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Review #1, by slytherinchica08 Rickety Steps

4th December 2012:
Hey I thought that this was a great oneshot! I loved the idea behind it and it did wonderfully to add to my idea of Snape! I dont know why, but I never thought about how much he must have thought about Lily and how it really is his fault that she died. Because he was a loyal follower of Voldemorts, he sent the woman that he loved to her death by telling him what he overheard. I knew it was hard for him to look at Harry but I guess I never really thought about how he was seeing James but with Lily's eyes and how cruel that must have been for him. This oneshot really opened my eyes to a lot of things that could have been plauging Snape during his life after he no longer had Lily. Also I really liked how you added in those two quotes! Great Job!


Author's Response: Hi there! Sorry for the ridiculously long time it took me to answer this!

I'm so glad you liked it and that it gave you a new perspective! I was really trying to do that because a lot of Snape one-shots are similar (but still fabulous) so I was just trying to think outside the box. :D

I'm really glad you liked it, thanks for leaving me this review and sorry for taking so long! :D


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Review #2, by Lily Evans Rickety Steps

27th November 2012:
This Snape/Lily story I thought was really original. You wrote this so well. I really enjoyed this, and I really loved that you got to hear Snape's guilt a little bit more. That he acknowledges what he did. It really gives the reader some insight on why he is how he is in the books!

Well done!

Author's Response: I'm glad you found it original! I've read about a thousand and one fics that are very similar with Snape/Lily, so I really worked hard to try and make this one different. :)

I'm glad you liked it and thanks for the review! It's much appreciated. :D

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Review #3, by Voldy Needs a Hug Rickety Steps

7th November 2012:
I want to begin by apologizing that this review came almost a month after you originally requested it. Now, moving on to your review.

I've taken the time to read some of your other pieces, and this is, by far, my favorite. I was actually quite surprised when I began reading this fanfiction, as it was not at all what I was expecting based upon the summary.

I'm normally not a huge fan of any fanfictions from Snape's point of view, but I found this story quite appealing. This fanfiction didn't shed him in a horrible light; instead, it revealed that he had very strong emotions, he was just adept at keeping them hidden beneath the surface.

I really enjoyed your characterization and portrayal of Snape. His attitude toward Lily's death was perfect, and his emotions were raw and exposed. It was quite interesting to discover how Lily's death impacted his life, as it is simply skimmed over in the books.

The plot was also spot-on. Obviously, it's a one-shot, and there isn't a significant portion of plot in any one-shot. However, I felt like you were harping a bit on Harry's resemblance of his father, yet with Lily's eyes. I was a little bored after the second or third time this was repeated, and merely skimmed over the sentences.

Overall, lovely job! Keep up the great writing!


Author's Response: No, no! It's okay! I should have checked to see if you were still available instead of just requesting! But thank you for coming anyway, I really appreciate it. :)

Wow! You read some of my other stuff? And this is your favourite? That really means a lot to me, thank you so much.

I'm glad the summary didn't give anything away, I was hoping to surprise people. ;)

I'm glad you liked this type of Snape rather than the more Canon!Snape we often see. :p I didn't want to shed him in a horrible light, more that he was misunderstood.

I'm glad you liked it! :D

Okay, a bit too repetitive then? I'll change that when I have time to actually sit down and fix everything! Thanks for the advice!

Thank you so much for taking the time to review this, it's really appreciated! ♥

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Review #4, by RosieQueen Rickety Steps

6th November 2012:
It's Rosie with your second prize review! :)

You, know, I've never been fond of Snape as a character. But, for the few minutes I read this, I genuinely felt sorry for him! Every single word of this one-shot portrayed his sadness and regret. It was just so heartbreaking! :'(

I love how you said that Snape didn't completely hate Harry. How could he? He was Lily's daughter, after all. And it makes perfect sense how he thought seeing Harry's eyes was a form of punishment. It was lovely detail. :)

And even though this was very poetic and repetitive, I love how you kept it from sounding cheesy! Wonderful job with this! I enjoyed this one-shot very much! :)


Author's Response: Hello again! :D

I've actually never been too fond of Snape either, but then this little plunny came to me, begging to be written! A lot of people seem to like this version of him!

