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Review #1, by Bluewolf80 Birthday

19th April 2016:
I couldn't finish this. It was so incredibly cheesy you should have included crackers. "May your wands be ever in favor... of the Dark Lord." Wow, just wow. Hunger Games fan?

So Harry is still in love with Ron even though he has been in love with Hermione for years, apparently stalks her, is physically violent towards his best friend, used an Unforgivable on his brother, and is a drunk. Oh and don't forget how easy it is to declare your feelings when someone is 'smiling evilly' at you. SMH

The Sorcerer idea was good. I even liked the tradition of taking the babies and laying them on the alter. You need to work with a good Beta for the rest. Keep writing and being creative. Just get another opinion before publishing.

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Review #2, by jamie Birthday

24th January 2013:
please update its amazeing so far

Author's Response: awww... thank you! in fact, i'm filling up the third chapter right now! :)

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Review #3, by Hermione and George Birthday

7th January 2013:
Just to let you know i absolutely love this story through and through. It is amazing! I would love it if you updated and sent in another chapter 'cause you have me hooked onto your story!! If you like i could try to get some of my reviewers to read your story because some of the things they say are truly heart-warming.
Yours Truly,
Lyss xxoo

Author's Response: Thank you so much! This review just made my day. :)
Of course, I'll update soon. But just to let you know, the next chapter is rated R, just in case.
Thank you so much for the offer! i'd love it! you're a great author. :D
Keep smiling,

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Review #4, by Hermione and George Power

11th October 2012:
Hey i would just like to let you know that this is one of the best stories ive seen( automatic favourite) i think you should check out my story Unexpected Blossoming Love. Its really cool and about hermione and george ( i guess you can tell that from my name) anyway gotta go, Lyss :)

Author's Response: of course i'll check it out! thanks for making my day! :)

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