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Review #1, by FitzedOut14 What Hurts the Most

21st December 2012:

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Review #2, by Callum What Hurts the Most

18th December 2012:
This Is What I Reckon Will Happy In Chapter 10 Everyone See Aria And James Albus See Her Black Eye Asked Her Who Did It James And Albus Will Get Into A Fight Aria Stop It And Albus Tell Everyone Everything And Than Aria Has To Choose.

This Story Is Really Great Good Job Can't Wait To See Next Chapter.

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Review #3, by WumpsQuill What Hurts the Most

15th December 2012:
Yes! Go James! Albus has messed with her tangled heart too much to deserve her.

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Review #4, by ob sessed My Heart Canít Tell You No

12th December 2012:
kristina!!! i told you i'd get around to it and boy, you did not disappoint! this first chapter was so sad.. but in a rather bittersweet sense. and ugh albus, stupid albus!! you know i'm team james all the way! ;) going to go read more now!

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Review #5, by fayeswonderland What Hurts the Most

12th December 2012:
I't such a sad sad ending :(
I adore James in all his ways, his flaws and of course his stupidity. He's so realistic, it really stands out.
I like that no one in your story is perfect, but everyone unique in his or her own way.
One typo though: In the first paragraph you wrote "breathe" instead of breath ;)
I love you Kristinabear and hurry up with the next chapter! Salisbury is excited! xx

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Review #6, by slytherinchica08 My Heart Canít Tell You No

11th December 2012:
Oh what a very sad beginning! I felt for Aria all throughout this chapter! To have her father die when she thought that she had hope of saving him one day and then to have fallen in love with her best friend but yet he hadn't fallen for her is really a tough go of things! I think this first chapter did a great job of catching my interest and opening us up to your main character. I like Aria and can totally relate with her and her feelings of her prince charming not caring enough. This was a very enjoyable beginning and makes me want to read more and find out more about your characters! Great Job!


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Review #7, by Elenia Dirty Little Secret

10th December 2012:
Hello, dear! I'm back ^^

Ooh, I really liked this chapter! Even more than I liked the previous one!

I think you found a great balance with this chapter when it comes to giving out information and showing what is happening. Everything flowed really well and I enjoyed the interaction between Aria and Claire.

Speaking of the two girls, I really liked them both! Aria is a lovely character and I like her as the narrator. And Claire, she was so bubbly! Great work on making them both different, and easily relatable!

Yep, definitely not liking Albus! *shakes her fist at him* You do not treat a girl as lovely as Aria like that! I hope he gets what's coming for him!

Lovely chapter, dear! I spotted a few little typos, but nothing a quick read through couldn't fix (: I really don't have anything constructive to say right now ^^

Will we meet James in the next chapter? What, who said that? It wasn't me, I'm not anxious at all d:

Take care!


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Review #8, by fayeswonderland Broken Angel

10th December 2012:
ALL THOSE FEELS. (needs to regain breath shortly)
So, yet another perfect chapter. You chose the setting of this very emotional chapter just perfectly. It's haunted, yet tied together with feelings and just eerie in its own sense.
I may be a bit biased (meaning: I'm totally biased) but I am in love with James' character - he is the perfect guy and if Aria doesn't want him - well I'd gladly snag him ;)
I honestly can't wait for the next chapter because you've got me hooked, dear. So hurry up so I can read more perfection :P
Lots of love,
your twinnie

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Review #9, by Elenia My Heart Canít Tell You No

9th December 2012:
Hello ^^

I love these Holiday review swaps, because it gives me the chance to find all these lovely stories!

I think you did a really good job with your first chapter. Your writing is really beautiful, and you handled your details and descriptions very well. That added a lot to your story!

I liked Aria. She seems like someone you can easily relate to and I could feel her sorrow. Can't wait to learn more about her. I'm not liking Albus very much right now (x

The story about Princess Aria was also very creative and lovely. It was such a nice way the let us learn more about Aria. But I do think there was a lot of background information to be learned here, so maybe balance that out a bit by expanding the scene? It's really just a minor thing, and you don't really have to do anything about that, but I just thought I should mention it since I got the feeling. Can you see I'm trying to be a little constructive here and not just gush about your wonderful chapter and writing skills d:

All in all I think this was a very good first chapter and I definitely want to read more! You're allowed to remind me if I take too long; I've been such a bad reader/reviewer lately, and I'm trying to break out of that now (:

Take care!


Author's Response: You are seriously way too nice! Yeah I know I tend to put in a lot of information into first chapters, bad habit of mine lol. I took that information though and applied it to my new story. So thank you for that. It would be way too much work to go back now and fix this entire story lol.

