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Review #1, by HarryGinnyLove88 James Sirius Potter is a Man

26th August 2014:
Poor Lily. But im greate shes fine :)

And Vi and James, please, get them together soon please please.

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Review #2, by AussieLottie First Loves

24th July 2014:
Well, it's what I feared... An excellent story. :P
I'm absolutely in love with this story and am desperate for an update!!! You can't write multiple stories at once! It makes updates even more agonisingly slow. :(

But I will be waiting because, honestly. I love this story. :)

Thanks for writing!

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Review #3, by Elenia First Loves

8th July 2014:
Jaiks, angry James. I would run for the hills.

Although I have to say, he calmed down a lot faster than I thought he would. But then again, it was Violet and nobody can be angry with Violet because she is absolutely awesome!

"Looks like we both regret your decision to say no." - aww, girl, you're breaking my heart! Why can't these two just be together already ♥ please give me more Jamlet soon!!!

Ooh,I'm so proud of Violet! She handled that situation at work really well! And most definitely deserved her promotion! You did such an amazing job with the whole scene, it felt very real and just as hectic as I imagine it would be.

But no, no there are no more chapters left for me to r&r!! You need to update ASAP!!! I need to know what happens next! Like now (x

Great work, dear! Take care!


Gryffindor - House Cup 2014 Review

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Review #4, by Elenia Finding Out the Truth

8th July 2014:
Aahaha, I'm laughing so much here right now!

Gosh, that was such a perfect plan, Freddie. How could anything go wrong with it? (x

Okay, I was pretty certain James would react like that about the news. He sees Veronica as some sort of a saint who couldn't do anything wrong, I think. But he didn't have to take it on Vi like that. She was only trying to help after all.

Haha, I love it how Freddie still lives with his parents (x I can totally imagine that d:

But boy, that plan was bad (x so bad it was kind of awesome!! And most definitely hilarious! I knew immediately they would get caught (x but I loved it so much! The outfits were excellent and their banter cracked me up! Gah, I love this chapter so much

I didn't buy Veronica's explanation, nope, na-ah. There's something going on.

Excellent chapter! I can't believe there's only one left and then I have to wait for the next update!


Gryffindor - House Cup 2014 Reviews

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Review #5, by Elenia Surprise, Surprise, Surprise

8th July 2014:
What, what, what? What is happening here?

Is she really cheating on James? I need to know! Urgh!

Although, I'm not completely sure Healer Bennett told Violet the truth. And why was Veronica even seeing him? The first time she came to the hospital, she had an appointment with a different Healer. Maybe I just assumed that was her regular Healer? But anyways, I know Violet is Bennett's intern, and he would tell her about the cases, but idk, I think there's something fishy going on (again (x ) so maybe that was something he though would be a safe lie since the two are married and all, and Violet might have bought that if she hadn't overheard Veronica earlier... Hmm... I'm seriously overthinking this too much d:

And ooh, I did not guess that at all with Adam! But I love it! He was so adorable when he was telling Vi about the date! I'm so glad we got peak a little closer to his personal life too!

O-oh, how is James going to react to the news? He was not too happy about Violet showing up in the first place so he might not take it well...

Great chapter! Off to read the next one (:


Gryffindor - House Cup 2014 Review

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Review #6, by Elenia The Benefit

8th July 2014:
Back again (:

Oh my... I did not expect that! So many theories swirling through my mind right now, let me think for a second before I continue.


Alright. Wow. Okay, let's start with Healer Bennett, shall we? I think you actually managed to make me like him a little less. I could totally feel for Violet, I would've been angry to be put in a situation like that! Women totally aren't just arm candy! And if he is expecting that, then he picked the wrong girl d: but points for Violet for handling it so we'll even though she didn't like it!

I was surprised when Veronica asked to dance with Healer Bennett. I just didn't think they knew each other THAT well. But I was sort of glad about it because it gave James and Violet (aka Jamlet as I like to call them d: ) an excuse to dance together ^^ gah! why can't they just be together!!

BUT WHAT WAS THAT ENDING WITH VERONICA AND HEALER BENNETT??? What's going on ??? Blood test, my - if that wasn't a lie, I'm a purple hippogriff!! Argggh, I need to know!!!

Off to read the next one now!!!


Gryffindor - House Cup 2014 Review

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Review #7, by Elenia Awkward Situations

7th July 2014:

Haha, poor Violet, that's all I can say. She certainly manages to find herself in awkward situations!