Is it absolutely awful of me that I loved when you said it was heartbreaking? It is, but I love that it affected people so much! :p

I never really believed that Snape HATED Harry, I think he was just so upset that he was the reason he was orphaned. And he coped with that by lashing out at him... if that makes sense... :p

I'm so glad it wasn't cheesy! I have a tendency to do that! :p

Thanks for another review! :D

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Review #5, by javct Rickety Steps

17th October 2012:

This is a very poignant story (not the mention supermegyfoxyawesomehot). You've just written it very beautifully - the flow was really good (I wasn't left at some times going "wha?" which is really good).

I really liked your characterisation. I always love a good Snape-angst-over-Lily fic because their just so... angsty (okay, there is no other way to say angst other than ANGST!).

This is such an original snily as well because most snily stories are about Lily and Snape meeting in the after life (and don't get me wrong; I'm a sucker for a good one but any original snily's are just asdfghjkl;)

Please let me know if you write any more snily's I would love to read them!
Jasmine, x

Author's Response: I'M SO SORRY TO YOUR FEELS!

I'm glad you thought the flow was really good! I always tend to worry about that! :D

Snape/Lily fics are always so angsty, it's great! :D

I'm glad you thought it was an original Snily, I really wanted to get at that! :D I'm so glad you liked it!

I doubt that I'd write another Snily but if I ever do, I'll be sure to notify you!

Thank you so much for this lovely review! :D

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Review #6, by SnitchSnatcher Rickety Steps

16th October 2012:
Hey there, Kayla. I apologize for the delay. Once again, I've been swept up in the whirlwind that is the real world, much to my dismay. But fear not, for I am here with your requested review - finally!

First of all, let me say that I was pleasantly surprised by this. I think out of all the pieces you've requested reviews for from me, this is by far your best. With each piece you produce, you just get better and better; there is such improvement in your writing and I'm so happy to see you really coming into your own.

Okay, now to touch upon the areas of concern. I believe the first one you mentioned in your request was concerning the pronouns you used. I don't know if it's because I'm a big fan of using pronouns rather than the character's actual name, but I thought you did it wonderfully. There were a few instances where I had to go back and reread a few words just so I was sure I had a firm understanding of whom you were referring to, but it didn't retract from the overall experience of reading the piece.

On that note, I must say that the flow of this was very nice. There were no moments where I felt severely disjointed or thrown for a loop. It was all very concise and to the point, but not so much so that it was boring. Quite the opposite, actually. The more I read, the further I was pulled into the meat of the piece. So good job with keeping up the interest and actually building it as you went along.

I know your other concern was whether or not Snape was too out of canon. Personally, I felt that he was, mostly because Snape didn't care if James or Harry survived; he was concerned with Lily's survival and only hers. He said it himself to Dumbledore. And while I think he might have had momentary lapses of judgment in regards to Harry, I don't think he would've gone so far to say that Harry was brave - foolhardy and arrogant, yes, but never brave. Also, I thought your version of Snape was a little too lenient in his feelings towards James. It's easy to see in canon that Snape still despises James and that's because he got everything that Snape ever wanted. James was everything that Snape wanted to be, but never could. However, I will say that this new spin you put on Snape was an interesting one, even if it conflicts with my own personal feelings regarding Snape, I thought you did a good job fleshing out his character. Mostly it's just a matter of personal preference, but your Snape was almost a little too nice and a great deal more sympathetic than, I feel, he deserves, lol.

All in all, this was a really great one-shot. You should feel very proud of the work you've done.

- Molly

Author's Response: Hi, Molly! It's okay for the delay, I understand that real life can sometimes get in the way!

