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Review #1, by Emmie The one with the autobiography

10th May 2016:
This was wonderful. I really liked the first one, and this was a great way of sort of summing up their lives.

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Review #2, by TroubleFindsMe The one with the autobiography

15th October 2013:
This is probably my tenth time reading this story but I just wanted you to know that it is honestly the most perfect sequel a story could ever have. The snippets of James's book are incredible and it's interesting, and really sad, to see his point of view. The ending literally had me in tears.

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Review #3, by Lola The one with the autobiography

15th January 2013:
I still don't understand if James ever loved Jan... :(

Author's Response: WELL. My perspective on it has always been that... he didn't exactly love her, but he always had a certain fondness for our Jan because she, like Al, was always unimpressed and on Al's side (which didn't used to happen a lot when he was growing up), but he also always knew that the two of them were a bit dotty for one another so never really dwelt on the fact that he liked Jan beyond the levels of their friendship (which was mostly centered around Al), and in the end it didn't make much difference because James and Al have the bromance of the century and that was always more important than these festering not quite feelings of his, so he just got over it in the sense that he didn't /fancy/ her or anything but just... cared about her a lot.

Anyways, that's how I've always seen it :)

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Review #4, by Fawkes394 The one with the autobiography

28th November 2012:
I read 'The Sporadic Suffering and Tiresome Torment of Albus Potter', and I loved both the novel an this spin-off. I really liked Ellen (have you planned on writing something about her and his brothers?), though it's sad that James turned out so badly.

Author's Response: I haven't really thought all that much about writing more about Ellen, cause I have a lot of things i'm writing at the moment. But I'm glad that you liked it! :)

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Review #5, by HPsmartone32 The one with the autobiography

15th October 2012:
so good. i wish there had been more about the jan/james does he love her thing, but i really liked it!

Author's Response: Ah, glad you liked it!

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Review #6, by Shay_Gryff The one with the autobiography

7th October 2012:
There is no such thing as a spin off without a little angst! Great job!



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Review #7, by Loony_Scorpy The one with the autobiography

7th October 2012:
The fact that James spelt the names wrong of the girls that cheated on him. I just loved that. I also love the way Jan being sick made him feel - when he talked to her after she read his book and he said how he didn't want Al to lose her my heart may have broken a tiny bit. And by saying I love the way it made him feel, I mean that I loved that we could see the depth of his emotions and just how much he really loves Al (and Jan). And his relationship with Ellen was beautiful. I just loved everything about and the only thing is that I want more and there won't be any more ;) Except I think it did finish at a really good time so yeah.

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Review #8, by Smattering_of_Fairy_Dust The one with the autobiography

7th October 2012:
You've really outdone yourself. It's so... so profound. I've always thought that James from The sporadic sufferings was more than he seemed. The little excerpts are so beautiful and it really shows that he was something. His path to growing up is so unique and so incredible... I know you just said that it was "the very last bit of Al/Jan/James that will ever be posted" but please don't put a cap on it. I want to read all sixty-three chapters and more of James's book. At least write Ellen's story?


Author's Response: Hey there Smattering_of_Fairy_Dust (I lovelovelovelove your name, by the way!) the problem with this story ending is that I had intended to write a lot more (before this bit) and I had an epilogue that was set on Ellen's first day of Hogwarts... but it wasn't very in keeping with this actually story (more so than this one) so there was... lots more angsty feelings and such and I decided against posting it. But, to me there's always been lots and lots of depths to James (I just haven't mentioned it) so it was lovely to indulge in that a little! So so glad you liked it too, as I was a little unsure what people would tihink but loved it to bits myself.

Thanks for the lovely review! :)


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Review #9, by ellen The one with the autobiography

7th October 2012:
my names ellen and I'm a huge fan of this story, so this literally made my life!

also, when are we going to see more of james/cassie?

Author's Response: Awh, Ellen! I'm so glad you liked it and I really like the name Ellen (I'm a Helen, but I love Ellen so much more and I feel like it's out of the running for naming my future children... hence it sneaks into this story ahha). Oh, James/Cassie? SOON. SOON my friend :D

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Review #10, by classicblack The one with the autobiography

6th October 2012:

Honestly, though, I loved this. I loved that it was from the perspective of Al's daughter, who is sort of like a mini-Al in some ways. I liked that James doesn't actually like Jan as more than a sister-in-law and that Ginny was wrong. I loved that James is still James and Al is still cleaning up after him. I liked that Al can be fun all he wants too. I loved the depth that you showed to James and Al's relationship and just James in general. I liked that it was from the innocent view of a child.

I just liked it, ok? I don't know if you picked up on that ;)

No, scratch that. I loved it. It was funny and cute and what's a story without a little angst?

Really, you're just awesome Helen. It was totally fantastic! I loved that last two words- tradition!!

Phenomenal job!
Happy writing,

P.S. Maybe some Everland and/or TAOS next? Pleeaaase?!

Author's Response: Just singing 'I just can't get enough' to myself here, ahha. AWH SO GLAD YOU LIKED IT (and sorry it took so long to get to your request because reasons), but I think TAOS is going in next and then I'll try and work on Everland for you athough that story is well... welll, that story is a hazard to my life.

I've always thought there was lots of Jamesy stuff going on underneath the surface so it was nice to have a chance to go into the Jamesy psyche and write about it all. And I love writing through the point of view of a child - it's just all round fun.

Thanks for such a lovely review (and all your others) they're very very much appreciated! :)


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Review #11, by Cirque Du Freak The one with the autobiography

6th October 2012:

I remember some of the parts but then akjsdasfujshfa all the little bits between and this is just before *everything* else happened and Teagan and James and aw aw aw.

And then there were all these little excerpts and blah can't you just write the whole thing, please?

And Jan and Al being all grown up-y and parent-like together and its so great and aw there's so much angst and sfhjsdikfhjas I just I can't stop fangirling.

There's just too much love for all of this and all the Jan/James moments as well and then Ellen just being all *there* and sort of peeking in through the bits and bobs of their life as not actual parents and its all sad because just the way things went but not because it'll be better and sjkfhasidhadfa.


Like, why. EEFJP. and all the separated parts just all went together and i love it and especially the last bit and just ughhjdsafsd i have nothing to say.

this is just too perfect an ending. this is just too emotional right now okay.

so im going to leave and thats that. ugh the love is too hard to describe.


Author's Response: Ee Hanzi I'm so glad that you likees it (because I've got to admit that I was really pleased with the way things turned out and you are one of my lovely benchmarks of approval so you liked it is well, just most excellent and THANK YOU for breaking my zero and all that).

AND AH I loved writing the little excerpts and it's vaguely tempting but I'm probably not going to give into it you know (ahahahah),and YES YES YES I loveetthh you and you're wonderful and I like Ellen a lot (she reminds me of Toby a little) and YEAH glad you liked it deary and don't get too emotional although actually I showed you the whole actual and proper endings so I guess you can feel free LOVETH YOU DEAR :)


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