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Review #1, by TheHeirOfSlytherin Fourteen

24th December 2014:
I searched for this, I was that excited! :D

Haha! She likes him! And they made a bet about her! AND OF COURSE SHE IS PROUD OF THAT, I AM. GO LUCY!

Daniel is so adorable, sticking up Darcy's honor like that. I don't think she needs it (because if Louis does anything, I'll come after him), but he definitely deserves a hug for it. Haha! I can't believe she kept her best insults from him. Because she can't think when he's around because she lurrves him. :D

I'm glad they talked. It would have sucked big time if you'd broken them up in the same chapter, I would have been very sad. GAH, THEY ARE SO LOVELY TOGETHER!!!

Can't wait for more!


Author's Response: Hi Sam!
Since Darcy is so stubborn, I figured that Lysander would be totally convinced that she'd never admit to liking Louis, so he'd make the bet with Lucy. Haha.
Daniel is a true Hufflepuff, and is very loyal to his cousin, so he's not going to let anything happen to her if he can help it! But I'll make sure to let him know you're on his side and will help him go after Louis if need be ;)
I loved writing their big talk at the end, because Louis is honestly the only one who can make Darcy realize that she's afraid of getting her heart broken. I don't think her friends would have the hearts to tell her that she runs away from her feelings, but Louis isn't going to hold back because he knows that he can help her get over that fear.
I'm so glad you enjoyed this chapter, Sam! Thank you for the review!
Cassie :)

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Review #2, by Gabriella Hunter Thirteen

31st May 2014:

Hey, there! I'm SO sorry that I haven't been able to send you a review sooner but my laptop has died AGAIN and I haven't been able to get a decent signal or anything lately. *Sigh* Anyway, I'm glad to be back here and reading up on this, I'm really happy that you decided to take this a little further and I'm just loving Darcy's struggle with her feelings for Louis. I feel like she's so confused and a little scared to like him as much as she does that by the end, I couldn't believe that she actually decided to stay with him! Lucy is a hilarious addition to this chapter as well, she probably felt that her friend was in love way in the beginning. I wonder how she'll use that against her later? Will there be teasing? I can't wait! :D
This chapter was really short though, why on earth do you do this to me?! I can't believe that you didn't make this at least fifty pages. That isn't fair you know.
Louis is still his charming, hilarious self, I really love his one-liners. There's something so sweet and slightly arrogant about his assumptions of Darcy and I can't wait to see how his own feelings come into play later. And oh, Lord, Hugo probably told everyone that they were dating! What are they going to do now?! HAHA.
I can't wait for the next chapter. Update soonish?

P.S.: "Abandon" has a fresh chapter featuring our most hated person, Teddy Lupin and there's always Audrey and oh, wait! "At Midnight" has another chapter that I think you'll LOVE.

Until then!

Much love,


Author's Response: Hi Gabbie!
I knew you'd have fun reading this chapter! I was thinking about you as I wrote it. Haha.
Darcy's relationship with Louis has confused her since they were thirteen, so she's definitely not making sense of it now! But I didn't want her to be unbearably stubborn, so I decided it was time that she took some of Lucy's advice and just listened to those feelings she's been trying to ignore. Even if she's not sure how serious she wants things to get with Louis, she doesn't hate him like she's been insisting she does. It scares her that she's not in total control of how she feels, but I think it will be good for her to come to terms with that.
Louis knows just what to say to get under Darcy's skin, even when his teasing is meant to be good natured. That definitely won't stop even though she didn't end their relationship! Haha. Hopefully I'll get some time and inspiration to update this soon! I'll keep you in the loop over on the forums! Thank you for the lovely review!
Cassie :)

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Review #3, by TheHeirOfSlytherin Thirteen

10th May 2014:
Thirteen, it took thirteen chapters for me get a finally! She's admitted she likes him. YAY!!! (Since it took 24 chapters for Louis to kiss Ciaran, I won't say anything other than yay. :P)

I don't like snow either. Snow sucks. I like that Darcy and I have this in common... most people think I'm weird.

