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Review #1, by Freda_and_Georgina Attempt Nine

4th April 2014:
This was a really enjoyable story! I'm starting to wonder why Muriel is so underused in Fan Fiction (as far as I'm aware).

I loved how Muriel finally relented when she realized a nursing home was a way to boss around more people, even if Ginny and Fleur had to get her there by force.

A teenage Muriel? That would be quite the character, but it sounds interesting too.


Author's Response: Thank you so much! It was so much fun to write, because there's such scope for as grumpy a character as Muriel :D

Hehe oh yes, she really wouldn't have gone in any other way - in by force, kept there by the temptation to ~boss~ the boys just didn't understand that!

Hee I would like to write teenage Muriel one day! Thanks so much for the lovely review :D

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Review #2, by Secret Santa Attempt Nine

12th December 2012:
I really loved this story, especially as it is about Aunt Muriel. There is so little known about her and what you've written about her, I think is exactly what might have happened in canon. If you ever decide to write a story about Muriel as teenager then you have to let me know as I would love to read it.

I loved the quote "I’ve lived through three wars, five children, fifteen Ministers and two marriages." And how after the Second Wizarding War, it was changed to four wars and eighteen Ministers.

I really loved this story and I would love to read more.

Merry Christmas from your Secret Santa

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Review #3, by ValWitch21 Attempt Nine

5th December 2012:
I have lived through four wars, five children, eighteen Ministers and two marriages, but never have I been met with such - such disrespect.

The fact that Muriel switched to four wars made me smile (tearfully).

This was such a perfect conclusion to the story! I'm so happy you developped a relationship between Ginny and Fleur :)

However, the sad bit is that this is over, and there will be no more Auntie Muriel to brighten up my days... If you ever write her as a teenager, you hvae got to let me know, okay?


Author's Response: Aww thank you so much! :) I wanted to add in those little details of changing Ministers and wars as we went through them, because life is going on while they attempt to budge Muriel.

I love Fleur and Ginny! I couldn't leave them without a relationship being built. I will make sure to tell you if I ever get the urge to write teenage-Muriel, haha :D That'd be one interesting story...

Thank you so much for this wonderful review!

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Review #4, by ValWitch21 Attempts Seven and Eight

23rd November 2012:
i can't wait to see how Ginny's going to attempt this! Please update soon, we don't see enough of Muriel around here and yours is brilliant :)

Oh, and all of your characterisations are spot on. I love the way you have this moving through time quickly, with little dialogue (i mean the war and postwar context, and the search for Hermione's parents) without making it dull at all.



Author's Response: Ahha it will be a lot of fun, don't worry! Hehe the update is all ready to go - for once in my life - as soon as TLB comes out of the queue. Aww thank you so much! I'm very glad you like TCOM :3

Hehe yay, I'm really happy you think my characterisations are canon enough! Non-canon characters are one of my pet peeves so I really do try to keep them as canon as I can :) Yaaay! I find flow difficult so it's good it's not too dull, ahha.

Thank you so much for this lovely review! :)

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Review #5, by LittleWelshGirl99 Attempts One, Two and Three

17th October 2012:

Ah Lottie you've totally outdone yourself with this - it's absolutely amazing! You must've put so much effort into it as well. I feel so lazy now :P

But wow, this was such an original idea! I love stories about really minor characters - and I always thought it would be really interesting to know more about Muriel and her past etc, but this is so great!

Those children of yours are balding you!”

“That would be age, Muriel, it’s come to you too.”

AHHAHAHAHA. god bless Arthur Weasley!

Crikey, Muriel doesn't want to go to that nursing home though does she?! This sort of reminded me of "Talking Heads" by Alan Bennett except funnier and backwards...

Anyway. This was amazing. xoxox

Author's Response: QTR FOR THE WIN 8D

Ahha thank you so much Annon! It was originally intended as a shortish one-shot but... it mutated, as my writing is apt to do once it sees my author page and decides it likes being there :P

Aww thankyou! lol Muriel's just fab, the old bat that she is, and you know how much of a sucker I am too for minor characters ;)

bahah ARTHUR IS SO FAB. At least, Arthur-in-my-head speaks these lines to me ♥

ahha yeah, Muriel is very set on not going to Ogden's. She will fight tooth and nail to NOT GO. And thank you! oooh I feel very flattered :3

Aww thankyou! And thanks for such a lovely review :D xoxox

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Review #6, by soufflegirl99 Attempts Four, Five and Six

17th October 2012:
I just typed out such a long review and forgot to submit it :P
So I'll try to remember it:
I love the way Muriel beats a spritely young lad like Charlie and sends him off home - that's hilarious!!
It's so exciting - all the different methods of getting Muriel in to a care home - the good ol' slow drawn out Percy one, the brute force charlie one, the pranks one - what'll be next? Bribery? It has you hooked and doesn't let go, as it's a very interesting, unique, quirky and funny read - that people can not just relate too, but also laugh at :)
I am really looking forward to the next chapter *update soon cough cough* and the intelligence and awesomeness of Muriel!!
Excited for some more Muriel goodness :)

Author's Response: OH NO SOPHIE YOU POOR THING D: You're so lovely to review me again anyway!

