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Review #1, by Sam Crushes, Blushes and Crazy Codgers

5th August 2013:
I know there's only 2 chapters of the story so far, but I'm in love with it already! I can't wait to find out about why Scorpius is just now a newbie even though he's older, and frankly, the characters just seem so perfect for a medical-funny story like this one. Looking forward to your next chapter! :)

Author's Response: Thanks for the review :D I do love the characters, they're such an odd group but they're so close. I look forward to writing it!

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Review #2, by Jchrissy Noises, Nifflers and Newbies

17th June 2013:
Hi m'dear! It's been a while since I played on your AP!

I LOVE adult wizard world stories. This one already had a really interesting start, and I love that you gave us a very clear look at our MC without making everything over detailed.

We know Lucy must enjoy her job enough to continue at it, but her personality makes her a fun character to follow around. And you can't blame her for not wanting to hear chicken skwaks all day! I loved her thoughts about the difference it takes to become a magical healer as opposed to a doctor. Though I guess that's the benefit of having easy fixes to everything :P

I loved the easy feeling of camaraderie between her and the team. She has a really amusing way of showing us what's going on, and I couldn't help bu want to bundle the Niffer up for myself!

ALready getting us into the plot was a really good idea, I think. We have a very good hold on what's going on, what Lucy is like, and what the main conflict will be early enough to get attached to the story, which is always something I love when authors do.

This was a really lovely first chapter, m'dear! ♥

Oh, a few errors with dialogue punctuation :). These ones should be periods, not commas.

“What every good healer does, upped her dosage of calming potion to make her fall asleep. Not that that stops the bloody chicken noises,”

“It’s ruining the aura of what’s supposed to be a happy working place,”

“Well, don’t mess them up to badly Adam Spring-roll,”

“Go back to the chicken lady Lucy Weasel,”

“What every good healer does, upped her dosage of calming potion to make her fall asleep. Not that that stops the bloody chicken noises,”

“Come off it, I’m a witch, I’m still alive and kicking,”

“Can easily be put into a draw or, I could give it to Molly next time I see her, it’s cheap tat anyways, makes me break out in rashes,”

“Come off it, I’m a witch, I’m still alive and kicking,”

“Brilliant, now take your soprano ass upstairs whilst I get out of here,” Frankie threw his overcoat and stethoscope

“Camden Market is the place to go, they have literally everything and most pieces are one-off items that you can’t get anywhere else. I got my piercings and tattoo done there, very cheap,”

Author's Response: Ah Jami! It's been forever since I played on yours, forgive me! I've still got to R&R the rest of 'Before they Fall'.

I know right? It's a shame that there aren't more on the archives. I don't like giving too much detail, because it's something that I've been warned against by my most of my English teachers :P

Being a healer sounds like it would be amazing and a nightmare at the same time. Like everyone with their jobs, Lucy wants to pull her hair out when she has to deal with some certain cases, such as the chicken sqwarks. Magic would be so cool when it comes to injuries. God knows I could have done with magic when I broke my leg- it certainly beats having a cast on for 6 weeks.

In a job like healing, it would be hard to not get along with your colleagues. Plus, they're all relatively around the same age and have been through the same experiences so it wouldn't have been right if they weren't a jolly bunch of good friends. Nifflers are my kind of pet. Even the name 'Niffler' just sounds all cute and fluffy. I love cute and fluffy animals :P

I've said this to you before I think, I hate slow beginnings. I had to slog through 'To Kill A Mockingbird' for an English exam, and I didn't even get around to finishing it! The plot and the characters were fine, but the pace was horribly slow.

Thanks for pointing those out, I haven't gotten around to editing all of my stories yet and a lot of them still have dialogue punctuation mistakes. I wasn't even aware of the rules of dialogue until a few months ago :P

Thanks so much for the lovely review Jami, you brightened my day!

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Review #3, by MiSTY_VoLPe Noises, Nifflers and Newbies

15th September 2012:
oh interesting! never really read a lucy/scorpius fic before so im keen to read more!
also could we get a bit of a background on scorpius and lucy's past??
oh and i promise i will go to your MTA page soon!! its just i really need to finish an assignment for school (which i should be working on now... ) but then once im done i promise i shall check it out!

Author's Response: Misty! yes, the background is coming up in chapter 2, so don't you worry 'bout that :P Assignment? GO DO IT YOUNG LADY! Naw, I don't do work at all so I can't speak :P Thanks for the review hun!

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Review #4, by luvdobby26 Noises, Nifflers and Newbies

27th August 2012:
Hey, here with the review swap :)

This was really good! I love how it's set in St Mungo's, I've never read any set there before... actually I have, but I didn't really enjoy it, so I think that put me off, but this made me see a whole new side to them. I would to work there, it would be so cool to see all the weird injuries... ok, now I'm just rambling :/

Now to the review stuff :)

The plot is very interesting so far. But because it's so short I can't really comment on that. I'm looking foreward to see how it develops :)

I love your take on the characters. Lucy is very different to how I would imagine her, but I like her all the same. I like the others too, they seem very interesting :)

The flow and pace are excellent! Really well done!
And the writing is bril! No spelling or grammar mistakes that I could see (or remember), so a good chapter all round!

The only thing I would say though is to try and make it a little longer. I know it's the first chapter (mine are always short, sometime shorter than this so I'm one to talk!), but we didn't get to see much of wahts going on. Try and work on that and I would give you a 10/10 :)

9/10 and an add to favouites. Keep up the great writing! Well done! :)

~ Eilidh x

Author's Response: Thanks for the review Eilidh, I feel like my review's a little rubbish compared to yours, lol. I think because Percy's her dad most people would assume she's a bookworm but people aren't exactly like their parents. It was only short because it was an intro but the other chapters should be much longer than that ;) I really loved Love Story :D

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Review #5, by bester_jester Noises, Nifflers and Newbies

20th August 2012:
Yay I love healer and Scorpius stories! Fab first chapter :)

Author's Response: Thanks for the review! I had to do a healer story- I watched way too much Casualty than was good for me as a child ;) I think Scorpius would be healer, I don't know why, but that's my thought :D

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