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Review #1, by AlmostInvisible  Fifth

27th May 2013:
Do it's kinda like a mental Hunger Games? Minus all the murder, I hope. This is pretty cool, keep it going for sure! By the way, I'm glad you made this an OC/OC dominant fix because there really aren't enough of those around. Great job! :)

Author's Response: I'm keeping my lips sealed but that's kind of it, kind of not it. I don't know. I've left it for a year and I'm so sad I feel really awful but I'm coming back to it soon, I hope! If school doesn't drown me in work sigh. Expect another chapter up soon!
I know, there really aren't enough, thank you so much for the review! This was kind of one of the things that motivated me to start again.
- Zara xo

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Review #2, by iLuna17 Fifth

3rd October 2012:
Wow. This was intense. :)

There was so much development here ... I loved, loved, loved the Gavin/Meg here; I think my heart broke a little for both of them. Just ... wow.

I wonder how they'll test fear, though . and how the other couples are handling it. A little insight to a certain Potter couldn't help. :D Sorry, habit.

Amazing chapter. You're a brilliant writer. :)

Author's Response: This chapter was by far my favourite to write- and /not/ for the Mevin moment. Obviously. :D
It's not obvious how they'll be tested, it took a lot of thinking and I hope you'll like it!
Haha! I think I will make all of them talk and chat together- And I promise you there will be more Albus. :P
:O Aw, really? Thank you thank you thank you so so so much!! C:

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Review #3, by luna_lovely Fifth

2nd October 2012:
gah! how can there only be five chapters in this story? i need to read more and i need to read now! I love the story and i love the characters but i kind of feel that you have introduced too many people with not enough background information which means as a reader i only know them by their names and not their character. still its early days, plenty of time for character development in future chapters. keep up the good work!

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm writing the sixth at the moment. Yes, I was thinking exactly that and was planning on putting the other players (Peter, Mary etc) in the spotlight a bit. I'm glad my suspicious was confirmed, thank you for that! :] The next chapter should be up and validated by Monday or so, but hopefully I can finish it earlier.

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Review #4, by BBWotter Fifth

1st October 2012:
Merlin.C'est terrible!! :'(
This is so good!!! omg I love this!
:) xx

Author's Response: I know! There are more terrible things to come, unfortunately. D:
Thank you so much!

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Review #5, by iLuna17 Fourth.

20th September 2012:
Personally, I'm rooting for Albus right now, but this chapter is really funny to me for a relation to RL right now. My best friend's name is Gavin, and he just asked me to homecoming :), so I just kept thinking of the dinner as the dance, lol. So sorry about that. (And I run cross.) I'm done now, I swear.

I don't know whether to feel bad for Meg or Gavin. Meg for all that pressure put on her, but Gavin because of Albus. But ... Albus. :) Urgh. I don't know who's better for her yet, but I know the challenges will change everything. Will it start next chapter?

Brilliant job. :) Can't wait for the next chappie.


Author's Response: That's a coincidence! Aw! Well, hope you have fun with him whenever the dance is! :D I live in England and go to an all girls school so now dances for me D: Oh well, haha.
Yes, they definitely well! They'll change everything in a very /MAJOR/ way. Like seriously. SUCH A BIG CHANGE.
/I/ like both of them for her. Gavin brings out her sweet side, but Albus brings out the animal in her. Rawr. ;) I can't decide either but I've already planned out who she's with. :D
They'll start in about 3-4 chapters. The next few is just all of them together and 'preparing' for the test.
Thank you so much! I'm still writing it (this is one going to be /LONG/) but it'll be up by the weekend, hopefully!

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Review #6, by Amy Third.

15th September 2012:
I really like it! It's kind of suspenseful, I'm waiting for something bad to happen and just learn more about all the characters. Please update soon! Oh quick question, is Gavin afraid of heights? Is the game about everyone facing their fears?

Author's Response: Firstly: Thank you!! Something bad will happen eventually, do not worry! Haha. :D
Secondly: I will! I'm almost finished with the fourth chapter, and whilst I'm waiting for that to validate I will start on the fifth. :)
Thirdly: shhh it's a surprise! :] I don't want to give ANYTHING away yet. /But you are close./
Thank you so much for the review! Much appreciated!

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Review #7, by Anonymous Third.

15th September 2012:
Albus seems like a creeper...:D

Author's Response: Oh my...This made me laugh! :D I promise you he isn't a creeper...Does he sound like it? I didn't mean to made him sound like one! Aha, I'll have to made him sound less creeper-ish then. :]

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Review #8, by Anonymous pity parties at grimmauld palace anyone?

15th September 2012:
Albus and Meg? I like it.

Author's Response: Haha! You'll have to wait and see. ;) :D

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Review #9, by iLuna17 Third.

14th September 2012:
Wow. I loved the development in this chapter. :)

Meg is really starting to grow, isn't she? She's coming out of her shell. And the Mevin moment? (Yes, I did just name the ship). That was really, really cute. I want to hear more about Albus, though ... ;)

I'm also really apprehensive about this challenge. It has that 'Hunger Games' sense of doom . really nice things, but then *shudders*. I want to know!

I'm also curious as to Gavin's emotional moment . why? Thanks for an amazing chapter, and please update soon!


Author's Response: And I really love your reviews! Like, seriously. They are so encouraging!
Haha! Mevin. That is brill. I was thinking of a ship name too...I thought Gag...But that sounds stupid so I stuck with Mevin. :P
Yes! I promise promise promise I will put more Albus!
;) You'll see soon why he was being emotional.
Thank /you/ for the review! I'm off to write the next chapter now. C:

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Review #10, by dmhg a test of a different kind of intelligence.

2nd September 2012:
Update soon! Really good story!

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm writing the third one at the moment, and waiting for the second to be validated. :)

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Review #11, by iLuna17 a test of a different kind of intelligence.

26th August 2012:
This is certainly interesting. :)

There's not much information now, but I can't wait to see where this goes. Meg holds a lot of promise; she's not a Mary-Sue, and she's very intriguing. I look forward to more of her relationship with Gavin. *winkwink* I'm guessing that they are meant to end up in couples, based on the boy-girl pairings?

I also can't wait to see more Albus. I always love more Albus.

Sorry. I'm being weird. Great story! :D

Author's Response: You aren't being weird at all! I really hate Mary-Sues, so I tried to make her anything but one! Haha! Maybe...You never know what could happen! ~winkwink ;D
I'm waiting for the next chapter to be validated, and there is more Albus in that one. Everyone loves Albus! :P Thank you for the review!

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Review #12, by helpwillalwaysbegiven a test of a different kind of intelligence.

24th August 2012:

Wow I'm really curious as to what this project is! At first I thought it was going to be a Triwizard Tournament or something like that but now I'm not too sure. All this stuff about 'intelligence' and 'cleverness' makes me think twice as to what this project may actually be.

You introduced your characters thus far very well. Each explanation was short, but thorough and to the point! So good job on that.

Keep up the good work, you're doing great! :)

~ Jenny

Author's Response: :O Oh, wow, thank you! I really hope I don't disappoint you! Yes, the whole project may surprise you...I hope in a good way! Thank you so much for the review!

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