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Review #1, by Ankita Changes

12th January 2017:
I thoroughly enjoyed reading both your stories. Just Rose as well as this one. I just loved all the hilarious moments with Scorpious. They made me laugh and snort like crazy. I quite like this Mathey guy, I hope they don't breakup. But wait. No more updates in the last 3 years. What ! I literally beg you to complete this story. You can't just leave your readers hanging there ! Please update. Please PLEASE !!

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Review #2, by Tris  Changes

19th November 2014:
Update soon? I am really enjoying this and don't want another unresolved cliff hanger in my mind :( but really I am enjoying this a lot!

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Review #3, by LoonyMooney Changes

27th May 2014:
Love it so far, looking forward to see what happens next!

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Review #4, by unknown192 Changes

24th May 2014:
Great. Please write more!

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Review #5, by Courtney Dark Family Matters

15th March 2014:
Oh God, I love the paintings of both Gilderoy and Boris - they add so much humour to this story! It's great!

Grrr, Wendy Flourish makes me grind my teeth together. THIS IS ROSE'S SHOP! DON'T YOU DARE TRY AND TAKE IT FROM HER! Does she want to make someone else's life miserable?

And ROXANNE is Wendy's lawyer? Grrr! I like Roxanne even less now, how could she do that to her cousin?

Oho, so the truth comes out - Roxanne had a thing for Matthew! This is not going to end well!

Great chapter!


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Review #6, by Courtney Dark Malfoy Manor, Again

12th March 2014:

This was a great chapter! I can totally see Molly being a big bridezilla!

Wow, taking Jesus along to scout wedding venues is an...interesting idea. And he has a band? I think Molly's wedding will be an interesting affair!

Malfoy Manor? What on earth is Molly thinking! I loved the conversation between Rose and Draco, it was funny and sweet at the same time.

Oh wow, Scorpius. Get it together dude! And Rose is totally a softie, letting him stay at her house!

Great chapter!


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Review #7, by Courtney Dark Booty Calls

10th March 2014:
Hey there!

I loved the way this chapter started, with Scorpius 'Booty Call' - he really is the strangest guy I've ever...well, I was about to say met, but you know what I mean! And I can just envision the night cap and knitted pyjamas!

How the relationship between Teddy and Rose has changed! I definitely think this relationship with Matthew has really helped Rose though - she seems to be a lot more tolerant.

I laughed out loud when Rose got the address for Lockhart's house - and then I enjoyed the whole scene when she talked to him. It's so original of you, using him as a character, because you hardly ever read about him, especially not in next-gen!

Great chapter!


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Review #8, by Courtney Dark Commitment-Phobes

6th March 2014:
Oh, I'm so glad that Rose and Matthew made up! I really like them together - Matthew basically seems like the perfect boyfriend - and I really don't want them to break up!

Molly, despite being rather mean sometimes, actually gives very good advice. I just love the relationship between she and Rose so much!

Wow, Roxanne's party was...a bit of a let-down. I actually really like Roxanne's character. Well, I don't like her as a person, but she definitely adds a bit of humour to the story! Her very forced sounding speech was great!

Aw, Matthew and Rose you are just too adorable! I'm glad Rose finally got those three little words out!


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Review #9, by Courtney Dark Orange Juice

6th March 2014:
I now have this very weird image in my head of Scorpius wrapped in a Sarong. You really come up with the most amusing situations for his character!

Hehe, I really enjoyed all the scenes at Matthew's parents house. The thought of that warm, crackling fire and homemade stew really made me miss my home!

Oh God, Matthew's Mum thought Rose was pregnant and THEN spilled Matthew's plans! She definitely seems like a blabbermouth. I actually think what Matthew was trying to do was a really sweet gesture BUT because he knows Rose so well, he probably should have consulted her about it. And then he said I love you and Rose didn't respond! I hope this doesn't start to mess up their relationship!


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Review #10, by Courtney Dark Bad Break-Ups

5th March 2014:
I had no idea why Henry was calling Rose into his office, but I did not expect this! This is utter crap! I don't think she realizes it properly, but Rose really loves her job, and has done a great job with the shop! I really hope it doesn't get taken away.

I loved the conversation between Rose and Matthew, especially Rose's comment: "That depends entirely on your... performance." Classic!

Oh, Scorpius. The poor guy, his life really has been a rollercoaster. A rollercoaster that has very few 'ups'. I wonder if Clara was ever serious about Scorpius at all?

Rose loves Matthew? I wonder if she's going to tell him? And I wonder what his reaction will be...


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Review #11, by Courtney Dark Paper Owls

5th March 2014:
Oooh, this was an awesome chapter!

