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Reading Reviews for One Word
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Review #1, by Frankie05 One Word

31st August 2015:
Okay the pain! I decided to give your one shot some love :)

I love in stories when the author describes the scene so perfectly and leaves out the names of the characters playing the roles until the very end. We get a picture in our mind- a pure picture I think and then the story goes on. This story is very sad for how short it is. She is sad that it is graduation day and goes to her very special place. She knows whoever is about to sneak up on her and I feel the pain. She obviously feels Something for this man but something is also in the way. And she doesn't trust him. The answers to his questions prove that. In an instant she puts her heart out on the line and he says the most sweet thing back to her. She's irreplaceable to him. And then he makes her promise to live a full life. He cares for her too obviously but they can't be together. And the end we find out why. He belongs to someone else. And then the tears come. That's so very very sad :(.

And then it's Draco. (We know it's Hermione from the summary but in the story we never find out who it is). This was so well done.

There is a bit of a spacing issue between the chapters but it is not too bad. Something a quick fix would do :)


Author's Response: Thank you! For not only enjoying but thoroughly understanding. You are extremely sweet. I'll fix that spacing issue.

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Review #2, by Embrilla  One Word

4th October 2012:
This story is very amazing, the only thing I don't enjoy about it, was it was to short, because it is so well written I just want more and more, I think with the background written it would be one of my top 5 fanfiction EVER, so I hope to see more of you in the bear future.


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Review #3, by hpsauce One Word

26th September 2012:
Poor Hermione :( I could feel how betrayed she felt and how she wanted to forgive Draco but couldn't. I wish it could have been a happy ending for them but I understand Hermione's reasons and why she did it. It was a short and sweet piece that made me feel for the characters
Thanks for writing this :)

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Review #4, by slytherinbadgirl One Word

3rd September 2012:
that was so cute! it was really sweet!

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Review #5, by MsJacksonMalfoyMellark One Word

23rd August 2012:
I liked it. It was short and sweet. I felt kind of sad that they couldn't be together though. But hey, that's how you wanted the story to be. :)

Author's Response: Thank you for the review :D

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