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Review #1, by RosieQueen Switch

10th November 2012:
That was adorable! I've always been so confused on why Rowling made Fred and Angelina go to the ball together when we know that George marries Angelina. I hate it when people say that Angelina only liked Fred but she married George anyway because he died. And this one-shot does a great job explaining!

And I'm glad Angelina found out about the switch. She knows who truly loves her that way. :D Fred and George's characterization was also great, by the way!

A very sweet one-shot! You did a great job with this. :)


Author's Response: Aww, I'm glad you liked it!

I think every Potterhead was confused about the George/Angelina pairing, so I thought of this little fic! :p

When people say Angelina only liked Fred I want to cry. Angelina would have never done anything of the sorts! She loved them both, I think. :)

ahahaha, Angelina is too knowledgeable. She's known them since first year, I think she would have known how to tell the difference! ;)

I'm glad Fred and George's characterisation was good! I was so worried about that!

I'm glad you liked it! Thanks for yet another review! ♥

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Review #2, by PhoenixPulse Switch

7th October 2012:

Well I think George and Angelina are perfect for each other! (Answering to your author's note there for a second)

Anywhat, I liked this. I think you portrayed the twins perfectly in their character and for this being your first on the Hogwarts Era, you did really well!

I also think their little arguement in the dorms seemed believable. It seems like an arguement they would have -- nothing too heated, but not exactly playful. It has a tone of seriousness in it and I hate it when people think the twins are nothing but jokes. They have other feelings too!

And I never really understood why it was Fred who asked Angelina in canon. They were never exactly going out afterwards, and it WAS George that married her as an adult. It just doesn't match up. Besides, as much as I love Fred, I wished canon showed some more love for George. So yeah, you gave George some justice in this story!

And I loved how you portrayed the George/Angelina dancing scene. It was really sweet and cute, but it wasn't mushy-gushy-awkwardness at all. It was a comfortable, humorous atmosphere, so I appluad you in that.

Great one-shot (as always). I think it's becoming a ritual that I come everyday on here to read something of yours. It's not very healthy, seeing that my textbook readings are due tomorrow and I haven't even started.

And I read your previous response to my last author's note, and I just can't believe people have bullied you before. You're so awesome and sweet, and nice, and funny, and all the other great adjectives that I can't think of right now. You're an amazing author and such a remarkable person inside and out. I got yo' back girl, and keep in mind that while there's other people out there that don't apreciate what you do, screw 'em. You got a lovely community of writers here that do!

Author's Response: Hey there!
I thing George and Angelina suit each other so well, I love reading about them! :)
People keep saying I portrayed the twins really well so I'm so glad about that! :D
I totally get your annoyance, Fred and George were HUMAN BEINGS not robots only capable of jokes. Every time I see that in a fic I'm like ugh.
I never understood the whole Fred/Angelina thing either - maybe it was a plot that J. K. never thought she'd be coming back to? *shrugs* she's still amazing though! :)
Glad to hear that my dancing wasn't mushy and gushy. ;)
It's become a ritual to see your name pop up in my 'Unanswered reviews' for me. I quickly checked it in the morning and it put me in a really good mood!
Go read you silly chicken! I don't want to be at fault if you fail! :p
I'm hoping you won't - as I have no idea what your grades are, but I still don't want that hanging over my head! :p
I can't believe people bullied you either! You're my favourite reviewer! You're such a sweet and lovely person who definitely didn't deserve any of that bullying! You also remember that all of us writers are her for you girl! ♥
By the way, I have your authors page open and I keep meaning to review! I will be reviewing your stories one day!
(It may be a while because I get so distracted when reviewing - but it will eventually be there!)
As always thank you so much for leaving me this lovely review, you're so kind! ♥

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Review #3, by CassiePotter Switch

2nd September 2012:
I loved this story! It was so cute! You write Fred and George really well, and I loved reading them! I haven't read a lot of stories centered around their characters, so it was really fun to read this one! Their plan to switch places was hilarious! That's such a Fred and George thing to do! And I loved that Angelina and Alicia both figured it out. There were no grammar mistakes that I noticed, and the story had a really nice flow to it. This was awesome! Great work! 10/10
Cassie :)

Author's Response: Aw thank you!
I'm glad to hear that I write Fred and George well, I was so nervous because I haven't really ever written canon! :p
I'm glad you liked it!
Thanks for reviewing :D

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Review #4, by ScorpiusRose17 Switch

28th August 2012:
This was great!!! I really enjoyed the way that you were able to capture the twins in this chapter, but you really were able to bring out George and not have him completely out staged by Fred. I loved the banter between him and Angelina and that she likes him as much as he likes her. Great job!!!

Keep up the great writing! Good Luck in the challenge!!! =)


Author's Response: Thank you so much! I know, I've read about 30587057838 fics about how Fred is outshining George and I wanted a fic where George outshined Fred for once :p
Thank you so much! :D

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Review #5, by magnolia_magic Switch

25th August 2012:
Hufflepuff review tag!

This was so cute! I really like George/Angelina as a couple, and I love your idea of having Fred and George switch dates. That's something I haven't seen, so props for your creativity! And I think you do a great job of writing the twins' seems exactly how they would talk to each other in the books, and I loved all the little one-liners :)

The flow does seem a little choppy at the beginning before the dialogue starts, because you start a new line after almost every sentence. I think you could make it feel more natural by using paragraph form instead. But once you start using dialogue, I think the rest of the piece flows a lot more smoothly.

Like I said, I love your idea, and I love how George isn't afraid to tell Angelina how he feels. That ending scene was just so adorable! It made me smile. This one-shot is great for a fluffy, light read, and I enjoyed reading it!


Author's Response: Hello fellow Hufflepuff-ian! :p
Aww thanks, everyone always seems so determined that Fred and Angelina dated, but I always say that if I had an identical twin I'd switch with them.
And then I thought of Fred and George who would be cheeky enough to actually do that :p
Yeah, I did have a bit of a problem with the flow when I was writing it, maybe I'll go back and edit it soon :D
Thank you so much for reviewing :D

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Review #6, by Ginger Lust Switch

8th August 2012:
Hi. I loved your story. It is well written and entertaining.
I love Fred and George. And I can actually see them pulling a stunt like that. I bet they did it all the time.
I enjoyed this very much. Keep up good work.

Author's Response: Aw thanks :)
Yeah, I always say if I had an identical twin, I'd switch places with them all the time and I thought of Fred and George :p
Glad you liked the story :D
Thanks for reviewing :D

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