I might have mentioned this before but I really, really like Adam. He's always there for Vi, even though she does not always tell him everything that's going on (x actually, I'd really like to know more about him! We don't really know THAT much about him!

Hey, drunken Freddie is back! I love him!

I take it the Wotters don't really like Veronica that much? At least judging by how they all acted. I'm still not sure what to think about her myself. I mean, she does not seem evil, not really. Different from James, that's for sure, and maybe insecure about her relationship, but I can't really blame her! Especially after hearing what she hold her sister!

Gah, seriously, Violet can't seem to get a break! You are torturing her too much (x

Oh, but I really love it how you keep throwing in details about her job all the time and actually showing how hard and stressful it is!

Can't wait for the gala! There's bound to be drama and more awkwardness!

Such a great chapter once again! You're amazing ^^


Gryffindor - House Cup 2014 Review

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Review #8, by Elenia The Talk

7th July 2014:
It's me again ^^

Ooh, what a chapter! I did not see that one coming!

Okay, lets start from the beginning. That whole scene was just hilarious! And so true too! There really are people like that fake their injuries and try to get the nurses to do - krhm - uncomfortable things for them.

I loved how Violet handled the situation! The icy water was exactly what he deserved. And then it was all a test (x oh, Healer Bennett. Is it weird that I'm here swooning after him even though I still think he's a bit suspicious? Oh, who cares? He's a hot fictional character, I can drool all I want d:

And the the talk. It was going so well! I really liked how they bonded and agreed to be friends. And then they were snogging their brains out (x

THIS IS SO CONFLICTING!! Violet's the other woman! I should not be here rooting for her and James! I should be all judgemental and scowl at them and tell them to confess it all to Veronica first, then they can snog all they want. But I'm not. I don't even know why (x Urgh, this is hard d:

But seriously, there is something fishy about Veronica too... Or maybe I'm just seeings things in every little thing. That's highly possible too.

Anyways, great chapter! I'm off to


Gryffindor - House Cup 2014 Review

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Review #9, by Elenia Memories Should be Just That

7th July 2014:
Hello ^^

Boy, that was awkward! Haha, poor Vi. And James! And Veronica too! Love it how Freddy doesn't know when to shut up d: and still suspicious about Healer Bennett (I refuse to call him Keith, Healer Bennett has such a lovely ring to it) that little line about him looking more comfortable than one should in that situation, it made me even more skeptical about his motives to help Vi out.

So, I have a few questions for you. I might be just blind and have completely skipped over them if they were mentioned, so bare with me (x

But James and Violet broke up eight years ago, right? And they haven't seen during that time? I just started wondering about the explanation James gave Vi a few chapters ago about how he met Veronica and eight years just seemed like a long time compared to what he told her. I mean, if she became pregnant after that one night together, and then lost the baby. How long were they together before they got married? I'm pretty sure I've read that they've been only married for a year... Urgh, I think I have gotten confused at some point d:

The reason why I started to consider this was the meeting with Roxy and Rose. I can understand that she didn't want to keep in touch with any Wotters after the breakup, because it was tough. Some people are like that. But doesn't she have any other friends? We've only seen her interact with Adam and Pam, and now she went to see a girl she hasn't seen in eight years so she could talk to someone. That just seemed a little odd to me. And I don't mean that in a bad way, it's completely plausible, but it was just a little unclear to me ^^

But Rosie is so right, Vi and James need to talk (:

Amazing work once again! Keep it up!


Gryffindor - House Cup 2014 Review

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Review #10, by Elenia Healer Keith Bennett

7th July 2014:
Hi again (:

Ooh, so much James in this chapter! And Healer Bennett! I love it!

I'm glad Healer Bennett saw so much potential in Vi to give her the internship! She really deserves something good in her life! But come on! Seeing both Veronica and James there on the same day? Poor girl needs to get a break! (x

Haha, I loved the snappy attitude and her snatching the potion prescription from James only to realise it was only for common cold! Priceless (;

Love Adam acting all protecting brother even though he's the younger sibling d: I'm liking him more and more with every chapter!

And then they go to the Leaky Cauldron and surprise, surprise, who do we find there (x hmm, I'm not sure what to think about Healer Bennett's behavior though... If he was only being professional with Violet, I don't think he would've acted like that. Does he like her? Is there some old competition there between him and James, and now he's using Vi to make James jealous? Oh we'll, I guess I'll have to read on to find out!

