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Review #1, by Marshal The high priestess card

25th April 2017:
Interesting and now what I would have expected based on the title of the story. Of course I know nothing of tarot so that probably makes a big difference when it comes to what I would have and would not have predicted for this story to be. Also it is interesting that Luna practices with tarot cards, I would have thought them to possibly be a muggle device but at the same time it makes sense to be in the wizarding world considering that in the muggle world we have the reading of tea leaves and crystal gazing like in the divination classes which Luna does take as a subject of study.

All the same it was a nice little snapshot of Luna and how she came to decide on painting the portraits of her friends in her room. I think you did a lovely job of capturing the sweet loving nature of Luna in this - showing that she is more than just an odd and eccentric girl. I also love that you gave a snap shot of her mother. It was a nice sweet thing and kind of gave the whole story a sense of round fullness as it were. Everything just came together and fit so perfectly and that was a nice touch how you looped and wove everything together. It was a lovely and sweet story and gave a very nice reflection of Luna.

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Review #2, by Yoshi_Kitten The high priestess card

24th April 2017:
RoxiMalfoy here for another round of CTF!!! You were kind enough to review me earlier, so I figured I'd return the favor. Plus I just love Luna to pieces!! She has been my favorite character from the HP world since she was first introduced in OotP. So, naturally, I was instantly drawn to this fic when I saw that it was about her!

That being said, I really do love how you have written her here. She was very in character; sweet, innocent, lovable, adorable Luna!! I get that it was the main theme of the challenge you entered, but I quite liked the fact that she used the Tarot Cards to help guide her. As much crazy stuff as she believes in already, it is quite believable that her and her mother would rely on those cards in their decision-making. That is totally something that I could see happening in cannon!! I can't believe that I have never seen this ides used before now, to be honest. It's SO good!!

I especially liked this line here: Luna smiled to herself, it never ceased to amaze how accurate the cards could be. It was up-right meaning that she needed to trust her instinct more, instead of focusing on what is logical. It was interesting, getting to see her struggle with her internal Ravenclaw like that, lol! But in the end, her Luna-ness won over, and she went with what the cards were telling her anyway!! In spite of all the fun that people poke at her, I for one feel that Luna Lovegood is very intelligent. After all, there's a reason she's a Claw and not a Puff. And you have managed to capture that so beautifully in this little one-shot.

I'll be honest, I had almost forgotten all about that painting that she had of them on her bedroom ceiling. But as soon as you started describing exactly what she was painting, that scene from Deathly Hallows came back to me, and I was so excited when I realized that this was a missing moment from the books!! I always love to read missing moments from the books, so that just made me love this little one-shot even more than I did already, haha!! And your explanation on how that painting came to be is so believable, I can totally see book-Luna doing just that. Your characterization of her was very accurate here, I thought.

Honestly, the only bit of CC I can give is that you may want to take another quick read back over it once more when you have a chance because there were several places where a comma was needed and it was missing. Other than that, there were no other grammatical errors that I could spot. It was a little on the short side, but I just liked it so much that I wanted to read more, lol! That's not necessarily a bad thing at all!!

I thought that it was so sweet and so sentimental, how she wanted to do something nice for her first group of true friends, and she wound up honoring her mother in the process of it all. Give me all the feels!! I loved it so much, and I am so glad I discovered this little gem of a one-shot!! 10/10 Ė This was VERY well done!! =D


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Review #3, by adluvshp The high priestess card

24th April 2017:
Aw this was so very sweet and totally tugged at my heartstrings. You wrote Luna beautifully and I absolutely adored the idea of her lounging around one day like this and pondering over what she can do to "Thank" her friends. Her way of course was very creative and while I never thought of tarot cards as something being used in the magical world, I think your use of them here was brilliant. A character like Luna, who believes in the unknown and inexplicable, would totally go for it. The tie up of the cards with her mother's memories was also beautiful, and the little touches such as her being able to hear her mother's laughter was so Luna and so sweet. Bittersweet really. The way she connected the dots, from the "high priestess" to exercising her mind to coming to the conclusion of making the painting was indeed very interesting. I think your description there was fantastic as someone like me who is clueless about card reading could also make sense of what was being said. Then, of course, the painting itself - again you described it wonderfully, the whole visual imagery of her painting their faces on the ceiling, and her wanting to do something different, the reasoning as well as the emotion came through really well. This one-shot simply warmed my heart and brought a smile to my face! Cheers!
-CTF review by Angie

