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Review #1, by nott theodore Run

9th July 2014:
Hi again, Amy! I'm kind of review bombing you a bit here so I hope you don't mind :P

This was another fantastic one-shot! I find it really interesting the way that you write so many stories like this, which tell the story of people that are unknown from canon - it's great and I love it because I think it's important to remind people that it wasn't just the main characters, the heroes, who were active and did things in the wars. Or that they were the only ones who suffered, because they weren't.

I liked the way that you portrayed Levi and Millie in this story, and the fact that we got some background to their friendship and what had happened prior to this moment as well as the intensity of this story, with Levi being forced to run. I've never read a story that deliberately switched POV but I actually really liked it, and think you did it well!

Sian :)
Gryffindor House Cup 2014 Review

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Review #2, by Loony_Scorpy Run

27th March 2013:
I love the idea behind this. Sure we knew that people were getting killed everywhere and people were running away from their homes but I suppose we (well I didn't anyway) never really think about how much it would have affected these people and really how it affected them, and I would never have thought about it without this.
I also love how this stems from such a simple thing - just a little letter with a few words - but it means so much and it can make such a difference to someone's life...her life.
Amy I love love love the way you described her death! The way it's not gruesome or even very descriptive but we can still tell how Levi had lost everything and how she knew what was going to happen and she just had to accept it, and the way you wrote her getting hit by the curse was so effective and basically that last little paragraph is my favourite part and sorry for this incredibly long run-on sentence :P
So from that I definitely liked the pov change, because we really got to feel exactly as she did, as it was happening to her.
Wow so sorry most of this is a rambling mess (and may not make sense) but anyway fab story, I loved it! ♥

Author's Response: Thank you so much! The idea of OotP members being hunted down to be killed is a head canon of mine that just seems to make sense to me. Of course Voldemort would want them all dead. And killing them off before they could become a threat to him just seemed like something he would do.

I kept the ending so simple just because I'd changed the PoV to be from her perspective. That's the way I've always thought the killing curse works and it just seemed like a soft ending which I like!
Thank you again!

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Review #3, by LilyLunaPotter17 Run

6th September 2012:
That was soo good! Thank you sooo much for writing this because it was AMAZING. Keep it up :)
-LilyLuna xx

Author's Response: Aww, thank you so much! And thank you for the review!

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Review #4, by gingersnape Run

3rd September 2012:
AMEZ. Can you just write all the things all the time? Pretty please? *love writing* *and wifey of course :P*

You kept me in suspense until the very end, and even that kept my mind running with questions. I really got to know Levi in the short time she was there, which is quite a feat. Known characters are difficult to capture, but the only background really given was the OotP, but I still had a brilliant image of her and it all felt very real. (Run-on sentence problem? Don't know what you're talking about.)

I did notice that you switched from third person to first person at the end. I don't know whether it was on purpose and artistic or justa slip, but if it was a slip, I figured I should mention it. I also can't think of any other cc and feel like I should say something useful! :P

Annie is quite fond of late night writing sessions, so she can't wait for mooore! :D *poke poke* :P

(h) Annie

Author's Response: ANNIE! ALL the things? *loves you too*

The switch was intentional! I was playing around with switching tenses since I felt that the two bits of the story would be better in the different tenses. I probably should have made that more clear and I've added it into the AN!
Hopefully I'll have another one soon!!
Thank you for the review!! (h)

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