Oh wow, thank you! I'm glad to hear that you think I'm improving! :D

Okay, so no adding names? Just make it more clearer, then! :D I don't like using names either, so I was really reluctant to add names, I just wanted to get a second opinion! :)

Glad to hear the flow was good, I always worry about that! :p

Ahaha, I think I'm going to make him a bit more bitter, but I still want to keep that kind of niceness within him, he definitely doesn't deserve all the sympathy but I thought I'd put a new spin on his personality. But I will make him a bit more bitter and use less positive words.

Thank you so much for taking the time to review this! I will be fixing it up soon, I just have limited time. Your tips are greatly appreciated! Thanks again! :D

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Review #7, by pennyardelle Rickety Steps

14th October 2012:
Hi there! Apologies for taking such a long time to deliver your requested review!

I'll start out by saying that I loved the repetition you made use of, particularly in the first half of the one-shot. It really added to the mood of the story--it made me feel a sort of futility or inevitability that I think applies nicely to Snape's story. I would have thought that so much repetition would get tedious after a while, but it didn't at all!

I guess that speaks to your first area of concern, which was flow. Overall, I thought it flowed nicely and had a great rhythm to it. The only suggestions I have are that a) in parts, I felt like you dwelled on certain subjects for longer than was necessary to hit the message home, and b) it was occasionally difficult to tell who was the focus of the narration. This was mainly in the section between the paragraphs beginning with "But then he'd look at him with those eyes..." and "Then he'd lift his head and glare at him..." It's a very powerful image, but I thought it might strengthen the middle section of the story if you were to shorten it a bit, because talking about looking at Harry eventually started to feel a bit redundant. Also, I was unsure in certain parts of this section exactly who was doing the looking. I wasn't sure if it was supposed to be all Snape looking at Harry, or Harry looking back at him, or a combination of both. I think you just have to be careful with all the "he"s, because if it's not totally clear who's being referred to, it can get confusing.

As for grammar, this was really well-written. I hardly noticed any errors, but the main one that stood out to me--and actually, I don't even know if it should be called an error so much as a slightly ineffectual choice of words--was in the sentence, "He looked so much like her husband and he could hate him for a bit." I think what you're trying to get at here is that, because Harry looks so much like James, it allows Snape to hate him, until he is reminded of the presence of Lily on Harry's face. I think you could maybe revise the "hate him for a bit" portion of the sentence to get that across more clearly.

I think characterization was your main concern with the story, so I'll try to give you some feedback on that, too. First off--Snape is one of those nightmarishly difficult characters to write in line with canon. I remember I wrote a chapter in his POV at one point, and I had a hard time getting to a point where I felt like I had captured his character properly. I think you captured the bitterness and regret he felt really well. You covered all the different aspects of his relationship with Lily, which is quite a lot to capture in a single one-shot, and I was really impressed with that! The only comments I can offer on characterization are borne out of my own interpretation of Snape's character, so you can take them or leave them. :P

The one thing that I felt was a bit off in his characterization was that Snape didn't quite seem bitter enough. Again, this is just my view of his character, but I always think that he would have had this constant sense of injustice about losing Lily, rather than giving in to the feeling that "she deserved anyone but him". I think he would have forever blamed James for stealing her away (which you did emphasize in parts), and even blamed Lily herself for not giving him another chance. I think Snape seemed to be very good at putting the blame on other people, even after Lily died. I do agree with the basic premise of your story, which is that he regretted giving Voldemort the information that got Lily killed so deeply that he was never the same afterwards. I just think that there's a line between regretting something and being truly apologetic about it, and maybe everyone's answers about what side of that line Snape falls on are different! :)

Overall, though, I do think your characterization of Snape was quite good, and so was the one-shot more generally. Great work!

Author's Response: Hello! It's okay, I understand that you probably had a lot on your plate!