I honestly think Scorpius should see a therapist. Or get a girlfriend. Either one of those would be beneficial, because it is just downright CREEPY that he decided surprising Rose by creeping into her flat at three in the morning and lurking in the dark would be a good idea.

Oooh, did Matthew just make a declaration of love? And of course that would be something that freaks Rose out!

Ha, I loved the conversation with Boris' portrait and how he tried to sneak away into Gilderoy's. I'm so glad you kept Boris in this story in the form of a portrait! He provides a lot of comic relief.

YOU HAVE MADE ME FEEL LIKE BROWNIES NOW! Nooo! I am seriously craving them!

Anyway, I loved this chapter!


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Review #12, by Courtney Dark Dancing on Tables

4th March 2014:
Oh wow, drunk Rose is quite a character! I would be absolutely humiliated and horrified if I woke up with a hangover and a bad memory and heard all of those stories about what I'd done last night. Although at least Matthew seems to find it all amusing! He really is a good boyfriend.

Operation Freckle. What an...interesting name choice. The image of Scorpius sobbing between the book shelves kind of made me laugh - Rose is really not having a very good day!

I can't wait to read more!


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Review #13, by Courtney Dark A Nice Bloke

4th March 2014:
Hey there!

So this was another great chapter. As usual, I loved the conversation between Molly and Rose, and then the entrance of Matthew - I love he and Rose together, they're so sweet! And the addition of the "Busty Brides" magazine, that was great!

I also really enjoyed the scene at the Burrow. Your characterization of Hermione is very funny - I could just imagine her sweeping up the glass that Lorcan broke. And Matthew's comeback: "Well, I consider myself a reasonably nice bloke, Mrs Weasley," was great!

Poor Victoire:( I feel really bad for her, actually, her whole life has gone downhill! And I don't have any respect at all for Teddy anymore.

Keep writing!


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Review #14, by Courtney Dark Molly's News

2nd March 2014:
Haha, I can definitely see Albus as being the 'mathematical' type. I wish I had a cousin to do all that boring sort of stuff for me!

I really, really hope that Rose doesn't cave and give Scorpius a job at the bookstore, because I am 100% certain that he would drive her - and all the other customers - bonkers.

Lorcan proposed to Molly! Why didn't she say yes right away? What if Lorcan changes his mind or something? And I hope Rose tries her best to be happy for them, because I do NOT want another big fight between Molly and Rose. That was unpleasant enough the first time!

Great chapter!


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Review #15, by Courtney Dark Role Models

1st March 2014:
And here we go again! I cannot wait to read more of this, as this first chapter was absolutely amazing - I wonder what is going to happen in this second installment? I'm expecting it to be as funny and action packed as the first, no pressure!

So much happened in this first chapter!

Rose and Matthew are couply and sweet together - finally something good in Rose's life, so that's great! Wow, Audrey asks the most awkward questions! I would be humiliated!

Hmm...I wonder what's going on with Hugo? Is he really up to something suspicious? Or are Molly and Rose just over-thinking things?

Your portrayal of Scorpius was perfect, as always. He's just so...weird. There's really no other way to describe him! But I'm glad he and Rose are friends now!

I can't wait to read more!


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Review #16, by stellarium Changes

25th January 2014:
Poor Teddy, still trying to be a part of the family but that's what you get for cheating on your fiancee with her sister. Tsk tsk.

What's up with him though? He's been appearing more often and bothering Rose. I personally think he wants Rose's biscuit collection.

And HUGO just, what is up with you and your secrets?

I love that Hermione still has that soft spot for Scorp, though. (And that Rose is still Scorp's go to girl even after everything!)

Fine chapter as always, keep up the good work (and the chapters!)


PS. Will definitely try Atlas Air when I get the chance!

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Review #17, by ValWitch21 Changes

25th December 2013:
Hi, Marina! I still have twenty minutes before midnight in my time zone so MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Ask him how you can beat Roxanne and I'm sure he'll think of something. She's an amateur, outcast lawyer with no qualifications and frizzy hair. It won't take much to knock her down.

The frizzy hair bit killed me. I'm laughing as I type and the more I think about it the harder I laugh so I'll move to something else before I start crying with laughter.

Rose and Matthew are a pairing I'm very undecided about. I do like them a lot, but at the same time I feel like the way Matthew loves Rose more than she does him isn't going to end well. And maybe I'm kind of hoping for Rose and Scorpius to happen, for tradition's sake? I don't know. Having written that, there are half a dozen reasons why it'd be a terrible idea that spring to mind, so let's pretend I never mentioned it.


"Just things," Hugo evaded. "Why do you care?"

I held up my hands defensively. "Look, I was only being interested in your life. Sorry."