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Review #4, by melian The high priestess card

18th April 2017:
Aw, Shaza, that was so sweet. I admit I had never thought of what would have gone through Lunaís head when she painted that mural we see in Deathly Hallows, but this is as believable as anything. Luna is so hard to write, donít you think? I have always thought so. Yet you have managed to get into her head her in a very believable way.

I love how she still thinks to her mother whenever she wants advice. I imagine that her father was a font of information Ė perhaps not always correct, but who cares? Ė but sometimes she would have just wanted her mum. Thatís normal, and especially so for someone who lost her mother at such a tender age as Luna did. Youíd want to continue to seek her advice, and if she can do it via memories, and things like the Tarot deck, then why not?

I do find it interesting, though, that you listed Divination as something creative. I suspect Professor Trelawney would take you to task on that, probably insisting itís a calling and probably even scientific. Though perhaps you are thinking of that memorable scene in I think itís Prisoner of Azkaban, where Harry and Ron are making up their futures for Divination homework Ö and most of it turns out to be correct.

All in all a really lovely story, and a great peek into Lunaís mind. Well done!

Cheers Mel

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Review #5, by nott theodore The high priestess card

18th April 2017:
CTF Review

Hi Shaza!

Ah, this was such a lovely story! Luna is becoming one of my favourite characters, and I've seen her interpreted in quite a few different ways recently, but I loved reading this missing moment from the novels when we saw her decide to paint her ceiling to remind her of her friends. It was just so sweet and I loved the way that you packed the details into it and chose to write about it.

I think it was wonderful the way that you brought Luna's mother into this story - even though we (obviously) didn't get to see her alive, I thought that we still got a great sense of her character and of what she meant to Luna from the way that you wrote about her. I can't imagine what it would be like to lose a parent the way that Luna has, but I can imagine that she would stay with her as she grows older, and the advice that she's given in the past is used again and again.

I've never used tarot cards myself, but I liked the way that you used them here, as something that Luna and her mother used to do together, and a way that Luna started to make decisions when she wasn't sure about it. I liked the way she thought about the interpretation of the high priestess card, too, and then decided to paint the friends who made her so happy on her ceiling. There was something really beautiful about the almost childlike happiness and joy here, and it was lovely to read.

Sian :)

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Review #6, by marauderfan The high priestess card

17th January 2017:
There are far too few stories about Luna out there so I'm really excited about this one.

I can totally see Luna being into Tarot cards. Or any sort of Divination for that matter. And I especially love that that's her connection to her mother - she probably has very few such connections, since she was pretty young when her mother died and she only has a few memories, so those would stick with her pretty strongly.

I love how sentimental this piece is, both about Luna's mother and about her friends in the D.A. Luna is such a special person and she would basically be the best friend ever - the depth of her caring for them is so clear here as she paints a portrait so she can always remember them.

Last but not least, I do remember this painting from the DH book so I absolutely love that you provided the background and what inspired Luna to paint it. This was everything I wanted from this story and I loved it. Great work!!

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Review #7, by victoria_anne The high priestess card

28th October 2016:
HPFT Team Vampire Review


I can't believe it's taken me this long to check out your author page, and I'm so happy I did! There's so many gems to choose from!

Okay so this. I adore the fact Luna still thinks of her mother, especially when she needs advice. I think that's really touching and sweet.

I love tarot cards, too. I read them myself. The idea that Luna can still draw her mother's energy on them is lovely.

Aw, and it's the painting of her friends we read about in DH! My little heart is so full right now!

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Review #8, by magnolia_magic The high priestess card

20th January 2013:
Hi Shaza! Thanks so much for swapping with me :)

Honestly, this caught my eye simply because of the title. I like anything with a mystical, sort of mysterious feel, and I thought this would do the trick. And I'm so glad I picked it, because it was so sweet! I especially loved the connection Luna has with her mother's memory. I love the idea that she still guides her daughter even though she's passed away.