Thank you so much. You are awesome and this means so much coming from you.

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Review #10, by BBWotter Broken Angel

29th November 2012:
Well FINALLY! I think that's what everyone's feeling right now :) This chapter really showed Aria didn't it? And James as well, it was beautifully written, I have nothing but praise for you :) xx

Author's Response: hahaha thank you so much! This made my day! I hope you keep on enjoying the story :)

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Review #11, by Callum Broken Angel

28th November 2012:
This Chapter Is Good I Like It Just A Bit Curious Whether Aria Ended Up With Albus Or James.

Author's Response: You shall see ;) haha thanks for the review :)

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Review #12, by Callum Everything Has Changed

8th November 2012:
I Really Enjoyed That Chapter Can't Wait To See What Hapoens Next What I Reckon Will Happen Next Is She End It With Albus.

Author's Response: Oh yay I'm glad you did! We shall see what happens ;) thank you so much for the review!

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Review #13, by Eleanor Everything Has Changed

7th November 2012:
ARGH (apparently i'm a pirate) why must you do this to me?!! I just found your story tonight and i am IN LOVE WITH IT! Albus is so DUMB! and i really want to be able to hate isabella but i can't because she seems so nice! UGH poor Aria (btw i like the GoT theme you've got going on) I want Albus to break off the engagement and marry Aria and I kindasortareallyreallyREALLY want Claire & James *hearts* :)
gossip girl
(i keed)

Author's Response: haha thank you so much for this review. I've actually never watch GoT, so I had to ask someone about the theme. It's not intentional at all :P I'm so happy that you love it. And yes, Albus is dumb.

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Review #14, by BBWotter Everything Has Changed

7th November 2012:
OH MY GAWD! Poor Albie, poor Aria, and kinda poor Izzy, I hope Aria and James get together! :D

Author's Response: My poor tragic characters never have it easy, do they? ;) Thank you so much for this review!

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Review #15, by Callum Last to Know

7th November 2012:
Can you please update I want to know what happens next

Author's Response: Next chapter is in the queue! ;) You shall soon find out.

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Review #16, by Callum Last to Know

7th November 2012:
Can you please update I want to know what happens next

Author's Response: Double review? lol Thanks for all of your reviews though

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Review #17, by confused For the First Time

19th October 2012:
Could you please update this story fast.
so is it a Aria/James or Aria/Albus ? I am a little bit confused
But please update fast
And i still dont know if Albus is a jerk or not.
But James is sweet

Author's Response: Next chapter is in queue right now ;) You'll find out as the story goes on, it's a tangled mess of a love triangle.

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Review #18, by WumpsQuill Desperate Measures

30th September 2012:
great story so far! Keep it up :)

Author's Response: Thank you!

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Review #19, by TOXICKISSES Desperate Measures

23rd September 2012:
I really love this story! It is wonderful.

Author's Response: Oh wow thank you so much!

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Review #20, by carellio Time Stands Still

9th September 2012:
This story is just fabulous and your writing is flawless. I hope you update again soon, I will surely be reading on with the story :)
You are truely talented!

Author's Response: Oh thank you! Your reviews really made me so happy and inspired me to write some more. You are awesome!

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Review #21, by carellio My Heart Canít Tell You No

9th September 2012:
Wow. Your writing technique is very beautiful. This story just flowed so well together, and your description of the whole story is wonderful! You make the characters seem so real, it's great! It really lured me right in and made me want to read more!

Author's Response: I'm blushing like mad. Thank you so much.

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Review #22, by rupertlover Time Stands Still

9th September 2012:
please please please please UPDATE SOON!!
This is an amazing story and truely addictive! I don't know how you don't have more reviews because it's amazing!
You are a talented writer!!

Author's Response: Thanks! This truly made me incredibly happy. Ahh thank you so much

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Review #23, by rupertlover Dirty Little Secret

9th September 2012:
Again, this was great. :) This story is quite addictive :)

Author's Response: Thank you :)

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Review #24, by rupertlover (not logged in) My Heart Canít Tell You No

9th September 2012:
You have a very lovely way of writing :) It's unique and beautiful. This story is great :)

Author's Response: You are awesome ;)

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Review #25, by jpm_09 Time Stands Still

3rd September 2012:
This story is amazing so far!! Please feel free to update this ALL the time! Haha. I can't wait for the next chapter! Keep up the great work! I'm excited to see what the rest of this story will be like! :)

Author's Response: I'll do my best to keep updating ;) I have a ton written so it's just of a matter of me being less lazy :P Thank you so much for the review.

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