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Review #1, by Rumpelstiltskin May 3, 1998

6th March 2014:
I'm here (again) for Blackout Bingo (number 5/7 for square 3), and I feel like I'm stalking you ;).

Oh, Fred feels! I always have a difficult time reviewing post-Fred stories, especially when they involve George, but *deep breath* I can do this.

I was already on the verge of tears when George laughed and moved to nudge his brother...but ...couldn't because he's dead :(. It might be inappropriate to laugh then, but it seems that George hasn't quite adapted (or possible accepted) the fact that his brother is dead. That means that he's naturally going to try to interact with the twin who always knew what was on his mind. ...I'm not going to cry.

The food, I've always found it strange that there's so much food at funerals. Although, it does seem to be a tradition.

The scene with George laying out onto the grass and Angelina going to comfort him was really awesome and sad. Finally, FINALLY he's starting to actually grieve.

You did a great job, *sniff* and the feels!


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