I thought the use of repetition would get tedious as well, but I'm glad to hear that it didn't! :D

Hmm... Okay, I understand what you're trying to say. When I have more time I'll go fix it up, a few people have said this so I think I'm going to have to change it. Thanks for the tips! :)

Okay, I'll also change that around! You're very helpful! :D

Snape was a nightmare to right, he's so complex! Okay, so not bitter enough - got it! I wanted to put a new spin on Snape but I still wanted him to recognised as canon-Snape. So thank you again! :D

Thank you so much for this extra-long review, I'm sorry my response is so short! Your tips really helped, thank you! And thanks for taking the time to review this for me. :D

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Review #8, by CambAngst Rickety Steps

13th October 2012:
Tagging you from the Review Tag 2.0 thread!

I thought this was a great exploration of Severus's guilt and anguish in the wake of Lily's death. There were a lot of interesting ideas and realizations that you hit on, some of which aren't completely conventional. That's always nice, when you can come of with a few things that haven't been beaten utterly to death.

The idea of him fleeing the Hog's Head with his eavesdropped secrets, vying to earn the favor of his master, was a very plausible way that the events might have transpired. His eagerness to please Voldemort would certainly make him feel all the more stupid and guilty later in life. He simply didn't think things through. Or perhaps he had no idea that Lily was expecting a child, having been estranged from her since their school days. Regardless, I imagine that he didn't realize he was sealing her fate until after Voldemort revealed to him that it was Lily's son that he believed to be the subject of the prophecy.

Backing up a bit, time-wise, I thought you did a great job of capturing the conflict that Severus felt as he watched James and Lily fall in love. Part of him wants to be happy for her. He can't stand to see her unhappy, and he knows that James makes her happy. Part of him even seems to appreciate James for that fact, even though he's never able to let go of the hate he feels for the boy who used to tease and torment him. It was interesting that he could understand what Lily saw in James as he matured, and Severus even seemed to appreciate some of that, himself. Overall, you gave the character a lot of balance here.

Moving on to a much later time, the immense conflict he feels about Harry was beautifully captured in all of the physical details you used about James's appearance and Lily's eyes. The way that these two contrasting images move his emotions was a testament to just how deep his feelings run. He wants to hate the boy that looks like James, but as soon as Harry fixes him with those eyes full of anger and hatred, his determination melts away. Well done.

Your writing was lovely in this. I didn't see any typos or grammatical errors and everything flowed really well. It was a pleasant, fast read. Bravo!

Author's Response: Sigh... I have to respond to this... I like it sitting here in my 'Unanswered Reviews', it's such a lovely review!

Anyway, I'll actually start the response now! :p

I've read about a million and one stories on how Snape is a bitter old bat and we all know he's very complex, so I thought I'd try and write him in a new light! :)

No, he wouldn't have known he was doing that to Lily and if he had known, he would never have done it. I was trying to get the 'What if?' thing for Snape. Because if he hadn't jumped down those stairs, maybe Lily would be alive and there would be no series! (I don't know whether I'm happy or sad about that!)

I've never been in love but I've read countless books, watched countless movies to understand that REAL love was letting the other person be happy, so that's what I was trying to get across. Snape was human, not some evil overlord that wants to take over the universe, so he did have emotions! :p I'm glad to hear that I gave Snape a good balance! :)

Oh thank you so much! You're far too lovely! I'm so happy that you liked the descriptions of James, Lily and Harry! :D

Ahhh thank you so much! This is why I didn't want to answer this review, it's just so kind and thoughtful! :D I'm glad you liked it and thank you so much for leaving me this AMAZING review! :D

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Review #9, by Cassius Alcinder Rickety Steps

10th October 2012:
Review tag!

I hav to say that I really enjoyed your portrayal of Snape, who is a very complex and difficult character to write. I liked how you inocrporated how he blamed himself for Lily's death and every time he saw Harry it reminded himself of his failingsand continued a self destructive cycle that made him seem outwardly bitter and lashing out at those around him. He is a very layered character with some complex emotional turmoil, and you were able to make that come accross in such a short story, so major credit for that.

