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Review #1, by milominderbinder Something Unforseen

8th March 2015:
hiya! i'm here for our review swap! :D

so i'm a HUGE al/scorpius shipper, which made this feel a little weird to read at first ;) but i'm not stuck on that ship or anything and by the end of this i was totally loving scorp and james together! it was so cute, all the little snippets of them together. they were such small glimpses into their world and their relationship, but at the same time, each one said so much. it was really adorable.

i was slightly like AL HOW CAN YOU BE SO OBLIVIOUS but really i can totally see how he would have missed it. without all those little moments being written right next to each other like they were here, it'd be so easy to just brush them all off, and then be totally blindsided by the reality. as much as i loved scorpius and james together i felt bad for al at the end, too - it's such a big thing for him to realise his best friend and brother are together, and i imagine for a while he'd feel pretty left out. but the way you ended it was great. him being shocked and not really okay, but recognising that he'd be okay with it someday - he'd have to be, if he wanted to keep them both in his life.

so, yeah, overall i thought this was lovely! well done!!

~Maia x

Author's Response: Hi!
I'm an Albus/Scorpius shipper too, so this felt a bit odd to write. But I kind of like this ship too.

I'm sure Albus will be okay with James's and Scorpius's relationship. But I guess he'll feel left out at some points. It can't be easy to lose your best friend to your annoying big brother, so to speak.

Thanks for a great swap!


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Review #2, by Jchrissy Something Unforseen

9th March 2013:
Happy Birthday fellow Gryffie! Well, a day early ;).

I was really anxious to see what the unforeseen even would be that the title suggested, and oh my gosh it didn't disappoint!

I loved that you gave us such an awesome look into Al's and Scoprius's friendship. The relaxing summer days after exams, just hanging out and talking about girls, and the fact that they still spent time together over summer were really awesome ways to show how close they are as friends. That made what he saw and wasn't told about even more serious, because he'd expect his best friend and brother to be honest with him I'm sure.

This is a small detail, but I really loved how at Al's birthday when you were talking about all the speeches, Hermione's was a more serious one. That really was an excellent bit of personality to make her so canon. And Al not being able to imagine his aunt as an adolescent is SO cute! Probably because we saw Hermione as only that, so it's easy for us. I really loved that, as well.

I also liked that you showed us a bit of James and Al's relationship early on to help us understand that they're close. Again, it goes even farther to help us see how hard this probably as for Al to accept at first.

I loved that you didn't have him freaking out at the end of it. He didn't seem happy that he hadn't been told, but he didn't seem angry at them either. It really went along with the calm sort of character you built for him through this.

Awesome story, m'dear! And again, a very happy birthday ♥

Author's Response: Thank you for a lovely review! That was a really nice bibirthday present! :-)

I'm glad you like the story. I wrote it for a challenge, and this is not a pairing I'm awfully used to (being an Albus/Scorpius shipper myself...) But it was fun to write.

I'm also happy that I managed to surprise you. I wasn't sure when I wrote it how to write clues to the ending without giving it away.

Thanks! :-)

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Review #3, by Siriusly89 Something Unforseen

4th October 2012:
Hi there! Siriusly89 with a review as requested :) To be honest, I've never really read slash, but this was really good! Sometimes, it felt a teeny bit plotless, but it all made sense at the end! My one recommendation is to jazz up the middle of the story just a tiny bit! Maybe Scorpius could bring Minnie over??? Just a suggestion :)

Author's Response: Thank you for reviewing! I think you made a good suggestion about having Minnie over in the middle of the story. It might help to keep up the pace. Thanks! :-)

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Review #4, by hushpuppy Something Unforseen

11th September 2012:
Wow, James is a total prick. They kept the relationship secret and didn't even give Albus the chance to figure things out. The betrayal of going behind his back and Scorpius kinda using the excuse of staying with his "best friend" Albus for the summer, when he's actually there for James, is enough to anger and alienate most people for a time. Albus needs to man up and express his disappointment in how he was treated and let Scorpius and James know that it's not okay.

Author's Response: Thank you for reading and reviewing! Yeah, I guess Albus has a right to feel a bit disappointed and confused.

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Review #5, by Emily Something Unforseen

10th September 2012:
Never seen that before.

Author's Response: Thank you for reading and reviewing! :-)

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