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Review #1, by Violet Potter 434 Chapter Fifty: Epilogue

30th May 2017:

that's the only word I can think of to describe this whole story

its written beautifully and the plots beautiful

its all beautiful

I've read this all before but I forgot what it was called and haven't been able to find it for like 2 years or something

then by a complete fluke I found it yesterday evening

and then spent this afternoon rereading it- no joke I've been sat here for 4 hours

I love it so much

you're an amazing writer
who should totally write an own book

love from me

Author's Response: Hi Violet!

I am mega sorry this reply is so late.

You are way too kind, and thank you so, so much. It means a lot as this was my first proper novel length fic that I actually completed. So it honestly means so much.

It was meant to be haha, make sure to favourite it for next time so you don't lose it again :)

Thank you so much again hun, it means a lot. I remember you reviewed previous chapters when I was still writing and up-loading and you're support was fab!!


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Review #2, by merlins beard Chapter One

26th April 2017:
Hey there, i'm here for the CTF.
Wow that's quite an impressive start to a story. Personally i've stopped reading teen pregnancy fanfiction even before i left high school because most are just all the cliches and once you've read one, you know them all. But here, it starts out differently. There are twins, already 6 months old. The mother has not told anyone, not even the father (which, you know, is kind of a little unfair because no matter how hard it seems, he realy has a right to know his own children - and an adult should have made sure he knows and has the chance to step up and take responsibility). The friends don't know, which would be incredibly hard. Going through pregnancy is hard already, but going through it alone, with no supportive partner and no friends to lean on? That's pretty cruel. The pregnancy obviously turned out okay, and she's really trying to be a good mother so that's great...
Twins is something else i haven't seen in the teen pregnancy fanfiction before (i'm sure there are quite a few stories where characters have twins, it's probably due to my avoidance of them that i haven't seen any before)
Well, this is going to be an interesting story & i hope the flag is here so we get to read it all. Hey, at least it won't be really dark and angsty, right? Please tell me that's not where this is going...

I guess i'll be back soon :p

Author's Response: Hi!

I'm super sorry I'm late replying.

I think it's one of the biggest cliches in fanfiction, and I admit to writing it. Which is why I think I wanted this one to be that little bit different.

Flick is very stubborn, and although she was told numerous times that the father had to know, she hid away scared about not only his reaction but the rest of the wizarding worlds (kind of a hazard when your baby daddy has famous parents).

Whilst she didn't have her friends, she had her family and although its not the same, Flick is incredibly close to her siblings. And once the twins arrived she made some other mum friends, in the muggle world.

I think I've seen it once or twice, I mean there is part Weasley in Albus from his mothers side, and I honestly couldn't decided whether they had a boy or girl so I gave them both lol.

There are a lot of twists and turns, and its definitely not all angsty tho there are parts. There's a bit of fluff too. Hope you'll be back soon.

Thanks for reading and reviewing!! :)


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Review #3, by adluvshp Chapter Five

9th April 2017:
So, Flick is a Slytherin! That is nice, and Albus is the father, wow! I wonder how he will react when he finds out - he should be mad that she never told him she was pregnant with his kid(s) because really both the parents have the right to know even if the decision of what to do with the pregnancy resides with the mother in such cases. Regardless, am excited she is going to go back to school and see her friends. They must feel awfully confused, and i am glad you gave us insights into their lives a little bit through the letters and her thoughts, like Scorpius wanting rose, and Dom being her best friend, and also only the few close people knowing the truth about her mother. The story is headed in an interesting direction and am looking forward to seeing how things turn out. I really would have liked more description and dialogue though, as it seems to be description isolated and dialogue isolated rather than a mix. Also, more letters, especially one from Albus would have been good to see where they stand today (or where they stood before she left). Backstories are important to build a relationship with the characters in my opinion. But apart from that, this is fun to read, good going!

Author's Response: Hi!

I'm sooo sorry for the late reply.

Yep Flick is a Slytherin, and Al is indeed the daddy.

As stubborn as she is Flick never told anyone who the twins father is, most of her family automatically guessed.

This chapter is mostly a filler but I've recently been editing the story in the hope I'd get my writing mojo back. Anyway I've put in a letter from Albus now. I love backstories and I love little snippets that lead to other things in the characters past and stuff.

Thanks so much for reading and reviewing!!


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Review #4, by Unicorn_Charm Chapter Five

9th April 2017:
Hey there! CTF Review!

So I know it's odd, starting to review in the middle of a story, but that's the nature of the game haha.

But from what I've gathered here, Albus is a father and doesn't know it! Oh my goodness, poor Al! And poor Felicity! I can't imagine the stress of keeping that a secret! Twins, no less!

Dom's letter to her was funny, and it was sad. She has no idea why her best friend isn't around, which must be awful. It's awful on both sides, because you can tell that your main character is hurting as well. But at least Dom kept a sense of humor in her letter, so you can tell that she still loves her bestie very much.

I'm wondering now what happened to her parents? And why people think they're divorced? They don't seem to be around from this chapter, so is she taking care of twin babies and her younger sister? If so, that's rough.

You know, her sister should know that Slytherin is the best house that there is (I may be a little biased there lol), so she shouldn't worry about being put there. Especially since her older sister is in that house, too. That's means that she'll at least know someone there.

I wonder how Al is going to take it when he finds out that he's a father of two! How will Harry and Ginny take the news! I can't imagine that going well at all.