They always have their big moments in the broom closets. You do realize I expect snogging in there, too? :P

Ugh, admitting your wrong. That sounds so bad. Luckily, I never need to do that... ;)

Can't wait for the next chapter, Cassie! :D


Author's Response: Darcy is so stubborn that I wasn't sure she would admit her feelings by chapter thirteen! I honestly thought it would take longer, but then I started writing and it just felt like the right time.
The snow thing was just a little thing I added because its one more detail about Darcy that baffles Louis. Lucy and Lysander have gotten used to her little quirks by now but Louis has a lot to learn!
Oh, the broom closests. You'll just have to wait and see if they're back there again!
I think admitting she's wrong is going to be harder for Darcy than admitting she likes Louis! Haha.
I'm so glad you enjoyed this chapter Sam! Thank you so much for the review!
Cassie :)

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Review #4, by SkyEcho One

17th March 2014:
Hi Cassie!

I really enjoyed reading this :) The beginning really captured the hectic rush to catch the train. It was a great start and also came across as realistic. It's definitely how I'd imagine I'd arrive at the station. Your chapter flows really well and I'm already looking forward to finding out more about your characters. I like Darcy - and I especially enjoyed reading her interactions with Louis. It makes me wonder about their history. Whether something happened to spark her dislike for him...or if it's just a matter of clashing personalities. I think if you included some of Darcy's thoughts during her conversation with him on the train, that might be a good spot to offer some insight into their back story.

Aww I liked the inclusion of Lysander having feelings for Lucy. I really hope he tells her! (and that she feels the same way!)

I can't wait to find out what happens next :)

Author's Response: Hello!
Thank you so much for reading the first chapter of this story! It was so much fun for me to write because Darcy is so stubborn that sometimes her thoughts seem a little ridiculous, and I get to play with that. She and Louis are a blast! I love how much he gets under her skin, and it doesn't stop here! As for the backstory, you'll find out more about that in future chapters. Lucy and Lysander are necessary, because without them, who knows what Darcy would say or do? Haha.
Thank you so much for the review!
Cassie :)

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Review #5, by Siriusly Black One

15th March 2014:
I just got to say...I Love this! I needed to read something light and funny and this is definitely a great fic. Louis seems like a jerk, I want to see how his character develops through the fic.
I also want to see if Lucy will ever catch on that Lysander likes her.

Author's Response: Hello!
Thank you so much for the sweet review! I'm so glad you enjoyed chapter one!
Cassie :)

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Review #6, by Gabriella Hunter Twelve

28th September 2013:

Hey there, I promised you that I would show up with a review! :D Ooh, I really love this story, there's so much potential for more to happen, especially between Darcy and Louis! I think that they're getting really interested in one another and I can't wait to see how that develops. On the other hand, I'm so nervous for how Darcy's family might react, her fear that her family would be upset reminds me so much of Roxanne and I'm feeling for her. I hope her friends will be able to keep things a secret, I have this funny feeling that things will go in a weird direction. But anyway, Darcy's conversation with her dad was so sweet and I really loved reading it! Getting a bit more into the working of her mind was great too, I hope you play around with that more. :D
No complaints or anything either!
Albus is up and waiting and soon, so will Abandon!
Much love,

Author's Response: Hi Gabbie!
Wow. It has been an absurd amount of time since you left this review. I am so, so sorry that I'm just responding to it now! My life has been really hectic, and I haven't had much time for anything HPFF related!
I'm so happy you liked this chapter! I wanted to change the dynamic between Darcy and Louis a little, because even though she is the most stubborn person ever, she is still capable of human feeling, and is willing to hear Louis out (sometimes). I liked writing them together when they were just talking, since we don't see that from them very much, and I think they could actually get along if they tried (don't tell Darcy, she'd be horrified and deny it immediately).
I hope you like where I take this story in the future, and thank you so much for sticking with it!
Cassie :)

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Review #7, by TheHeirOfSlytherin Twelve

2nd September 2013:
Hey, Cassie!

They had a (non)date! And they talked! And there was laughing, the good kind! And... just... awww! They're so lovely, they should be together now! *squishes them*

I loved the idea of them asking each other questions, genuinely getting to know each other. It was so sweet. I hope Louis gets to see Venice. :D And I love Vic and Dom, it's exactly how I'd imagine them (well, Dom would try to be).

I'm glad she told the others, soon it'll all come out and then she can't think that she's being blackmailed into dating him because she'll want to date him for real. Because she loves him.

Aww, the flashback with her and Seamus was just adorable. I love Seamus, he's an awesome dad!

