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Review #1, by Siriusly89 Chocolate Coated Socks

2nd January 2013:
Hello! Siriusly89 here with your requested review, which should have been done last night, but my laptop has the worst internet connection known to mankind, so it decided not to co-operate!

You know the drill! Disjointed and all that jazz :P

First things first, I LOVE THE NAME OF THE STORY!

Eep! Molly dyed her hair red! Which is basically my life-long ambition! We have an instant connection! And Hermione being all sentimental! Ron, what a charmer! I never pictured Rosie as a romantic, so that was something new to the mix :P

And Audreys a hippy! :P Love it! And the story of how they met is so cute :) I can just imagine the look on the Weasley's faces when super conservative Percy brought home a yoga teacher and announced they were engaged :P Priceless !

Eva is dating Malfoy??? NO! NO! NO! NO! And I am just letting you know here and now that if Rose and a certain blonde-haired Slytherin don't get together at some point, I will be veeery angry! :P Just letting you know!

Dom and her 'it tastes like it but I haven't tasted it I've smelt it but I haven't done that either'= pure genius! I love the random-ness of this story! It really gives it a quirky edge :P And Eva is going to Italy with a boy she's only been goin out with for two weeks? She crazy?

Okay, Scorpius Malfoy is officially the nicest boyfriend in the world! I want one of him! Really I do!

All in all, a really good start to what sounds like a really good story!

You know where I am if you want another reviw :P

Author's Response: Hi again! I don't mind, really. Compared to me you're ninja quick :P

Glad you like the name! All my other ideas were so boring and bland, then this one just jumped out at me :D

I like to think of Rose as hard working and clever, but still a teenage girl, and VERY romantic. Especially with her mum's stories, and I think those memories would be very important to Hermione.

I had an idea ages ago to make Audrey a bit...different to what others portray her as, and write a short story/novella about her and Percy, but I never got started on it so decided to throw it in here :D :D :D

Hey, not all relationships last you know! Summer is a time of luuurve, and you never know who may be dating who by the end ;)

I do imagine that Eva and Scorpius knew each other well enough before they went out(probably partners in potions or whatever, you know how it is) and that's another reason why all her friends are going.

Put Scorpius on your list for next Christmas, or birthday!! Maybe you'll get one!

Thanks for reviewing! :D :D

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Review #2, by Jchrissy Chocolate Coated Socks

30th August 2012:
Hello! Here for your review!

Okay, first of all, this is clearly a fun and light hearted piece. There are some things that are clearly over dramatic, but I think it made it more interesting to read and much more humorous. If you're going for a serious, sizzle in the night, dream a lovers dream, sort of romance that might be a problem. But I'm assuming you're doing a happy, amusing, fluffy one. And if that's the case, I think you're doing a superb job!

With description, you have enough here. I understand what's going on and it's not hard for me to visualize. I think you could up telling us about what their surroundings look like, but as far as what a character is doing - you did a wonderful job.

I really had to giggle at everyone's personalities. I've only seen Molly as that uptight cousin, so the sarcastic pessimist here is really a fun change. The comment she thought about stupid veela spawn had me giggling so much, I just loved the creativity to the usual veela joke.

I also think you're setting good differences between personalities, I don't feel like I'm reading about all the same female character, and I see that being a easy habit that people fall into so very good job with that.

This does feel a bit jumpy at times, like you could slow down and kind of give us a bit on one topic before switching to the other, but that's my only real piece of CC :).

I think this just has that warm kind of humerus feeling that you'd get with a group of cousins and family and then the friend dating Scorpius and of course the trouble I'm sure will ensue.

You're definitely stepping into cliche area with the trip to Italy and this group of people, but cliche's exist because they're fun to read about. Unless you have a serious problem with them and trying to avoid them, I wouldn't worry about it.

I hope I was helpful, good luck with your next chapter!!


Author's Response: Awh, some of the comments in this review literally made my day!

So, serious romance isn't really my thing - I'm terrible at it - but fluffy? Yeah man! I'll try add in on surroundings next chapter, and this one if I get round to editing it, but I'm glad you thought the rest was OK!

I couldn't have Molly being all uptight! Namely because it'd be so terribly boring to write. Awh, Yay! You laughed! I kept reading through it and thinking to myself, 'What if this isn't even funny?' but it seems you can't go wrong with veela spawn - everyone seems to describe Dom with 'veela' blonde hair or 'veela' features, thought I'd tweak it a little ;)

Trouble is, when writing in first person, I often put a bit of just whatever goes through my head, and I tend to ramble off on a tangent quite a lot, so I'll try not to jump about too much!

As for cliche's, well, they're just so addictive! I'm going to try and stray away from them, but I'm never sure what'll end up in there.

Thank you so much for your super-duper-amazing review!

- Em

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