Sounds like you have an intriguing story here! Lots of potential for drama!

xoxo Meg

Author's Response: Hi Meg!

I am so sorry for the late reply.

Yup, Al is the daddy and Flick hates that she's kept it a secret for so long.

Dom and Flick, they've known each other for little so for one of them to essentially vanish is heartbreaking. Flick is so conflicted because she hasn't got her bestie to talk too and Dom is wondering what on earth is going on.

Although it's not in this chapter it is mentioned, her dad is around whilst her mother isn't. Flick always has her twins for obvious reasons, and Tessa is there with Flick, but her elder sister is in the house with their younger brother.

Nothing wrong with being biased, its nice seeing Slytherin get some love for a change!! First day nerves not only for Tessa but Flick too since she hasn't been there in so long.

Haha, all will be revealed eventually!!

Thank you so much for reading and reviewing!!


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Review #5, by Marshal Chapter One

8th April 2017:
I see by your author's note that my_voice_rising helped you get the idea of the mirror talking to Flick and I think it was a very nice idea and adds the realm of Potter to the story.

I wonder who Flick's ex-boyfriend is. If I had to guess based on the pairs you have here, maybe James. At the very lease I can see Flick and James dating simply based on the ships you have here.

There were some pieces missing so to speak as in the reader had to figure some things out on their own but that isn't a bad thing. It was nice having the author, you, spell things out for me. Such as the fact that Flick had Twins.

Also you didn't spell it out that FLick decided to return to Hogwarts but the idea was heavily alluded to and I think the reasons that you had her go back to school was very commendable and I like that. I am guessing Flick will have her parents take care of her babies while she is gone or will you be working something that she will have the babies at the school with her at the same time. That would be weird/interesting if that is the case but I'm thinking she'll have to leave the little ones at home.

Author's Response: Hi!

Super sorry for the late reply.

It never occurred to me that something as simple as a talking mirror would help tie Flick's home life in with the wizarding world, but it works perfectly.

Close,but not quite the right Potter. James is the same age as Flick's older sister Ria.

Flick's decision to go back is made on the biggest factor of her life, her kids. Her family have always been supportive and yes her babies will be staying home, I've read some fics and they take them with them which never really works. Her dad and sister will be helping to look after them for her.

Thanks for reading and reviewing!!


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Review #6, by adluvshp Chapter One

8th April 2017:
Ooh so at first I thought this is going to be just another teen pregnancy fic but then I started reading and realised that it was actually pretty different because she has already had babies - twins wow, that is sure a handful. It is really nice that you have portrayed all of this in a positive light, like her family is pretty supportive, McGonagall (in the flashback and present) didn't make a big deal out of it, and that she got a tutor and everything and was able to study from home. These are realistic scenarios. Of course, right now she also seems to like her motherhood and her babies so that's nice too. I wonder how difficult life will be at Hogwarts though - if she is going to take her twins along, it will be strange indeed plus tough to balance stuff out, and what would she say to her friends and the ex who she still loves a little? Another option would be leaving the twins at home and seeing them on weekends or something but I don't know if that would be feasible? So really my curiosity is piqued to know where things go from here and what direction the plot is headed in. Your writing is casual and easy to read and overall your main character seems likeable so far and I was able to connect with her. Good work!

Author's Response: Hi!

Ahh thanks for giving it a chance. This was never gonna be the 'typical' teen pregnancy story and rather than focus on her being at Hogwarts, I thought it'd be better to be so many months down the line with the babies + school and every other situation I put her through lol.

Flick is definitely wise or her age (both when she found she was pregnant) and now,. Her parents them selves were young having her elder sister and Flick has definitely had her head set the right way, like seeing Mcgonagall and saying she wants to leave but still have an education, its important to her.

Motherhood at Hogwarts would indeed be difficult I think and I definitely wanted to stay away from the 'cliche' of taking the babies back to school and having her own dorm etc. PLus taking them would add a whole lot of question like you said, her friend, the ex/the father?.

Thanks for reading reviewing, I love writing Flick a lot so it's so nice to know she's likeable and that others (not just me) can connect to her in different ways.

-Potterfan310 :)

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Review #7, by luna1306 Chapter Thirty-Six

8th December 2016:
I knew it! I knew it.

She and scorpius were both acting so weird and then she said she was in love with someone else and of course she's a blonde.


Author's Response: Thanks for reading and reviewing, it means a lot xx oh my god indeed lol :)


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Review #8, by luna1306 Chapter Thirty-Three

7th December 2016:

I take it al back I don't hate you, i love you!

Finally that stupid b*tch gets what she deserves

Author's Response: Haha, I take it you're happy.

Hattie doesn't necessary deserve all the hate, she's just very misunderstood. Thanks for reading and reviewing.


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Review #9, by luna1306 Chapter Thirty-One

7th December 2016:
I hate you

I knew this was going to happen from the moment they slept together that night at the party. And then it didn't happen and I. Was so happy.

And now it still happened!

I hope she get like and abortion or something because I can't handle this! (That sounded mean but whatever)

Author's Response: Haha.

All will be revealed soon. Thanks for reading and reviewing lovely.


