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Review #1, by RavenclawGirl11 Why couldn't they do it like Vouldy-Mouldy...With finesse?

11th May 2013:
This is an a m a z I n g story, cant wait to see where you take this
Please update soon,
~ Macy x

Author's Response: honestly ;-; thanks so much but I may be thinking of deleting this story if only because i feel like it's not that great but if not I'll definately make edits to it :))

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Review #2, by ABYLANNEE Graduating 4 times can test your saintliness, unless you’re Dumbledore.

18th October 2012:
It's a good idea but she's way too perfect. She's too much. I can't distinctly tell what kind of personality she has... Not because she's "complicated" but because she doesn't really have any. Just because she's 71 doesnt mean she has to be everything

I like the story though' keep going :)

Author's Response: Hm, good advice.personally, I'm not sure If I will keep this one was my first and I think that I kind of ruined it.
And I do understand what you mean, I read over it and thought so myself.
Hmmm not too sure might just rewrite the story? But thanks for reviewing and the advice :)

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Review #3, by Phoenix_feather123 Graduating 4 times can test your saintliness, unless you’re Dumbledore.

12th October 2012:
Really good! This is really interesting. Keep on writing and this could get even better!

I am wondering about Scar. Hmm. :P

Author's Response: o.o and Thanks :D this was my first eeeveeerr chapter heehee, the second chapter is going through validation currently...

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Review #4, by BBWotter Graduating 4 times can test your saintliness, unless you’re Dumbledore.

31st August 2012:

you absoloutley have to update soon okay? this is so incredibley awesome its ridiculous! :) (excuse the spelling) :) xx

Author's Response: OMGOMG that was such a nice review made me smile! as for the next might be a little late...
See I lost It so now i have to rewrite what i remember T_T but for sure before the end of september...hopefully

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Review #5, by ValWitch21 Graduating 4 times can test your saintliness, unless you’re Dumbledore.

31st August 2012:
Oh yes, do clap!

Just joking. I reread this without actually being in Spelling&GrammarCheck mode, and I'm definitely waiting for your next update! Though I know, it'll depend on me, and I get to read before anyone else!


Keep writing Ams, this story has potential :)

Author's Response: BEAUTIFUL REVIEW by none other than the one who makes my writing actually readable.thanks so much for that :D!

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Review #6, by LittleWelshGirl99 Graduating 4 times can test your saintliness, unless you’re Dumbledore.

27th August 2012:

This was really good! For a first chapter, it's definitely a brilliant start to your hpff career- assuming there will be one ;D

Scarlett seems interesting. I don't know why but characters with dyed hair always fascinate me- it makes them seem a lot more quirky and 'badass'!! It's such an original idea as well- I sort of want to write it myself and see waht I could come up with :P A girl who hardly ages? It's kind of freaky!

One thing I'd say is that the sentences are all a bit mashed together- I'd shorten them a lot and add more description in. It would add more depth to you writing and characters!

But this was a fab start. I'm glad I stopped by


Author's Response: :O that review...made me just want to smile!!! Thank you so much, and yup i know many grammar mistake and sentances mashed together buttt i have a wonderful Beta now heehee
but thanks so much!

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