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Review #1, by greenbirds {TO MARKET, TO MARKET, TO BUY A FAT COW}

22nd January 2014:
oh my god, this is brilliant. i'm not of indian heritage, but my best friend is; her parents moved from india to britain when rania was one, so she's indian through and through. and after spending many nights sleeping over and "playdates" when we were younger- even being invited to their's for diwali- i've developed an infinity with my friend's family, and whilst they are loving, welcoming and generous, you've hit the general indian family, especially mother, right on. the humour, the crazy paranoia, the unity within the family against the mother- they're all qualities that rania's family share with your fictional patils, and it's amazing reading it!

“Merlin, I don’t know!” cried Parvati, looking at her dad for help.
“Who is Merlin? Your boyfriend? I thought his name was Roger!”

amazing. i realise i'm rambling; you probably don't care about my friend and her family, but this one-shot has really struck a chord within me. i remember when i first met rania's mother when i was 10 and after a chat, she worked out i was jewish- "rania! i wasn't aware beatrice is a jew! they're quite wealthy, aren't they? do you think beatrice has any cousins we can marry maya off too? i'm joking, rania, don't give me that look, i didn't go through 9 months of pregnancy for that attitude, young lady. is this what britain has done to you? i TOLD pritesh we should have stayed in india..."
i am DEFINITELY rambling now, so i'll stop. but this has been an utterly brilliant one-shot to read! you're so talented at not only graphics (it was your profile on tda that attracted me to your hpff page) but at writing, too.
bea xx

Author's Response: ahahaha thank you so much! this was quite interesting to read to be honest, and i'm glad you enjoyed it so much :)

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Review #2, by peppersweet {TO MARKET, TO MARKET, TO BUY A FAT COW}

2nd January 2014:
Meghna! I’m here for the 12 days of reviewing challenge.

This was such a cute one-shot, I loved it. It was great getting to see into Parvati’s life for a change and what she gets up to after Hogwarts - she’s not a minor character I’ve read too much about in fanfiction, so I really enjoyed this, especially as you set with her family in India. Her mother’s matchmaking was hilarious and made me feel a little sorry for Parvati, especially when I read this line: Parvati stared into her empty tea cup as if she could see the figure of the Grim in it. Also, the bit where her mum asks if the boys are clean or not (’Bathing is important. Do they have a bath twice a day?’ - kinda sounds like my dad, to be honest, who’s always badgering me to find a rich English boy). I loved her little exclamation of ’Broomsticks and bakwaas!’ and how you called back to it right at the end. Vinod seems like he’d get on with Parvati really well - part of me hopes that, after this, they’d befriend one another in London and get up to all sorts of magical hi-jinks. Ahh, Vinod is such a cutie. I know you’re a busy med student and all but can we get a Vinod/Parvati (b)romance fic? Can we can we can we please please please??

I’ve just got one wee criticism, which is that your tenses jumped around a bit in this, e.g She began to wonder if it’s too late to floo back to London, and if she really can endure a whole three weeks back home. - it started in the past tense, and this line sort of jumps right into present, and throughout the fic you fluctuated between past and present a little too much. This is something you could definitely fix with editing though.

Great work, so glad I read this! Happy 2014 :) ♥

Author's Response: How does this story have so many new reviews. Let alone one from Julia herself. Bring me my fan, Dobby.
TENSE KINKS BE THE DEATH OF ME. I was so frazzled by the end of this story that I just thought o.k. it doesn't matter if it looks like I don't know basic grammar LET'S JUST PUBLISH YEAH? and look what's happened. But omg I did not expect you to like this or anybody for that matter but here you are being kind and sugary ;A; THANK YOU. xoxo

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Review #3, by MissesWeasley123 {TO MARKET, TO MARKET, TO BUY A FAT COW}

15th December 2013:
Uhm, Meghna. Such perfection I didn't even know craziness like this was even possible to be so awesome.

After your Cho one shot, I'd been looking forward to squeezing in some more time to read some of the stories on your page. Everything is just so shiny and lovable it's so hard to choose what to read... hehe... But I like Freida Pinto so yus. I must read.

I LOVED ALL THE STEREOTYPES. ♥ It was so much fun to read, seriously. I loved it all.

