belong together.

Author's Response: This was one of my favorite chapters--I loved showing how everyone's lives had changed (or not changed) over six months. Especially Lisa and Justin being at their wit's end, that was certainly cathartic to Edie as they were always frustratingly perfect in her eyes.

Two chapters left and you're still shipping Ediver! What a writer's dream ♥

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Review #16, by onestop_hpfan18 Girl Seeks General Sense of Purpose

21st August 2016:
I didn't know it was possible for my heart to break more until I read this chapter. But good on Edie for realising that she doesn't want to be a journalist anymore after the realisation that there are no morals and ethics in the journalism field. I just wish Oliver hadn't been so cold to her. I mean, I don't blame him, but one look at Edie should have told him that she truly is sorry and loves him. I want the fluff back. All this angst is depressing.

Author's Response: I may have been a little unforgiving towards the field of journalism. Surely there are morals and ethics, but not where Edie had placed all of her faith: the Oracle Underground. In a way it represents how she viewed herself, as a steadfast and vigilant source of activism and truth. But CLEARLY that is not how she was as a person--I mean this whole fic is her trying to ruin someone's career because of a petty grudge. When she realizes that the OU and Conor are just the same, it was a real blow to her, but it was also freeing.

I totally don't blame Oliver either, but it was really hard to write him being so cold. He's been an extremely understanding character throughout this fic, in ways that Edie never could have been, but she finally dug her own grave too deep. "All this angst is depressing," haha, you're right, it has certainly taken a turn in the last few chapters.

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Review #17, by onestop_hpfan18 Happy New Year?

21st August 2016:
I so did not see this plot twist coming. I'm beyond shocked. My heart is breaking for Ediver. Just when Edie had chosen Oliver over her job and this happens. I loath Mr Ward and Blakeslee even more than before. There are no ethics and morals at WW. I'm glad that Rose came around and is on Edie's side. Maybe she can play a part in getting Oliver to listen to Edie's side of the story.

Author's Response: Hahaha I love reading these last few reviews, because clearly you have arrived at the portion of this fic where all of the twists come out all at once, very aggressively. Here was another one! And this time (in my opinion) it's actually not Edie's fault! Maybe her naivety is to blame, and she might have done well to remember that magic exists and Ward could have extracted her third article from the typewriter, but still. She had no malicious intentions for once, and it still turned around and bit her you-know-where.

I don't know why but I still want to defend Blakeslee. She definitely had a hand in the retrieval and publishing of the third article, but I think she would have completely lost her mind if she knew that Ward was pointing his wand--a weapon--at their former employee. Too bad she might never know!

Rose came around! Yes! I loved her role in this chapter. Initially it was going to be Lisa and Edie rekindling their friendship, but this story is about change, and it felt like a cop out or a revisit of the past. Edie and Lisa will always be best friends, but it can't just be the two of them drinking champagne on New Year's like it would have been when they were younger. Lisa has a whole new life now, with a husband and a baby on the way. Rose is now in a similar situation, with uncertainty of their lives and careers. It just felt right that these two try to work things out.

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Review #18, by onestop_hpfan18 A King on Her Throne

21st August 2016:
This chapter was a long time coming and I thought you redeemed Edie quite well, as well as showing how she redeemed Oliver in her eyes and that was enough before she set the parchment on fire and vanished the ashes, leaving no trace that there had ever been another story. I'm also glad that she quit WW because she's a better writer than that. Hopefully she can find a real journalist job that hold their writers to a higher moral standard than WW. Like OU, perhaps? Still a few more chapters for things to fall into her favor in that respect.

Author's Response: Edie is very big into setting parchment on fire, isn't she? What a drama queen. This was another chapter I was excited to get to. Blakeslee, Ward and Witch Weekly in general were painted the villain in a lot of ways, so I was excited to have Blakeslee bring the issue of Wrong/Right to Edie's attention. It was important to show that there *isn't* a single wrong and right answer. If Edie hadn't happened to fall for Oliver, she would have just been doing her job. The only variable was that her feelings got in the way.

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Review #19, by onestop_hpfan18 The Unfortunate Truth

21st August 2016:
So much drama in this chapter, and Theo! Gah, I really didn't see that one coming. I'm completely blindsided. I thought Theo was nice and truly friends with Edie. Then again, it's not really a big shock considering Theo was a Slytherin at Hogwarts. Very fitting that he's only thinking of himself.

I'm sad that Rose had to find out about Oliver and Edie in such a public way, but glad that it's all out there in the open. Nothing standing between them anymore. Though the question still stands... will Mr Ward like Edie's nice article, or will he give her an ultimatum of producing an article similar to the ones she wrote or fire her if she doesn't write it? The suspense is weighing down so heavy.

Author's Response: YES I was so eager to get to this reveal, where Edie realizes that not everyone is going to like her. And even if Theo does like her in general, this is what the professional world is like: cutthroat. He's really not in the wrong. If they'd been close friends, it would be more upsetting, but as he said, they were just coworkers. Casual acquaintances.

And even Rose is weaseling her way back into everyone's hearts. I really like her transition in this story. It's partially her becoming a bigger person, and partially Edie realizing that she doesn't need to make Rose her enemy. But like you said, one obstacle is out of the way, and there are a dozen more. Edie and Oliver still have to deal with the article.