James and Lily's entrance into the story was well placed as well. Lily very often comes off as pretty Mary Sue-ish, but here she definetely wasn't. i liked how you showed that she had some flaws, but Snape loved her in spite of that.

I'm generally not a fan of Snap/Lily, but this was a good read.

Author's Response: Hi there!
I'm glad you liked my portrayal of Snape, he WAS extremely difficult to write!
Lily is always seen as 'perfect' and she never does any harm, but she was human and she did have faults, and I wanted to convey that Snape didn't love her because she was perfect, he loved because she was imperfect.
Wow, that's so cliche! :p
Anyway, don't worry, I'm not a Snape/Lily fan either, never in a million years but I'm glad that you thought this was a good read. :)
Thanks for the review! :D

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Review #10, by Elphaba and Boyfriends Rickety Steps

6th October 2012:
Hi, Elphaba here with your requested review!

First of all, I really like that you anchor Snape's memory and regret to the image of the rickety steps - I can see and hear him running down those steps in my mind as I read your story. :)

I also like your complex depiction of Snape; he's jealous and hateful but also acknowledges that James made Lily happy. The were only a couple of moments that struck me as OOC for him.

"He was kind, chivalrous, funny, clever and he fit perfectly with her." Even if Snape admitted that James was chivalrous and funny, I can't imagine him ever describing James as "kind." Lily was always the one who people described as kind.

I might also edit this sentence: "Her son wouldn't have had been forced to grow up, he'd be exactly the same as her husband, getting in trouble constantly but still have an air of confidence surrounding him." I just think Snape always saw James as arrogant rather than confident. Later on in your story, he describes how James changes: "He stopped being arrogant, yet he was still confident." I think this sentence works better, and would leave it as is. The earlier mention of confidence seems jarringly un-Snapelike, where as this later one fits.

I really like your depiction of Lily; how she snorts when she laughs, swears like a sailor, and has frizzy hair. It's great that you give her imperfections, and show that Snape loved them because they were a part of who she was. I also like how you contrast his and James' reactions, and that James' honesty earns him a laugh rather than the anger Snape expects. :)

The only critique I have about your writing is that you use "he" so much to denote Snape, Harry and James that I got confused from time to time about who you meant. I think it would help to replace the first mention of James or Harry in each paragraph with their name. You could also switch to first person, using "I" for Snape to differentiate him from the others.

Overall, I like this peep into Snape's psyche a lot. I'm always happy to read something that provides some new insight into his head. I sense here that he really struggles with his feelings for Harry, and that he has changed over the years rather than remaining static. :)

Author's Response: Hello! Thanks for taking the time to review this! :)
I'm glad too hear that you like the rickety steps bit! :)
Okay I hear you about the OOC things, I just wanted to have a go at writing him being really unhateful. But if it's that OOC I'll change it (one day - I have a lot on my plate now), so thanks for pointing that out!
Hmm... I was trying to steer clear away from names, but if it's confusing - other reviews have said that as well - I'll make Harry and James' names clearer! :) I don't think I'll do first person because then I'd have to change the whole thing - but thanks for the advice!
I'm glad you liked this insight into Snape's mind, I was trying to be a bit different! :p
Anyway, thank you so much for taking the time to review this - all the advice is really appreciated! ♥

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Review #11, by Siriusly89 Rickety Steps

4th October 2012:
Hey there! Siriusly89 with a reiview as per requested :) I'm really loving this one-shot! OMG!!! Only one tiny error, it said his 'messy ivory hair', and, correct me if I'm wrong, but I think ivory is an off-white colour.aaanyway! This is a really, beautiful piece! I love the fact that there isn't any dialogue, and that it's told in the third person, in keeping with J.K Rowlings style of writing :) It was really well told, and very believable. I really do think Snape realised that James was a good person really, and I love how you described Snapes relationship with Harry. He can't like him, and he can't hate him either! Altogether a brilliant story! WELL DONE!

