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Review #1, by alicia and anne The Thrill that is Chase

28th February 2015:
:O We've skipped quite a few years!

Awww graduation, and of course Tonks tripped over haha.

Oh I hope that Tonks can solve it now! I want to know about Chase.


Oh Tonks it is so funny that he made a joke about his last name! :D I had a good chuckle.

Damn it this had to end! Damn it all!! I want more Chase! Please write more Chase. I miss him already and I've only just finished reading this amazing story!!

This was such an awesome story!! :D Well done Sam! Well done on making me fall in love with yet another one of your characters. I am too invested in your stories, there is absolutely no way that you can ever leave my life!

:P Love it! And you of course!

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Review #2, by alicia and anne Ghost

28th February 2015:
I'm still suspicious of him! Although part of me is thinking that Parker planted it to make Chase look like the villain... am I thinking too much into this? I think I might be.

Ooo is Parker going to admit to his name? :O It's Charlie? Oooo interesting!

:O THEY'RE FOSTER BROTHERS!! The plot is thickening!!


Fabulous chapter! I am literally on the edge of my seat right now.


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Review #3, by alicia and anne Answers Made Out to be Clues

28th February 2015:
Tonks should defnitely put this on her CV when she applies to be an auror :P

I would like to point out that Chase missed a very good moment to make a joke about her falling for him, when he caught her. :P

WHO TOOK THE WATCH AND WHY?! I blame Chase! :D But I'm not even sure! Haha I have so many conflicting feelings!

But I also think that it'll be Taylor.

You're going to hit me with a major plot twist aren't you? AREN'T YOU?!

Oooo Taylor has been caught with them but it's not her... why am I suspicious of you Chase?!


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Review #4, by alicia and anne Liar, Liar

28th February 2015:
Oh Charlie! Haha he's so confused about why Chase is there. Especially with what he was implying. Silly boys!

I'm actually loving Chase a bit... a teeny tiny . MASSIVE. bit. Not much, just the smallest (biggest) amount.

Oooo he knows Parkers first name! I hope it's horribly embarassing.

Oh there's tension between Parker and Chase! This is good... this is very good! I wonder what the uneasy feeling is that Charlier and Tonks got. Something fishy is definitely going on!

Chase you're making me suspicious of you and I don't want to be because I like you! Curse it!

Does he want her? Damn I'm shipping it so much!! :D Haha On to another wonderful chapter! :D

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Review #5, by alicia and anne An Unlikely Alliance

28th February 2015:
I should be getting my things ready for tomorrow... but apparently I'm here, reviewing and listening to Disney songs. :P

OOoo Chase brought her dinner! Look at him doing something nice and knowing how she likes her dinner. :D He is definitely an enigma.

Why is Chase interested? Did he do it? Mmmm I'm suspicious! especially because he wants to help instead of getting paid.

I can't wait to find out more about Chase! He is an enigma and I need to know what he's up to! :D Haha :D

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Review #6, by alicia and anne The Enigma

18th March 2013:
I do like that Charlie only wants to make Parker look silly in front of his friends for going to Tonks for help.
Her biggest mystery is a boy? I hope she can figure it out and then they can go out with each other and be in love! :D
Charlie and Tonks are great together, they have such a great friendship and you can tell how close they are to one another. I did love that Charlie was calling her Nymphadora to annoy her.
Chase is talking to her! :D and he was the one who called her Dora, so cute!! I'm shipping them already!
I can't wait to find out more about him :D

Author's Response: It's all about Charlie and Parker's Quidditch rivalry really. That and the constant teasing for each other. :P

Yep. Chase. :D

Thank you so much for leaving a review!


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Review #7, by alicia and anne Taking the Case

18th March 2013:
I love that she helps people search for things and solves mysteries :D And Charlie sulking about her helping Parker is so cute!
It's great that you have her clumsyness in this, she definately needs Charlie around, to maybe warn her about things she might trip over.
I can't wait to see if she manages to solve this mystery and if Charlie is going to help out a lot.
And I love Charlies middle name :D

Author's Response: She's training to be an Auror. ;)

Thank you so much for leaving a review!


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Review #8, by Cassie Whitmann Taking the Case

22nd August 2012:
Quite interesting! I'm enjoying this fun, playful story and am interested in where you'll take it!