Great work once again!


Gryffindor - House Cup 2014 Review

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Review #11, by Elenia Forgetting James Potter

7th July 2014:
Hello again (:

Wow, such a great chapter again! How do you do it? d:

Aww, poor James. And poor Vi too! That must have been an awkward situation! But seriously, what do you say when your married ex confesses that he's in love with you? Haha, I've actually been on a similar situation, but my answer was easy since there were no feelings left on my behalf. But I think Vi handled the situation really well. She could've given him a chance to be just friends, but it would've been hard to act normal around each other. But I'm sure you'll come up with several lovely excuses to throw these two together again, so I can't be too disappointed d:

Funny thing, I'm not usually a big fan of flashbacks in the middle of the chapter (hypocrite here, I've done that too) but you've actually made them work really well! They're short enough that they don't break the flow at all and actually fit! Great work!

I really loved the whole conversation between them and I'm glad they had that talk.

I'm really liking these scenes at her workplace! You have some original ideas and manage to make it look like a wizarding hospital. And all those little details like how you're not allowed to bring charts into the break room that make it seem so real too.

Ooh, I hope Violet doesn't get into trouble for that! No, I don't think she will. Healer Bennett has to be just as fair as he is dreamy, yeah?

Excellent work! I'm off to read the next one too d:


Gryffindor - House Cup 2014 Review

Author's Response: How do I do it? A lot of imagination. So much that I think my husband thinks I'm a little loopy sometimes when I say things aloud to him.

I do not have personal experience with these feelings Vi is going through... just want to make that clear. I, in no way, am the other woman. Just feel like I need to say that so that I don't get blamed for something... ;)

Healer Bennett is dreamy in every sense of the way. I'd take him into a broom closet if you know what I'm saying.


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Review #12, by Elenia Interns, Family, and Love

7th July 2014:
It's me again (:

Gah, this chapter was just as great as the previous one. I'm such a huge fan of Violet's! She's amazing! It's all those little details that you snuck in there, like when she just wiped her face on her sleeve, those make her feel so real.

Loved the awkwardness between her and James at the beginning. I could easily imagine the whole situation. But aww, my heart broke when he reached for her and she cringed away. Why am I taking this so emotionally already?!? This is just the second chapter, for Merlin's sake! I blame you and your phenomenal writing skills!

Ooh, we got to see where Violet works! Haha, I loved how she snapped at the intern d: I sense a little bitterness there (x oh, and Pam was so cool too! I love it that she's a little older!

And yet for more Adam! I really like him! Hmm, are Vi's parents trying to patch things up with her? I hope they are and I hope Violet will give them a chance. Family feuds are never nice.

And then you do it again! What is it with these endings, girl? I have a million things I should do today, but all I want to do now is read the next chapter! Urgh, maybe one more, yeah?

Haha, keep up the amazing work!


Gryffindor - House Cup 2014 Review

Author's Response: Hanna,

I love reading your reviews. Just saying.

I know its only the first few chapters, but I feel like a fan myself sometimes. I'm always like "YOU STUPID AUTHOR, LET THEM BE TOGETHER!" and them I'm like "oh... that's me... right..."

Cliffhangers for life, yo. ;)


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Review #13, by Amy First Loves

7th July 2014:
Aw im so happy for her!:) but I'm devastated for her and james, that was painful to read! Please update fast!

Author's Response: It was a bit of a tear jerker chapter. First loves are normally just that.

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Review #14, by Elenia Class Reunion

7th July 2014:

So, this story has been on my 'to-read-list' for ages! I remember reading this first few chapters ages ago and absolutely loved the whole idea. There are so few stories written from the 'other woman's' POV, so that makes it very interesting! And now with the House Cup here, I'm actually leaving a review too (something I really should do more often!)

Let's start with Violet. I absolutely love her! She's not perfect, but feels like a real person. I can easily relate to her, especially when we see her getting ready for the reunion. I'm sure we all struggle with the same problems when having to meet our old schoolmates. It's an unnerving situation. I think you handled her feelings really well!