Great chapter, Cassie! Can't wait for more! :D


Author's Response: Hi Sam! Sorry about the wait for this response. Life is a little hectic for me at the moment!
I'm so happy you liked the scene at the lake! I didn't want it to feel forced, but I also want Darcy to be really hesitant with the possibility that she and Louis could get along. She's still stubborn, but it's not SO unreasonable that nothing in her life can ever change (even if it seems that way sometimes. Haha).
I loved writing their questions and answers, because I think they would get to know each other, even if it was just out of boredom or curiosity.
And I really liked having Louis talk about his sisters, because I could show a side of him Darcy never sees. He isn't a prat all the time!
I thought it was important that Bridget and Carrie find out at some point, since Darcy is friends with them, and shares a dorm with them. I think they'd figure it out sooner or later, but I really wanted the actual circumstances to come from Dee herself.
I loved writing Seamus! He's definitely going to be making more appearances in this story!
Thank you so much for the lovely review! I'm thrilled you're still enjoying this story!
Cassie :)

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Review #8, by onestop_hpfan18 One

3rd August 2013:
I really like that you have put Lucy in Hufflepuff as that's what house I placed her in my next gen fics. I haven't actually written a story revolving Lucy, though, as she's merely a background character, but I see her as a Hufflepuff. I'm curious as to what spurred between Darcy and Louis initially to turn her off of him. Your characterization of Louis is also much different than mine in my Louis-centric story as I have him as being relaxed and easy to get along with for the most part. Should be interesting to see how his character grows in this fic. Side note, this first chapter was a bit dialogue heavy (maybe work on integrating more narration/description with the dialogue). Other wise, this is a good premise for a story you have here.

Author's Response: Hello! I'm so glad you decided to read this story!
I'm really happy that you liked the way I wrote Lucy and Louis. I really love writing both of them, and Louis in particular is really fun because he gets under Darcy's skin so much! You find out why they annoy each other so much later on! Thank you so much for reading and reviewing, and I'm thrilled that you liked the start to this story!
Cassie :)

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Review #9, by TheHeirOfSlytherin Eleven

21st June 2013:
Lucy is so wise. Darcy totally likes Louis more than she says! The letter is hard because she's too stubborn to listen. Once she admits she like Louis, everything will be so much easier! ;)

(I'm prepared for this to take a while... :P)

Aww, she checked him out! Yes. Yes, she did. I love Louis when he teases, he's so much fun and so lovely and I just want to hug him, even though he can be frustrating sometimes.

I loved this chapter! Can't wait for more!


Author's Response: Hi Sam!
Lucy can see what's going on, even if Darcy can't! I think they balance each other out because they can see things the other can't. Like how Darcy can see that Lucy and Lys would be cute together, and Lucy is totally oblivious. Haha.
I loved writing the conversation at the end, and a lot that was because even though Louis is still teasing Darcy, he is actually being nice to her. Mind blowing, I know! ;)
I'm so glad you liked this chapter, and I hope you enjoy the rest of the story too!
Cassie :)

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Review #10, by xMsFiggx Eleven

15th June 2013:
Darcy should find something she can hold over Louis so she can get out of this blackmail haha but then again, where would be the fun in that? It's pretty funny she has to be his girlfriend, but she will probably end up liking it. Their arguing is funny, and I like his confidence in the fact that she will fall for him eventually. Hope she does!!

Author's Response: Hello! I'm so glad that you're enjoying this story, and that you like Darcy and Louis! They're really fun for me to write, so the fact that you like reading them really makes me smile! Thank you so much for the great review!
Cassie :)

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Review #11, by _relative One

14th June 2013:
Story name twin! Cool!

I like your beginning, it starts off with what you'd think of with rushing to get to the train, a very accurate portrayal I think.

And I like the portrayal of Louis here. I always thought he'd be sort of... er... I'm trying to think of a nice way to say this :P Well, I s'pose there isn't one. I always thought he'd be just like he is here, an arrogant little sod! It's sort of my mental image of him, being all veela-y and irritating.

I think it would benefit this chapter to have more description and that between the dialogue sometimes, 'cause it can run a bit fast. But I do like the dialogue. You don't skip over the details of conversations (like I do, oops) and manage to put them in without it sounding all boring and while characterising everybody in the process.