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Review #10, by Belle Chapter Twenty-Two

14th April 2016:
I was really disappointed with this chapter, up until now I had loved this story but i think the way All treated Hattie and talked to her was disgusting. 'Meanigless sex?!' If he never loved or even remotely liked her he should of not led her on or taken advantage of her like that. I also feel it was horrible how he told her to leave her present even though there is no mention of him caring enough to buy one himself! And then he so rudely kicks her out even though she had every right for being suspicious to find her boyfriend with his ex-girlfriend. Yes Hattie had been rude and horrible in the past, but that doesn't justify Al's treatment towards her. No girl should be treated with this amount of disrespect. And I was really disappointed that you made Al look in the right after what he had done. I'm sorry if this review is very harsh but it's how I felt.

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Review #11, by LunaLoveGold Chapter Fifty: Epilogue

6th April 2016:
what is the link to your blog? I can't seem to find it. Also I look forward to reading the sequel! Found this story just recently and read the whole thing in like two days. OMG LOVE. Keep up the great work. :)

Author's Response: Hi LunaLoveGold!

It's at the top of my author's page but for some reason it doesn't actually link to it, but if you copy/paste it should come up. If just search potterfan310 on tumblr.

I didn't think anyone read my stuff any more since I haven't been very active, so it made me smile reading this!! Two days, you must be mad haha. But I'm super glad you enjoyed it!!

As for the sequel, I'm not sure when it will be up. I haven't wrote for ages, with my job and being tired most of the time, I've lost that writing bug as well as my muse.

If you want more Al/Flick check out the two one-shots 'A Day At The Beach' and 'Christmas Magic' which are set after this, but before the sequel.

Thanks so much for reading and reviewing!!! No promises but I'll try to get writing as soon as I can.

Sophie xx

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Review #12, by Emma Chapter Fifty: Epilogue

20th March 2016:
I love your story so much. I can't wait for the sequel. Speaking of which, when is it coming out. I know this is desperate but I just love everything in your story. Please write the sequel soon. :)

Author's Response: Hi Emma,

I honestly don't know when the sequel will be. I haven't wrote for ages, with my job and being tired most of the time, I've lost that writing bug as well as my muse. I honestly need to take a few hours on my next day off to sit and write.

Aww thank you, I'm glad you love it, haha. If you want more Al/Flick check out the two one-shots 'A Day At The Beach' and 'Christmas Magic' which are set after this, but before the sequel.

Thanks so much for reading and reviewing!!! No promises but I'll try to get writing as soon as I can.


Sophie xx

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Review #13, by LoveHJP Chapter Fifty: Epilogue

30th August 2015:
I just finished reading the story and I loved it! I did look for the sequel but didn't find it, did you take it down?

Author's Response: Hi!

It makes me happy that you loved it. The sequel isn't up yet as I'm still in the middle of writing it but there are spin-off stories.

When Your Whole World Comes Crashing Down - How Rose and Scorpius got together
Catastrophe Waiting To Happen - About Dom/Scorpius after the epilogue of UP
A Day At The Beach - Fluffy one-shot about Al/Flick, their kids and siblings

Hope that clears things up, the sequel might not be up for a while. Thanks for reading and reviewing!!


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Review #14, by alexaemd123 Chapter Fifty: Epilogue

7th May 2015:
I absolutely loved this story!! It was beautiful and the plot was beyond genius! I love how Albus wanted to become the twins father and care for them and I love how he wanted all four of them to become a beautiful loving family! And in the epilogue, I like cried from happiness! Please understand that this story is by far one of the best stories I have ever read, period! That includes all the Harry Potter books! You are an amazing writer! You need to write not according to plan! Like now, or as soon as possible!! Because I seriously don't know if I will make it! Loved it sooo freaking much! Please continue with the series! Like soon!
Much love,
Alexa :)

Author's Response: Hi!

I love it too, haha. Albus might have got the shock of his life, but he knows where his priorities lie and that's definitely family.

This was a super fun chapter to write because of the twins and the little hints at things to come and such. Oh my god, thank you!! That means so much *hugs* but I shall never be as good as the great JK who gave us the series.

I'm still planning it at the moment, real life has gotten super busy and I don't have as much free time as I did when writing this. Writers block doesn't help, but I'm getting there slowly. Maybe doing NaNo will give me the push.

Hopefully there will be more soon, no promises though. Thank you so much for reading and reviewing, hun!

-Sophie :)

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Review #15, by RoseWeasley7 Chapter Fifty: Epilogue

18th April 2015:
You did a really good job on this story, I really enjoyed reading it, the only thing that bothers me was that the twins were a bit too advanced both physically and verbally for their age, but because I work with children I can tell easily, I'm sure it didn't bother anyone else. If you ever need any help with the developmaental stages of children, just message me! I'd love that. But anyway you did a cracking job, well done

Author's Response: Hey!!

Thank you (and super sorry I've taken so long to reply).

I've always been around babies/kids as I have a lot of younger cousins, and at points when writing this, my nephew was a similar age so he was kinda my inspiration. All kids are different. But thank you :D


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Review #16, by Xoxo Chapter Fifty: Epilogue

26th March 2015:
Morning or evening or afternoon where ever you are!

Seriously this and delicate are my favourite stories on this sight and I cannot wait for the sequel to this I need it so bad. I read all fifty chapters in a day and now I have an insane amount of feels because of how well written your characters are and some of the stories that intertwine worth albus and flicks. Please please say you'll upload the sequel it seems forever since you update and I miss you x

I'm off to read your other story now about dom and scorpius so hopefully that will tide me over until the sequel is up. I literally cannot wait! Aubri and Bentley are far too cute you write them so well as kids can be hard but these two are gosh darn adorable! Have a good day!