Haha I just can't Muriel being beaten by anyone, certainly not someone who is, for all intents and purposes, her superior *le gasp*. The update will be coming very soon now!

Oh, I'm very glad you like them all! I was a bit stuck at first trying to think of them all, but then realised that each Weasley was very different and would definitely have his own way of doing it. Bribery... hmm... you'll have to wait and see ;) I'm so glad that you like it, though, and that's it's laughable!

Thank you so much for this lovely review! :)

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Review #7, by soufflegirl99 Attempts One, Two and Three

17th October 2012:
Such an inventive idea!
I love the way there's the mini competition through out the Weasley family, and the stubborn grandmother that won't budge! You write her stiff witty personality very well, and the cliffhanger at the end of it! I'd like to see a lot more of Muriel ;)

Author's Response: Yay, thank you so much! Hehe the Weasleys are just so competitive it's ridiculous ;) and Muriel has always been such a character that I couldn't resist combining the two! Hehe I am glad you like it, and how they interact with each other - keep reading for more Muriel :D Thank you so much for this lovely review!

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Review #8, by Tonks1247 Attempts One, Two and Three

9th October 2012:
Ahahahaha! What a task the Weasley’s have cut out for them this time! Getting Muriel into a home looks like it’ll be near impossible to manage. And honestly? I don’t know who, if anyone, will be able to manage that! I knew Molly and Arthur would both fail. Bill I thought at least had a chance….but Charlie? Gosh I want to know what he’s planning! He’s got to have some diabolical plan to get Muriel to agree to go, though I’m pretty sure he will also fail. Which leads me to believe the twins will have to try, which I’m sure will be hilarious…Gah! Can’t wait for more!

Anyways….I absolutely love how you incorporated the, “After all, I have lived through three wars, five children, fifteen Ministers and two marriages,” and the, “Back in my day,” parts. I laughed so hard with the ‘back in my day’ parts because I kept thinking of the Ravenclaw House Cup Podcast (Which really was quite hilarious). It was just…it fit in so well and I could totally hear it in my mind.

Another part I really adored was the Weasley kids calling Aunt Muriel’s house the ‘Vulture’s Nest’. Sound like something my sisters and I would come up with xD And what makes it even better is the conversation between Ginny and Bill when Bill got back. This line in particular: "You're lucky to have escaped the Vulture's Nest alive." "My sentiments exactly." I just adored this line. It’s not quite sarcasm but seems very fitting for a conversation in the Weasley house. And for some reason, I see that especially fitting conversation between Ginny and Bill.

The last thing I want to mention is one line that confused me a little bit: "Good boy," she told him approvingly, and sent him off with a sinking heart to attempt to persuade her right there then, “before you get any funny ideas about letting your brothers do it!” I don’t know if it’s because I’m reading the sentence wrong or if it’s just the wording is a bit off but I was confused by this sentence. I was unsure what it was trying to tell me and you may want to look into editing that a bit. But really, other than that one section, this really was fantastic! I loved you look into the Weasley family and I love your characterization of Muriel! Hope to see a new chapter soon! :D


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Review #9, by LoopyLemon Attempts One, Two and Three

8th October 2012:
Ooooh I want to know what Charlie is going to do!! This was really entertaining. You characterised everyone perfectly. I love how deceiving Molly is, it's just perfect. Of course nobody would volunteer themselves but I can see Molly volunteering them in exactly that way. I always adored Molly.

This was really enjoyable to read and it flows at a really nice rate. At no point does it seem like you've left out too much detail or added too much. You keep the story moving without missing the details.

I love how you have written the Weasley family. They seem very natural, not forced at all. I love the bit where Ginny jumps on Bill's back. It is obvious from the books that the Weasley's are all very close but you don't get to see it in action very often. I also love this line "Ron recounting properly how he and his best friends had now saved the world (twice)," Of course Ron would boast about it! That line made me laugh :)

All in all a very good introduction. I loved it and can't wait for the next couple of chapters!! :D

Author's Response: Hehe oh, Charlie's scene was one of the funnest to write; I hope you will not be disappointed! I'm so glad you liked everyone's characterisations, particularly Molly's, because they're the driving force(s) behind this silly little story and Molly's one of my all-time favourite characters as well!

Ooh yay, flow and enjoyableness are two of the main things I worry about tbh, so I'm really glad they work. Writing humour can have you on unstable ground when I'm not sure if it's just me laughing :L And thankyou!

Hehe ooh, I am glad they're natural enough, since I've tried writing most of them before and the results are mixed! I do sort of miss out seeing normal Weasley interaction even though they weren't in the books (if that makes sense?) so I'm very happy that it worked! I do love the Weasleys. And Ron, haha, I couldn't picture him being anything but VERY proud about that :')

Thank you very much for this lovely review! :D

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