Fun start! How do you pronounce Lysander's nickname though? I keep wanting to read it "Liss" but it seems like "Lice" would make more sense 'cause that's the first syllable and all. It's a hard name to shorten, isn't it? :P

Well it's cool to find a story with the same name, and here I was thinking I was all original. I really like your summary though, I think it sums up the title really nicely. I kept trying to think up a way to do that, but I couldn't! I admit defeat!

Good luck with this superbly titled story :P

Author's Response: Your story has the same name? That's crazy! I thought I was being really original, too, so maybe we're both right! Haha.
I'm really happy you like how I started the story! I wanted to get right into things, and I thought the craziness of leaving for Hogwarts would be perfect! I always love how chaotic it is for Mrs. Weasley trying to get Harry and the gang to the platform on time, and wanted to recreate that feel with my story. Hopefully I did it justice!
I'm really having fun with Louis, so I'm so happy you like him! There is more to him than meets the eye, but of course we're seeing him through Darcy's eyes, so the arrogance does shine through quite a bit!
I think one reason the dialogue goes so quickly is because I'm just so excited while I'm writing it! Sometimes it's hard for me to go back and add more detail and really proofread, because I just want to get a chapter up! Haha.
Lysander's nickname is pronounced with a soft s, like a "z" sound. So Lize, I guess. It's weird writing it out how I pronounce it in my head! Haha. I hope that helps!
I'm so glad you liked the start to this story, and that you're a fan of the title ;) And thank you so much for wishing me luck! It means so much that you took time to leave me such a sweet review!
Cassie :)

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Review #12, by Gabriella Hunter Eleven

5th June 2013:

Guess what? I'm back! I saw your post on the forums and came to attack this properly. I was really curious on where you were going to go with this chapter after the previous one and it really didn't disappoint.
So Darcy is having mroe than a few issues with her feelings regarding Louis, hm? I thought opening with that letter for her parents was just too perfect! Hahahaha. I could see where she was coming from too, it was really embarrassing and she wasn't willing to admit that she actually might like Louis. I hope you explore that a bit more in future chapters because I've gotten really curious! Why hate him so much if she didn't like him a little? Hehehe.
I did like the bit with her and Louis though, but I would have liked for it to go on for a bit longer. It was great seeing where and why Darcy wants to be a Healer, as its a personal thing that I don't think she would have told many people.
The fact that she has told Louis just makes the ending of this so much better because I'm sensing that the interest is deepening.
As for Lys and Lucy...-_- I have high hopes! I want that to happen! I ship them!!
I can't wait for the next chapter, I hope you update soon. I'm going to hop on over to The Fourth Daughter soon too, I've been promising that I would and haven't done a darn thing. Hahahaha.
On my end, well...I have a bit of Audrey done and Abandon is totally kicking my butt. I might hop on over to Blaise and Astoria soon and get that chapter, which will be super intense out of the way.
Oh, the angst!
Thanks for the read!
Much love,

Author's Response: Hi Gabbie!
I had way too much fun putting Darcy in such an awkward situation. But how do you really tell your parents you're dating someone, especially if you swear you don't have feelings for them? Darcy's struggles with her feelings about Louis will definitely continue to be a big part of the story. She's going to have to figure out how she really feels about him sooner or later!
I liked writing her conversation with Louis, because they've never had a real moment like that before. Darcy's starting to see sides to him that she didn't know he had, and it's just confusing her more than ever! I also really liked getting in the background about why she wants to be a healer. We already know that she can be controlled by her emotions rather than logic, so I thought her reasonings behind wanting to be a healer would be more emotional, too. She definitely loves her family, and I think that combined with her desire to help people really shows her softer, less snarky side.
And Lys and Lucy... Hopefully you won't be expecting when and how they get closer... ;)
Thank you so much for the awesome review, Gabbie! And I hope you like the new chapters of The Fourth Daughter, too! Let me know when you have something for me to read! I miss your stories!
Cassie :)

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Review #13, by Gabriella Hunter Ten

26th May 2013:

