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Review #1, by TreacleTart Rosemary Lane

1st September 2016:
Hello again!

Back for another review for the gift tag competition!

Let me start by saying that I absolutely love Minerva McGonagall. She's one of my all time favorite characters, so I was thrilled to see that this story was about her.

I thought you did a really great job of writing a young Minerva, still sort of struggling to sort out what she wants with life and finding confidence in her choices. It's easy enough to say you're satisfied being alone, but certain life events can make one question that choice and I thought it seemed really realistic that she might be feeling sensitive about it when her younger sister is getting married.

Her interactions with Roger Bishop were interesting as well. She was very formal in the beginning, almost on edge after his comments about her career suiting her, but when she sees his false leg, you can see the ice visibly start to melt.

The realization that she comes to at the end is so important. Everyone does have inadequacies or things they feel a bit uncomfortable about, but that doesn't make them less of a person. It seems that in that moment, she really starts to remember who she is.

I do hope that down the road she found some peace with her choice to not marry and have a family. I think her life's work at Hogwarts is such a spectacular thing that I have to imagine she was satisfied by it.

Another well written piece. As usual, your description is on point and your writing is smooth.

Good work!


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Review #2, by Aphoride Rosemary Lane

16th August 2016:
Hey there! :) So I gotta admit that I've read bits of your work ages ago when I first joined the fandom - Ivory Child and I started Seven Hills but never got very far with it because of life - but it's been so long so I was so excited to get a chance to come back because I remembered your writing being so lovely.

And, naturally, it still is ;) I love the way you mix description and dialogue so easily and so naturally - it's something I struggle with so much so I'm always so impressed by other people when they manage it. There's this kind of effortless sense when it comes to your writing - there's no tension in it other than what's meant to be, you know, nothing which sounds or feels odd - it all flows so perfectly, and the emotions come through so beautifully.

Speaking of, I love your characters. Minerva is one of those characters I love and have always wanted to write, but find so intimidating and so difficult to write because she's so particular, you know, so I love how well you do her here, getting her voice so well, with the brusqueness and the sensibleness, and how she's secretly jealous of her sister because she'd never really thought about love, it seems, but she wants it - and now her sister has it and she doesn't and everyone's telling her it's too late, and there's that little voice saying 'what if they're right?'. And, you know, I love how you bring those kinds of views into this - because they were so true and so real for women of that time, and it's just not something we think about today, in the West. But I love how even Minerva, who's so strong and forthright, sort of falls prey to those kinds of ideas, and it's kinda sad - but then, ofc, she meets Roger and it's all that bit happier :P

Also, I loved Roger - I loved how he was so calm and polite, and like her but not quite, with the wooden leg from WWII, and the Muggle law career, and how he thought from the beginning that she was a teacher simply because she was happy, and no other reason. They fit, you know, as a couple - they seem like at least they'd be great friends, and I like how Minerva sort of comes to understand Metis a little bit more, with her realising that Roger doesn't expect anything from her, it's just idle chat and she likes that. It's such a simple thing, but it's so profound for Minerva and so sweet.

Anyway, I loved this story so much - it's so sweet and so lovely and your writing is so great! :) I'm so glad I got a chance to stop by on this! :)

Aph xx

Author's Response: Hello Aph!
Your review is nothing short of fabulous. Really, I think you have a better grip of these characters than I do, because you summarize everything so eloquently, even the bits that worried me as a writer you seem to understand and are able to explain to me, of all people. I feel so honored to have this lovely review from you. It's so beautiful and your words are so kind, I appreciate every one of them. In short, you flatter me! ;)

There were so many parts of this story that worried me from the beginning. Firstly, I was concerned about writing Minerva as slightly weakened by her role in her family's hierarchy. Her sister is about to marry, yet she remains the studious spinster. As you stated so thoughtfully, it was more of a challenge for women at the time than we are fully conscious of now. I honestly didn't know if I could make that conflict a reality in this story, because it seemed so at odds with Minerva's strength. Therefore, as I wrote this fic, the whole thing had an awkward tone that I couldn't shake in my head and totally undermined my confidence as far as this piece's story-telling ability goes. Your review, however, made me feel so much better about this one-shot and I honestly cannot thank you enough for that.

Secondly, I'm glad you enjoyed my characterization of Roger Bishop. I personally love OCs, so it was hard for me not to include one. And when developing him, I knew I wanted him to in some way echo the emotional weakness Minerva was feeling, so I gave him a physical component to deal with (his leg), which I hoped would compensate for his talent in drawing Minerva out just by talking to her. I did not want them to be the perfect couple either. I mean, I knew Minerva would be a little sour and stiff, while Roger would be charming enough to put her guard up even further. It was a bit of a balancing act, I guess and I'm so glad you thought I did a suitable job keeping them apart as much as I tried, slowly, to bring them together.

Again, thank you for this fantastic review. It was an absolute joy to hear from you!

Lee Anne

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Review #3, by SilverMoonFairy Rosemary Lane

14th August 2016:
I love Minerva stories and this one was just so sweet and adorable! I think you did a very lovely job of showing a young, ambitious new-teacher McGonagall with all her pride and insecurities. Of course she wanted to get married, but she made a choice to follow a dream and that's amazing. And besides, who says she's a spinster- Metis? Metis wouldn't know, she's just trying to belittle her sister in an age-old idea about society.