I only noticed one mistake in there and that was 'payed'. Now, I looked into this to see if there was another spelling for 'paid' and found that 'payed', though a word, is a nautical term for sealing wood on a boat with pitch or tar to prevent leaks of any sort. So you'll definitely want to switch that! haha!

I also might consider in your second paragraph there that you put The Incident into quotation marks or remove the capitals. I assume the capitals are there because they literally call the situation 'The Incident', but if that's the case as it's kind of applying it to the situation it should be in quotations... Not quite sure if I've explained that very well, hopefully you know what I mean.

Otherwise I can see this turning into quite an interesting and amusing story. I love how you've portrayed the characters! Great job!

Author's Response: Whoa, I should really change that. And, yeah, 'The Incident' should have quotation marks. Oops. Thank you for pointing those out to me, I'll change them.

Thank you. I'm glad you love the characters, as I've never written them before, and I hope you continue to enjoy reading this fic. I hope it stays interesting and amusing. :P


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Review #9, by Ashling586 Taking the Case

10th August 2012:
August Gryffindor Review Challenge:
To start off with I must say that I really like the idea of a Tonks and Charlie friendship. I find it fun and refreshing because I have not read any other fan-fiction stories about those two that weren't Romances, and of course they with other people.
You have caught my attention I must know what is going to happen next. Three missing treasures, that makes me think that someone has to be behind all of it and I just need to know who it is. The smaller mystery of what Parker's first name is, is also pretty neat. I am hoping for something truly embarrassing. I didn't notice any major grammar issues, but then again I will admit grammar is not my best subject. I felt that the chapter flowed well and the pacing was good. You did a great job setting up the scene and showing the animosity between Charlie and Parker.
Overall I think this was a great start to an interesting story and I hope that you write more soon. I really want to know what is going to happen next.

Author's Response: Yeah. I love Tonks and Charlie, but I haven't found many there weren't romance either. :)

Mysteries are fun, I like that it has you thinking. There are three altogether... ;)

Thank you so much for reviewing. I've just posted chapter two if you are interested. :)


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Review #10, by Moondanser83 Taking the Case

10th August 2012:
Your first paragraph has a very nice narrative tone to it and gives you a real sense of Tonkís and her stubbornness. Unfortunately the use of parenthesis where there should have been commas is very distracting. After the first paragraph your tone seems to change. It starts off feeling like a nice narrative, but then seems to change to an almost conversational tone. I also found the language of the second paragraph slightly confusing, perhaps it was a lack of punctuation, but I had to re-read it several times before I was sure I knew what was going on. Other than that it is a nice start. The concept seems to be one that could really take off into a full-fledged story, but as a one shot it really needs to be filled out more. As is, the story leaves a lot of questions unanswered. Who is Charlie? Why had Parker messed with him? Why does Tonks like to solve mysteries, and why did people start coming to her with their problems? I feel like this is a great outline with a lot of potential, and I hope you decide to flush it out into a full story at some point.
Wonderful start, keep at it!

Author's Response: I've edited the chapter, taken that away. Thank you for pointing that out.

This is going to be quite lighthearted and humorous, so the tone will stay kind of conversational. I hope that doesn't put you off if you continue to read. And, yes, it's definitely going to be a longer story, I've just posted chapter two. :)

Charlie is Charlie Weasley. The rest of those questions will be answered during the story.

Thank you for leaving a review and pointing those out. :)


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Review #11, by CambAngst Taking the Case

7th August 2012:
Fun start! I love the idea of Tonks playing detective around the castle. Alright, maybe that was a little dismissive, but I'm having a hard time not thinking about my old Encyclopedia Brown books that I used to read growing up.

Tonks's character seemed like an eager, young, carefree version of the character from the books. I really enjoyed seeing her that way. Sometimes it a lot of fun to think back and realize that there was a time when all of these characters were young and not burdened by the horrible things that were going on during books 5, 6 and 7.

I've read one or two stories that ship Tonks and Charlie and I've enjoyed them immensely. Most of them are set when the two are somewhat more mature, so I think this could be even more fun and less of a romantic drama. Can't wait to see how you develop it.