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Review #20, by onestop_hpfan18 And What a Mess It's Been

21st August 2016:
This chapter was very steamy. It was a long time coming, and it showed in both of their eagerness. I loved the morning after with her brothers, Mum, and stepfather all piling into her bedroom as though it was nothing that she had brought a man home the previous night. Already adopting him into their crazy family. And Oliver playing right along, the trooper. Great chapter.

Author's Response: Hahaha, yes, I couldn't just let them have a nice night. Although it was indeed pretty steamy. I figured it was a long time coming, so might as well make the most of it ;) And of course Oliver just sees the endgame (FOOD) and is totally oblivious to how awkward it might make Edie feel to have him meet her ENTIRE FAMILY literally the first morning after their little tryst begins. I guess he just really wanted waffles...

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Review #21, by onestop_hpfan18 Good Decisions

21st August 2016:
Finally Dean's behaviour makes sense. Unrequited love stinks. But it's a simple matter of learning that everyone you have feelings for aren't always going to return them, and vice versa. You can't force yourself to have feelings for someone you just are feeling it with. I hope Edie and Dean can get past this rocky part in their friendship. But the simple truth is that friendships usually end when one has been friend zoned, or a lot of time has to pass before they were to be friends again.

So, Edie is going home with Oliver tonight. That'll be quite an interesting conversation with Ada in the morning. Awkward, I'm thinking. Unless Edie leaves before Ada wakes. Awesome chapter.


You're absolutely right--you don't owe anybody anything just because you don't return their feelings. Edie can be chastised and even made the villain for a lot of her behavior, but not this.

Thank you again so much for all of your reviews ♥

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Review #22, by onestop_hpfan18 Makeshift

20th August 2016:

Side note, I suspected that Oliver's intentions with Rose were to keep Edie from getting in trouble if it was found out that the girl in the picture was her, but I wasn't sure, especially with how much Rose was rubbing it in Edie's face. I still want to know if Rose knew of the reason Oliver was seeing her from the start, or if she had been as in the dark as Edie. But what Oliver did is redeemable because his heart had been in the right place, and he had wrote her a letter. It wasn't his fault that Edie had went all pyromanic on him, bursting his letter into flames. Anyway, awesome chapter and I'm looking forward to reading on.

Author's Response: Yes I literally made you wait 24 chapters for this moment. The slowest of the slow burns.

But I'm glad that it was worth the wait!

A-ha! You even called the reason why Oliver started dating Rose. (Well, that and, he and Edie weren't like in love or anything and you can date whoever you want and maybe it was a stupid choice to date Rose before Edie but anyway who can blame him, he's super adorable.) And yes, now you finally know what was written in the letter that she stupidly burned!

Thank you again! ♥

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Review #23, by onestop_hpfan18 The Opposite of Dreadful

20th August 2016:
This was a very fluffy chapter, but it was a long time coming. Things are finally starting to come to a head for Ediver.

Author's Response: THE FLUFFIEST. Seriously. Edie meeting Ada and seeing how Oliver chooses to live a quiet life, and isn't the person she thought he was, was a pretty important scene. So I figured "Good job Sarah, you got to one of the Big Reveals, now you can fill the entire chapter with fluff as a reward."

Like sometimes I come back just to read/squee at this chapter.


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Review #24, by onestop_hpfan18 Vanity, Not Love

20th August 2016:
Finally someone to knock some sense into Edie, and what better person to do it than her Mum. Loved this chapter. And that cliffhanger! Also, sad that the position at the Oracle has been filled... I was holding out hope that Edie would land it.

Author's Response: Hypatia to the rescue!

My own mother is very very blunt and will (usually) give me good advice. Even if sometimes she is telling me I'm wrong just to play the devil's advocate or for the sake of arguing... anyway. Hypatia is definitely quick to knock some sense into Edie. And, somehow, Edie listened.

This is definitely the gateway chapter into the other, slightly more angsty, less-fluffy chapters. Luckily the next chapter is pure fluff to accommodate for all the impending sadness ;)

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Review #25, by onestop_hpfan18 Apology Not Accepted

20th August 2016:
Dang it all. I just want things to be fixed between Oliver and Edie. They need to get together. I'm so tired of Rose rubbing it in Edie's face that she's seeing Oliver. I'm looking at their relationship as purely a hook-up friends with benefits affair. It doesn't sound like a real relationship to me.

Author's Response: Oh yes, Rose talking about their relationship is a defense mechanism for sure. I mentioned in my last response that she was based off of an old coworker, and there's a moment in this chapter that was lifted from one of our interactions.

I forget where we were or what we were doing, but the moment when Rose kind of flips her hair and murmurs nervously just to fill the silence--this girl did that. And she always seemed so cool and put-together and everyone liked her and she was like this person I could never be, but then in that moment I weirdly realized that every single thing she did was for the sake of maintaining an image of how she wanted to be perceived. I don't know, it was just really weird. Edie definitely want to be a certain person but she isn't as meticulous about keeping up her identity as Rose, so in that moment she felt sorry for her.


On to your next lovely review.

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