I really liked her brother and their relationship seemed really close and warm. And I'm glad Violet didn't have to go to the reunion alone, even though she thought it was lame to go there with her little brother as her date (x

Hmm, I'm not really sure if I like this Veronica. I think it was a bit odd that she came up to Violet like that and dropped the 'I-married-your-ex' bomb. If it was me in that situation, I would've stayed far away from her (x

And then we meet James. I love him already even though he barely spoke d: but the awkwardness felt very real, so you definitely handled that well! And then Freddy! I adore drunken Freddy! He was so funny!

And then the ending! Gah, that's an evil way to end a chapter! You don't know how hard it was for me to pause long enough to write this review and not just press that little button there and read the next one (x

This is such a lovely story and as a first chapter, this absolutely rocked! Your writing is perfect, and the whole idea is excellent. Can't wait to read more!


Gryffindor - House Cup 2014 Review

Author's Response: I'm so glad you gave my story a chance! I'm very guilty of reading and not leaving reviews as well, so I totally understand your predicament of wanting to just keep going with the story.

I wanted to make sure it was very clear from the beginning that none of my characters are perfect. That's the whole point of the story, right? We all make mistakes and we all end up getting tangled up in our own lies. It is what makes us human. I hate reading those stories where people are perfect and nothing is wrong. We all have faults and it has to show in our stories.


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Review #15, by HarryGinnyLove88 First Loves

1st July 2014:
why life have to be so complicated..
they love each other, they mean to be forever, just james have to tell veronica the truth and there is the happy ending..
i hate comlicated life...

write soon :)

Author's Response: I hate complicated lives too... its kinda sad. BUTT thats what makes a story!! ;D


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Review #16, by newgenerationlover First Loves

28th June 2014:
Thought I would check out if you updated this after reading the latest update of BAFF and I am so happy I did. Yay, an update! Sorry, this review will probably be even shorter than the other one because after this, I am going straight to sleep. But anyway, I don't know why but I was smiling really big when James was knocking at the door. Not really sure why, maybe because he knocking ways and impatience made me laugh, maybe because I was excited for some Vi and James action. Anywho, my smile dropped right off my face at the end of that scene. *bawls eyes out* No! Don't leave each other! Veronica is a b*tch and James deserves better, he deserves Vi!! Wha!! (Can't wait to see their reconciliation ;) ). I love that we got to see some of her job! Yay actionish scenes! Boo no James in them! ;) Can't wait to read more!!

Author's Response: I was on a writing spree last week, what can I say? We all want to see James and Vi make up. We all want to see their interactions. We just don't really see them NOT being a part of each other's lives (even if they weren't for 8 years). James needs to leave Veronica. I agree. (sometimes I really feel like a reader and not the writer).


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Review #17, by Loving_Sirius_4eva First Loves

27th June 2014:
Yay! Great chapter. I'm glad she's finally a healer. She deserves it. The whole hospital scene towards the end was intense. I like how things turned out. I'm staring to think Keith is actually cute and sweet. I'd like to see some more of him :)

I have no idea how Violent and James are going to end up together. I can't wait. It's too suspenseful. They said goodbyes :_( So, i have no idea what's going to happen. I'd love to know though (hint* hint* - tell me).

I love it when we get an insight of the boys POV. I'l be looking forward to the next chapter :)

Update soon : )

Author's Response: Keith will grow on you. I know people are a bit skeptical on him and don't want to trust him, but for the most part, he's really helping Vi out.

James and Violet... the whole story is kinda about their love... so I can't just end it after the 11th chapter, right? Right. There's your hint ;)


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Review #18, by mandarin711 Finding Out the Truth

21st June 2014:
All I have to say is I love this story. I anticipate every update (update faster! It's a great story!) and it makes me happy. I am calling BS on Veronica's explanation right now because for goodness sakes woman we heard you at the doctor's office! You can't just lie like that! But yeah, it's a great story. Keep up the good work! :)

Author's Response: You are really sweet, Amanda. I'm so glad you're such a big fan! It really warms my heart :). I will update very soon! Just in the process of getting my sequel to another story through. Then I will jump right back on the BTOW train! Thanks again!


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Review #19, by Dmlong Finding Out the Truth

18th June 2014:
Oh wow, I do love me some Freddie. The restaurant scene had me laughing nonstop. :D

James' reaction to Violet's "news" kind of surprised me, but I guess anyone would react that way if they were told their wife was cheating, even if they were too. Still, I hope him and Violet have a chat soon and fix the awfulness.

