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Reading Reviews for Moonlight and Roses
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Review #1, by fuzzlebub85 chapter 5

6th October 2004:

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Review #2, by MrsRemusLupin Moonlight and Roses

18th August 2003:
AWWWWWWW! how sweet!!!!! Hope he doens\'t think he\'s really going insane is right. The part where Tonks feel out of her chair before they kissed was funny, probably would\'ve happen though, so true! LOL! she seemd really foward thought, never thought over her to do that. I wonder, is there going to be any problems within their relationship? W/e i hope you update and add some twists too!- *Nat!

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Review #3, by MrsRemusLupin Moonlight and Roses

15th August 2003:
YES!!!!! I KNEW THEY WOULD BE TOGETHER SINCE I READ OoTP! That\'s why i wrote a story about them too (not on of my better ones tho)!!!!! I LOVE IT!!!! You know why i love it SOOOOOOOO much????? Because it\'s realalistic. You don\'t make Tonks out to be some type of Marry Sue. I mesn you got her whole clumsy, quirky, fun-loving, fast talking, and a little weird character down perfectly!!!!! I hope you continue so that it is realalistic, that is what make me love a story msot! Just keep the characters to who they are and what they would really do and i\'ll DEFIENTALY be back to r/r again! Promise- *Nat!

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Review #4, by pinkgurlkm Moonlight and Roses

14th August 2003:
i really like it so far!!!!!!!!!! I cant wait for more! PLEASE CONTINUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Review #5, by Sarah Moonlight and Roses

14th August 2003:
OOoooh! I just love Remus/Tonks stories! Please keep it up and update soon! Thanks!!! ~Sarah =)

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