Hey there, did you miss me? Its so good to be back reading your work too, I really missed it and I'd been wondering how this story was going since I'd really missed it. :D
Anyway, Darcy and Louis are shaping up to be quite the not couple aren't they? I thought it was a good beginning for this chapter with Darcy and Lucy though, as the conversation did make her think about some things she would rather not. Honestly though, Lucy can't talk when she and Lys haven't gotten past being friends and such cause he won't say anything (I wonder how that's going to go...) but she did have a point. Darcy may like Louis more than she'll admit and I'm just waiting for the moment when that happens and she has no choice but to accept. Hehehehe.
But I'm thinking that you won't make it easy on the poor thing but I know its going to be AMAZING. ;)
So, onto Louis! I think he's taking the role as her boyfriend (Sort of) a little more seriously than Darcy is, which shows that he's not a complete cad. Until he mentions that kiss she owes him but I think he's only doing that because he just wants Darcy to like him and not run away. Perhaps you'll go into more detail about that? I think your Louis is a really interesting character and I'd love to know more about him, maybe he and Darcy will have a good conversation sometime down the line.
And that's what she's afraid of. Hahahaha.
So, what is she going to do about her parents though? D': Why do I have this horrible feeling that things will not go the way she plans and that everyone will find out about them in the worst way? Agh, I may just be hoping.hehehehehe.
Louis is making me nervous though, I hope he doesn't trick Darcy into kissing him but then again, I sort of hope he does. ;)
Anyway, I really can't wait for your next update and hope you get to it soon, this is one of my favorite stories! NO cc's or anything, it was a quick and well-written read that sadly didn't go on forever.
On my end, expect one-shots and then the eventual return of all of my stories. D': I'm being really lazy lately and haven't typed a bit!
Just for you though, I'll try to get A Force of Wills back up and going since you're the only one who really reads it. Hahahha. I do have some plans for Astoria and Blaise...mwhahaha.
Anyway, glad to be back!
Much love,

Author's Response: Hi Gabbie! It's so nice to see you back here again! I missed reading your work and getting your feedback on mine!
"the not couple" describes them perfectly! I'm going to think of that every time I write them from now on! Haha! But yeah, they are quite the pair. And Darcy is so stubborn that sometimes I just want to make have some huge realization and get past everything, but alas, she's a bit tougher to work with than that. She's going to take a lot of convincing and some obvious signs to see that she could actually get along with Louis is she really wanted to. Which would make him happy! And Lucy is still as clueless as ever about Lys, which is driving Dacry mad.
And Louis, Louis, Louis... I can tell you that there's more to him than meets the eye, which Darcy had yet to discover. He puts on a bit of a show for her, I think, because he thinks it will get her attention and impress her, so she doesn't actually know as much about him as she thinks she does. But I'll get into that later in the story!
And her parents aren't going to find out quite the way Darcy would like them to, and I can't wait to write that bit! I already know what's going to happen, and I can't say that Dee's happy about it! ;)
I'm working on the next chapter for this story and TFD, so I'm not sure which one I'll update first, but I'll let you know when I have something up! Also, I have a short one-shot called Linger that you haven't read if you want something quick! I can't wait for updates from you, either! Thank you do much for the great review! It's lovely to have you back! See you on the forums!
Cassie :)

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Review #14, by teh tarik Seven

22nd April 2013:

Right, sorry for the caps. Was looking through your author's page for something I haven't read (but I think I've read most of your oneshots) and then I remembered that I read and reviewed a few chapters of this story last year ^.^ So I'm glad to be able to catch up on Darcy and Louis and their little Hogsmeade date.

Goodness, now I remember what a firecracker she is! It's true, she has so many lines of win against Louis, and for once, it's nice to read a fic where the OC is the one with the sharp wit and the quick comebacks :) Darcy certainly did better than Louis here. But that last moment toward the end of the chapter! I think she might have gone a bit too far when she says she can stop pretending to enjoy herself. So Louis was affected by that remark of hers. Ooh. Something is blooming between the two and it's name is (possibly) Darlouis. Or Larcy.

Anyway. Lucy and Lysander were hilarious, running in and out of the scene, and Lysander's complete inability to confess his feelings to Lucy and all. They really do make an adorable couple - I'm with Darcy on this. And ooh, just what is Dee going to do?