I guess I believe Veronica somewhat, but I still think she has ulterior motives. Maybe she knows the relationship is on the rocks and thinks a pregnancy will keep James around (like it did before). Not sure how she intends to do that though.

Any who, can't wait to read more. :)

I hope you had a good camping trip, though judging by your lack of enthusiasm for it, I'd imagine not so much.

Author's Response: Freddie is amazing. 'Nuff said. James is just being... James. I mean, he could've been like "OMG!" but he reacted in the only way he possibly could to protect his pride. Veronica is... err... something else. lol I can't give too much away!!

I hate camping.


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Review #20, by Brightest Witch Finding Out the Truth

17th June 2014:
Hi! So, I just read your story and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it. This chapter (especially Freddie) made me laugh super hard. Keep up the good work!!!

Author's Response: Thanks for reading! I really appreciate getting new readers! Makes me happy :D
Freddie is.. err.. special in his own way!


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Review #21, by newgenerationlover Finding Out the Truth

17th June 2014:
OMG! I am still laughing!! Oh, Freddy, he really is a character, isn't he? Ok, let me start from the top! Gah! James stop being a stupid face and be nice to Violet! Seriously though, he has no right to be mad at her! I absolutely love Freddy's idea of sneaking around. Definitely a fool proof plan ;) I don't believe that Veronica was just checking to make sure her body was in the correct condition. Healer Bennett said that she was angry that she wasn't pregnant yet, not that her body was in the right condition or not. And James just let it go at that! Goddness me, that boy needs to open his eyes and see what his wife is really like. I can't believe they got caught! I can't wait to see what will happen to them because of this!

Author's Response: Freddie is quite the fellow. I wish he was my friend, to be honest. Veronica definitely has something going on that she isn't being honest about. What? Even I don't truthfully know (ok, thats a lie. I know whats going on).


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Review #22, by HarryandGinnyForEver Finding Out the Truth

17th June 2014:
Ah, I love it.

Veronica is a bit wishy washy...but maybe there is a certain degree of truth to her words but a few lies in there as well? But FREDDIE. Ohmygosh, he was the best part of the chapter, I loved it.

Can't wait for the next one!

Author's Response: No one believes in Veronica... haha. I don't really either. She's fishy ;). Probably smells like fish too. Maybe I should have Freddie smell her and see if she does...


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Review #23, by Loving_Sirius_4eva Finding Out the Truth

17th June 2014:
WOW! I don't know how you update so quickly. I swear two days ago it said you had done 50% of this chapter. AND it is WELL written :) Nevertheless, i am thankful for such a quick update.

Poor Violet. She was wrong. Something is fishy about Veronica. She seems legit but i can't be sure. She sounds like a cunning women.

Fred! He is amazing. I loved his scheme and the amount of trust he has for Violet. It is adorable.

James. Sigh. WHY SO WEAK BOY! Leave your traitorous wife!
I wonder what his reaction will be? Really can't wait to read that.

this story is going somewhere interesting. I want to read more :)
10/10 writing
10/10 plot
10/10 for the cliffhanger.

Author's Response: Well, it just so happens that I don't have a life after my family goes to bed... So my fingers find my keyboard and they just keep moving. Who needs sleep anyways, right? The reviews really motivated me to get one out fast for all of you. They made me feel really good :)

Freddie and Violet used to be really close back at Hogwarts, so I'm playing off of that as much as I can ;). James needs to buck up a bit and grow a pair, right?


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Review #24, by M. Steele Finding Out the Truth

17th June 2014:
I love Freddy. He is too funny. However, I do not trust this Veronica! She is probably trying to trap James in her marriage or she is cheating with Bennet or…well, I don't know what else. Just tell us already!

But really, Vi and James are perfect. Let's just let them be happy. Please?

Author's Response: Veronica does seem a bit fishy, right? I kinda wanna slap her around a bit. Or have Vi do it for me.

Is it weird that I'm the author and I'm saying that? Goodness, I'm weird.

Happiness? What is this? The 20th century? Darling, it's the 21st. We dont have happy endings;)

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Review #25, by HarryandGinnyForEver Surprise, Surprise, Surprise

15th June 2014:
You can't just say don't jump to conclusions after that! WOW This is amazing, can't wait for the next chapter! :)

Author's Response: You're going to jump to conclusions anyways, right? I know I would. There is no WAY you CAN'T jump to conclusions. Just... go into the next chapter with an open mind ;)


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