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Review #1, by UnluckyStar57 sinking like stones

25th November 2012:
This was very well done!

You might have had some anachronisms, but it didn't really affect the story. The disagreement between Slytherin and the others was believable and full of drama. I loved how Hufflepuff stepped out of her usual docile parameters to tell him to get lost. :)
And did I sense a tiny bit of romance between Ravenclaw and Slytherin? Maybe? If so, it was very subtle and I like that you brought that element in. If not... Silly me!

Fantastic work. You should be proud of your first foray into the Founders' world!!

Author's Response: Thank you very much! It's very hard to completely rid one's writing of anachronisms, but I did the best I could, so I'm glad it didn't kill the overall mood of the story!

I've always felt that Helga is a lot stronger than she's often depicted in fanfiction. The sigil for Hufflepuff is a badger for a reason - she'll attack when cornered!

I think you might've. :P I've been a fan of the ship for a long time. Truth be told, I ship just about every Founders ship under the sun, but I have a special place in my heart for Salazar/Rowena, I just didn't want to make it too obvious throughout.

I definitely had a good time writing this and am considering delving in once more!

Thanks so much for all of your kind words. You're great!

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Review #2, by magnolia_magic sinking like stones

17th September 2012:
Molly! I saw that you had a Founders fic up and I just had to read it. And I'm so glad I did! This was awesome! :)

I love the present tense, first of all. I think it adds a lot of intensity, and it fits well with the mood of the piece. And you've got great imagery going here, particularly the description of the fight at the very beginning. It thrusts the reader right into the middle of everything, and I just love that. And you have some beautiful lines describing the characters. I'm so impressed by how much you managed to convey about these characters in so few words.

Here's my favorite part: "Fair Rowena, with her bent head and broken crown, Good Godric, with his soured nobility, and Dear Helga, with her kind eyes turned cruel. These are his friends now; these are their true colors." I just think this is gorgeous, and so heartbreaking. I even felt just a little sorry for Salazar there, even though the rest of his narrative and dialogue just chilled me to the bone.

My only issue was the very end. I like the way it just sort of breaks off; it gives an incomplete feel to this that I thought was so cool. But I wasn't clear on what Helga meant by her statement. Does she want to remedy the crack made when people apparate? I think maybe a few words of clarification would help. That way, readers will be left thinking only about the awesomeness of the story, and not going, "Wait, what?" Haha I hope that makes sense :)

I'm so glad I read this! It leaves me wanting to read more about these characters, and your writing is just beautiful. Keep up the great work!


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