Author's Response: Hello there!
I was thinking of the song 'Ebony and Ivory' that's why I wrote that!
Anyway, thank you so much for leaving me this lovely review - I'm glad you liked it! :)

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Review #12, by PhoenixPulse Rickety Steps

3rd October 2012:

Absolutely-freaking-tutely BEAUTIFUL!

I honestly admire how you portrayed Snape here. His feelings are so contradicting, but it matches his complex personality so well, and his selfishness, and bitterness. I guess you can say, as a whole, this one-shot was bitter sweet. In a good way!

And Snape's hateful yet remorseful feeling towards James. I loved that. To me, reading his view on James just made him as much more human than how he viewed Lily. You portrayed a man with the blood in his hands, and regretted it. He may not have liked it, but he regretted it...and that was what made it realistic. I don't think Snape could ever wish James dead. It's too crude and inhuman. Your perspective through the writing feels more of a real insight.

And Snape's feelings towards Harry is deep. I loved it, how he had some internal/emotional conflict surging through him, and I think you worded that perfectly. I could feel the pain of both love and hate, and that's probably one of the few strongest emotional vibes you can place in a reader. His confusion in's so beautiful.

The only small thing I'm going to complain about it the use of pronouns. There were times when I wasn't sure if you were talking about James or Snape, so there were certain places in the piece where I would have to read slowly and reread again to figure it out. Now, it isn't a horrid error because they weren't so bad as a problem, it just took time for some bits to read.

Overall, this was absolutely fantastic. And I'm going to have to say, this is probably one of your more strongest of fics. So much emotion and everything. I'm just honestly running out of words to say. Just. So. Bloody. GAH -- BEAUTIFUL!

Author's Response: I'm guessing you liked this one more than my other one? ;)
This one-shot was bitter-sweet, it was quite difficult for me to write!
Every time I read that Snape was happy that James died, I want to throttle something. Snape isn't some inhumane monster - so I made sure I wasn't one of those people who portrayed him as such. :p
The pronoun thing also confused me a few times, but I couldn't figure out how to reword it. :/ I think I may have another look at it soon because it needs it.
Anyway, thank you so much for leaving me another SPIFFTACULAR review! I was in such a good mood today because I'd seen them in the morning (but I was on my phone so I couldn't respond)! So anyway, thank you so much! :D

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Review #13, by caoty Rickety Steps

3rd October 2012:
Well. This was intense.

I'm not much one for Snily - at all - and your fic, as well-written as it is, hasn't changed that. Then again, I don't think you were trying to. Erm. Anyway.

Your use of tenses was what really stood out to me in this fic, oddly enough. You've kind of mixed present and past tense in such a way that it doesn't feel disjointed but completely continuous, even though we're going from the present to memory to the present again. Well done on that.

I was also impressed by your description of the little we see of Lily. A lot of the time in fic, she's this impossibly-perfectly-beautiful girl, but you've emphasised her more unattractive traits in such a way that the reader can see them and still understand why Snape loves her.

And everything about Lily/James is win. Moving on.

That said, there are a couple of problems with pronouns in this because of the style of writing, such as:

>He loved his mother and it hurt him that he caused her death.

which I had to read three times so that I'd stop wondering where the hell Snape's Oedipus complex was in canon. :P
It gets confusing, is what I'm saying.