Your writing was terrific in this. Everything flowed nicely and you had a good mix of narrative, dialog and exposition. You introduced the characters in a very natural was that meshed nicely with the plot of the story and it didn't have that awful "awkward first chapter" feel to it. I also couldn't find any typos or grammatical problems.

I think you have something really neat here. Will definitely keep an eye out for updates.

Author's Response: Hey. Sorry for not answering sooner.

I'm glad her character seems that way. I've never written a Tonks and Charlie story before, but I've have written Tonks, only once, and she was older in that.

Thank you for reviewing and for the lovely compliments. I hope you continue to enjoy reading and like that it won't really be a romance. :)


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Review #12, by gingersnape Taking the Case

7th August 2012:
Aww, I just love Tonks in general, but you brought her to a new level of lovable I don't get to read often! This was cute and funny, but it also did a really great job of showing a lot of depth in Tonks. You captured her diligence and honesty while still making her the toughest one there. Oh man, Tonks is just so awesome. I didn't see any spelling or grammar mistakes and this was paced so well. While this was short, you told so much in so little time and this was just a treat to read! I can't believe you've never written either Tonks or Charlie before - you portrayed them perfectly and I hope you write more of them!

Author's Response: Hey, Annie.

Yay for lovable Tonks! Thank you so, so much for those compliments. You've made my day, really. :)

I'm really glad you like it and I hope you'll continue to read.


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Review #13, by TyrannicFeenix Taking the Case

6th August 2012:
Got to admit, Parker sounds like a bit of a you-know-what. Though I suppose if he wasn't then Charlie would have no reason to dislike him.

I love random Tonks stuff, and this is definitely going in the good pile. She is such a fun character. I am loving writing her in my current fic, though I don't think I made her clumsy enough. So i especially love the way you end the chapter.

You give us such a great glimpse at what is surely a true and strong friendship between the two teens. Though I am quite sure if Tonks had taken the mickey out of Charlie's middle name he'd have made a quip about her first name, that always seems to get her on edge.

I can totally believe Tonks as the wannabe detective in school, though, given her condition, she would likely be the cause of much damage in her search for the truth, I hope she's good at Reparo. If Charlie wasn't around to keep her out of trouble, imagine the scenarios she'd get herself into.

Also very well written, I didn't notice any typos or the like while reading, which normally pull me out of the story, and I quite liked the use of italics to highlight the progress of her convincing Charlie. All over a good fun job, I really enjoyed it.


Author's Response: Parker is self-centered, but he's okay once you get to know him. Or you learn to ignore it anyway. But Charlie won't do that. :P

Yeah, he does go on about her name (next chapter). They always will, they're that close. :P I definitely believe that Tonks would have been the school detective.

Thank you so much for an amazing review. I'm sorry it's taken me so long to answer. :)


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Review #14, by StormThief17 Taking the Case

6th August 2012:
I love Tonks. So much. And you just fed my love! Even though it was just this first little chapter, Tonks is already an engaging character and really funny too. I love your idea that she's like a detective (she's an especially good finder it would appear...) and her trademark clumsiness is showing up already too.

Charlie's looking pretty good too. We don't know a lot about him from canon, but he seems very believeable here as a Weasley.

I loved the ending. Very well done :)

I hope to see more of this soon!

Author's Response: Yay. I'm so glad, as these are very new characters for me to write.

Thank you so much for reviewing. The next chapter is up. :)


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Review #15, by Tweety Taking the Case

5th August 2012:
Wow, hello. I really enjoyed reading this - I always found Charlie intriguing and I must say I think you get him completely right :) I love their relationship and cannot wait to read more about this mystery.

Author's Response: I love Charlie, but I've never written him before, so that's awesome to hear. :)

Thank you so much for reviewing.


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Review #16, by Owlpost68 Taking the Case

5th August 2012:
I love the idea of this story!! That Tonks loves a mystery, it gives us more insight to her character than what we know, and you've done a brilliant job writing her and Charlie. There were a couple of typos, and normally I shrug them off, and they were small, but you built a great pace, and it just kinda knocked me off it. So I think a small bit of fine tuning will go a long way :) Really loving it, I'll be adding this to favorites :)

Author's Response: Thank you for pointing out the typos. I've gone back and edited the chapter, hopefully it's better.

Thank you so much, I'm glad you're loving it. :)


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