Author's Response: Hi!

Aww thank you so much *hugs* I Love Delicate a lot, it's what got me into writing actually. As for the sequel, I have a fair bit of it planned out but with life being so busy I've been out of writing for a while, especially for my hpff stories. How you managed to read all 50 in a day, I'll never know, virtual cookies for you.

I have no idea when the sequel will be up, until I find my muse/Flick's voice again and have free time then it may be a long wait. I miss writing and being as active as I once was on here.

Haha, it's only four chapters and if you read all fifty in a day, I don't think it will take you long, lol.

Thank you so much.


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Review #17, by Xoxo Chapter Forty-Nine

26th March 2015:
Ahhh I love this story a lot! It's so hard to find a good teen pregnancy one Aside from delicate, so u was happy to find this!! It's so interesting especially as flick never told albus ad it focuses on their life with the babies growing up. Cute names btw.
I really hope the sequel will be up soon as I am dying to see what happens and whether albus and flick get their happy ending.
Much love xoxo

Author's Response: Hi!

Aww thank you! I love Delicate too :) I knew when I started this I wanted it to be different and then the thought she never told him came to me and voila.

The sequel, I have a fair bit planned out but I've been out of writing for a while now, as life is way too busy. I really want to put the first chapter up soon but there's the small problem of that I have to write it.

Thanks for reading and reviewing!


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Review #18, by sanjana Chapter Six

28th November 2014:
Hello..nice piece of writing :) looking forward to reading about Hogwarts years! Why is it that Flick cannot send an owl to her mum? Owls don't need address right?

Author's Response: Hi,

Thanks for reading and reviewing.

It's possible for a witch or wizard to make themselves unfindable/untraceable by owl post. Which is why they've never been able to send her letters.


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Review #19, by baletgir Chapter Fifty: Epilogue

27th November 2014:

So it being a Holiday and me hating holidays and family, I went on a reading spree- as in I read all 50 chapters in the last 24 hours. Now I'll be honest I read Chapters 1 & 2 about 2 weeks ago and stopped because I just wasn't thrilled with the quality of your writing to be honest. I liked the story line, but it just wasn't coming across well to me.

Now, I gave it another chance yesterday, and while the writing didn't really grow on me, I did enjoy the storyline enough to not care as much as I had originally. That being said, this story needs some serious editing. Is English your first language? There are some nuances through out the were off, such as sayings that were a bit backwards or mis-worded, and there were sentences, that while they made sense, they weren't all that eloquent. Now, I am American, so if you are British, some of the issues I had might have been the differences in the languages, but I'm pretty aware of most of the differences between British English and American English.

There were parts that were just clunky and heavy. Over telling almost. For example, when Scorpius was introduced as "my best gay friend that isn't actually gay" it could have been a smoother introduction, the reader doesn't need the whole explanation then and there, maybe have her say "My best gay friend!" and then have Scorpius say "When will you ever stop considering me gay?!" or "Will you ever let that go?" and then later in the story when you brought it up again you could give the background to the statement (and leave it as an interesting thing in the back of your readers' minds).

Again, I liked the story, and you had some good hints through out- I guessed pretty early that Dom and Scorpius were hooking up, but you kept me second guessing myself as well.

Again, I recommend an in depth edit, I'd be happy to help if you're interested (I'm baletgir on the forums as well).

Loved the plot, it just needs some finishing touches! Also, can you label the stories that are sequels/companions in their summaries? a lot of the fics on your author page sound like they might relate, but I'm not sure.

Author's Response: Hi baletgir,

50 chapters in a day, you're crazy haha. I started writing this two years ago so compared to later chapters, my writing has obviously changed. The first few chapters even I aren't that fond of now and I've edited them but still to me, they're still a bit weird to re-read.

Thank you for giving it another chance, this story is my baby as it's my longest to date and as I said I had been writing it for two years so it played a bit part of life in that time. I have done edits numerous times and I myself am happy with things, so I'm sorry you feel that way. English is my native Language but as I live in Wales (part of the UK) we do have slightly different English dialect to those in England. I say certain things different to those in England so that might perhaps have something to do with things.

I admit it's possible they could and I may go back over and revise that chapter now you've pointed it out, but to me when I was writing it, it sounded fine. I'm still doing edits now on later chapters so I shall look back at that chapter.

Thank you! This story has been my baby and I love it so much, haha. There were definitely hints, haha and when I wrote them I wondered how quick people would pick up on then. I'm glad you got them pretty early, haha. There were things to keep you guessing along the way.

Thank you for the offer, dear. I've nearly finished edits now but I will keep it in mind if I do change my mind. I have the same penname on the forums too, if you want to find me or have any questions.

So far there are three stories which link to this one. 'Heat of the Moment' which is Teddy/Victoire and in my eyes how they get together. 'When Your Whole World Comes Crashing Down' is Rose/Scorpius and is about how they became friends, got into a relationship and then broke up. And recently I've just put up 'Catastrophe Waiting To Happen' which is a continuation of Dom/Scorpius from the epilogue of this. I can't always fit it into the summary, but there are Author's notes, stating that they link to this if that helps.

Thanks for reading and reviewing!

Sophie :)

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Review #20, by Forever_More Chapter Forty-Three

31st October 2014:
I love this story! The writing, characters, plot! All of it!! :) It`s really awesome and has made me super emotional, probably because i`m a mom so it a little close to home.

