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Review #1, by Marshal I.

25th April 2017:
Ooo, a Snape and Lily fic! I am a big fan of Snilly no matter what form it takes canon or not. Clearly you went canon and you did an amazing job with it. I am not familiar with the song you worked with but the anger and love throughout the piece was felt and you worked with the proverb very well.

I have never imagined the relationship between Lily and Snape would be so strained even before what happened at the lake but it makes a lot of sense. Thus playing nicely to the love and hate.

Honestly this fic kind of makes me want to squish Snape in hugs which I am sure he would not appreciate (but my non slytherin, puffish nature insists!)

As for the style here, it was lovely! I think you did a fabulous job. I love the definituons breaking up the scenes it gave a nice note and feel for each section and directed the emotions. Seriously lovely and kudos for think of that! It really works amazingly well in this fic.

Seriously a great job on this story, it pulls the heart strings and gives a lovely clear picture of Lily and Snape and you handled Snape's voice very well also.

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Review #2, by adluvshp I.

25th April 2017:
A Severus-Lily tale, my heart broke, excuse me while I cry. You really wrote this beautifully though. I absolutely loved your descriptions and the way you used emotions to divide the segments. From reminisce to love to regret to mournful, each emotion was apt and explained beautifully through the scene and its narrative. The gradual evolution of Lily and Severus' friendship came through splendidly, as did the changes in Severus' behaviour towards her and in general. I loved the first bit where the first time exposure to magic is being talked about and how he saw Lily smile, it was very sweet. And then as they grew distant in Hogwarts was sad and written well. The whole lake scene - your additional prelude to what we saw in canon where they have a fight over her having forgotten the meeting and Severus being so rude to her and then being upset over her not having cried enough was done very well. It showed that his love was selfish and crazy too, no matter how much loved her. He grew to hate her at the same time, or at least he wanted to, and that is awful. The mournful bit is the most tragic of course, and despite everything, his love was unconditional and that was a very nice note to end this on. It was bittersweet and I really liked reading it.
-CTF Review by Angie

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Review #3, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap I.

16th April 2017:
I'm pausing at the 'I loved her then' part because wow. From the jump start the story starts out beautifully. I didn't think Lily at first until I read the sister part. I figured it could be an OC because it couldn't be Ginny from the get go. Harry never did see her until much later. Severus really is one of the most interesting characters. He was capable of so much love even though he never received any back. To think the angry man we meet later in life was someone else's source of comfort is sad and heartbreaking.

And then the relationship between them changes. In the end she did sort of 'forgive' and 'forget.' Without her kind nature and the fact that he still pined for her he was able to join the right side.

I wonder how much James really knew and understood about their relationship.

I understand his emotions completely. The same thing happened to me. Friendships can really be fleeting. A person can be your entire world and then poof one day they just decide that it's enough. It's like some cosmic sign just happens that you're not privy too and you're left wondering what the hell?

I know this is all about emotions so I will say I can fee Sev's pain and that sense of regret.
If anything his emotions really go through a complete tail spin because we're going through the entire profession of their relationship. You can really see how it ebbs and flows.

Oh wow I really loved the last day. I feel like you truly captured Severus and his love for her there.

Great job!!

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Review #4, by nott theodore I.

16th April 2017:
CTF Review

Hi Drue! I'm so glad that I got to come back and enjoy more of your lovely work as part of this game.

I have to be the first to admit that I am not the biggest fan of Severus Snape, and I honestly don't have a lot of sympathy with him for what happened to him with Lily. But the title of this story caught my eye and drew me in, and I'm glad that I've read this now.

I loved the structure that you used for this one-shot, building up the different layers of their friendship by showing the different events which happened. I liked the way that you split it into sections with the definitions of words at the start of each one. It was almost as if their friendship could be told in acts, like a play, and Severus was going through each of them in turn to examine what went wrong in a way. It was kind of like reading the acts of a tragedy?

I'm not sure that my view of Snape is entirely changed after reading this one-shot, but I did like your characterisation of him here. I felt like I understood the way that he valued Lily far more than I do in other stories, and the way that you went through the different emotions he felt about their friendship was effective in building that up, too.

I really loved the scene you chose for regret - it subverted my expectations because I thought it would have been the Mudblood scene but you invented something different and showed their friendship falling apart in other ways too. That was really creative.

I really enjoyed reading this story, and I love the concept and the way you've written it!

Sian :)

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Review #5, by SilverMoonFairy I.

1st April 2017:
CTF Jail Break *salute*

Oh, wow. I love the Severus and Lily relationship. It's one of my favorite parts of the Marauders and I do truly believe he loved her. Some call it an obsession or a fixation and that it wasn't real love, but I think it had to be. I think she loved him, too. That's what made it hurt so badly that she couldn't forgive him. Betrayals like that by the ones we care about the most are the hardest to forget. It took me a three part series to explain my thoughts, and here you've done it in a simple one-shot. I'm quite jealous.

I like the definitions bit the most, I think. It gives a real emphasis to each scene you've sectioned off here. I like that he talks to her. I think that's important and that it adds more to his character, to the believability that he cared for her and always would, always searching for absolution.

I never thought about them being at Order meetings together. I always assumed that Dumbledore had kept him hidden in the shadows so that no one knew he had changed sides until after the fall. It's an interesting little headcanon I might have to exploit sometime.