Her "Ma" is so hilarious I just can't. It's so funny. She is like, *the* Indian mother lolol. Vinod is so perfect and just wow.

Great work as always!

Author's Response: Eeeep thank you darling :3 It warms my crusty heart to know that you've liked whatever you've read thus far ;__; thank you so much xoxo

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10th December 2013:
Eeep that was beautiful! When I read Harry Potter I always wondered what magical British Indian life would be like for the Patils and I think you captured it perfectly, having the sisters be muggle-born.

Oh my gosh, the stereotypical (is it a stereotype if it's completely accurate?) gossiping Indian Auntie who you know loves you and who you love back but drives you absolutely insane at the same time! I loved the rhetorical "Why do you take a cow to the market?" I can totally picture an Auntie saying that with a thick Indian accent.

And the meeting up for the arranged marriage thing! I feel like I would react the same way Parvati did.

And Indian food!!! Can I say hands down best thing about our culture? About any culture, really. Food is good.

Can Vinod be real? He's sooo perfect. Ah well.

Anyways, that was absolutely lovely. I love finding things about the Patil twins and Indian culture that is really well-written like this! :)

Author's Response: YOU SEEM INDIAN SO I LIKE YOU ALREADY. But after reading that fantabulous review, I like you even more than gulab jamun with ice cream. Thank you so much xoxox

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Review #5, by 800 words of heaven {TO MARKET, TO MARKET, TO BUY A FAT COW}

24th June 2013:
Hello, there! I came across this story whilst browsing the archives, and I really couldn't resist a story that promises broomsticks /and/ bakwaas!

So I just read the author's note. OMG! Arranged marriage shenanigans! I'm looking forward to the plethora of suitors!

Oh, haha! I smiled when Parvati tells Padma she's gone chubby. Oh, the wonder that is the Indian mother, feeding everyone as much as physically possible, and then some!

I loved that scene with Parvati's mother as she gossiped about Roy Uncle's daughter's marriage. I found her language pattern to be very typical of the way I've heard the aunties gossip. Your grasp of the discourse pattern is commendable!

Ah! The aforementioned broomsticks and bakwaas! To be honest, I think Parvati thinks that her mother talks a lot of bakwaas...

Oh, my goodness! I'm laughing so hard at Mama Patil's histrionics! She's such a typical Indian mother! God, I love her to bits and pieces, although I'd hate to live with her - we'd drive each other insane in a matter of weeks. I can understand why Parvati chose to move out of home. I'm sure she loves her mother very much, but sometimes, with a personality like that, life can be difficult. Also, Ramesh must be quite loaded if he can afford an actual house in Delhi. What with high density living and all, most people live in apartments these days!

I can understand Padma's doubts about her marriage. I've always viewed the entire enterprise with scepticism, but I've seen so many arranged marriages work. But I don't just empathise with her on the fact that the marriage is arranged, because I feel as if she's worried about the entire thing in general. I think you convey the fact that she's nervous about getting married and starting this new chapter in her life really well. And that Padma shares this with her twin is very touching. It's wonderful to see such a strong bond between the two sisters, even though they live on separate continents. Their reminiscing about the Yule Ball was entertaining. It was so nicely written, that it felt like I was there in the room with the sisters giggling along with them.

Oh, the train of suitors begin! I am so excited!

Have you seen that movie Namastey London? Parvati's suitors and her pushy mother, is reminding of one of the earlier scenes in the film, where the female lead's dad does the same with her. It's all very amusing, and I think you've caught the madness and how contrived it can be sometimes rather well!

Oh, my goodness! I adore weddings, and Indian ones are really fun, and I must agree with Parvati - if nothing else, the food is always to die for!

"You have a house elf. Why would you need a wife?" Best line in the entire fic! I laughed really hard and really loud, and scared my dog straight out of my room.

I think Vinod is a top bloke. He handled Parvati's mother with the skill of a veteran! I was very impressed!