Anyway, I really loved this chapter! It's light and funny and just generally full of fun and fluff! Great work :)


Author's Response: HI TEH!
Darcy is quite the personality, isn't she! Haha!I love coming up with all of her one-liners and responses to Louis's teasing, especially because some of the things she says woud make me blush terribly if I tried to say that to someone with a straight face! I think Darcy did go too far at the end of the chapter, but she doesn't realize that some of the things she says might actually make Louis feel bad. She thinks that because he teases her so much, and seems so calm and collected when she tries to out-wit him, that he won't be affected if she says something that's not all that nice. And I can't wait for your reaction to how they interact in future chapters! There may be a Darlouis or Larcy yet!
Lucy and Lysander are so much fun for me to write because they can actually see reason in all of Darcy's craziness! And Darcy won't rest until they get together so don't worry too much about that! I will say that it might not happen in the way you expect, though...
I'm so glad you enjoyed this chapter! Thank you so much for the review!
Cassie :)

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Review #15, by Didi Ten

17th April 2013:
I just read this all in one go and I love it!

I like how carefree and flowy the tone of your story is... if that makes any sense.

I like the easy banter between Darcy and Louis and can see them becoming at least friends in the very near future. I can totally relate to how stubborn she is though. :)

Did Parvati marry Michael Corner? That's what I figured.

Please try to update as soon as you can!

Author's Response: Hello! Wow, you really read this all in one go? Thank you so much!!! I'm trying to keep this story light and fun, so the fact that you think it's carefree means I'm getting the reactions that I'm going for! Louis and Darcy are so fun for me to write, so I'm thrilled you enjoyed them! Yes, Parvati did marry Michael Corner!
Thank you so much for the great review and for reading this story! I'll update as soon as I can!
Cassie :)

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Review #16, by TheHistoryGirl One

10th April 2013:
Hey, it's THG(Liv) from the forums with your promised review. I was scrolling through your authors page and the banner for this story just jumped out at me because it's so gorgeous!
I really enjoyed this and it even got a few laughs out of me. I definitely think that the strongest thing you've got going here is Darcy's character. She's very likeable and easy to relate to for me; she seems really upfront and unprepared to allow other people to walk all over her which is a really good trait to have in a main character. I also really enjoyed the general flow of humour and the way you've characterised the other Next Gen kids here; Louis in particular was well done. I've always imagined him to seem initially pompous and dislikeable given that he's the son of Fleur Delacour.
If I had to offer any criticism I'd just suggest slowing the pace down slightly; you seem to use the conjunction 'and' a lot as though you're perhaps subconciously in a hurry to get everything down. It's just a minor, barely noticeable flaw but I figured I had to put something out there otherwise it wouldn't be a very helpful review.
But over all I really enjoyed this! It was great read.

Author's Response: Hi Liv! Thank you so much for checking out this story! I'm so glad you enjoyed it!
You know, you're one of the only people who hasn't immediately gravitated to Louis, and instead has commented on Darcy being such a strong character. That really means a lot to me, and I'm thrilled that you can relate to her!!! I think I tend to write really fast when I'm excited about a story, and it would be good for me to really focus on slowing the pace down a bit! Thank you for pointing that out to me! I'm so glad you enjoyed this, and thank you so much for the sweet review!
Cassie :)

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Review #17, by AlexFan Ten

29th March 2013:
Well, this was more of a filler chapter than anything since nothing much happened but it was still nice. I was expecting drama so I was all intense (which wasn't good for my injured leg) and then as I kept reading I just relaxed because that felt like the tone of the story.

Anyway, I'll stop my rambling now.

Author's Response: Hello!
This chapter didn't have as much drama, but it definitely got into Darcy's inner turmoil with how she feels about Louis! Haha. Thank you for continuing to come back to this story! It means so much!
Cassie :)

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Review #18, by TheHeirOfSlytherin Ten

29th March 2013:
Aunt Pavarti? Is Darcy a Patil? Ten chapters in and I'm still learning new things... :P

Ah, Louis. He gets more and more awesome with every chapter. Taking her bacon and the teasing was just adorable. And I think Lucy is definitely right; they could totally be good together if Darcy weren't so stubborn and they got along. Despite my weird 'I can't believe Louis isn't gay' voice in my head, which I ignore gladly for this story, I love Louis/Darcy and can't wait for the moment she realises he loves him. I mean, who wouldn't? ;)

Great chapter, Cassie.


