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Review #1, by fauxthefox Well that was weird

6th March 2013:
Hi! I love a good James II/OC. :) James is so cheeky!

Generally I'm not one for transfer-student stories, but I think that as Emily is connected to the canon through Lavender, it sort of makes sense that she'd go to Hogwarts. I wish there had been a bit more explanation of her life in the US and why she didn't go to Hogwarts to begin with.

I also think the chapter could benefit from some more description - obviously we all know what Platform 9 3/4 is like from the novels, but I'd love to see it through Emily's eyes.

Finally, she talks about her sister's death in a sort of matter-of-fact way, which seems slightly unrealistic. (I know it's not easy to write about the loss of someone so close, though.)

Overall, a nice start!

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Review #2, by potterfan310 Define Courage

5th March 2013:
Hello again, Here for the review battle :)

I really like Emily and in this chapter your able to see more of her personality and how all she wants is to make her mother proud.

I think this chapter was well written, especially the begining. I could relate to some of the stuff Emily was saying which made me like it even more.

Out of curiosity why does Emily have Lavender's last name. Surely she would have her fathers? I'm intrigued as to who her father is and why she hasn't got his last name. Is her father canon or an OC of yours, or are you leaving it a mystery for now??

"I'm getting tired of sitting here…and I'm hungry" - I thought this line really made Emily seem more real especially since she's thinking like any normal teen :)

The last sentence made me feel a little sad for Emily, does Lavender blame her for her sister's death even though she tells her she doesn't? Hopefully she will make Lavender proud of her.

I really like this story and Emily's character. It'll be interesting to see how her and James' relationship plays out.

Definitely adding this to my favs :D


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Review #3, by potterfan310 Well that was weird

5th March 2013:
Hello, I'm here from the review battle.

I love James/OC stories and I was intrigued when I found this.

"apparently the" - Think you missed a 'y' on the.

I realise that Emily has grown up in America but if her mum was British would she want to be called mum not mom. It might just be me britpicking but it may make sense if her mother wants to keep to her British heritage, if you get me.

This is really good and the way you write her kaes her seem more real. It's like her thoughts are actually playing everything that happened rather than just me reading them.

I really like you're characterisation of James, he's like his namesakes in some ways and he's cocky. But on the otherhand he seems gentleman like, what with offering to help with her trunk.

I was really surprised to see that Lavender was her mother. I though it would have been someone like Katie Bell or Cho Chang.

I like you're OC Emily's personality and that she was dreading about going to Hogwarts and the bit about the robes made her seem more real.

I'm really curious about the accident with her sister and am looking forward to reading the next chapter :)


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Review #4, by Wistful Define Courage

26th December 2012:
Hey, Maggie!
I'd be your HPPC Secret Santa [your cue to applause right here]
So reviewing Better or Worse... a gorgeous banner by the way/
Oh, this is your NaNo, right? Brilliant to read it :3
Enough with my pointless attempts at conversation - ITS SNOWING AGAIN.
*coughs and starts review*

Better or Worse was really a fantastic read. I absolutely loved it, and I'm really amused by James's interaction with out main character. He really seemed just like how I thought James would be. As for Emily, you did her epicly [that is a word, isn't it?]. I love how she was really reluctant about starting Hogwarts and her feelings about those robes. I've got to ask whether you're going to make the mystery identity of her father mentioned in this. After all, there has to be a reason she is Emily Brown and not some other surname.

And I love how you write. Its like the actual thoughts of this girl at the station and later at the Sorting are right there. It seems so real in a way. Of course, Hogwarts is real. Because I'm picky, the second sentence doesn't make sense to me. Am I missing something? xD On another note, I liked that sentence about finally making her mother proud. I really think its one of the absolutely best sentences you wrote.

Now to cut this off, I demand you update, alright?
Much Love and Holiday Spirit,

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Review #5, by weaselredhair Well that was weird

7th December 2012:
i just have to say i was really shocked that her mother was lavender i thought it was gonna be Katie bell or something.

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Review #6, by East Well that was weird

3rd December 2012:
Ok please update fast And insert chapter images

Author's Response: Hey! Thanks for the review! ^_^ I'll try to update fast!

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Review #7, by Mihali1432 Well that was weird

21st August 2012:
MAGGEH. I'm finally here, and I'm totally gonna bug you to write this, cause I really wanna know what the accident is. I mean, what could it be? I NEED TO KNOW. Alrighty, you know what I said when Emily's mom turned out to be Lavender "OMG IT'S LAVENDER?" So yeah, total surprise there.

I really wanna know what happens :( And I am going to make sure you write this too :D


Mike. xD

Author's Response: Mikeh! I'm finally answering :p Feel free to bug me :D *looks at author's page* I need something to make me write xD Thanks for the review

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