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Review #1, by ChinaDoll Parachever (English translation: To perfect)

7th August 2013:
Hey there again, I read this last chapter and I see improvement. I can't say I read the whole story, but I got most of what happened from this chapter alone. I might come back and read the whole thing just because I want the full story for Draco/Elizabeth.

Good job, 7/10 for this chapter, might review again later.

Author's Response: This is truly a Harry and Ginny story, but they don't start off as a couple. By reading the last chapter, however, you've negated much of the tension of the story.

It does lead into GUMD well, so if you're going to read Growing Up...(ie: GUMD) you might want to know about the groundwork laid herein.

Thanks for reading and reviewing,

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Review #2, by otterandstag Parachever (English translation: To perfect)

16th February 2013:
Wonderful story. I really like that you showed that no matter how much or how hard you try there are just some things you cannot change. They are simply who we are meant to be.

Author's Response: Glad you enjoyed it. The new story which follows this one should be up in a few days. It's called "Growing Up With Mum and Dad".

Thanks so much for reading and reviewing,

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Review #3, by Fanfic Chapter 9: S'ouvrir (English Translation: Unlock)

30th January 2013:
You're tricky! Please update soon, I'm so intrigued to find out how you're going to resolve this narrative and if it will be resolved happily!

even though I hate the new Harry and his portrayl here (I feel the prequel to this story was much truer to his character) I think it's a brave and necessary move :D

Keep up the excellent characters and plot line

Author's Response: I love a good cliff hanger myself, so I employ them as a writer. I just uploaded the next to last chapter, so you'll know how it all works out soon. There is a sequel to this story called "Growing Up with Mum and Dad", which I think you'll enjoy as well.

I had to make Harry quite OOC (out of Character) in this story to show what could have happened if he'd had a different upbringing. He's not a 'bad guy' in the story, simply more like a normal teen guy who needed to stop feeling everything after the accident. He used sex as a drug as sure as if he was drinking or taking pills. I've taken a fair bit of flack for this Harry. No one wants to see a beloved character be something they don't recognize.

Thanks so much for your praise, it does mean so very much.

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Review #4, by thelostone Chapter 8: Gris (English Translation: Gray)

27th January 2013:
I have been waiting FOREVER for the update!

When I thought everything would be okay again, the storyline just went darker and it made my heart crunch. I love how you write this. Thank you for these two chapters that made up for your disappearance.

Author's Response: I really wasn't "forever"...I got the flu and with my other health problems, it sidelined me for the better part of a month. Sorry about that. The next chapter is up and the one after is already in the queue.

It is a rather dark story, with a completely surprising Harry and Draco. Neither were well accepted by my audience either.

I'll try not to disappear again,

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Review #5, by Fanfic Chapter 8: Gris (English Translation: Gray)

25th January 2013:
Again so interesting. You are so creative and have amazing story lines. I can't wait to see the direction in which you take this story

Author's Response: Thank you so much for your kind words. FF author's don't make much money, but we do thrive on what our readers have to say. Truly, it touched my heart.

The next chapter is up and the one after is in the queue. Enjoy.


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Review #6, by lillyjames4evr Chapter 8: Gris (English Translation: Gray)

24th January 2013:
AH! write more i beg of you! That was an awsome chapter, but how could you end it like that! Put another chapter in, please please please please please!

Author's Response: The next chapter is up and the one after is already in the queue. I love cliffhangers, and I will tell you another is on the way. Glad that you are enjoying the story.

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Review #7, by hptrump Chapter 7: Perte (English translation: Loss)

19th January 2013:
Didn't you story start with Harry & Ginny being married in an alternate universe and was thrown into this universe? It seems other than Harry's mind having a battle between both Harrys nothing seems to influence the Ginny of this world. Not sure if I made that clear enough but I don't think I can make it any clearer.

Author's Response: Yes, Harry and Ginny were married in the first Alternate Universe in "Continuum" and then were thrown into this AU for this story. Yes, Harry is seemingly having a harder time as he's battling both sets of memories. No, however, is Ginny unaffected by the changes around her (Remember, she is "hover-chair" bound). We will see more of what's happening to Ginny in the next chapter.

I realize things are quite confusing now, but give it a chance, all will be made clear by the end. The next chapter is already in the queue, so your answers aren't far away.

Thanks for reading and asking your questions,

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Review #8, by zorica Chapter 5: Casser (French)/ Break (English)

18th October 2012:
Your beautifully drawn characters are just a delight! Harry's confusion is heartbreaking and Ginny's strength is heartwarming. Oh I love your stories!

Author's Response: Oh, thank you so much. It's nice to hear someone appreciates a slightly different Harry and Ginny. People are often very protective of who they should be. If find people with flaws and struggles far more interesting, which is these two definitely are.

Your comments have made my night. Thank you so much for writing them, and for reading my stories.


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Review #9, by zorica Chapter 3: Réalté ou díllusion (Reality or Illusion)

30th September 2012:
Poor Harry and Ginny this life has not turned out quite like it should have. Neither has it for Bill and Mrs Weasley. I can see how Bastien would be a good match for Ginny especially as he's Sirius's son. Great read.

Author's Response: Definitely is not what they expected to come home to. Bastien is a gentleman, and quite sensitive to what Ginny might need. He's all the best parts of his Dad. Only time will tell.

Thanks for reading and reviewing,

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Review #10, by zorica Chapter 2: Tu me pardon? (Forgive Me)

22nd September 2012:
I've read this story on 2 other sites and just loved it. Can't understand why you don't have more reviews here. You are a brilliant writer and I am enjoying this all over again. Thanks for letting us enjoy your writing.

Author's Response: Thank you. I don't know why people read one place and not another, but I don't worry about it. If one person enjoys the story, then its worth it. Thanks for taking time to read here, and for your lovely compliments. I promise to keep posting. MNF

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Review #11, by Astoria Chapter 1: Mémories (French)/ Memories (English)

14th September 2012:

I love your work. Your stories keep me on my toes! I did not see what happened at the end of the last story happening AT ALL. I do hope that Harry and Ginny work things out. They are too cute together! Can't wait to read more and see where things fall.

Author's Response: Yes, well playing with time is never a good thing. They're learning that here.

I appreciate your praise, its all that fic writers have, and you have made my day today.

Thanks for reading and reviewing and more to come,

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