Author's Response: Hi Sam!
Yes, Darcy is a Patil! Her mother is Padma Patil and her father is Seamus Finnigan (which you probably guessed). My one-shot The Boy With The Blue Hair is about Darcy, so that's where you first learn who her parents are :) I'm so thrilled that you like Louis! I'm really trying to balance his annoying side with the side that really likes Darcy! Thank you so much for the lovely review!
Cassie :)

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Review #19, by AlexFan Nine

21st March 2013:
Even if Darcy's parents did find out about the Towel Incident, she could just claim that it was a rumor and that it didn't happen. She could just tell her dad that some guy had made it up to get under her skin and I'm sure he'd believe her.

Anyway, I'm looking forward to the scene where Darcy and Louis snog (so sue me for liking romance okay!)

Author's Response: Darcy is really close to her family, which I'll get into more later in the story, so the thought of doing anything to that relationship is really hard for her. I'm glad you're enjoying the story so far!
Cassie :)

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Review #20, by AlexFan Eight

21st March 2013:
I'll just get this out of the way now and get to the squealing and freaking out. You had a couple of grammatical errors at the beginning of the chapter.

And now onto the fangirl squealing.

WNDNFHEKNSHRUCJDNDNNFJD OH MY GOD I CAN'T BSLIEVE HAT JUST HAPPENED! Oh Louis, you sly dog, you cunning cunning fox. He's smart, he's smart, he's using this to his advantage. I did NOT see that coming at all. That was an awesome plot twist. Louis should be in Slytherin, I swear, he's clever enough to belong in that house.

Author's Response: Fangirl squealing? Really? I'm flattered!!! Louis is a Ravenclaw, so he's bound to be clever, especially when he wants something! And he does have a little Slytherin in him... Haha. Thank you so much for the review!
Cassie :)

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Review #21, by AlexFan Seven

21st March 2013:
I'm happy to see that the date wasn't perfect and that Darcy didn't suddenly realize that she was in love with Louis as some fanfictions seem to do it.

Again, I would've loved it if you'd gone into more detail and slowed down a bit, it would've made the chapter loads better but it's great as it is and I love Darcy's come backs.

Author's Response: Writing Darcy and Louis together is definitely a recipe for anything but perfection! They just tease each other too much!!! Darcy is quite the firecracker, so I'm glad you like her!
Cassie :)

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Review #22, by AlexFan Six

21st March 2013:
Darcy's feelings are sure coming out of nowhere. At first she's angry at Louis and practically cussing his name and e everything and suddenly she's denying feelings about him. And it's not a crime to think that your enemy had nice eyes. It doesn't really mean anything if their eyes are actually really nice.

Still enjoyed the chapter though!

Author's Response: Darcy is fun for me to write simply because her feelings come from nowhere. Or they come from somewhere and she does everything she can to ignore them... Thank you so much for all of these wonderful reviews!
Cassie :)

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Review #23, by AlexFan Five

21st March 2013:
I KNEW IT! I GUESSED IT! I absolutely knew that Louis was going to blackmail Lucy into that date! Alright, I'll keep reading until the actual date and then if I have any time left, I'll do some writing of my own.

Anyllamas, how can you not love Louis, I mean, come on now. He's awesome!

Author's Response: You did guess it! Good job! And people do seem to really love Louis, even if Darcy thinks he's a prat! Haha. Thanks again! These reviews really mean a lot to me!
Cassie :)

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Review #24, by AlexFan Four

21st March 2013:
I should really be going to sleep but there's reading to be done and reviews to be left! Anyway, the only CC that I have for you is that you might want to slow down. The Charms class went by really fast, one minute they were starting and after casting only one spell and a few lines of dialogue it was over!

I bet you Louis is going to blackmail Darcy into goin on a date with him!

Author's Response: Sometimes when I get excited for a story I do tend to go a bit fast, so thank you for pointing that out! And oh Louis... What are we going to do with him? Thank you for the review!
Cassie :)

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Review #25, by AlexFan Three

21st March 2013:
The only CC I have is that you spelled Riddikulus wrong but other than that I really enjoyed the chapter. I couldn't help but giggle at the end though, that was one lame comeback if I do say so myself.

If I had to pick a favourite character it would be Louis (as you might've guessed based on the fact that I keep going on about him).

Author's Response: I'll have to go back and fix the spelling! I think it was an autocorrect thing... haha. And Louis is really fun to write, because he gets under Darcy's skin so much, so I'm glad you like him!
Cassie :)

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