Author's Response: Hi!

Aww thank you, I love it too. Haha even I was emotional at times when writing it, I love this story and it's characters with all my heart.

Thanks again for reading and reviewing. Glad you love it too.

Sophie x

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Review #21, by ScoroseOTP Chapter Fifty: Epilogue

29th October 2014:
Hey Soph!!
NOOO, I'm not ready for it to be the end! That's not fair! (It is no problem, I've enjoyed Flick's journey so much it has been an honour to be a part of it)
THEY'RE TWO? Where did that time go???
That's really nice to have a special on those two gorgeous twins! I'm really glad the press hasn't been able to get a hold of them.
PRESENTS!!! They are too cute to explain, I understand why you love writing them because they are just so cute!!!
Umm... If things aren't fitting does that mean she's P-r-e-g-n-a-n-t again? Just asking. Wait, wasn't as bad as last time? SHE IS ISN'T SHE?? Hormones? SHE HAS TO BE!
I want to take Aubri home with me! She's a cheeky little Madame but is in the cutest way possible!
Kids birthday parties are the best! I don't blame Tessa in the slightest for becoming such a child! I always seem to do the same thing! And a Bouncy castle? You just can't say no to a bouncy castle! I love the way the party is almost a military mission though, having been part of organising small children parties myself, I know that's exactly how it is, the whole getting ready and getting people from A to B!
Her Mum's there and for once I'm not feeling too angry, she is trying and I think that's really good. I am so incredibly proud of Flick for putting their differences aside for the sake of the twins, because it's not fair far from them not to know their Grandma, even if there are a few choiced words I'd use to describe her (if you get my drift). She used Flick as well which really helped. Patrick seems nice enough, so I've got nothing against him. And she's right, if she hasn't noticed by now there's a small problem, Flick is a Mum, a fully established Mum.
The cakes sound astonishing! Very good detail!
I'm glad Lily's a child like Tessa, and can I say how much I love their little friendship?! It's great!
Rose is going travelling? Well, I guess that's for the best and I couldn't be happier for her that's she's doing something to make herself happy again.
Dom and Scorp? Dom and Scorp? I'm sorry. I'm just not sure how to react to that. Is that really the best plan ever? But to be fair if they did it, maybe there was something there? But still, Dom did say those things? Hmm... Not sure at all.
Oh! I thought he was going to propose too! He better not be messing Ria around! She needs a happily ever after too! But a flat would be a move in the right direction. (I love Lily. A lot)
SHE HAS TO BE! Is Al now a mind reader? He really is the best.
Cake time! That was such a great wish! SO SHE IS! I KNEW IT! THATS SO WONDERFUL! I LOVE IT SO MUCH!
The end. I'm so glad she's thankful for her life and the twins and everything that has come with them. She deserves every happy thought in the world and I'm so incredibly glad she gets them. Their little family is perfect and having read this all from start to finish, I couldn't be prouder of everyone in this fanfic, no matter if they had a big or small part to play.

You've done such an outstanding job with this fanfic, you should be really proud of yourself. I've loved going through Flick and Al's life a lot and I'm super happy to have you take me through it. WELL DONE, is really all I can say, other than thank you.

Ooh! You're writing a sequel?! That's so amazing! Can't wait! I will defiently go and check out the spin offs too.

As for Flick and Al's life in the future? I don't know. I'm happy to see where you take them. I just want them to be happy. (I can totally see Aubri being a rebellious teenager though, and Bentley being more book smart. And I kind of hope they have a second daughter (which I cannot wait to see what name you give... You know how much I love Aubri and Bentley) (oh... I seem to have given suggestions when I just said I wouldn't... Oh well... You can ignore me if you like!)

Thanks again!
Emz xxx

Author's Response: Hello again Emz!

I know :( I honestly put of writing this chapter for a while because I knew it would be the end. I'm so thankful you have been. *hugs and squishes*

I KNOW RIGHT! I was initially sure as to what would happen in this epilogue but then I thought about their birthday and it's a been a few months so things have settled down for them too which is why I thought it was perfect! I definitely think it was a good thing they haven't, that was one of Flick's worries since the day she found out.

Who doesn't love presents? :p But yes I love writing them so much because they're adorable!!

Hmm, who knows, lol. Flick may have put on a bit of weight, it's been Christmas after all haha. But yeah she is!!! YAY! Haha yep hormones and sickness isn't as bad as she was with the twins.

Aubri I know, cheeky and cute! My nephew's certainly like that and he has definitely inspiration in more ways that one for the twins!! :D I know, I was the same earlier in the year, there is just something about bouncy castles I cannot resist. They certainly are!

It's been six months since she turned up and well she's made it this far, so she is most definitely sticking around. She is trying that's for sure and Flick does understand that she's trying to make up for not being there in the past. She also knows its important for them to know their grandmother which is why Flick is giving her mum a second chance, I guess. Yep I do and I think Flick would agree too. Patrick is a good guy, I mean after all he was the one who talked Kathrynn into getting back in touch with them. Exactly, it was a shock when she found Flick was a mum at her graduation, she hadn't expected her children to follow in her footsteps in a way.

Those two are very much like sisters as well as best friends. Tessa is like the sister Lily never had and of course they're pretty similar in personalities which is why they got on so much.

Yep! It's only mentioned briefly here and again in the Dom/Scor spin off but Rose travelling plays quite a big part to do with some of the events in the sequel. Definitely exciting stuff.