Anyway, lovely read.


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Review #6, by ANightingaleInAGoldenCage I.

1st April 2017:

I'm here for the CTF event and because I am always up for Marauderstories, here I am!

First of all I like to say that it's very well written. While I do have my worries because I thought some things were inconsistent (as in, I don't think Jily had been in order meetings after they went into hiding, nor do I think Snape joined before he changed loyalties, just to name something), I do love the story. The way you wrote it is also very well done, with using each and every word to it's fullest effect while still sticking to the story and writing it solely from Snape's POV. It absolutely works while doing that, so definitely hats off to you. It seemed like a very hard challenge to do.
Few tiny little points, in the first paragraph I think a sentence doesn't flow that well, really. Either there is missing a comma, or its an unintentional repeat of words, and that is a tiny bit distracting from the story. It's just a slight thing, as otherwise the sentences flew really well and I can totally see why you got that place in the competition. But really, well done, and I hope to read more from you soon!

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Review #7, by Aguamenti123 I.

4th September 2012:
Oh wow, now I think I need to go hug my pillow or something! That last part really, really got me. Anyway, I better start from the beginning.
Your interpretation of the proverb was fantastic, because, as you well outlined, love and hate were stark themes in Lily and Severus's relationship. The strain between love and hate was something you portrayed well, going from the easy friendship at the beginning, to when Lily was becoming closer to James.
Your writing style and structure was fluent, I liked the word definition thing you were doing :) One thing I will say though, is that maybe this would have worked better if you stretched it out, because it seemed at points to be having too much happening in too little time. Apart from that, however, I really enjoyed this, especially the last part, which really brought the whole thing together- the way you emphasised the inevitability of it all was great. Thanks for entering, by the way! :)
- Aguamenti123

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Review #8, by silvertongue I.

29th August 2012:
What a beautifully written story. I appreciate this greatly. I honestly have no words that I can say to show my love for it. Bravo.

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Review #9, by RHadley I.

28th August 2012:
Wow... That was brilliant.

As I said I would, I played the song in the background, and I can clearly tell that the song fits the story (or more correctly that the story fits the song :P).

I rarely read stories about Snape's feelings over the events that happened between him and Lily, but this certainly seemd to expand upon the feelings that come across in the final chapters of Deathly Hallows, and was very well done.

As the first entrant, you've set the bar very high indeed, nicely done.


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Review #10, by D2Diamond I.

27th August 2012:
Beautiful! Please keep writing.

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Review #11, by WeasleyTwins I.

26th August 2012:
Hello my dear! I really wanted to stop by and review something of yours since I haven't in ages (could that possibly be years?). Anyway, I saw this little beauty in the new story thread over at the forums and just had to have a peek!

I know you said that you wanted to hear reactions to this new stylistic device you've got going on - I love it. It's innovative and postmodern. It's a great way to get theme(s) across in such a short piece without loading readers down with purple prose and other nonsense. If someone reviews this and says those words and definitions are bad, ignore them. Seriously, unless JKR herself reviews this and says it's bad, keep it. Perhaps utilize it again in a different story. I say this because it's lovely - it gives gravity and meaning to your story - it's also a way for you to experiment with your writing.

I do have one small critique. Under the section titled 'pride,' I'd really have liked to have seen more scene description and emotional description. It's the pivotal point in the story. I felt that as I reached the middle and the end of that section, you were robbing me of your beautiful prose and descriptions. I wanted more. I wanted you to /really/ bring it to life - to make me feel as Severus felt.

Now, don't get me wrong, the rest of the story is fantastic. The descriptions are to die for, the characterization of Severus (Lily, too) is mind-blowingly perfect. "Maybe letters will fall from the sky" - I just melted like a bar of chocolate in the Georgia heat with that bit of writing. Good. Gracious. Alive. Absolutely and completely beautiful.

Overall, I thought this was wonderful, darling! :)


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Review #12, by Jchrissy I.

26th August 2012:
Hello darling! So, I usually stay away from any kind of Snape and Lily, but as this seemed to be just about Snape coping with his feelings for Lily, I was happy to try it :)!

I think you captured the man Snape is very well, between his ever circling darkness, to his own self regret, to the loathing he felt after calling Lily the word.. it all really seemed real. I also love the idea of him already being a bit angry at her from the Black Lake incident, because even though he felt a bit better, I'm sure he wasn't completely over.

One thing, you've made Alice an Abbott. And that just makes me think of Hannah, who Neville marries. And that makes me think Alice had a brother who, married a girl, and had a daughter named Hannah Abbott, making Neville and Hannah cousins. Haha, obviously this could be completely wrong and it could just be the same last name, but it did just feel odd that Neville would marry a girl with the same surname name as his mother's.

Back to Snape!! You really do a great job of not making him this wonderfully in love boy and Lily the mean girl that never noticed. You show some of his really ugly qualities, the way he seemed to upset Lily so often, his distaste for her friends and the fact that he barely cares about what her relationship with her sister is like. But despite that you still show how deep his unconditional love went, and I think you did an amazing job at really getting those feelings through.

I also loved the set up of this!! Using the words like that really was a great idea!!

This was a powerful and interesting story, even for someone who isn't a huge Snape fan! Great job!!!


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