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Review #1, by luvinpadfoot Today the World Ends

18th July 2013:
You hit all of my feels. All of them. I'm sitting here
trying to hold back the tears.

Poor Severus! I just want to hug him! That was so
sad! Not only was the love of his life marrying his
worst enemy, but that voice in his head was just
awful to him. And worse, it was true. That was the
best part of the story, no matter how hard it hit.
For all his talking about James Potter not deserving
Lily, it's important that he realizes that he might not
deserve her either. And I think that's something he
struggles without throughout the books which you
brought to light very well here.

And the bit about him serving the Dark Lord was
great too, just everything the little voice in his head
whispered was so perfect and so right. Poor

I loved how at the beginning the world was ending
because Lily was marrying James, but at the end it's
ending because Severus realizes he doesn't deserve
her, that maybe he never did. It's so heartbreaking.

You wrote this story wonderfully! I really did adore
every word. Even though it made me cry. Lovely,
amazing story.

Author's Response: Wow, thank you for being so in depth. It really helps when I am writing. And I am so glad you got it! The fourth paragraph! Thank you so much.

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Review #2, by Miss Haggan Today the World Ends

16th March 2013:
Wow I love the raw emotion in this. I would agree at this point in his life that James is better for her than Severus...I do think though that he loved her just as much as James did...But Lily and James forever :p

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Review #3, by TenthWeasley Today the World Ends

3rd December 2012:
This was so heartbreaking! But in a lovely way -- and me, I prefer the sad stories to the ones with happy-ever-after endings. They are more real to me, and I love realism in a story. Add in a bit of Snape (and it's no secret I love reading and writing him), and I'm sold. I very much enjoyed reading this story! And I've never read one focused on this, his thoughts of Lily marrying James. I think it's pretty accurate: The unceasing, internal war with himself. My heart breaks for him, but at the same time, I love that you haven't made him deluded about the reality. Snape wasn't better than James, not really, no matter how much more he wanted to be. And that he came to that revelation at all speaks volumes about him.

But now I'm rambling. I tend to do that where Snape is involved! :) Seriously, very good one-shot -- I enjoyed reading it a lot. Please do keep writing!

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Review #4, by DumbledoresArmyOfOne Today the World Ends

17th November 2012:
Hello there! This is DumbledoresArmyOfOne from the confrontational challenge.
I realize that it has taken me a horrendously long time to review (so, so sorry :() but here I am!
Okay, so I LOVE this story.
Your portrayal of Snape is almost perfectly in character, though for some reason i never imagined him as a drinker... maybe that's just me.
Your story is beautifully written and grammatically correct which is always nice.
And the last lines?
Just wow. So powerful, honestly the perfect way to end a wonderful story.
You should be very proud of your work here, it's fantastic!
Thank you for entering my challenge

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Review #5, by Jimmbo Today the World Ends

4th September 2012:
Nice one-shot, really got the emotions just right

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Review #6, by MaskedFire Today the World Ends

3rd September 2012:
Wow, this was a really strong piece. I think you picked an interesting topic, one I haven't seen a whole lot of, particularly the exact moments you chose to bring to life. I wish I had felt Snape's pain a bit more, but otherwise, its great, I look forward to reading more from you.

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Review #7, by HPG Today the World Ends

2nd September 2012:
That was beautiful, sad, mysterious, and heartbreaking.

Just when I read the summary it gave me chills.

Excellent job.

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