It's a huge shock I know. I had a huge debate with myself about this and in the end I went with it, there is reasoning so don't worry to much. Probably not the best plan but they're giving things a go, no harm in trying to see if things work.

James, I know right! I debated it but changed my mind. Those two might act like it but I don't their really there sort of thing, at least not yet anyway. James isn't messing her around, don't worry, he might be a joker but he wouldn't do anything to hurt her, well at least not now. Things that happened in their Hogwarts years have been put behind them. Lily is fab isn't she?

AHHH AND SHE. IS!! I think you're one of the few people who actually noticed my little hints throughout. I can definitely say she is pregnant again, and Albus is the best, of course. It's been a long two and a bit years for Flick and eventually Al, and through everything it's made them stronger. I would have felt really mean for putting them through things and not give them a happy ending, it was inevitable for me really.

Aww thank you, Emz. I am, just like Flick it's been a long two years writing this and I've had so much fun! That and I can't believe I've wrote and completed a fifty chaptered story, fifty!! I have nothing but thanks for you, because honestly without you and those who read/review I might not have pushed myself onwards.

Thank you again hun!

Sophie xx

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Review #22, by ScoroseOTP Chapter Forty-Nine

29th October 2014:
Hey Soph!!
To start with, I am super duper sorry it's been so long since I was here, I've been really busy in real life but that isn't much of an excuse.
Next, OH MY STARS DID YOU JUST DEDICATE THIS CHAPTER TO ME?? That is beyond amazing and you have no idea how happy you have made me! Thank you, thank you, thank you! For that, and for writing this because there would be no chapter to dedicate without your wonderful fanfic.
Now, to the story,
I love the twins, so so much! Bentley hiding in the box was adorable! Then Aubri wanting a book read to her was so sweet!
I've always loved Lily, the fact that she actually WROTE A BOOK about Al and Flick just proves how amazing she is, and she's right, making Hattie a troll would not be fair to trolls, at all.
James and Ria are really nice together, I'm glad they're happy together.
Goodbyes! I hate goodbyes so much! All the teary eyes and "loves yous" are just too much to handle.
The three most important people in her world!!! Aww! I can't handle how much love there is here, and they fit together like a jigsaw! I literally love all the love! And them falling onto the floor after Bentley's attempt to beating up his sister!
To be fair, she's right to think this is how it should have been from the beginning, because it should have been. A perfect little family, even if the circumstances were wrong and they are too young really, they should've always been together like this.
I really love the little scenes you put in, like painting the room and sitting in the sunshine, they really add to the story. Rose needs to get a grip though because she needs to sort this out with Dom and Scorpius. It just needs to happen. I miss how it used to be!
This all seems like the end, and I know it almost is but I still don't like it! Dom playing with all the kids was really nice. And Al being all concerned and not wanting to take sides makes complete sense, 'cause really, who would want to?? It's just a real shame they're all in this situation. It was a bad thing they did but I think they might have paid their time by now.
AH RESULTS! The build up is killing me and Flick!
THEY DID IT! I quite literally feel like a proud parent, grinning my face off right now!
Al and the twins! Flick is so right, if I were her it'd make my heart melt too! It's so cute and perfect!
Her family are is cute, a proper little lunch to celebrate is adorable. As much as I don't like her Mum (and we both know that's a lot), I've got to hand it to her, she is trying, and in the best way possible really, so maybe we should give her a chance. But just once, because we're being generous with this one.
Dom, being happy is such a good thing right now, I couldn't be more proud of her happiness.
Flick and Al deserve a night to let their hair down and I'm glad you gave it them.

And there we have it the end of another fantastic chapter! Well done!
I really don't want to read the epilogue, but I guess it has to end at some point.

Emz xxx

Author's Response: Hey Emz!

Haha it's okay, no need to apologise, I always get like that. That or I think I'll read and review but then forget :p

I did indeed, thank you so, so much for each and every one of your reviews because them me smile so much, plus reviews are always fabulous.

I adore writing Bentley and Aubri so, so much! They're so fun and of course cute too! The whole Aubri wanted to read a book was based on my nephew when I was babysitting a few days before I wrote this, so I have him and his cuteness to thank :p

Lily, I love Lily too. She's always been one of my favourite next gen kids which is why my first proper story was about her and technically it still is, since I've now re-written it. She's right indeed haha.

I think I said before back when Al said he and Flick needed to talk, but originally it was going to be Ria and Fred but somehow I ended up picking James and well it stuck. They're good together and I'm glad you're glad they're happy :)

They always are, I'd be a blubbering mess if that was me for sure.

The three of them most certainly are! I loved writing those scenes because they are perfect for one another and as you said there's sooo much love. What can I say, haha, they may be twins and only a year and a half but they still fight, lol. It really should have been, but then I don't think I'd have a story :p But they are a cute little family and they would have been back then even if they were still too young, Flick grew up fast and Albus could have too if he had known.

I think I once saw a post on tumblr, funnily enough about wanting fics about your OTP doing domestic things like paying bills and such. And well I think that's stuck with me haha. I loved that scene because it was them having fun and I guess in a way acting like kids again.

It definitely sucks with them all being out of synch and not together as a group anymore. Rose does, but it's easy to understand why she doesn't want to be around them right now. I know, the end is near. It was fun writing this and the last chapter even if I was sad about it, but I always knew fifty would be my limit for Flick's story. Dom loves it and after everything no matter what I've always found that my nephew's laugh or smile brightens up my day so I thought it would work for Dom too. Al bless him, he's worried and it does because I mean it's his cousin and his best friend. I know, lets just hope things work out soon.