This is such an accurate description of sibling dynamics, with inquiring big sisters and grouchy younger brothers… Hugo now looks like my brother in my head, woe is me.

Okay so I have to pause to fangirl about how very canon Ron and Hermione are. Even though this obviously a setting we've not seen them in over the course of the books, they feel like the characters JK wrote, so you get bonus points for that on top of the chapter being awesome.

"That sounds nice," I said. "Say hi to Paul for me."

I snorted in a very unladylike manner, very loud. Thank you for taking the last scraps of my self-esteem and shredding them further.


Seriously, Teddy? Seriously? Dishonour on you! Dishonour on your cow!

(It's late and I'm tired. I'm sorry. You can shout at me on Skype if this makes no sense.)


I'll be around on the thirtieth of December for more incoherent ramblings, be warned...

Author's Response: Val! You're so sweet! This review made me laugh so much. Damn right, dishonour on Teddy's cow. He can be such a jerk sometimes. He's just so oblivious.

I love writing Rose with her immediate family. Her brother is definitely inspired by mine and hopefully that keeps it realistic. He can be so frustrating sometimes.

Thank you so much, this has cheered up my Christmas no end :)

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Review #18, by stellarium Family Matters

2nd December 2013:
Oh man, I've been eagerly awaiting your updates since forever! It wasn't the same without your Rose and your Scorp. They're my absolute faves at a canon characterization!

It feels like it's been years and I'm so excited what other (mis)fortune will Rose get!

Great job as always (although yes, i need more chaptes, ok?)

Much love,

Author's Response: Thank you so much! A new chapter is up :D Marina

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Review #19, by AriesGirl40 Family Matters

1st December 2013:
I had to play catch up too. Found myself a few chapters behind.
Scorpius on the couch, parents in worry over him and Rose saving him from his self pity. Rose really is a good friend. Will it slip into something more?
I hope Rose can work out a truce with her cousin, loosing the book store would kill Rose. She is trying so hard to do it all on her own.

Author's Response: Poor Rose. I think it'll be her pride that causes her more problems. But equally, meddling family members don't do her much good either. Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #20, by LillyRoseanne Family Matters

27th November 2013:
OMG Roxanne is such a beep!
She's my favourite Weasley and you're making em hate her... :(... Keep writing and i might forgive you :P

Author's Response: Yeah, Roxanne's not the best :P Thanks for the review!

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Review #21, by AriesGirl40 Booty Calls

31st October 2013:
I love Scorpius moments, poor baby is a little mental at the moment, which leads to reading fun :)

Author's Response: He is a bit :P Thanks so much for reviewing!

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Review #22, by GoldenFeather Role Models

29th October 2013:
Brilliant! I love it when authors write sequels to their brilliant stories! :)

Author's Response: Thanks so much - I wasn't quite done yet with their story to stop at the last novel :)

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Review #23, by DumbledoresArmyOfOne Booty Calls

21st October 2013:
Oh my goodness! I didn't expect this plot twist! I love how you include bits from the first story into this one. Your continuity is wonderful! Rose is so perfect- I love the depth of her disposition.
Scorpius continues to be my preferred person in this story. He's just so nutty!I enjoy the more serious route this story is following- Rose is experiencing some true difficulties in her life which I think is very good. I enjoyed Gilderoy's bit so much! He's so funny, I love how full of himself he is. Rose is getting pretty 'do or die'! Nervous to see the next section!
Wonderful section!

Author's Response: Thank you so much! This is very much a continuation of the first story so elements will continue to reappear. Thanks so much!

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Review #24, by AriesGirl40 Commitment-Phobes

5th October 2013:
Looks like Mathew is "The One". Their even moving in together.
Poor Scorpius, I think we left him crying without his clothes on, on the Book store floor. Destined to die with Rose as his friend, yet alone.
Glad your back :) I enjoyed the chapter. See you again soon.

Author's Response: Thank you! I'll update soon, thank you for reviewing :) Marina

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Review #25, by AriesGirl40 Orange Juice

21st September 2013:
Im so happy to see your story up again. I hope the time off was exciting for you.
Scorpius in a Sarong, spread out on the floor. Rose loosing her virginity for money, and Matthews mother jumping the gun. Will Matthew ever learn to let Rose do her thing and just wait and see if he's needed like that? Thats showing Rose Matt has no faith in her business instincts, hard to have trust in the man if he has no faith in you. And to just asume Rose would leave her freedom so soon after obtaining it? Moving in together is just marriage without the ring. There is no security in that move. I can't wait to see what happens next.

see you soon!

Author's Response: I had an amazing time but it's still good to be back. Thanks so much for the review :)

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