All in all, though, this is a very well-written piece about difficult emotions and characters. Well done! :)

Author's Response: Don't worry, I hate Snily with a burning passion and nothing and no one will ever change that for me! :p
Yeah, I had so much trouble with tenses, so I'm glad to hear that it wasn't disjointed and all bumpy. :)
Every single Lily fic that I've read is that she is perfect and no human being is perfect! That's always bothered me, so I decided to throw that in there. ;)
Yes, everything about James/Lily is win. James/Lily is my OTP and will forever be! :p
It did get confusing for me too, but I didn't know how to change that. :/ I'll go over it soon, and then try and see if I can reword it! Thanks for the tips though! :)
Thank you so much for this lovely review! I'm glad you liked it! :)

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Review #14, by Violet Gryfindor Rickety Steps

30th September 2012:
This story examines Snape's mind and heart in an original way, making him less filled with hatred for James or Harry, and I really liked that you changed that aspect of Snape's characterization in fanfiction. It makes sense that he blames himself over and over, and that's what spirals him downward. He sees Harry and is constantly reminded of his mistake, his betrayal. It's more realistic, or at least explores a side to Snape that contains more psychological depth and complexity. It's too easy to make him despise James and make choices based on that hatred, such as his treatment of Harry. But to instead have Snape unable to control his impulses and be so confused makes him more human (rather than a caricature of someone bitter and unforgiving).

The idea of everything boiling down to that one moment on the stairs is emotionally moving because it's like something out of a classic tragedy - a true moment of fate that could have been prevented, but somehow wasn't. It makes me wonder why Snape reported the prophecy without thinking it through first, why he told it without realizing who it could have been referring to. It's such a lapse in judgment, and while it suits his impulsiveness (just like when he called Lily a Mudblood), it goes against his intelligence. He should have known better, and that's why it's such a painful thing for him.

The way that you've written all of these things (and more) into this one-shot is fantastic. I liked the use of repetition at the beginning - it emphasized the haunting power of memory. It's an incredibly vivid moment in his mind, and it makes me wonder how often it appears before him, reminding him of his fatal error. One grammatical issue that I picked up was actually in the last line, where the verb tense felt off - it's a moment in the past, so I think it should instead read "he hadn't jumped".

Great work with this! I'm glad to have been able to read yet another of your one-shots, especially one about Snape. I'll definitely be on the look out for more from you. :D

Author's Response: I'm just going to let you know that this review put a HUGE smile on my face! ♥ Thank you so much for leaving me this lovely review!
Whenever I read a Snape fic, it's always about how he hates James and Harry and I never perceived him as that way. He was just jealous of James, and looking at Harry reminded him about Lily and that's why he was so cruel to him. Well, that's my opinion at least. :p
Snape was human, as much as it is strange to admit. :p
The stair thing is basically saying any thing you do can affect someone in a huge way - I've had to deal with that and all I can think is 'What if?' and when I was writing it, I thought Snape would feel the same way, so I put it in there. :p
I kept trying to use repetition but I was afraid that I over-used it, but I'm glad to hear that it emphasised the haunting power of memory! (I don't know how to reword that so I'm just using your sentence :p).
Hmm... that does make more sense! I'll change that very soon! Thanks for pointing it out! :)
You don't understand how happy I am that you are glad that you read two of my stories! I'm legit grinning from ear to ear.

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Review #15, by PhoenixFlame8629 Rickety Steps

28th September 2012:
Hi! It's PhoenixFlame8629 with the interview I included with my writing contest entry. I really loved this. It provided a much-needed insight into Snape's mind and how he really felt about Lily's death. There's a lot in the series about how he felt about her while she was alive, but there really isn't anything that shows how he felt after she died except those scenes in the Pensieve where he yells at Dumbledore for not keeping Lily safe. I thought that JKR should have given us more info, but you provided that here (and in quite an engaging way I might add). I really liked this and I'm adding it to my favorites A.S.A.P! Good work!

Author's Response: Hello there! :D
I'm glad that you liked this! I'm glad to hear that I did a good job with the inside of Snape's mind! :)
Ooh! Thank you for adding it to you favourites, that makes me really happy! :)
Thanks for reviewing and thanks for the challenge, it was good fun to write! :D

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