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Review #1, by Maelody Never a road without a turning

12th January 2015:
Hey! Just figured that since I'm all caught up with reading and editing now, I'll actually stop by and review all the chapters and the like that I didn't do before since I wanted to get to editing right away! ;)

So I really like the fact that you went into Astoria's mind for this one-shot spin-off. You went into her head remarkably well, and I must say, I don't think I've ever read a story in her view before.

I like how the story starts off with her doting on him, and then of course, she finds out his darkest secret. She's scared off for a bit, but then she sort of comes round again. By the end, she's still using the same doting phrases to describe her boy. I love that.

I also love that we get to see Draco in this version. I'm glad that he's coming around to this, and that it was his idea to have the dinner in the first place. I always figured that was Scorpius' mother.

This is an excellent idea for a spin-off and I'm glad the even of this one-shot is the one you decided to take from the actual story. I think out of anything else it could have been, this answers the most questions and has the most emotion. Great job!


Author's Response: Thanks for a lovely review! :-)

I think Draco is softer than he appears. He is stubborn though, and anxious about appearances.

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Review #2, by The Basilisk Never a road without a turning

11th January 2015:
So I had to check out this spin-off! Can I just say that I do not regret it in any way whatsoever? Though I do wish I had read it before the chapter in Albus's Story to get the full understanding of the Malfoy family. But this is the absolute perfect example of there being two sides of every story.

I will admit that in the original story I was upset with the initial reaction the Malfoys had on the announcement, but then I came to a sort of understanding. This, however, makes it, not excusable, but understandable. Everyone takes things in their own stride, and not everyone makes the right choice. Or maybe they full believe they are and everyone else doesn't agree.

I'm glad that it was Draco's idea in the end that he wanted his son over for dinner. It was sort of funny that he freaked out about Albus coming over, expressing how it wasn't an open invitation.

Oh, and BiBi is an adorable name for a house-elf ;)

Seriously though, I'm glad I stumbled across this whole Albus/Scorpius world of yours! You never disappoint and I love all three of your stories so far that I'e read! Great job and keep up the wonderful work!

Author's Response: Thanks!

Yes, there are at least two sides of every story. (Maybe I should write this from Dracos POV?! No, just kidding! )

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Review #3, by kjp Never a road without a turning

30th August 2012:
This one-shot was great! There was no places in the story that I thought "when did this happen" I wouldn't have realized that this was a spin off from a longer story if you hand't of told me.
There are a few errors that need sorting out, while there are no grammar or spelling mistakes (I think, i'm terrible at spotting them ;) ) I feel as if in some places you should have made a new paragraph rather than just starting on a new sentence, here for instance; "Itís easier to find good-looking clothes in Paris or Rome nowadays, I think. I walk up to the entrance and hand..."- where the sentence ends after ", I think" you should have started a new paragraph, this in some parts made the story drag a little to much.
I love how you didn't put any Speech into the one-shot and made it all from entirely Narcissa's head. I also feel as if her thoughts were believable. Any mothers thoughts after their son has just turned gay would be confused in thinking "did they ever know their son?" which i thought your brought across very strongly.
The characters that you created were excellent. I always thought of Draco having a wife who always follows what he says and its very imaginable that he would storm off after finding out he had a gay son and then finally realizing that they should talk to him about it after a few days/weeks/ months.
I give this story and 8/10
- kjp

Author's Response: Thank you for reviewing! I'm glad that you found it easy to read and understand this without reading the original story.

Thanks for pointing out about the paragraphs. I will look at that and maybe change some things.

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Review #4, by jay Never a road without a turning

25th August 2012:
that was wonderfull really enjoyed it

Author's Response: Thank you! :-)

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