Lovely characterization on Mr. Bishop as well! Who would have known he was an amputee? A lovely little shock for someone as together and composed as Minerva McGonagall. He seems a warm and sensible fellow and that's something that comes through very well, even to Minerva.

Sorry, I'm sort of speeding through this- I'm racing the clock before I have to leave. It is a very enjoyable story and I can't find much fault in it. All I can really say is that this line:

Minerva had worked hard to succeed Dumbledore as professor of Transfiguration.

Was not properly spaced from the paragraph below it. And that's really it. Beautifully written and wonderfully put together. I'm glad you dusted it off and shared it with the world!


Author's Response: Hiya Liz!
Thank you so much for the beautiful review! You know, I was so unsure about this story when I wrote it and when I revised it and when I posted it and even after I posted it, so you have no idea how happy your thoughtful comments made me feel. Really, I can't quite put my finger on what made me uncertain about this story (maybe it was writing in a genre I'm not accustomed too) but you made me feel so much better about it. Thank you for that! And thank you for being just an awesome reviewer in general. :)

Also, I'm thrilled that you enjoyed my characterization of both Minerva and Mr. Bishop. I was a bit concerned writing Minerva in a particularly weak moment, since she is such an incredibly strong character. And of course, whenever I create an OC I worry about making him/her well-rounded and a natural fit for the HP universe, but not too natural that they don't make an impression. ;)

Oh and thanks for pointing out that spacing issue, I'll definitely fix it asap.

Once more, thank you for the unbelievably great review! I am so grateful for your kind words.

Lee Anne

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Review #4, by dreamgazer220 Rosemary Lane

9th August 2016:
Hello! I'm here for review tag :)

So, I have to admit that I've never read something that centered around Minerva before, let alone something that centered around her when she was young. I'm really glad I decided to give this a shot, though, because your writing absolutely blew me away.

You have a really strong sense of style in this piece, and the language and the voice just sounded like her. I loved that you started off with something as simple as her trying to cross the street, but you made it about her shoes and heels and wanting to stand tall. And your descriptions, too; not flowery by any means, but enough to give a picture without it being overwhelming. Really just the perfect balance here, and that's so hard to do.

I loved the meeting with Mr. Bishop, and the details about her watching the couple and feeling relieved when they left. It seems so like her to be so guarded upon meeting someone, especially when she's burdened with having to explain about her family. I can't imagine how difficult that must be, though you did a great job of showing the struggle here.

Minerva's thought process, and the conversation itself, were just fantastic. And the brushing of the foot under the table; I'm not sure that was entirely accidental, but it was super adorable and I loved the detail. And that he had a wooden leg from the war - awesome. There were so many great details like these that really made this piece come alive.

And she never did tell him about her family, at least not what we saw here, but I think she might have a companion for her sister's wedding now!

This was a super sweet story, and you did a great job! Keep up the excellent writing.

Author's Response: Hi Jill!
Ah, your review is absolutely squee-worthy. I'm so so thrilled that you enjoyed this piece. I've been uncertain about it for the longest time, thinking it might sound a little rushed or the conversation wouldn't be satisfactory, along with the ending. Your kind words really made me feel so much better. I cannot thank you enough!

I'm very glad that you think I wrote Minerva well. She's always been a favorite of mine and I feel like I can relate to her because she is a bit of an academic, like myself, who doesn't seem to follow conventional social standards, as in, she has few friends. Perhaps that's just my headcanon for her, but for some reason, I always got that impression.

I am also quite pleased that you liked Mr. Bishop. I was hoping his wooden leg would represent the things we hide about ourselves, just as Minerva has been hiding her longing for perhaps a more typical lifestyle, including a husband (like her sister) and children. I always thought that Minerva might feel bad that she never had children, as she does seem to love teaching them and she is, after all, the strongest matriarchal figure at Hogwarts. But those are her secrets to keep, I suppose. I only wanted to hint at them in this story. ;)

Again, thanks a million for the fantastic review! I am truly grateful for your thoughtful comments. :)


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Review #5, by Ginger Lust Rosemary Lane

30th August 2012:
This is a wonderful piece. I love P. McGonagall so much and there is not enough out there about her. I wish I could write well. I would do a novel on her myself.
You really give us a beautiful look into her past. I just know that she did not spent all her life alone. I'm sure many men fell madly in love with her. She is just such lady and so intelligent and mysterious. Though I imagine that being a professor and living at Hogswart made the list somewhat short.

I imagine that Minerva was married and had at least one child. But we can only imagine that either her family was all grown and off living their lives happily or sometime tragic happened to them. Since we don't hear anything about them. But then, the story is centered on the Boy Wonder and his bast mates.
Anyway, I loved this story and you did a great job. Thank you. Hope to see more from you.

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Review #6, by DormientesDraco Rosemary Lane

29th August 2012:
Really nice! I love your style of writing and it was cool having Mcgonnagal's train of thought, its really interesting because you rarely see a more human/unprofessional side her in the HP books. I know this is supposed to be a one-shot but I want more!!

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