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Review #1, by TidalDragon Love Lessons With Lavender

8th December 2015:
Howdy Sarah! When I saw Day Nine of the Advent Calendar was a chance to honor and in a way thank people who've been here so long and given so much, I didn't have to look beyond the first post to find the perfect person to leave a review for!

Though I normally don't do humor and I normally don't do Hogwarts Era, for some reason this story jumped out at me and it was just as fun I thought it would be!

For starters, I thought you nailed the characterization of Lavender. Though she's definitely rife with the naivete and highly-charged emotional complex you painted in her, you also captured the idealism and positivity in that which remained until the very last outburst.

I also thought you did a great job with the language in the piece, keeping things appropriately simple for characters of Lavender and Parvati's ages.

The last thing I liked was that you also resisted the urge to make the story last too long. True, we could have seen the aftermath of angry Lavender (probably weepy Lavender), but I think that would've undermined the balance you achieved in her character throughout the bulk of the story. What's more, it would've brought other characters into sharper prominence in a story that wasn't about them.

Thanks for sharing this story with us - and for everything else you have done and continue to do!

Author's Response: Hi! Thank you so much for thinking of me.

I don't usually write humor or Hogwarts Era, either! But the plot was fitting for this challenge, so I gave it a go. I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Lavender was super fun to write. She's kind of over the top ridiculous, which was very different for me in terms of writing. I'm glad you thought I wrote her well. I wanted to give her a bit of depth since we only ever saw her from Harry's perspective.

I didn't want to deal with weepy Lavender, so that's definitely why I kept it short. This was meant to be a short, fun fic without much angst. Delving deeper into relationships usually brings out angst. Thanks for reading and reviewing! :)

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Review #2, by marauderfan Love Lessons With Lavender

12th July 2014:
House Cup 2014 Review

Wow, I had no idea you'd written like a bazillion novels. How do you do it?! Also, shame on me that I've never read any of your work before. I am attempting to rectify this for the HC! And I'm super excited to read a Lavender fic.

Personally, I thought a visit from me would be a perfectly necessary reason to wake Ron, but the nurse disagreed. Honestly, she really doesn't understand love. -- Hehehe, I love reading stuff from a kind of deluded character's POV. Poor, clueless Lav-Lav. I love how it's so evident to the reader that Lavender's continued whinging about Ron is irritating Parvati, but Lavender is seeing everything through her 'true love' lenses and completely misses this.

What Ron and Hermione could have, that could last -- Yes! Parvati needs to tell this to JKR. I'm still miffed that JKR said she wishes she'd never gotten Ron and Hermione together :p I digress though

The end is super dramatic, and it really fits the narrator. Of course this would be the worst thing ever from Lavender's POV - "no one and a broken heart"!. I thought this story was remarkably told from her perspective, it just radiates Lavenderness. I almost feel bad for her, but... I don't. :p Great work on this story, it was really entertaining!

Author's Response: Haha, I have written a lot of them! For a long time I had a hard time writing anything short, which is why I wrote so many novels. I have a hard time telling myself, "no, that extra plot does not need to be there." I'm glad you're excited about a Lavender fic! I haven't seen many of them.

I had so much fun writing this. Getting into Lavender's head was really interesting, and the funny lines were just too easy. I can't imagine Parvati being very happy about Lavender's obsession, so I figured I'd writer her as annoyed. I'm glad that came across.

Ron and Hermione belong together. I don't see it as JKR wishing they'd never gotten together, just as the story changed from when she first imagined them together. They still definitely make an awesome couple.

I'm glad you enjoyed it so much! A dramatic ending was definitely necessary because of Lavender. To her, it was the end of the world. But she'll recover and find someone else. Thanks for reading and reviewing! :)

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Review #3, by SlitherHen Love Lessons With Lavender

9th February 2014:
I'd personally like to see a one-shot showing Ginny and Dean's breakup.

Author's Response: That would be interesting! You could try searching for one on the archive. I have no plans to write one as of right now. Thanks for reading and reviewing! :)

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Review #4, by nutellugh Love Lessons With Lavender

3rd July 2013:
I really like this one-shot of Lavender. It's interesting to read about what's going on the other person's mind. I feel sympathetic for Lav, other than annoyed by her after reading this. c:

Author's Response: This was really fun to write! Lavender is an interesting character to write because we only ever see her through Harry's eyes and he finds her rather irritating. Thanks for reading and reviewing! :)

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Review #5, by CherryBoom Love Lessons With Lavender

10th October 2012:
Oh dear, I gotta say that I love Lav-Lav. She's such a fun character to read and you gave us very good view to Lav's inner musings.

The letter was so great. I can imagine, how after Ron got it, he probably freaked out and started to beg Madam Pomfrey for permission to leave before Lav-Lav decides to become the nurse's little helper. =)

There was one small little error that I noticed. When Parvati talks about her sister and the Yule Ball, I'm suspecting that there should be my sister instead of your.

Other than that, your writing was very enjoyable to read. I really have to check your other fics after this. This was so fun, that I'll put in my favorites.

And by the way, thank you for all your work in the House Cup!

Author's Response: She is really funny! I had a lot of fun writing this. Poor Ron. Any sort of commitment would've freaked him out. I'm glad you enjoyed this. Thanks for reading and reviewing! :)

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Review #6, by Ms Michelle Radcliffe Love Lessons With Lavender

17th September 2012:
GO PREMA!! is she actually the older sister or did you make her up?

Author's Response: I made her up. JKR never mentioned anything about them having anymore siblings, so I figured I'd be good giving them an older sister. Thanks for reading and reviewing! :)

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Review #7, by Liana Love Lessons With Lavender

16th September 2012:
Poor Lavender--if only she had listened to Parvarti. She was the big sister that Lav so desperately wanted. I think that when a person wants to know something so bad, it's best to find out right away. The longer you wait the worse the pain is. This is one of my favorite parts from the sixth book and movie.

Author's Response: She would've saved herself quite a bit of heartbreak if she'd listened to Lavender. And you're right, Parvati could definitely serve as her big sister. I'm glad you enjoyed this. Thanks for reading and reviewing! :)

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Review #8, by Ginger Lust Love Lessons With Lavender

15th September 2012:
What a delightful story. I enjoyed this very much. I could so picture Lavendar like that. She closed her eyes to any clues that Ron was actually in love with Hermione.
You did a good job. Keep it up.

Author's Response: I'm glad you enjoyed it! I've never written Lavender, so I'm glad she seemed realistic. Thanks for reading and reviewing! :)

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Review #9, by ngayonatkailanman Love Lessons With Lavender

14th September 2012:
LOL. Love the 21 brother and farting with armpits, the character that was so Lavender, everything really in this one shot. Very funny.

Author's Response: I'm glad you liked it! Haha, that part was amusing to write. Thanks for reading and reviewing! :)

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