I can definitely see Luna's mother being the type of person who reads tarot cards and uses their guidance in life. I'm glad it worked for Luna, too. I really like the way you've shown her fondness for her friends and her desire to do something special for them. That seems just like the Luna we know and love from the books :)

The ending seemed a little abrupt to me, almost like you cut off in the middle of a moment instead of seeing it through to the end. Does that make sense? I would have liked to see this story expanded a little, maybe a little more about her emotions and thoughts as she sees her finished paintings? Or even circling back to a final thought about her mother. I think a little more detail at the end would help this feel more complete. The lead-up to the ending was so enjoyable I just wanted to see more! That's always a good thing :)

I really enjoyed this! Thanks again for the swap, and I hope to read more of your work soon!


Author's Response: Hey there!
Yeah, I just thought Luna would still look to her mum for influence even though she wasn't there.
I'm glad you think I've got Luna right, I'd never written her before and I wasn't too sure I could get her write, so thank you!
I'll go back thorugh and see if I can edit the ending a bit, thanks for pointing that out!
Thank you for the review! :)

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Review #9, by caoty The high priestess card

18th August 2012:
Hey there, I'm (finally) here with the review. Sorry for the lateness, I'm a total procrastinator.

First of all, the concept is lovely. It's a poignant moment in DH when Harry sees the painting in Luna's room, but strangely often overlooked in fic. And with a character like Luna, she's so weird that of course she'd be likely to trust something like the tarot.
I also liked artsy!Luna, because... aw, hell, you've picked my favohrite character out of the DA. :D

I only have a couple of nitpicks: Luna's dialogue is a little bit OOC compared to canon IIRC, and the time skip could have been done a little more elegantly - it just kind of broke the flow of the story for me.

Still, though, keep up the good work, and I'll see you around. :)

Author's Response: Hey, thanks for reviewing! :)
I'm glad you liked the concept and thanks for the cc.
I'll go back and see what I can do when I edit it!
Thanks again for revewing! :)

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Review #10, by SilentConfession The high priestess card

18th August 2012:
Hi, just wanted to stop over and thank you SO much for all your help with the HC and especially the podcast reviews! You were such a star and when i saw this had no review, I had to come and give it some love.

This was so interesting! I haven't read very many Luna stories and this was such a nice take on a moment of her life. I can definitely imagine how having friends might impact her. She went from someone who really had no one to hang out with or care for her to having a slew of people. I haven't ever really thought of how that might affect her but it really gives a human voice to Luna and how she wasn't just up in the clouds without really caring if people liked her or didn't. It

The tarot card reading was an interesting take and i think it was pretty legit too. Although i've never thought of someone who relies on Divination, the may be a fault of my characterization of her and i think it matches her quirks really well.

I did feel like this piece was a bit too short of the *A couple days later* thing. there are better ways to show time passing than that for one thing, but mostly because this is such a short drabble it doesn't really fit in with the rest of the story. It brings me out of Luna's world and there isn't enough story left for me to get back in and so the impact that this might have had was lost for me.

I also felt like it lacked Luna's actual voice, although you had some great characterization bits here and a lot of it i can could see Luna in (like the tarot cars and the painting), i felt like the tone of it was a little off. We know Luna is a little up in the clouds and a bit strange (in a good way though, i love her to pieces! :D) and since she is that way and her personality is so distinct when i read her, i expect to hear her in the stories i read with her. I hope this makes sense with what i'm trying to say, it just seemed too earthy for me, too normal. You have a great writing voice and the narrative was very good and straightforward. You write well but i suppose i was waiting to get a bit more into Luna's mind and emotions.

Honestly though, i thought this was a great piece and a really neat look at that moment in Luna's life. I'm really glad i read this because it was an good take. I could really see Luna sitting there in front of the cards, just waiting for one to really speak to her. Great job! I hope this was helpful and I enjoyed reading this! :P

Author's Response: Hey, thanks for reviewing! :)
I'm glad you enjoyed it and thanks for the CC.
It was very helpful and when i go to edit it i'll keep in mind what you said, so thanks for that.
Thanks again for reviewing!

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