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Review #1, by LilyLou Putting trust in Lorei Is harder than it looks.

1st January 2013:
I love your writing. You make her seem so crazy, and put some serious thought into her personality. Although, I'm not quite happy with how she treats Lorei... no matter(: It's still amazing and I hope you continue writing this! I'll be following if you do(:

Author's Response: :O.wow
hmmm maybe ill improve on that, she does have issues poor girl though XD
I will be updating...soon I hope XD
Thanks for the lovely review

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Review #2, by fayeswonderland Putting trust in Lorei Is harder than it looks.

10th December 2012:
Amira (:
I love the start of your story (: It makes me want more! I'm sure this is going to be amazing and I can't wait!
What you should watch though, are your paragraphs - right now they seem a bit random and I can't quite understand them at some points.
Furthermore, in the middle of your chapter you started many sentences with I, maybe check that and alter the sentence structure? That would be lovely!

Author's Response: Thanks so much Salleh and as for the advice I will take up on that :)

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Review #3, by D2Diamond Putting trust in Lorei Is harder than it looks.

15th October 2012:
Hello, I know my Soulmate potion was temporarily canceled due to accidentally having more then one challenge. BUT as soon as my other one is over, I'll re-instate Soulmate potion. So make sure to link to the thread when I do. :) I'll give you proper review at that time! Kudos on your first chapter!

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