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Review #1, by my_voice_rising Fire and Steel

5th February 2013:
Hello! You've been so nice to review my story and I wanted to return the favor. I was drawn to this story because 1: your banner is awesome, and 2: YAY, Neville!

I think you've really captured his character, just within the first paragraph. We see the admiration Neville's had for Harry since First Year, and then the certainty and resolution he developed as he grew older. Then there's that little hint of uncertainty where he's trying to talk himself into it: "Yes, that had to be it." I have to say, I'm really impressed!

What a heartbreaking scene, with Neville talking to his grandmother, and her trying to reason with him. He's becoming full of rage and, like you said, bloodlust. She's trying to bring him back down, but it seems she can't. It must be so hard for her to see how much he's changed (because the Death Eaters made him change.)

I liked how everything comes full circle when Neville pulls the sword out. The story began with him worrying about Harry; the story ends with him pulling the sword out just like in the stories about Harry. And your ending line was very haunting.

Well done!

Author's Response: Thanks for reviewing! Your stories are great by the way, and the newest updates are very intriguing! I have to give lots of props to the artists at TDA because I have no idea how they do it. And yeah, Neville is a beast.

I'm glad you think I got Neville right. I have never written from him being the main character/from his POV before so it's important that you think that it's accurate.

I think that Neville's grandmother was shown how bad it was at Hogwarts it really is. I would guess they used Crucio, and since that has been known to drive people mad, it must effect you somehow.

This is my first one-shot that I have completed and since they are meant to stand alone it's a little hard how to end. I was aiming for it to be like the beginning so I'm glad that I achieved that. Thank you so much for reviewing!

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Review #2, by No_oneKnows Fire and Steel

25th September 2012:
Hello there!

First of all, I really loved this quote:

He thought, in spite of everything going on around him, that Hermione Granger as a first year had a better body bind charm than Voldemort. He tried to laugh but he couldn't.

I thought that it did seem very plausible that Neville thought that given the kind of character he was throughout the Deathly Hallows!

There were some spelling/grammar errors throughout it, and especially in the last paragraph that disrupted the flow slightly but other than that, really good job!

Oh, I also really enjoyed the interaction between Neville and his grandmother as well! I haven't read a lot about Neville but I have noticed with the ones that I have that Mrs Longbottom hasn't been featured as much and I liked that you did that for her in this piece!

Good luck in the challenge ;) & thanks for participating!

Author's Response: I will look back at it and edit it, so thanks for the heads up. Thank you so much for making this challenge! It was really fun to participate in it and I hope you make some more in the future.

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