So this was such a wonderful read! It was wonderful to see the culture clash, and the magic clash, and Parvati's mother in top form. I think you really captured the cynical spirit of the endeavour, and it was such a lovely spectacle. Please write more stuff like this - crazy Indian mothers are hard to find in HP fanfic!


okay so i honestly don't know where to start??? i didn't put a lot of thought into this fic in the first place, i just knew i wanted to do something on the patils and arranged marriages and parvati finding a bloke. SO YOU CAN SEE WHY A REVIEW LIKE THIS IS TRES SURPRISING. you literally combed through every other line of this fic and have said such lovely things it really warms my heart tbh. thank you so much, for a lack of anything better to say that will amount to the loveliness you have heaped upon me! x

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Review #6, by miluv {TO MARKET, TO MARKET, TO BUY A FAT COW}

28th May 2013:
can you please write more about parvati and vinod? pleasepleaseplease?
xox miluv
ps: this is the only one shot I've ever favorited:)

Author's Response: well, it's a one-shot so i dunno haha but thank you so much agh i'm so glad you enjoyed this and that you want more is probably a good indication right? thank you so much (:

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Review #7, by nix {TO MARKET, TO MARKET, TO BUY A FAT COW}

7th January 2013:
good to read a fanfic with a touch of the sub continent!! very well written and captures the mindset of the indian society quite well!!

Author's Response: Thank you, I really did try to get it to work! Thanks for leaving a review

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Review #8, by GubraithianFire {TO MARKET, TO MARKET, TO BUY A FAT COW}

7th December 2012:
The summary of this fic totally reeled me in, because omg it is so perfect. I love love love this. It's been so long since I've read anything that isn't next gen or other major canon character-centric and especially not something like this. Yes the stereotypes were notable, but they were executed so well. I love Ma, I am seriously crushing on Vinod, I love the quick but thorough peek into Parvati and Padma's relationship (they're so sweet and sisterly!) and gosh, this was just wonderful and adorable and well-executed. It made me happy. (I am definitely going to read your stuff more more often than once every few months because you're so good omg!).

Author's Response: I've read this review a billion times but haven't been able to formulate the words to reply? BASICALLY: thank you so much. This is one of those reviews that's really clear and honest and that panicky people like me don't have to ask questions about. Like 'did she like THIS part though?' and 'What did she think about THIS?' which I honestly do a lot of :c So thank you Gubby! Thank you so very much.

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Review #9, by Cherry {TO MARKET, TO MARKET, TO BUY A FAT COW}

6th August 2012:
Typical Delhiate/Punjabi story :)
Not that others are much different. It was fun to read.
(P.S. Patil's are Maharashtrian, they are to speak Marathi at home, not hindi. Also surnames, interstate marriages are not cool)

Author's Response: Typical Indian story, tbh. And lol interstate marriages are not cool /anywhere/ babe. Technicalities have never been my strong suit I believe .__. Thank you though! Glad you thought it was fun.

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Review #10, by charlieee {TO MARKET, TO MARKET, TO BUY A FAT COW}

6th August 2012:
'Don't be lured by the shiny cars! They'll have pot bellies in three years!' he called as she walked away, throwing her head back and laughing. 'And I'm much better looking!' - this guy deserves a gold medal i seriously love him
AHH THIS FIC, THIS FIC. i've never read anything about parvati and padma, and i love the way that you've incorporated the wizardry into the culture. this story comes across to me as a cross between slumdog millionaire and the wedding scene from love actually (which is awesome) and i can imagine all of this happening so perfectly. i don't even know what to say, really, other than this is wonderful! amazing job :')

Author's Response: haha thank you ♥♥ and for the fab banners as well! vinod is kind of slightly based on this guy i know WITH THE SAME NAME who i massively crushed on for a very short period of time. /unnecessary information. omg love actually YOU DIDN'T!! thank you so much i love you to the moon and back :3

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Review #11, by reverie {TO MARKET, TO MARKET, TO BUY A FAT COW}

5th August 2012:
This was actually quite funny! And not stereotypical at all, trust me. It happens all the time. I felt so..well, cool understanding all the Hindi words properly :3 (I know Urdu)

Anyways, it was nicely written! It reminded me of those novels about Indian girls, hehe. The humour was spot on as well :D

Author's Response: Was it really? Thank you haha. And to be honest, India is just teeming with stereotypes, so it's hard not include a few. Well I'm glad you did! I must say, I did a bit too. I haven't enjoyed reading too many stories of the Patil twins, so decided to give this one a go.

Thank you so much! It means a lot!

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