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Review #1, by zealousVisionary Mischief in the Castle

9th July 2014:
House Cup 2014 Review Decree #6

Wow! I was drawn to your story by just the title, and the first chapter was simply fantastic! The dialogue was very snappy and funny and I'm loving the clever, interesting characters so far!

The portable swamp was probably my favorite prank from the books, and you wrote about the prank so well in this chapter! This is such an intruiging AU, too. (when I saw the name 'professor Potter,' I started giggling)

All in all, this was a great start that pulled me in right away, and I'll definitely be coming back to read more of it very soon!

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Review #2, by teh tarik Mischief in the Castle

9th July 2014:
Hey there!

Oh, goodness! What a delightful chapter! I absolutely love portable swamps, and fics with portable swamps in them, and I adore AUs as well, and this chapter was an absolute treat to read! I adore the level of detail you've gone into to describe the students carrying out their covert operation with military discipline! :P And I love how creative they are. Also, I might have done a fist pump in the air when you started mentioning how the students needed to ferried and rafted across the swamp. I giggled a fair bit thinking of the students standing on rafts just to get to breakfast.

And Professors Potter and Granger? Hilarious and absolutely wonderful! It would be lovely if they all became teachers; after all, Hogwarts is pretty much a home for all of them.

Fabulous chapter; I definitely want to come back and read the rest of this! Great work.

House Cup 2014 Review
Educational Decree No. 6

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Review #3, by gingersnape Mischief in the Castle

5th January 2013:
Hi Chris! This was so much fun to read! I was poking around for something funny and couldn't believe that this didnít have many reviews, so I couldn't pass it up. (And boy am I glad I didn't!)

Your ideas for pranks had me smiling the whole way through - the kitchen prank was really original, the swamp filled me with happiness at the memories of the first swamp (the rafts were a really good idea too - I'm glad the teachers got an excuse to leave it up! :D), and the poor predicament the ghosts were in was a great way to make the enchantments a little more amusing without getting anyone in real trouble.

I found your use of a large group of pranksters really interesting because you usually only see one or two people involved, or occasionally three. While it was difficult for me to keep track of who was who, I thought the diversity of the pranksters added a really positive element to the story. I only wish I had more time to learn about who everyone was, but with so many character in such a small story, I thought you characterized everyone very well and made them all different enough to have funny quirks I liked seeing throughout the story.

I noticed a few spelling and grammar mistakes, but for the most part, everything was very well edited. There were mostly missing commas and in this sentence: "As she climbed off the boat into the Dining Hall, she could hear the other students whispering and discussing the other remarkable things they'd woken too." the "too" should be "to." :)

Overall, I thought this worked the meme in very well and I really enjoyed reading about the different pranks and their amusing methods of sneaking around after hours with such a large group, as you made the necessary precautions a very funny part of the story, especially with Isla's contribution! :)


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Review #4, by caomoyl Mischief in the Castle

5th January 2013:
Chris!! Thank you for entering my challenge and I'm so sorry it has taken me so long to review! You know what RL can be like sometimes.
I really liked this! You used your prompt well and I'll just pretend that this school has barely any rules ;) I like that you went AU and had Harry and Hermione (I assume) as teachers and that you changed the house names. I'm not sure how you pronounce the first house name though!
I did get rather confused over who all the characters were as they just seemed to be appearing out of nowhere, but I like that you had house unity which did need that number of characters.
I loved the sassy innocence at the end between the students and professors. I can't believe they got away with it and got the points. When I was in school, I would never have been able to do that, but you made their relationship with the professors so that it was possible and you showed that well.
I like the prank that you chose to pull and it would have been highly amusing if it had happened in the books/films. It sounds like something that would have put every student on edge which would have been hilarious to watch, so good job with that!
Overall, I really liked this! Keep an eye out for a blog (hopefully soon) with the results in it!

Author's Response: YAY!!! The review I've been waiting for.

Yes indeed, RL can be a total drag. But it can also help, infact a lot of what I wrote last year was developed on the hour long drives to work each morning.

I'm glad it worked satisfactorily (sorry about the lack of rule breaking, but in fairness I did write it fairly quickly, I may expand it further on down the line). I always work AU, especially in the next gen because I vehemently disagree with the epilogue, but that's another story. I love the idea of Harry and Hermione as teachers. I think that they'd be so good. And yes, different house names because its a completely different school :D Acheron [ak-uh-ron] was one of the rivers of the underworld, but I just liked how it looks and sounds ;P

Sorry about the confusion, they are the main characters of my AU next-gen set in another school in another country, so most of them are OC's. That story is already very well developed in my mind so it just flowed out like that once I got going and I didn't really think about how people who haven't read Life at the Academy would view it. I may also go back and try to fix that one day too. I glad you liked how they interacted though. They're kind of a combination of the Marauders and the Golden Trio.

It's how I see the Hogwarts students relationships with the teachers would have been were there no overarching war and fear of death. Not all the teachers are like that, but they are kind of Harry and Hermione's fav students so there is often interactions of that nature between them. I'm happy it came off well rather than odd though. And that it came through properly despite the lack of backstory and history in the piece.

I would love to have seen the Twins turn the Great Hall into a massive swamp. It would have made such a great scene in the movies. I think the students would have found it more amusing than been put on edge, btu maybe I'm just too close to things to see it for what it is.

I shall be keeping a weather eye on the horizon for that blog post. Though I'm pretty sure mine didn't come out as well as I'd hoped, so it sure won't be number one. Thanks for setting such an awesome challenge, I really enjoyed making my entry.


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