Results days were most probably the most nervous I've ever been. It's terrifying! I know, even I was proud which is weird. The twins are such cuties! As is Albus.

It was only right to celebrate with her family, I mean they are essentially who helped her to earn those grades in a way. Especially Ria as she was looking after them for Flick whilst she was at Hogwarts. It is, haha. But she's trying which is a good sign that she's sticking around. We should definitely, but maybe once again?

It's been a tough time for her and Rose and Scorpius too. I was glad to make her have a happy chapter. Plus they were all together again which was a good thing too. They do, I think everyone does, parent or night. It's nice to have a night of fun and laughter.

Thank you, so, so much. *hugs*

Sophie xx

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Review #23, by peacock33 Chapter Forty-Six

28th October 2014:
Just reread this and just wondering, in the followup story are you going to explain how scorpius goes from being determined to get rose back to getting with dom? That is the main thing that makes no sense to me. You said that at this point rose just needs time to decide whether to forgive him or not, but obviously his actions will play a role in that decision and him choosing to hook up with dom makes it seem like all his claims to rose about only loving her and the thing with dom not meaning anything were just lies. So I really have no idea how scorpius could make this decision when he so desperately seems to want rose, not dom. Or what he said to dom to convince her, as it seems hard to believe she would give him a chance if he admitted he still loved rose and only wanted her for sex? Also will it be posted in the rose/scorpius section on this site even though it's dom/scorpius?

Author's Response: Hi again,

At the moment the Dom/Scor spin off is primarily in Dom's POV but I might put in Scorpius too as I have yet to write the last chapter, which Rose does feature in as well. I get why it doesn't make sense to readers, because I have all the reasoning in my head and in notes, but I find it hard explaining things from my head, if that makes sense.

So yes, there may be Scorpius' POV and if I can get the words out properly, it should be explained. It will probably come under other pairing, because there's no actual Rose/Scorpius in it as it focuses on his and Dom's relationship after the Twins Birthday party. It most probably will be up end of the month or the start of December as I'm doing NaNo right now so I'm focusing on writing and finishing a different story.

Thanks again.

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Review #24, by Midnight spark Chapter Fifty: Epilogue

27th October 2014:
AND IT IS DONE. FINALLY. Wow, that feels weird.

Lord Sophie, you made me cry! I'm just so excited for the sequel because I'm dying to read Flick again!

Congrats honey!

Author's Response: Hey!

I know! It's a very weird feeling, it feels very strange not writing Al and Flick at the moment.

Haha, *hands tissues* I was crying too, lol. I am as well, but it won't be up for a while yet!

Thanks so, so much for reading and reviewing! *hugs*

Sophie xx

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Review #25, by peacock33 Chapter Forty-Seven

21st October 2014:
I promise this is my last long-winded review. Since I don't write my own stories, I like to make engage in the creative process by writing detailed reviews.

Thanks for clarifying some things. I do believe in second chances, but that people have to work for them and don't think Scorpius or Dom have. I don't think it would bother me so much if they were just supposed to be complete jerks, but what's frustrating for me is that the epilogue doesn't seem to fit with how you were developing them previously or how sympathetic you want them to be for us readers.
Supposedly both Dom and Scrpius regret the affair and want more than anything to earn Rose's forgiveness and trust; and Dom supposedly just wants to move on from the past while Scorpius only loved Rose and wants to rebuild a friendship with Dom. So them getting together seems to contradict these feelings. I read your answers on tumbler, but am still confused. Perhaps you mean that Scorpius wants Rose to forgive him for his peace of mind, but has decided to move on from the possibility of ever getting back together with her? Because I think he has to be literally stupid to not realize that hooking up with Dom makes much less likely that she is going to forgive him, and pretty much eliminates any chance of them reconciling. While I can understand Dom getting with him, as she seems pretty emotionally messed up, Scorpius' action here make zero sense to me. If he only wants sex with Dom, why didn't he just find some other girl to shag, rather than Rose's cousin and the one he cheated on her with? I think you said he was trying to prove to Rose and himself that it was only physical. But getting into a relationship with Dom to prove will offer little comfort to Rose as he's still shagging her again (not to mention pretty mean to Dom). At some point, his repeated hurtful behavior toward Rose is no longer just idiotic and a few mistakes, but an indication that he just doesn't really care about her. I can't see how you can claim that Scorpius really loves Rose. But I guess it depends on your view of what love really entails. It seems much more believable to say that he cares about Rose more than Dom, but in the end he's too selfish at this point to really love anyone or treat someone well in a relationship.

We've seen so little of Scorpius' feeling that I've been wondering if even after he and Rose overcame the problems of first-time sex, was sex with Dom still so much better than with Rose? Was he continually lusting after Dom for the whole next year? Did he try to convince Dom to hook up with him again after she ended it or was he content for a while to just be with Rose?

I suppose if they really loved each other, then they shouldn't stay apart only because of Rose. But if they really felt as bad or care about Rose as much as they claim, I think it would be hard to find happiness even with love. And I doubt that Dom really loved him. Having good sex for 2 weeks in secret with someone who is already in a committed relationship hardly equals real love. It seems that she just clung on to the first boy who treated her semi-decently (and it just show how emotionally screwed up she is that she saw Scorpius's treatment of her as loving or decent).

Perhaps this go will give each of them a sense of closure, but considering how emotionally unstable Dom still seems and how selfish Scorpius is (and how they do seem to bring out the worst in each other), I don't see them handling a relationship or a breakup well. I figure she is going to have a breakdown at some point and that this whole debacle will ruin their friendship (as well as their possible reconciliations with Rose). I suppose I'll just have to wait and see how you write it all as you seem to be a lot more sympathetic to them.

I didn't realize that it had been six months since everything came out. So that makes it a little better. But I still think they could have waited until Rose was gone to show up as a couple to the family party. I'm excited to get a glimpse of what Rose said to Dom when she told her, as I hope that Rose told her off and is now over making up with Dom or Scorpius any time soon. And while I don't like family discord, it would be satisfying to have some of the Weasleys or Rose's friends actually seem upset with Dom. I felt like Rose didn't really have anyone on her side, which I know is hard as all her family and friends were also close to Scorp and Dom; but everyone was just hanging out with Dom like normal the day after it all came out and only were mad at Scorpius (and even then for only a very short time). So I hope that Rose got some actual support from other people. And I know this is petty but I would love to have someone chew Dom out for her behavior - haha. She bugs me more than Scorpius because she (and others) blamed him for everything and acted like she had been taken advantage of by him and that her situation was comparable to Rose's, which is ridiculous. While I generally think the person in the relationship is more at fault for cheating, considering that Dom is Rose's cousin and close friend (and was the one to intiate it), I think she is just as bad as him.

I understand that we're missing a lot as the story is all from Flick's view. So I'm excited to see more of them, especially Rose, in the spinoffs and sequels.

I have to admit that any romantic moments between Dom/Scop are going to make my stomach curl. But obviously if they are going to be in a relationship for a few months, they would have some positive moments (although I imagine it's mostly just sex. I'll try reading the spinoff and see whether I can stomach it :). I'm just really hoping that they'll generally be miserable and actually feel bad for hurting Rose and themselves.

I'm interested to see how they are in the sequel and if you can make them anymore palatable.

Okay, I'm done. I will let it go until I read the other stories. Hope they come out soon!

Author's Response: Hey.

You're welcome.

It was a long shot when I decided to put them together in the epilogue and it took me ages to decided whether or not too. They've all changed within the months since things came out and Dom knows it's a huge chance that she's taking by actually giving this a go, but she needs her closure, just like Rose has had hers.

Dom wants to move on from things that happened in sixth year, but they've all grown up and changed since then. As for Scorpius he wants Rose to give him another chance but she's told him no and hasn't forgiven him. He wants her forgiveness whether it will lead to them getting back together or not. He hates that Rose won't ever forgive, so yes for his peace of mind.

Dom needs to give this ago as she wants to know if the feelings she had before, were real or not. She knows if it doesn't work then she can put any memories/feelings into a box in her head and put it away for good. He knows there was a spark with Dom which is why he hasn't found anyone else, that and he still holds a torch for Rose. He is indeed, which is bad for not only him but Dom too. Scorpius does care/love Rose more than Dom but as you said right now he doesn't deserve either of them or even a relationship. He hasn't got any closer like the girls have, which makes it worse.

Scorpius thought it was because obviously he and Rose were both inexperienced whereas Dom had done it before. He only persuaded Dom when he wanted as he and Rose weren't doing it as often per say. Things got better between them obviously for the rest of their sixth year and then their seventh year. Before Scorpius, Dom and Frankie had a friends with benefits thing going on. Whilst she was with Scorp, she broke it off with Frankie wanting to just be friends and after Scorp she swore off guys. If they did, that would be true. But they don't, their relationship in the epilogue is a testing ground. Dom has doubts but she's not sure, since she has never been 'in love'.

Not saying too much but as I said above for Dom if it doesn't work out she'll have her closure, Knowing that they gave it a go and things didn't work she can essentially put it a box and throw it out. Dom is getting there slowly even if it might not seem it, but she is.

Yep, six months has passed since they left school/Rose found out. Rose knew about them and that they were going to the twin's birthday as a couple which is why she isn't so bothered, or at least not showing that she is. Dom had seen Rose previously and explained. It isn't such a big piece since it's mentioned at the start of the story but I hope it explains enough. Al and Flick are both stuck in the middle and back when it did come out, Al was the one to go after Rose rather than stay with Dom. Flick was trying to keep it equal the best she could, the same goes for Rory. Rose has her Gryffindor friends as well as this lot, and they all obviously side with Rose. Oh the Weasley's are mad at Dom, Fleur especially as well as Hermione/Ron and even Molly, I know it isn't shown because again it's Flick's POV but they are. Rose definitely has people on her side. People were mad at Dom but because not all of their friends knew until it came out in the papers they just thought Rose and Dom had argued as cousins do. Haha, I wouldn't say it's petty at all.

It's definitely hard having the different subplots, especially as a lot of things are missing with it being Flick's POV and this was her story along with Al's. But I'm excited too especially now I can concentrate on them more and hopefully things will make a lot more sense now I have the time to match things up and link them properly.

As for the sequel, a lot have things have happened between now and when it's set, so there is going to be a huge difference in each of them, hopefully.

Haha, Thank you so, so much for reading and reviewing. I'm hoping to possibly put up the Dom/Scor one next month but as for the others they're all in the works.


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